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Vancouver Referencing Made Easy

We understand how difficult it is to have a medical research thesis or documentation rejected or delayed by supervisors due to incorrect Vancouver referencing and citations. But are you one of those who wonder if there's a magical tool that can correctly cite your sources in minutes? So your wait is over now presents a free, quick and easy referencing tool and guide that can instantly generate an in-text citation and referencing list for an unlimited number of words.

You must enter the source type and add minimum details about the text. Then, our free referencing generator will automatically create and format your sources in Vancouver referencing style without registration. So now, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our free citation generator while learning more about correct Vancouver referencing.

How Does Vancouver Referencing Work? What Is It?

The Vancouver referencing style is a numerical referring style commonly used in medicine, health and research. It comprises a reference list and in-text citations. The use of a number designates textual references to other people's works. They are shown as superscripts without brackets or Arabic numerals in rounded brackets. The entire reference list is located after the document and is numbered progressively.

Like any other referencing style, the Vancouver referencing generator enables you to provide credit to the author(s) and source of any references used in the text. In addition, it adheres to a specific set of requirements for both in-text citations and references. Our Free Vancouver citation generator uses the most advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to deliver high-quality Vancouver citations for scholars, researchers, and students.

Why do Scholars Depend on Our Vancouver Reference Generator?

Accurate Vancouver referencing is the backbone of a solid medical thesis or dissertation. You provide your supervisor with this as evidence of the validity of your work. As universities do not tolerate referencing errors, we have curated a free referencing generator that can assist you anytime, anywhere. And because time is valuable for every medical student, no scholar can ignore these attractive features. Let's dive deep in.

Benefits of our Vancouver reference generator

  • It is entirely free to use and does not require any registration.
  • You can choose your source type, whether it is books, journals, newspapers, blogs, or articles.
  • You can also use this tool to generate a reference list.
  • No prior experience is required to use the tool.
  • The results are generated within seconds.
  • All the citations are correct in terms of grammar spelling, and punctuation.
  • The sources' citation is generated from scratch by AI tool; therefore, the chances of plagiarism are totally zero.
  • The tool never stores your text or personal information in records, providing complete data security and confidentiality.
  • Access remotely from anywhere in the globe.
  • Support for all popular internet browsers.

We Take Your Referencing Worries Away!

Do the smart work, and save time to focus on your medical research, than wasting it on monotonous referencing. Let us do the hard work for you.

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How to do Vancouver Style Generator Referencing in 3 Easy Steps

You will always receive the entire paper prepared in Vancouver referencing, thanks to our free tool. Follow these simple instructions to utilize our Vancouver referencing generator efficiently.

Step1: Select the source

Pick the informational resources you used, such as books, journals, periodicals, blogs, etc.

Step 2: Paste the info/ fill the form manually

Enter the information quickly or manually, along with any extra information such as the ISBN, DOI, or URL. The AI tool will appropriately arrange the sources according to the Vancouver format.

Step3: Generate Vancouver sources

Copy the in-text citation, and you can also use it in the reference list section.

Find All you need to know about Vancouver referencing Style

What are in-text citations in Vancouver style referencing?

Citations should be indicated in your text using numbers in Vancouver style. Either parenthesis is used around these numbers or superscript; pick one and use them consistently. The numbers often follow the author's name or a straight quote. They could also show up at the end of the phrase.

What are reference lists in Vancouver style referencing?

The information your readers will need to look up the sources you credit in your writing may be found in your Vancouver reference list. It comprises a numbered list of all of your sources, giving essential details such as each source's author, title, and publication date. At the conclusion of your research, the list is presented in numerical order. Except when a DOI or URL is the final element, each entry comes to a complete stop.

Get Access to All Vancouver referencing

example format

To Cite A Book in Vancouver Referencing Style

Example: S. Malpas & P. Wake Belsey, C. The Routledge companion to critical theory. 3- ed. United Kingdom: Routledge; 2006. 5pm

Citation: S. Malpas & P. Wake Belsey, C.. The Routledge companion to critical theory (5pm, 2006, YEAR)

To Cite An Article In Vancouver Referencing Style

Example: Ruxton, C., Tea: Hydration and other health benefits., Primary Health Care. 2016, 56.

Citation: Ruxton, C.(2016, 56)

To Cite A Website In Vancouver Referencing Style?

Example: Palmatier, R. W., & Crecelius, United Kingdom: 2019. The “first principles” of marketing strategy.[INTERNET], [2019, April, 10], [Online]. Available through:

Citation: Palmatier, R. W., & Crecelius, The “first principles” of marketing strategy (2019)

To Cite A Newspaper In Vancouver Referencing Style

Example: Alexandra Spring and Carly Earl,’Just not blond': how the diversity push is failing Australian fashion’, The Guardian, 2018

Citation: ’Just not blond': how the diversity push is failing Australian fashion’(2018, 67)

To Cite A Lecture In Vancouver Referencing Style

Lecturer. Title of Lecture [unpublished lecture notes]. Course code: course name, Institution where delivered; lecture given - date of lecture - year month day.

Format of Vancouver Referencing style

The following rules should be followed when writing in Vancouver style:

  • The reference list is arranged in the order the citations appeared in the text, not alphabetically.
  • Very little punctuation is used.
  • Well-established abbreviations are used for journals.
  • Numeric references are used in the text, primarily numbers in brackets, e.g. (1).
  • The exact citation number is used whenever the same source is cited in the text.
  • Authors' last names should be followed by their initials when citing their work; there should be no comma, full stops, or spaces between the initials. Put a full stop at the end of the author's name.
  • Cite the first six authors if there are more than six, then add et al. or "and others" after them.

The main guidelines for Vancouver referencing are outlined in the list above, however, there are several variants within the style that may make it quite challenging. But with us, you won't have to worry about making a mistake with your Vancouver citations.

The significant benefit of the Vancouver style is that it makes the writing easier to read since it has minimal in-text quotes that may be challenging to keep concise. The references list is also available for the reader to consult while they read the text, saving them the time and effort of having to sort the references list by first author of each cited work.

Hassle free referencing is simply a tool away

They are specific complex rules for every referencing style, and when Vancouver referencing style is a challenging nut to crack. Use our easy-to-use, Free Vancouver referencing generator to quickly create accurate citations of sources if you don't want to memorize all these rules. Also, you will not find this bundle of features with any other free referencing generator online, along with 24/7 customer care help .So, what are you waiting for try our free tool on APA references, Oxford References, MLA, Vancouver, Harvard referencing generator and make your academic life easier.


Vancouver Citation Generator

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Most Common Questions about Vancouver Referencing Answered
  • How to create a Vancouver-style reference?
    To create Vancouver-style references, you can go through the guidelines of the Vancouver-style referencing guide. But to generate them instantly ad correctly and quickly, use our Vancouver reference generator for free it's just a 3-step tool.
  • Is there Vancouver referencing in Word?
    Yes, Microsoft Word also deploys Vancouver referencing, but it is not up to the latest edition.
  • How do you format Vancouver style?
    The following formatting guidelines are offered by Vancouver Style for writing assignments:
    • All text, including the reference list, is double-spaced.
    • Font is Times New Roman.
    • At most, 12 words on the title page. Not a single acronym. It can occupy two lines. Some lecturers might want you to indicate the date or the course. 
  • What Justifies the Use of the Vancouver Referencing Generator?
    Your professor can request that you write your paper using the Vancouver reference style if you are pursuing degrees in medicine and science. In these circumstances, the Vancouver referencing generator can assist you in completing the reference process more quickly and adequately.
  • Which journals use the Vancouver style?
    The National Library of Medicine, the American Medical Association, and other organizations frequently utilize the Vancouver style in their publications in the medical and scientific fields, as well as in the health sciences.
  • How do you cite an article in Vancouver style?
    When DOI is available:
    #. Author A, Author B. Title of the article. Abbreviated Title of Journal. year;vol(no):page numbers. doi:10.XXX/XXXXX.XX. When No DOI available: #. Author A, Author B. Title of the article. Abbreviated Title of Journal [format]. year [cited year abbreviated month day];vol(no):page numbers. Available from: Internet address.
  • Why is it called Vancouver referencing?
    For more than a century, author-number systems have been one of the primary citation formats used in scientific publications (the other being author–date). The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), a group of editors representing various medical publications, convened in 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to establish a single set of standards for the papers published in these journals called the Vancouver Referencing style.
  • Is there a referencing app?
    Students now use a variety of digital resources to support their paperwork. Our Free Vancouver referencing tool can help you manage your references and produce sources you wish to cite, whether you are citing a hashtag, a podcast, or a mobile app.
  • How do you reference guidelines in Vancouver?
    Each number in the Vancouver-style reference list should correspond to and be used as a reference for the corresponding number in the text. Your paper should conclude with the list. A specific format must be used while writing books, journal papers, etc.
  • What does Vancouver in text referencing look like?
    It appears as a number that corresponds to a reference in your reference list. Citations in essays and papers written in the Vancouver Style are denoted by Arabic numerals in square brackets or Arabic numbers in superscript without brackets. This holds for text, table, and figure references.
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