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Trending Finance Dissertation Topics to Improve the Chances of A+ by 2X!

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression.

- Will Rogers

The above saying fits perfectly in the student's academic life, especially when they are writing a finance dissertation. Okay, let us understand it this way- what is the first thing noticed by your dissertation committee while evaluating your academic paper? Obviously, it is the topic. Only when the research idea succeeds in creating an ever-lasting impression, the committee will look forward to reading your writing piece. Else, get ready for rejection. Moreover, you will not get a second chance to impress them. Here, the need for the latest finance dissertation topics arrive.

Finance is an academic discipline that emphasizes on the creation, management, and study of investments and money. The smaller is the definition; the larger is the syllabus. As a result, finding an appropriate topic idea gives a major headache to the students. The research idea, on the one hand, should be interesting enough to grab the reader's attention, and on the other hand, should demonstrate the subject-knowledge of the student. Baffled by the situation, students often look for finance dissertation help. But, the worry doesn't end here. Now, choosing a reliable and trusted website adds more sleepless nights to their schedule.

If you are also tired of being a night owl, then Global Assignment Help is your place to be. The No.1 finance dissertation writing services website has come to rescue the students. The brand has prepared a list consisting of the best dissertation topics in finance for postgraduate/MBA courses. This hardwork is done by a team of professionals holding a PhD degree with 7+ years of writing experience. The researchers have shortlisted the ideas after referring to multiple sources, such as financial journals, books, blogs, current news, etc. But, before we move on to the topics, let us first flash a light on the subject. Here we go!!!

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What Are the Finance Dissertation Topics Covered in the Subject? Know-Here!

Finance is the subject that answers the 'how’s’ and ‘why’s' related to the monetary aspect- why and how the government, organization, or an individual acquires the money needed and how they invest it. Sometimes, finance corresponds to the overall financial market responsible for the flow of money via several instruments and investments. This flow of capital is further regulated by the financial services sector. Investment management, securities trading, risk management, financial engineering, stockbroking, investment banking, etc., are some of the popular finance dissertation topic ideas studied in the subject.

Furthermore, the academic discipline is divided into 3 major categories. They are:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Personal Finance
  • Public Finance

Let us now highlight each of the sub-disciplines one by one.

Corporate Finance

As the name suggests, corporate finance refers to financial activities related to corporations. The subject is centered around the capital structure of organizations, sources of funding, tools & techniques for the allocation of financial resources, and the steps taken by managers for increasing the firm's value to the stakeholders. According to the finance dissertation helpers, the primary objective of the subject is to teach students different ways to maximize the shareholder's value. The two main corporate finance dissertation topics are- capital budgeting and working capital. The former refers to determining whether the long-term investments are worth the funding; whereas, the latter is concerned with the operating liquidity present in the corporation. The academic discipline is undoubtedly a complex one, and thus, students struggle to find trending corporate finance dissertation topics.

If you are also struggling with the same, then here are the research topics in the finance list:

  1. Continuous-time Model: Its Application in Different Financial Environments
  2. A Case Study on the Financial Policies’ Determinants Related to Banking & Non-banking Institutions
  3. Elucidate on the Role Played by Firm Size on Financial Decision-making
  4. An Investigation Portraying How the Family-led Institutions Take Financial Decisions
  5. An In-depth Research on the Life Cycle of Different Financial Products in the Banking Sector
  6. What Are the Factors to be Considered While Taking Corporate Finance Decisions During Unstable Market Conditions?
  7. Elaborate the Impact of Technology Advancement in Crowdfunding & Conventional Contracts Practices
  8. A Detailed Study on How Culture Influences the Sole Entrepreneur & His Financial Decisions
  9. A Comprehensive Investigation on the Latest Trends in Corporate Finance
  10. A Brief Study on the Financial Management of Multinationals- Evidence from UK
  11. Mean-Variance Portfolio Theory: Its Working With an Example of International Bank
  12. Risk Management Policy: Understanding the Corporate Strategy of a Low-Budget Airline
  13. How Taxes Influences the Dividend Policy of the Banking Sector?
  14. A Detailed Study on the Different Corporate Finance Strategies
  15. Conduct a Research on the Financial Innovation Trends Prevalent in Europe and Asia
  16. How Macroeconomic Factors Play a Vital Role in Money Supply?
  17. Corporate Control & Value Destruction: An Overview
  18. Partnership Between Private & Public Business Sectors in US: Pros and Cons
  19. Integrating Options Theory: Its Applications in Capital Budgeting & Innovation Management
  20. What Are Collective Investment Models Prevalent in UK?

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Personal Finance

It is the finance management done by an individual or a family that involves budgeting, saving, and spending monetary resources with the passage of time, taking into consideration life events and financial risks. It requires an individual to evaluate the current financial position to draft strategies for a secured future. Personal finance includes the process of purchasing financial resources, such as mortgages, credit cards, retirement plans, insurance, etc. As per the finance dissertation writing services provider, various investment sources include:

  • Saving accounts
  • Stock Market
  • Mutual Funds
  • Loans
  • Social Security Benefits
  • Bonds
  • Health Insurance

Moreover, the majority of the students fail to settle down with some of the top public finance dissertation topics. This is where the experts come into the picture. Below are a few research ideas on which you can draft your academic paper.

  1. Domestic Vs. Foreign Banks: Which Banks Are Good for Investments?
  2. Investigation of the Digital Baking Problems Faced by Elder People
  3. Cryptocurrency: Boom or Bane?
  4. Mutual Funds Are Gaining Immense Popularity. Comment
  5. What Are the Best Practices to Manage Risk Exposure?
  6. An Overview of Hedge Funds (w.r.t. the UK investment market)
  7. Evaluation of the Change in Investor’s Behavior in the US Finance Market
  8. Private Equity Investment: Its Future Prospect in the European Union
  9. Current Developments in the Field of Internet Banking
  10. How Diversity Management Control Finance Risks?
  11. Stock Volatility: What Are the Advantages & Risks Associated With It
  12. A Qualitative Study on How an Individual Can Manage His Portfolio Effectively
  13. Do Muslims Islamic Banking or Non-Islamic Banking? A Case Study
  14. Elucidate on the Financial Statement of MasterCard & Visa
  15. A Comprehensive Study on Why Banks Are Opposing Digital Currency
  16. Effective Ways of Finance Risk Management During Market Volatility
  17. Effect of Brexit on the Individual’s Pocket
  18. Portfolio Maximization: A Hit or a Miss?
  19. Stock Volatility & Investor’s Sentiments Go Hand-in-Hand. Share Your Views
  20. The Evolution of the Internet Banking Industry in the Next 10 Years
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Public Finance

The government plays a major role in the economy, and the subject focuses on the same. The subject revolves around assessing the government revenue & expenditure of public authorities and the alteration of one or the other to obtain the desired results. In simpler words, personal finance emphasizes on the effect of government on:

  • Effective allocation of the resources
  • Distribution of income among the citizens
  • Stability of the economy

According to economist Jonathan Gruber, the academic discipline answers four questions. They are:

  • When should the government intervene in the economy?
  • How may the government intervene?
  • What is the result of interventions on the economy?
  • Why does the government intervene in the way that they do?

The complex terminologies and never-ending course compel students to search for outstanding public finance dissertation topics. If you are also one of them, then here a few to choose from:

  1. Philosophical & Empirical Analysis of Fairness in Taxation
  2. An Overview of China’s Fiscal System
  3. Determinants of Public Debt in Eurozone Amid COVID-19
  4. The Influence of Demography on Public Infrastructure Investments
  5. A Detailed Study on the Relationship Between Good Governance and Public Administration
  6. Macroeconomic Determinants Responsible for Unemployment in Ethiopia
  7. Underground Economy: Its Meaning & Measurement
  8. An In-depth Analysis of Discriminatory Excise Taxation
  9. An Empirical Study of GSEs (Government-Sponsored Enterprises)
  10. Highlighting the Issues of Debt Sustainability in Emerging Countries
  11. What Is the Impact of Globalization on Public Finance?
  12. Optimal Capital Taxation: Its Theory & Implications
  13. An Ultimate Guide to Government Bailouts
  14. Elaboration of Different Types of Taxes
  15. The Role of Government During Market Failures
  16. Coase Theorem: What Is It?
  17. What Are the Different Methodologies to Analyze Private & Public Goods Markets
  18. A Case Study on Allocative Efficiency Between Between Public & Private Goods
  19. How Can Marginal External Cost be Reduced with Regulation?
  20. Rival Vs. Non-Rival Consumption

Reading so far, you must have got a glimpse of finance dissertation ideas studied under the subject. Furthermore, below are various topics that remain close to the professor’s heart.

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End Your Search Here for Finance Dissertation Topic Ideas!

Are you facing issues in choosing a topic for your finance dissertation? Do you need help or expert advice on the same? You would be delighted to know that we do that for free. Below are the most trending dissertation topics for different categories of finance. Check them out now.

Accounting Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Financial Decisions & Expenditure Taken by Emerging Countries to Combat Health Issues During COVID-19
  2. How Is Share Price Index Fluctuated by Public and Market Information?
  3. A Critical Analysis of the Development and Emergence of Accounting Software
  4. Modern Accounting & Its Role in the Economic Development of a Country
  5. A Descriptive Study on the Factors That Effect FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in China

Banking and Finance Dissertation Topics

  1. Asset Liabilities Management: What Are the Current Trends in the Australian Banking Sector
  2. Commercial Vs. Retail Banking: An Investigation of the European Banking System
  3. Conduct Research on the Different Approaches for Managing Assets Liability
  4. A Critical Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Financial Stability of the Banking Sector
  5. A Detailed Study of the Risk Management in Banking

Microfinance Dissertation Topics

  1. Discussing the Reason Behind Immense Popularity of Microfinance in the International Finance Market
  2. A Feasible Study on the Latest Trends of Microfinance in the UK Finance Sector
  3. What Is Microfinance & How Does it Effect Environmental Sustainability?
  4. A Detailed Study on the Influence of the Global Recession on the Micro Finance Institutions
  5. Measuring the Impact of Microfinance in Disaster Mitigation

Now, the best ideas for writing a powerful dissertation must be known to you. But here comes a bigger problem- how to shortlist an ultimate topic for writing finance dissertation? Well, the answer to this question lies in the subsequent section where the finance dissertation writing helpers have highlighted the best tips for picking the right idea.

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How to Choose the Right Finance Dissertation Topic Ideas for Scoring A+?

Knowing that you have 51+ research topics, it is obvious to be baffled. Moreover, the concept of ‘Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo’ doesn’t fit here as a hit to the wrong chord can cost you big. In such a scenario, the researchers providing finance dissertation writing services become the life-savior. The experts have highlighted the best tips for shortlisting the research ideas.

  1. Know Your Interests: A topic that doesn't excite you will land you nowhere, and there is not a second thought about the same. Thus, choose the sub-discipline which grabs your attention, and you possess strong command on the same. For instance, if you are good at accounting, then look for the top accounting and finance dissertation topics. In this way, you will be connected to the topic throughout the writing task. Also, the researching process will not be tedious.
  1. Choose a Practical Topic: Picking a theoretical topic with no practical applications will make you yawn. Thus, it is advised that you choose the one having a wide research scope with real-life applications. In such a case, selecting the appropriate idea from banking and finance dissertation topics will be a bonus. This will, however, demand long hours of research, but it will surely save you plenty of time in the long run.
  2. Current Topics Are Gems: Professors love to explore the latest research ideas, and hence, you should not miss this opportunity. The moment you come across a trending topic, research a bit about the same. If the idea matches your expectations, then consider choosing it. The best way to select a popular dissertation topic of finance is by trawling through multiple sources like blogs, newspapers, discussion forums, etc.
  3. Know the Word Limit Beforehand: There is no point in choosing a lengthy topic and ending up exceeding the word limit. So, it is a good approach to know the word limit before deciding the idea. In case the topic demands long paragraphs and elaboration, then kindly avoid it. Obviously, effective planning is a must here. Moreover, if you are looking for dissertation topics in finance for PhD/MBA, then Global Assignment Help is the best place to trust.

Congratulations! You are now well-equipped with all the best research ideas. Undoubtedly, choosing an appropriate battle is half battle won, but what about the other half? Well, read below for the answer.

You can also check out our Free Dissertation Examples.

Who Can Write My Finance Dissertation on Postgraduate/MBA Topics?

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The above-mentioned guarantees conclude that Global Assignment Help is the one-stop destination to pass your finance course with flying colors. Not only can we provide you top banking and finance dissertation topics, but we can also draft an impeccable dissertation on finance research topics for you. So, the time has arrived to get rid of your academic burden and take a step closer to your dream. Also, apart from providing dissertation writing help, we also assist students in various types of academic papers, like assignments, homework, thesis, coursework, research paper, case study, PPT, etc.

Happy Academic Year!!!

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