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Excellent Quality Management Dissertation Topics

In dire need of assistance regarding Management Dissertation Topics, go through the below article which will definitely provide you solution.

A good dissertation topic is the one which ensures a good start to a dissertation which is up-to-date, centered, pertinent towards the various topics issues of management. A first-class dissertation topic is significant as it provides a preliminary focus for the work so that the tone is fully set for the rest of the dissertation that needs to be accomplished. It is topic which defines the research questions developing the various aims objectives which needs to be fulfilled in the dissertation.

A dissertation topic is one which provides an insight to the readers about the rest of the document its focal points the evidences supporting those points. Selecting Management Dissertation Topics is a very tricky job, so to help you with choosing one, here in this article, Global Assignment Help is offering you a list of suggestions related to Management Dissertation Topics London as to what topics one can choose. These topics envelop all the major areas of the areas of organisational behaviour, management information systems, knowledge management, leadership, and organizational culture. There is no. of recommendations provided for you under each category thereby making it trouble-free for you to judge among them. So just, go through the list of Free Management Dissertation Topics provided by the Dissertation Writers UK after detailed research analysis.


Organisational behaviour deals with the actions that a firm takes in order to attain specific firm objectives. Some suggestions related to your management dissertation are:

  • How can Tesco maintain its momentum in its Fresh Easy brand and format in the United States?
  • How can Morrison’s narrow the gap with the leading food retailers, particularly Tesco?
  • How can Northern Rock regain its reputation and rebound from the bank run it experienced?
  • What are the key organisational actions needed by RBS to remain a top UK bank?
  • How can the Barclays Group leverage its relationships with several sovereign wealth funds (its new equity stakeholders)?

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Leadership is one of the key aspects that impacts on an organisation’s performance and drives the agenda of firms. The subject of leadership in management gives a lot of opportunities for writing your dissertation:

  • How does the leadership of Rentokil compare with other firms in its peer group?
  • How can Rentokil demonstrate the reliance on internal leadership with the Board bringing in external leaders to manage the firm?
  • How can Northern Rock’s new CEO lead the organisation to success following the drop in performance and clients?
  • What are the requirements for the new UBS leadership in managing the firm back to health?
  • How can the leaders of British Airways ensure the firm’s success and manage the organisation amidst record fuel prices?
  • How can Morrison’s manage the transition after the retirement of Sir Ken Morrison, and ensure the continued performance improvement of the firm?


Organisations recognize the significance of management information systems but are not always aware of the ways to accurately leverage this for the benefit of the organisation. You could discuss the following topics for your management dissertation with your advisor.

  • How can Tesco leverage its use of management information systems to maintain its hold on their customers?
  • In which organisational processes and systems can Morrison’s most use management information systems?
  • What are the requirements for Sainsbury in developing a world-class management information system?
  • In which areas can easyJet improve further its use of management information systems?
  • How can financial services firms utilise and build management information systems as a competitive advantage in the sector?
  • How can RBS use management information systems in managing the integration of ABN Amro and building its retail customer base further?
  • Which parts of the Rentokil business have the greatest need for the use of management information systems?


Knowledge management is critical in most sectors as this defines the potentiality of the work force and the ability to differentiate from other firms. Here you will get hold of some Topics for Management Dissertation.

  • How does Tesco’s knowledge management capabilities compare with its peer group?
  • In which areas of Tesco’s business can knowledge management be best utilised?
  • How can Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy manage the knowledge management across both firms to benefit its European joint venture?
  • How can RBS utilise the existing knowledge base from ABN Amro to its advantage and benefit the organisation?
  • In which areas of the Sainsbury business can knowledge management have the greatest impact on performance?
  • What is the scope of knowledge sharing between the firms included in the Nectar programme?


Organisational culture helps define organisations and presents work ethos for the work force, including the senior management. Organisational culture can be a key differentiator between organisations. Here are some more suggestions of topics for your management dissertation.

  • How has the culture of Rentokil changed with the arrival of the new senior management?
  • How can the new senior management of Rentokil establish a new organisational culture?
  • What are the key differences between the organisational cultures of Rentokil with their peer group?
  • Which aspects of Tesco’s organisational culture are considered to be strong compared to competitors?
  • How can Tesco ensure that its organisational culture also moves into its Fresh Easy brand in the US?
  • How does Tesco’s organisational culture compare with Sainsbury’s?
  • What are possible areas of conflict that may appear given the differences in the organisational cultures of Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy?
  • How much has the corporate culture of Northern Rock changed as a result of the challenges it faced with the bank run and drop in share price?

Catch any of the above Management Dissertation Topic Ideas London for your dissertation create an excellent Dissertation for your academics. If at any point of time you feel that you are not able to go with the topic or the dissertation structure, do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of assistance. Our Management Dissertation Writing Services London at “Global Assignment Help” will provide services which you would count on.

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