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Popular Business Dissertation Topics to Ace Your Paper by Experts

Choosing a dissertation topic might be a tedious task, as there is a plethora of business dissertation topics you will come across. Moreover, business is one of those subjects that is further divided into several departments. Thus, it becomes more stressful to work. But seeking business dissertation help from us will reduce your workload. It is possible due to the team we have built by hand-picking experts from the field. They will guide you to pick the suitable themes for yourself that will help you meet the expectations of your professor. Moving ahead, you will discover the distinct departments of business in which you can get stuck and look for business dissertation examples to have a direction to follow.

Our Experts Can Help Choose Ideal Business Dissertation Topic in Every Module

Every firm has several departments that work together to run a business successfully. Each one of them has definite rules and regulations for effective functioning. The five top functional areas or modules are:


This department works to set the mission and vision of the firm and plan the way towards achieving the main objectives of the business. To do this, the experts analyse the competitors and strategize accordingly.


Marketing is an essential function that a firm has to perform to perceive the needs and demands of its customers. It helps the organisation sell its products and services effectively through appropriate advertising.


The finance department manages all the money-related matters in an organisation. It includes the loans, investments, and cash flow of the firm. Thus, experts in this department plan the budget for smooth functioning.

Human Resource

This department of the firm manages and interacts with the human assets of the business. The experts here will hire and support the human resources for the company as per its needs.


The operations department of the business looks over all the other departments to ensure a smooth process. Thus, the experts here will plan and manage things while taking into account all the other areas.

These are the five functional areas of a business that work together to take the organisation to new heights. Moving ahead, let’s explore fresh and effective international business dissertation topics.

Business dissertation topic

Trending Business Dissertation Topics in 2023

In this section, you will perceive the leading business dissertation topics you can pick and work on to impress your professor instantly. Thus, our experts have listed the best topics from each category of business. Let’s begin:

Corporate Governance Dissertation Topics

Corporate governance is a code or system of rules and regulations that is used to control or govern a business. Through this system, it is identified who has the authority and power to make the decision. There are numerous fields of research in this area to construct your dissertation on. Thus, here is a list of business dissertation ideas in corporate governance that you can use:

  1. Corporate governance practice and how it affects CEO turnover.
  1. What are the rights of shareholders in corporate governance?
  1. What is the role of technology in improving corporate governance?
  1. How to prevent economic crises through corporate governance?
  1. Causes and the role of corporate governance in the recession process? 
  1. How do corporate governance laws have an impact on leadership styles?
  1. What is the influence of corporate governance on mergers and acquisitions?
  1. Perform a comparative analysis of corporate governance practices in markets.
  1. How does corporate governance impact SMEs?
  1. Explain the role of independent directors in ensuring ethical corporate behaviour.

International Business Dissertation Ideas

Preparing a dissertation for international business helps you explore the trends and the challenges that an international business might face. Thus, to create a paper on this sub-division, here are some of the business dissertation topics to choose from:

  1. How MNCs use the standardised approach of a business strategy?
  1. What are the challenges and opportunities for foreign workers in a global strategy?
  1. How does social media branding give businesses competition in the age of globalisation?
  1. Bridge the link between the tourist industry and international management.
  1. Provide a review of the social media applications for international business management.
  1. Analyse the issues and challenges faced in managing a globally diverse workforce.
  1. Review the national and international companies that are successful.
  1. How does branding functionsin the global tourism sector?
  1. What is information technology management for global businesses?
  1. Explore the financial options for developing small businesses.

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Business Ethics Dissertation Topics

Business ethics are a crucial part of business firms, which makes it necessary for students to learn them in their academic careers. Thus, here are the international business dissertation topics to work on your business ethics paper:

  1. Explore the developments in security for both employees and employers.
  1. What is the art of balancing work and personal life to be more productive at work?
  1. How can a company’s inappropriate environmental management affect consumer trust?
  1. How do corporate ethics affect the mental health of its employees?
  1. Analyse the concept of honesty in business ethics.
  1. Define the challenges faced by multinational companies in ethical decision-making.
  1. What are the ethical hiring practices that a company has to follow?
  1. Discover the relationship between business and civil society from an ethical perspective.
  1. What is the role of ethics in employment practices adopted by higher learning institutes?
  1. Approach to ethics in publishing business in sponsorship deals.

Strategic Management Dissertation Topics

Strategic management is the process of planning, monitoring, and organising the needs of the business to meet the requirements or goals. Thus, it is essential to understand it properly to run a business effectively. To do this, you must choose an effective business dissertation topics 2023 for your paper. Here is the list:

  1. What is the impact of corporate culture on the strategic management of a company?
  1. Define the relationship between corporate governance and strategic management.
  1. Perform an analysis of business planning and strategic planning in the corporate sector of a particular state.
  1. What is a stakeholder approach to strategic management processes?
  1. What is action-oriented strategic management as per challenges and interventions?
  1. Establish a relationship between strategic planning and the organisational performance of a business.
  1. Prepare a literature review for global strategic management.
  1. What stops women from being at a strategic management authority?
  1. What role does the strategic management process at the public planning unit level play?
  1. What are the strategic management issues of human resources in third-world countries?

Entrepreneurship Dissertation Proposal Topics

An entrepreneur is an individual who takes a risk and initiates a business idea. Thus, the process of setting up a new venture is called entrepreneurship. There are several topics that you can work on while exploring this area of the subject. Here is the list of the themes:

  1. Prepare a case study to analyse the impact of gender on developing entrepreneurial skills.
  1. What is the role of entrepreneurship in healthcare in future pandemics?
  1. Conduct a Study of Wireless Networks and Entrepreneurial Crowdfunding.
  1. What are the challenges in traditional ways of learning and digital learning?
  1. What are the main inhibitors of entrepreneurial growth?
  1. Explain the qualities and skills of a good entrepreneur.
  1. What are the roles and responsibilities of entrepreneurship education at the current time?
  1. What are the laws encouraging entrepreneurship in a country?
  1. Explore the factors affecting individuals desire to become entrepreneurs.
  1. What are the effects of entrepreneurial development on the job market?

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Supply Chain Management Dissertation Topics

Supply chain management is the process of managing the flow of goods or services, data, finances, and more in a particular business. It is a crucial process that students need to understand. Thus, to do this, they are asked to conduct research. So, here is a list of business dissertation sample for an ideal paper:

  1. What is the use of lean principles in supply chain management?
  1. How does a business pay attention to sustainability while preparing its supply chain processes?
  1. Evaluate the role of the value chain technique in managing logistics and the supply chain.
  1. How does the manufacturing process hamper the market forces of demand and supply?
  1. Conduct research on the relationship between procurement and supply chain management.
  1. What is the significance of manufacturing goods based on consumer requirements?
  1. How are governments driving digital change in the industry?
  1. What is the role of IT in supply chain management?
  1. Is outsourcing in logistics beneficial or not?
  1. What are the effects of supply chain integration on a firm’s performance?

Marketing Strategies Dissertation Topics

A marketing strategy is the game plan of a particular firm to win the race. It is crucial, as it will help you stay ahead of your competitors. Thus, we have listed the international business dissertation topics that will help you learn them effectively:

  1. How does the quality of a product affect customer loyalty?
  1. Traditional vs. digital marketing: Astudy of the last 5 years
  1. What is the role of billboards and posters in brand marketing?
  1. Do physical marketers complement digital marketing campaigns?
  1. What are the effects of promoting products using characters?
  1. Why is it essential to know the consumer's psychology in marketing strategies?
  1. Why is charity important, and how do people regard it?
  1. How does brand value affect the customer's decision?
  1. Are influencers a good strategy to increase your audience?
  1. What is the risk when dealing with boycotts?

Financial Management Dissertation Topics

Finance is the most crucial function of business because it deals with investment and all money-related matters. There are a lot of international business dissertation topics to work on. So, here are the most effective ones enlisted:

  1. What is the role of the microfinance companies in helping the poor?
  1. Explain the risks of mutual fund investments from the customer’s perspective.
  1. How are capital structure and corporate strategy related?
  1. Distinguish between cost accounting and management accounting for a company.
  1. How the implementation of hedge funds can help increase the economy of a country?
  1. Analyse the financial and budgeting systems of the government of a specific country.
  1. An evaluation of dilution to calculate the EPS in health care.
  1. Explain the dividend policy and rights of creditors in a market.
  1. An analysis of fair value in the mining industry.
  1. What is the cash flow analysis of performance in the health industry?

Leadership Styles in Business Dissertation Topics

Leadership is the ability to manage and set goals. It helps a business grow faster in terms of sales and market size. Thus, students have to understand this concept which will help them in the future. Therefore, you can refer to the business dissertation examples to understand this better. Here are the trendy topics to construct your paper on:

  1. Conduct a case study on leadership in education.
  1. How is transformational leadership changing people’s minds?
  1. What are the qualities that define a good leader in a business?
  1. Participative leadership and employee satisfaction: A detailed study
  1. Why is change management important for modern organisations?
  1. What is the role of delegating duties in educational leadership?
  1. Explain the role of effective communication in addressing crises.
  1. What are path-goal theoretical reviews?
  1. When is leadership education necessary?
  1. What are the theoretical perspectives of organisational leadership?

Organizational Behaviour Research Topics

As the name suggests, it is the study of the behaviour of humans in a particular organisation. To have a deep insight into this field, you can refer to the international business dissertation topics listed below:

  1. What is the role of social networks in global talent management?
  1. List the top 10 findings on the engagement of the employee.
  1. What is the personal network's utility in nurturing an inclusive culture?
  1. Conduct a case study to explain cooperation and organisational behaviour.
  1. What is the rationalized utility between social capital and organisational learning?
  1. What is the organisational behaviour of specially-abled workers?
  1. Creation of an organisational behaviour mentoring programme that works at all levels.
  1. Investigation and analysis of the motivational factors at work.
  1. How are office design and productivity linked together?
  1. Organisation Behaviour and Management: A Comparative Analysis

These were the latest and effective topics that you can use to build your dissertation on. Moreover, knowing the features that an ideal topic has is also crucial. Thus, the following section will equip you about the same. 

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Characteristics of an Ideal Business Dissertation Topic

Good business dissertation topics have some features that help you construct an ideal paper to impress your professor. Thus, it must be:


A dissertation is created to explore something new in a particular field; if not, then it will be of no use. Thus, you must explore and research something unique in the field to conduct your search. Although this might be a new concept, you can even mould an existing idea as per the update in the market.


If your dissertation does not attract the attention of the reader, you cannot persuade them to read the document. Moreover, a dissertation theme must be from your area of interest, as it is a lengthy process that requires you to remain focused. Thus, you must work on a theme that engages you and your readers and makes them concentrate till the end.


You might think that if the topic is difficult to work on, you will have to face issues with research. But if you opt for a simple theme, you cannot grab the reader’s attention. Thus, you have to choose a dissertation idea that is a little challenging to engage the readers. If you face hurdles at work, you can seek professional dissertation help.


Trending topics engage audiences quickly and for a longer time. Thus, while selecting a theme to research, you might look for what is going on currently in that particular field. Moreover, if you go for something stale or irrelevant in the present scenario, your hard work might be in vain, as no one will be interested in reading such a lengthy document that has no relevance.

Connects the Audience

A dissertation topic is something that the audience connects with. Thus, you must know your targeted audience before you construct your paper. It will help you to know the mindset and perspective of the reader for whom you will be drafting it.

Matters to Customers

While choosing ideal business dissertation topics, you must know whether they will matter to your customers or not. It is so because if it does not matter to them, they will not be interested in reading it, and your hard work will not be appreciated as much as you want it to be. Thus, work on a theme that matters to the customers of your business.

These are the features that your dissertation theme must have to become an ideal one. Moreover, having all these in one place might be challenging, but by seeking assistance from a professional dissertation writing service, you can make it happen easily.

How Our Experts Can Help You to Choose the Best Business Dissertation Topic?

Our team of experts is well-versed in the field of business and holds at least a master's degree in the subject. In addition, they have years of experience serving in this area. Thus, they are acquainted with the basics and the updates happening in the subject. So, seeking business dissertation help from us will be your wisest decision.

Our team members will conduct thorough research to help find you the best business, accounting, engineering dissertation topic, and more. It enables them to keep up with the trends in the field and have an idea of what is needed in the area. Thus, the business dissertation topics that you will receive from us will be unique and impressive at the same time. So, you do not have to worry about lacking anything that an ideal topic has.

In addition, we provide much more than topic suggestions. Our dissertation help services extend beyond this to include editing and proofreading your document. These services are accompanied by our features, which are also trendsetters for other service providers. Some of our salient features are:

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