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Nike Case Study Help (SWOT & PESTLE) from Renowned Marketing Experts

The tag line "Just Do It", and the Swoosh logo are enough to draw the vivid image of the American multinational company- Nike in the mind of people. The brand stepped in the athletic world by producing high-quality running shoes in 1964 and with the passage of time, it transformed into one of the most valuable footwear brands. The company is currently engaged in the process of designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of apparels, accessories & equipment. According to the experts providing Nike case study help, the brand is currently in the news due to the high valuation and appointment of the next CEO. Due to this, the chances are high that your professor might ask you to perform SWOT & PESTLE analysis on the brand.

Case study writing on Nike is undoubtedly a very daunting task. Well, the reasons are simple. Analyzing the growth and development of the firm using strategic planning models require a student to stay up-to-date with the current happenings taking place in the internal and external business environment. However, acquiring authentic information isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, the situation worsens when the professor demands the Nike case study solutions within a stringent deadline. Lack of writing, researching, proofreading, and editing, further compel the students to bang their hand on the wall. If you are also struggling to write your case study on Nike, then you have landed on the right place.

Global Assignment Help, the trusted and reliable case study writing service provider is all geared up to bring an end to your writing worries. The website shelters the best marketing experts and business analysts having years of experience working in the corporate world. The highly-skilled professionals are proficient in providing assignment assistance for Nike case study SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, to name a few. Furthermore, before talking about the services, let us first have an insight into the brand.

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Global Assignment Help, the No.1 service provider, made its debut in the academic world with an aim to reduce the academic pressure from the students. Therefore, the company recruited the top minds from the writing industry. The expertise and business knowledge of the professionals will be known to you as you start scrolling the page further.


  • Founded: 25th January 1964
  • Founders: Bill Bowerman, Phil Knight
  • Type: Public
  • Headquarter: Beaverton, Oregon, US
  • Products: Apparel, Accessories, & Sports Equipment
  • Area Served: Worldwide
  • Key People: Phil Knight (Chairman Emeritus), Mark Parker (Executive Chairman), John Donahoe (President & CEO)
  • Revenue: $36.39+ billion
  • Number of Employees: 73,100+
  • Website:

History of Nike

Formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the brand changed its name to Nike Inc. on 30th May 1971. You will be glad to know that 'Nike' is the name of the Greek goddess, which personifies victory. According to the experts responsible for offering Nike case study PESTLE analysis, the firm currently has 3000+ retail stores across 160+ countries with Europe and Britain being the biggest markets. The foundation stone of Nike was laid at the University of Oregon when both the founders met. Phil Knight was the track athlete & Bill Bowerman was his coach. Initially, the company operated as a distributor of Onitsuka Tiger (Japanese shoe-making company) and ended up selling 1,300 pairs in the first year of business.

Achievements & Recognition

The professionals providing case study help believe that becoming the world's largest supplier of apparel & footwear, and one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment, is enough to determine the popularity of the brand. Also, the firm played a vital role in football marketing in the UK having a population obsessed with Football. Some other achievements are listed below:

  • Most Valuable Sports Brand
  • Ranked 89 in 500 Fortune List (2018)
  • Ranked 1 in Forbes Fab 40

This was a brief about the brand. Reading so far, you must have realized that our experts have at par knowledge of the brand, and therefore, providing Nike case study solutions will be a cakewalk for them. Moving on further, let us have an in-depth analysis of two popular strategic planning methods, i.e., SWOT and PESTLE analysis.

Where to Seek Nike Case Study SWOT Analysis? You Are on the Right Platform!

SWOT analysis is one of the most popular models used by the business analysts to determine the current position of the brand before introducing a new strategy/service/product for increasing the turnover. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, & Threat; and these four aspects are examined beforehand by the business managers before drafting a policy or launch of new product/service. The Nike case study SWOT analysis helpers further illustrate the elements in detail:

Nike Case Study SWOT Analysis

Strengths : As the name suggests, strengths are the strong characteristics of an organization which plays a vital role in beating the competition. Tangible & non-tangible assets (intellectual property, capital, technology in use, etc.), internal resources (skill and knowledge of staff, company's location, etc.) are some of the points that are considered for evaluating the actual position where the company stands. The same approach is applied by the business analysts of Nike as well. Your case study on Nike will contain all the vital components that the company enjoys over the others. Here are a few of them:

  • Powerful brand awareness
  • Loyal customer base
  • Employs 44,000+ employees across the globe
  • Low cost of manufacturing
  • Light-weight shoes
  • Sponsors top athletes

Weaknesses : The experts providing Nike case study solutions explain that weaknesses are the features responsible for losing the battle of success with the competitors. A business analyst should analyze the areas where the company lacks. Limitations, faults, or detects related to limitation of resources, unclear marketing strategies, lack of capital, poor reputation, are some of the aspects taken into consideration. Nike is undoubtedly, the most valuable sports brand in the world, but still have many weaknesses which are restricting it from achieving goals and objectives. Few of them are listed by the online Nike case study writers:

  • Major focus on the footwear market
  • Decreasing brand image due to lawsuits (child labour)
  • Criticism from anti-globalization groups
  • Limited product line
  • Depends majorly on brand recognition
  • Relatively high prices

Opportunities : The Nike case study SWOT analysis is incomplete without specifying the chances or favourable conditions which await for the firm. In general, opportunities are the external factors which, when utilized, helps an organization to achieve the long term goals. Change in business market conditions, the evolution of technology, growing demands of people, favourable changes in the government policies, change in customer's attitude, are some of the factors which can help in leveraging the advantages. The experienced writers of Global Assignment Help will make sure that the Nike case study research question is perfectly answered. For this, they will spend hours for the research. Some opportunities are:

  • Trending wearable technology
  • Efficient integration
  • Changing marketing conditions
  • People are becoming health-conscious
  • Emerging market conditions
  • Increasing demand in Asian countries

Threats : The online Nike case study writers illustrate that threats are the external barriers which potentially damage the business of a firm from outside. It is the responsibility of the business analysts and the managers to anticipate the unfavourable conditions before falling a victim of the same. Are you the one struggling to find the answer to the question, “Where to avail help with Nike case study?” If yes, then Global Assignment Help is the place you can trust. The academic writers will trawl through multiple sources for listing the threats corresponding to the brand. Below are some of the threats which Nike currently faces:

  • Tough competition from Adidas, Puma, Reebok, etc.
  • Fluctuation in foreign currency rates
  • Preserving the reputation of being eco-friendly
  • Low switching cost for consumers
  • Imitation of products in the Asian market
  • Increasing demand for price-sensitive products

So, this was an overview of SWOT analysis. Now, let us quickly jump to the next section, which contains a brief of PESTLE analysis. Read the subsequent section to know more.

Wondering, “Where to Get Nike Case Study PESTLE Analysis?” Here’s the Answer!

Global Assignment Help, the genuine case study writing help service provider, has an in-house team of highly-qualified writers having extensive knowledge of various business strategic models with PESTLE analysis being one of them. PESTLE is an acronym which stands for Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. The analysis model identifies the external factors to determine the opportunities and threats prevailing before a company. Factors related to politics, economics, technology, legal, and environment, play a vital role in influencing the decision-making process of a brand. Let's dive-in into the aspects one by one:

Nike Case Study PESTLE Analysis

Political : The political conditions are crucial for the growth and development of a firm. An open-minded and stable political environment brings along with it a lot of opportunities for higher revenue generation. As per the Nike case study PESTLE analysis experts, government policies, trade restrictions, foreign trade policies, labour law, tax policies, are some of the factors anticipated by the business analysts before jumping to the conclusion. In a similar way, the political environment also has a huge impact on the business growth of Nike. The case study writing helpers shortlists a few of them below:

  • Huge support from the US government
  • Political instability in Asian countries
  • Changes in manufacturing & tax law in many countries
  • Trade war among many countries

Economical : Nike distributes its products in 160+ countries, and the economic condition of all these countries are collectively responsible for deciding the growth rate. Okay, let us understand it this way. For instance, when the economic condition of a country reaches the new low, the purchasing power of the customers decrease, which directly hampers the profit dynamics. The Nike case study solution professionals further add that the change in interest rates, inflation rate, disposable income, unemployment rate, etc., also play a major role in drafting a strategic plan. Here are some economic factors:

  • Increase in cost of production and labour
  • Current recession faced by many countries
  • Varying profit margin due to the change in inflation rate and currency rate
  • Acquisitions & subsidiaries are putting financial strain

Social : Examining the cultural and social differences are important to find out what compel the customers to buy products. The social factors revolve around many characteristics, such as high population growth, cultural barriers, lifestyle attitudes, etc., For example, more people are becoming health conscious nowadays, which is great news for Nike as the sales will obviously get a boost. The Nike case study writing help service providers will list down all the social factors in your document. And, let us not forget that providing updated information in the academic paper will obviously make you eligible for achieving top grades. Some of the main points are mentioned below:

  • People are becoming brand conscious
  • Increasing purchasing power of females
  • Consumers are becoming fashion and health-conscious
  • Use of sweatshops for producing footwear

Technological : The advancement in the field of technology helps a company in so many ways. For instance, designing innovative products, improving supply-chain management, generating advanced ways for producing, distributing, and communicating the products, are some of the ways how technology impacts the business market. Undoubtedly, Nike stands tall from its competitors in the name of innovation. Are you wondering, “Who can provide trusted Nike case study PESTLE analysis?” If yes, then our experts are the right candidates to ask for help. The expertise can be known by the points they have listed below

  • Strong presence on social media
  • Increasing funding in R&D investment
  • Use of latest technology in footwear
  • Implementation of strong marketing strategies

Legal : The rules and regulations of a nation also affect the business largely. A brand should always comply with the laws and be ethical in its business operation. Health and safety laws, copyright and patent laws, consumer protection laws, employment laws, etc., of a nation are required to be followed for smooth functioning. The situation also applies to Nike as well. Acquiring the legal factors about the brand becomes a tedious task for the students, and therefore, they reach out to our online Nike case study writers and ask, "Can you write my academic paper?" And, we happily agree with a 'YES.' Moreover, few legal factors are highlighted below:

  • Feud with Adidas and other sports companies
  • Allegation related to child labour
  • Minimum wage proclamation
  • Product piracy

Environmental : The world is turning into an environmentally conscious place, and therefore, businesses are focusing more on environmental concerns. The same is the story with Nike. The company is striving hard in achieving sustainable business operations. However, the company faced many allegations in the past, but with the gradual passage of time, it successfully implemented many environmental laws within the macro-environment. The majority of the students seek Nike case study solutions from the academic writers as they know that only a qualified professional can present authentic information in the document. The environmental factors related to Nike are

  • Aim to decrease greenhouse emission
  • Growing population in China
  • Global warming
  • Government environmental policy reforms

By now, have known the difference between SWOT & PESTLE analysis. Also, you must have realized that our online case study writing professionals have deep knowledge of the strategic planning models. And, this why ours is the right destination to ask, "Can you do my Nike case study (SWOT & PESTLE)?" Let us now have a glance at the services, which makes us the trusted and reliable service provider across the globe.

Which Is the Trusted Nike Case Study Help Service Provider? The Answer Is Right Here!

Global Assignment Help, the oldest and the reputed case study writing help website, was launched with an aim to transform the student's dream of getting an A+ into success. And, you would be more than happy to know that 98.79% of the students managed to get their desired grades. The reason for the high success-ratio goes to the team of experienced professionals. Moreover, the high popularity of our website among the students goes to the features that we offer to them. Some of them are listed below:

1.100% Non-Plagiarized Document : Your Nike case study solution will contain authentic piece of information, and this isn't a promise but a guarantee. Our researchers will refer to multiple sources for acquiring relevant information. Also, the 100% ownership-guarantee will further assure the student that their document is unique and will not be resold in the future.

2.Timely Delivery : Global Assignment Help feels proud in saying that we have never failed to deliver the academic paper before the deadline. Yes, you read that right. Our online Nike case study writers know the importance of submitting the paper before the final submission date. Moreover, receiving the paper timely will help you to overview it and be rest assured that all the task specifications have been met.

3.Experienced Professionals : We have recruited the best academic writers, researchers, proofreaders, editors, and quality analysts to produce an impeccable piece of writing. Also, the experts are highly capable of covering all complex topics. Other than providing help with Nike case study, we are also specialized in providing McDonald’s case study writing service, organizational behaviour, to name a few.

4.Refund Policy : We value your hard-earned money, and therefore, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee to the students. According to it, you will get a complete refund if our work fails to meet your expectations. Also, the refund process will be quick and will take 5-6 business days once we have received your request. So, if you want justice with your money, then without much ado press the 'Order Now' button.

5.Cheap Nike Case Study Help : We know that students get limited pocket-money from the parents, and the problem worsens when they wish to buy case study online, but the high prices restrict them. To help with the same, Global Assignment Help has kept its prices lowest. What further makes us the cheapest case study helper is the list of freebies that we offer to them, such as free title page, free unlimited revisions, free Plagiarism report, etc.

6.Complex Topics Covered : No matter you have been assigned an easy topic or a hard one, our case study writing service experts are highly experienced in providing online assistance. Below are some of the topics on which we are known across the globe for providing case study writing help:

  • Nike case study geography
  • Nike case study marketing strategy
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So, now you know why we are the most recommended website. Thus, take a smart decision and choose our services for taking Nike case study solutions. Apart from providing help with Nike case study, we also cover other case studies like:

That is not it, we also offer essay writing help along with other academic papers, such as thesis, dissertation, homework, coursework assignment, essay, to name a few. Hurry up! Our online writers are waiting for you.

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