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Research methodology is the systematic procedure of carrying out the investigation. There are various methods and tools that are used by researcher in order to conduct the research in effective manner (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). All these techniques assist the scholar in addressing research problems and finding accurate results. Selection of research methods are being done on the bases of type of research.

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Research philosophy

Research philosophy is the process or the way through which researcher gather data, analysis it and finds results. There are majorly three types of philosophies: positivism, interpretivism, realism (Mackey and Gass, 2015). All these methods are different from each others. Positivism is the method that is generally applies in quantitative type of projects. Scholar conducts the investigation from objective view point. In this technique researcher do not involve human participants. Individual observe the facts and find answers on the bases of this observation. Interpretivism is another type of tool that focus on conducting the study from subjective view point. This beliefs that involvement of human participants help the researcher in finding in-depth detail about the topic (Lewis, 2015). Realism is another type of philosophy that is highly related with scientific enquiries. In the present research on impact of customer's behavioural on marketing activities of the organisation scholar has applied interpretivism philosophy. This is most suitable method that has supported the researcher in finding in-depth detail about consumer behaviour and marketing activities. This tool has helped the scholar in developing relationship between both these variables and its impact on business unit.

Research approach

Research approach is another method that is used during investigation. Inductive and deductive are two main types of approaches. Inductive research approach carry out the research in qualitative manner. Individual uses theories and models in order to develop understanding about the topic (Ledford and Gast, 2018). It focuses on theories and test these models in order to generate new theory y. This supports in addressing research questions from qualitative process. On other hand deductive is another type of approach that is used in qualitative type of research project. In this method, scholar formulates hypotheses on the bases of research questions. Then researcher tests these hypotheses. If null hypotheses proves that means one variable impact on another. On the bases of results of hypotheses conclusion are drawn by scholar. In the present study on impact of customer's behavioural on marketing activities of the organisation researcher has taken support of inductive research approach (Panneerselvam, 2014). Use of theories has helped in understanding concept of consumer behaviour and its impact on marketing strategies of the business unit.

Research design

It is the outline or the blueprint of entire study. There are various kinds of designs such as descriptive, exploratory, experimental etc. All these designs have their own characteristics and are used in different research projects (Khan, 2014). In the present study on impact of customer's behavioural on marketing activities of the organisation scholar has applied exploratory research design. This is used when scholar has to find out new way or have to conduct investigation on new subject area. This helps in explanatory ideas so that understanding about the topic can be developed. This is suitable method for the current project that has helped scholar in addressing research problems in accurate manner.

Data Collection

It is most important method or tool in the researches. It is responsibility of researcher that to take support of accurate data that can answer research questions and can develop understanding of the researcher effectively (Ross, Rogers and Duff, 2016). There are two main types of method of data collection: Primary and secondary. Primary data collection is the method that helps in finding real facts about the situation and gathering fresh information. On other hand secondary data collection sources are such details that have already been used in the earlier studies. Both these tools are helpful in developing understanding of researcher so that desired results can be generated. In the present study scholar has applied both these sources. In the primary data collection researcher has used questionnaire technique. This is most commonly method that is used to gather first hand information about the topic (You and, 2015). On other hand secondary data collection sources are another type of techniques in which scholar has taken support of books, journals, internet articles that have been prepared on the same topic impact of customer's behavioural on marketing activities of the organisation. Both these sources have supported the researcher in gathering in-depth detail and addressing research problems.

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