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With the increase in number of assignments on consumer law, Global Assignment Help has understood the needs of students. That’s why we have arrived at the best consumer law assignment help service.

With the advancement in the field of commercialization, several grievances are also rising. They are generally related to product satisfaction, pricing policy, and credit or debit. Well, enormous laws have been made to sort out the complaints and protect the rights of the consumers. This is good news for consumers, but for the students, it means they have to study more and more to know each of them. If you too are a student of consumer law, then you need not to get panicked. Our proficient consumer law assignment help experts will help you comprehend every concept related to this subject easily.

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What is Competition & Consumer Law?

According to our consumer law assignment writing experts, competition and consumer law refers to the laws made by an authorized government body to analyze consumer rights, reduce malpractices as well as regulate law and order. It also helps in protecting consumer interests. With the help of this law, if being exploited, the person can file a case against anybody who has exploited him. Consumer protection is mainly done because of various consumer rights.

What Are the Major Consumer Rights?

Consumer rights are designed to prohibit consumer exploitation done by the seller by providing misguiding information. There are mainly six main rights which are for consumers. They are:

Right to Choice

This law gives authority to the consumers to choose the products of their own choice. They are provided with a wide variety of products in the marketplace. And, no manufacturer or retailer can impose the goods upon them against their wish.

Right to Consumer Education

It is the law that protects consumers from every fraudulent company that sells goods and services. They have the right to know about the products and services that they want to purchase.

Right to Safety

The right to safety is to protect the customers from the products and services that are hazardous to life.

Right to Be Heard

Under this law, the consumer has the right to sue the firm that has exploited him by providing him poor quality service.

Right to Redress

This right enables consumers to have a fair settlement of their claims by compensating for poor goods or unsatisfactory services.

Right to Information

Every consumer has the right to know the information about the price, quality, and quantity of the product. It saves them from misleading advertisements and labeling.

All these consumer rights are enacted by the government to deal with several issues customers come across. Our consumer law assignment help experts have discussed here the major ones among them.

Major Issues Every Consumer Law Student Must Know

Consumer and competition laws are the two basic forms of business laws. This is the most sought-after course among students, and they face problems when their professor asks them to discuss the major issues as an assignment topic. That is why our consumer law assignment help is the most demanding service among such students. So, every time they approach us, our consumer law assignment writers help them by explaining to them the major conflicts, such as:

  • Competition
  • Anti-Trust
  • Market Sharing
  • Group Boycotting
  • Vertical & Horizontal Co-ordination
  • Monopolization
  • Guarantee
  • Product Review
  • Transparency

Let’s understand each one of them in detail below.


According to our consumer law assignment experts, competition law is the set of rules that looks after the market competition led by business houses. It generally covers three aspects. Here our consumer law assignment writing professionals have talked about all of them.

Dominance & Syndication- This law restricts large firms from holding large market shares. It helps the consumers buy the products at genuine prices and of supreme quality. If needed, you can get in-depth details of it from our consumer law assignment helpers.

Mergers & Acquisitions- Mergers and acquisitions lead to most of the power in the hands of only a couple of big firms. Competition law restricts it too. To get expert guidance on it, take consumer law assignment help from us.

Intellectual Property & Innovation- Intellectual property rights assures healthy competition and leads to product innovation.


Anti-Trust law is closely related to competition laws. The laws related to it refer to the collection of rules and regulations that promote fair competition among the firms. According to our consumer law assignment help experts, it is also known as competition law in a few countries. But, in countries like USA, it is specifically known as anti-trust laws. It has a few sub-aspects too, such as:

Cartels & Collusion: The most basic aspect of anti-trust law is cartels and collusion. They are generally referred to as the agreement between two competitive firms to control the market price to restrict the entry of new competitors.

Price Settling: The settlement price is the average price at which traders do the trading. Get to know more about it just by availing consumer law assignment writing service.

Bid Gear: It is a kind of rigging in which a contract is already promised to another. However, for the sake of appearance, bids are invited from several firms.

3.Market Sharing

It is also termed as dividing territories. Generally, it is a practice followed by the firms to stay out of each other marketplace to avoid competition and control prices.

4.Group Boycotting

According to our consumer law assignment help experts, in group boycotting, a single firm is boycotted by two or more competitive businesses until and unless that firm agrees to deny doing business with their potential clients.

5.Vertical & Horizontal Co-ordination

In horizontal coordination, the firms acquire the production units that might be the sources of potential clients, whereas in vertical coordination, the company buys out all the stages of the supply chain. According to anti-trust laws, both are illegal.


According to our consumer law assignment service providers, monopoly is the practice of controlling the supply of the commodity, market, or entire industry. There are generally four types of monopoly practice:

Monopoly: The situation where there is only one supplier and multiple buyers.

Monopsony: The situation where there is only one buyer and multiple sellers.

Oliogopoly: It is a market condition where the market is mostly full of a small number of suppliers.

Predatory Pricing: It is a marketing strategy where the company with huge cash reserves sells its products at highly reduced rates to remove the competition from the market.


Our consumer law assignment help experts state that the guarantee is the extended period after the purchasing of a product. It is for the benefit of the consumer. The guarantee has to be provided by the guarantor, the manufacturer, and the retailer.

8.Product Review

This is the most controversial area of consumer law. In it, a particular product is reviewed. Consumer law protection cell deals with such cases. To know how it is done or what processes are behind it, seek consumer law assignment help online service from us.


It refers to the general rules and regulations that let the customer know about most of the laws of consumer protection. It can be related to the sold product, pricing structure, and the market where the product is being sold. It has been often found that the professors generally ask the questions related to it and students get stuck due to its complexity. Thus, they need help with consumer law assignments, and we provide them assistance through our online consumer law assignment help service.

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Because of so many concepts involved in this subject, students often get confused in comprehending them. As s result, they need experts’ assistance. If you too often get panicked while writing your consumer law assignment, then you should get help from us.

Consumer Law Assignment Help from Us

Whether you’re pursuing a bachelor's or master's in consumer law from any university in the world, we can help you anytime regarding your academic issues. We have the best team of academic writers that is well aware of the rules and specifications of most of the universities of the world. Our writers have the highest academic credentials in Law. So, if you ever get stuck with your consumer law assignments, never hesitate to contact us.

How to Contact Our Consumer Law Assignment Writers?

  • The very first step towards contacting our writers is to log on to our website or call on our toll-free number. You can also contact us through our mobile app.
  • Once you have reached out to us, provide your assignment requirements.
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Not only the finest quality of work, but we also offer amazing perks to students who reach to us to seek consumer law assignment help. This is done to make our services more trustworthy or reliable among them.

Look at the benefits you will get by seeking consumer law assignment writing service from us.

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