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Quality HRM Dissertation Topics Can Improve Your Performance Graph

A HRM Dissertation Topic Idea can make or break your career. "Global Assignment Help" fully understands this & therefore provides you a bunch of suggestions on Human Resource Dissertation Topics to aid you.

A dissertation written on Human Resources Management (HRM) can cover a wide variety of topics so it becomes significant to start with a wider viewpoint & then focus it on a precise subject area. A dissertation created can be an analysis of a case study also which will show the various issues & their solutions. It explains why the case study is being done on that particular topic. Thus, choosing management dissertation topics based on HRM that is sure to bring the attention of the people to the moot point is the first well-achieved milestone.

The core areas covered by HRM dissertation topics pertain to the progress of Human Resource which is pivotal to the exceptional working of the organization. A student can select the topics that meet his wants and preferences so that he can give his best to Human Resources Management (HRM) dissertation. The following list of effective Free Dissertation Topics Leeds can support you in a way to choose a strong topic on HR.

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HR Theory Dissertation Topics

HR theory entails all the aspects of mutual relationship and regard that the employee and its organization share. The main purpose of HR theory is to reach to the bridge where the best interests of both the employee and the organization are met with unflappable ease. How to identify the skills and devising ways to implement those are the key points to fathom which a student can adequately explore by selecting some of the best Human Resource dissertation topics.

  • Role of trade unions' and their place in organizations
  • Transparency - a tactical HR issue
  • HR and management control
  • HR policy management and implementation
  • Taylor's theory and its relevance in HR
  • Control - the main role of HR
  • HR - how different it is in practice from theory
  • Dealing with contingencies - Manage the HR show

HR As Worker's Support

HR and its role in worker management is something that has both the contention as well as concern available for exploration by the way of dissertation. HRM dissertation topics focussed on HR function as worker's support provide a framework to be followed by the followers. Here are some of the topics on HR function that allow better sneaking into its role as worker's support:

  • How to manage change - Is it really possible to stop changes?
  • Outsourcing - Challenges of outsourcing HR functions that are actually gatekeepers of culture
  • Outsourcing - Is it the blow to in-house HR jobs?
  • Are all HR functions effective? How to increase their effectiveness
  • Managing the employee's bargaining power - is it necessary to emerge winner always?

Training and Development Dissertation Topics

Training and Development form the most important HRM dissertation topics. A critical analysis of training and development as part of HR function can be a great idea to explore for dissertation on HRM topics. The main role of training and development is to make HR an effective tool in enhancing the overall effectiveness. Some of the HRM dissertation topics that cover training and development area are:

  • How training and development can help in managing the turbulence
  • Is training and development program overlooking the emotional quotient?
  • Can training cover all the loopholes of recruitment process?
  • Is training and development helpful in making employees productive?
  • On role vs off role training - in-depth analysis of pros and cons

HR As The Last Competitive Advantage

The best way to identify HR as the ultimate competitive advantage is to compare and contrast the effectiveness of organizations with no HR function with those with HR policies in full swing. HRM dissertation topics that explore the competitive advantage of this department could be picked from some of the ideas listed below:

  • Change management - is HR the best resort for coping with the change
  • Challenges faced by HR while delivering competence
  • HR as value assessor - does HR get clear picture
  • Managing change and how to use it for bringing in positivity
  • How change is the best remedy and when it works most effectively

Performance Management Dissertation Topics

Of the four core functions of HRM, performance management is the most crucial one. Writing dissertation on performance management as function of HR can help in finding the loopholes in the process. It can also help in finding what the best HR policies can yield in terms of improving the effectiveness of the employees. Some of the researchable HRM Deseration Topics related to performance management are:

  • Is reward system the best practice for managing performance? Evaluate critically.
  • Can rewards be used as tool for performance enhancement?
  • How performance management can be helpful in capping the wage expenses
  • How fair practices and performance management are interrelated
  • Performance management as an up-skilling tool
  • Managing reviews and reactions as part of performance management process

Appraisal and Employee Motivation Dissertation Topics

Apart from daily routine work, there are certain moments in organization when the employee motivation needs to be on upfront. The dissertation ideas on HRM topics that encompass employee motivation cover the performance and its implication aspect and helps to build a better organization environment. A few dissertation ideas as preferred by HRM specialists are:

  • 3600 appraisal - Is it giving way to employee friction?
  • Maslow's need hierarchy and its relevance in current organizations
  • Are appraisal a tool to scare or motivate employees?
  • Analysing the subjectivity of appraisal and its relevance in motivation
  • Job satisfaction and motivation - Internal vs external agents

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Culture and Diversity Dissertation Ideas

Dissertation ideas focussed on culture and diversity can entice any HR specialist. This issue can not be ignored as where there are humans, the diversity is naturally present and it is sure to have the flavour of cultural influences. Managing the diversity of cultures and human mind-sets is the core challenge that is covered extensively by some of the hrm dissertation topics as listed under:

  • Placing values in the organisation
  • Inducting new employees into the culture
  • Recruiting as a tool to change and influence the culture
  • Differences between diversity and discrimination.
  • Can discrimination be removed?
  • The global village - managing diversity in a globally oriented organization

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