Complete guide on how to write sociology dissertation

Writing a sociology dissertation is not aimed at bringing a revolution in this academic field. Dissertation is a research based writing that requires a learner to read and explore deeply the topic chosen by him. Thus, if you are searching for a suitable sociology dissertation topics you must choose something that matches your interest as well as contributes towards better understanding. A sociology student focusses on finding out how social values and aspirations of an individual justifies his existence in a given set of conditions.

Sociology Dissertation Important Fields

Sociology field can be divided into a number of sub-fields. These sub-fields are committed towards assessing how different factors such as culture, education, psychology, family values and economic conditions of a country contribute towards the sociological behaviour of an individual. Important sociology dissertation topics as relevant to the field are:

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1.Political sociology dissertation topics

Political sociology is the study of inter-relation between power, authority, rules, ownership and the behaviour of an individual. Important political sociology dissertation topics are:

  • Assessment of relevance of pluralism in social model of UK societies
  • Finding relationship between religion and politics and their role as social entities
  • Scope and role of ethnic minorities in government set-up of UK countries
  • How democracy proves to be a relevant driving force in a capitalist society
  • Gender equality and its impact on the voting system of British Democracy

2.Gender sociology dissertation topics

Gender sociology deals with the role of gender bias and other related issues in the development of a social structure. Some relevant sociology dissertation topics worth writing on:

  • How can religion guide gender roles?
  • Role of women as emerging entrepreneurs
  • Role of media in defining the gender roles in a society
  • How gender sociology helps in defining the occupational preferences
  • Assessing sources of discrimination against women labour at workplace

3.Criminal Sociology Dissertation Topics

This field of sociology is related to understanding the social dimensions of crime, and important factors that lead to prevalence of variety of crimes such as youth crime, domestic violence, mob crisis, etc. Impressive criminal sociology dissertation topics are:

  • Durkhaim’s idea of Anomie: Assessing its role in youth crime
  • Role of ethnical and gender factors behind street and gang wars in developing countries
  • Role of punishment in abolishing the crimes - Is it the true panacea?
  • How behavioural factors like alcohol and drugs consumption lead to crimes in UK countries
  • Family deprivement - Is this the cause of youth crime?

4.Economic Sociology Dissertation Topics

Divide of society on the basis of economic factors has always been a matter of debate. There is an inherent competition between individuals and a group of individuals to become a part of what is called as ‘cream of the society’. Some topics worth considering for writing economic sociology dissertations are:

  • Marx’s criticism on capitalism and its use in analysing social structure of UK
  • Divide of society into white and blue collar - is it the correct way to define social structure?
  • Critical analysis of communism model and finding its relevance in UK society
  • Identifying intra household income structure of UK society
  • Expenditure power and quality of products: Assessing the connection

Tips on choosing the relevant topic on Sociology Dissertations

Dissertation writing is not meant to create something new and extra-ordinary. It is a critical analysis of a concept, situation or existing phenomenon and its applicability as well. Thus, topic should not necessarily be addressing the latest issue always. Since, while writing, the researcher needs to devote lot of time as well as energy, therefore, following points should be kept in mind while selecting topics for  sociology dissertation:

  • Researcher should have genuine interest in the issue chosen
  • Topic should provide scope for exploring and researching
  • It should contribute to the present structure of the given field
  • The topic must address an issue and provide scope for critical analysis
  • The topic should give way to relevant research method

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