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Insurance law is one of the most promising courses that students love to pursue. It was originated in the late 19th century. It is an important subject to study for those who want to make a splendid career and change the world. This is because it deals with practice and various laws related to insurance. Moreover, it also has a set of rules that guide customer as well as companies regarding laws related to insurances and their claims. Insurance law varies from country to country, and that’s why students studying this course often face difficulties in comprehending the concepts which is reflected in  their paper. Because of this, they get average marks from their professors. So, if you too are pursuing a career in insurance law and relating yourself with the problem stated above, then you must seek insurance law assignment help from us to secure good grades. Being a student of insurance law, you must know how it was originated. Our insurance law assignment help experts have explained it in the succeeding section. Have a look.

insurance law assignment help

How Was Insurance Law Origination Took Place?

  • Insurance is nothing just a system which spreads the risks of one onto many. Well, marine insurance is the oldest form of insurance.  
  • It was originated during 13th-14th century somewhere in Italy.  
  • The Italian merchants went to the UK with some merchandise, and along with that, they introduced marine insurance.  
  • However, problems keep arising as there was no fixed set rules and regulations. Subsequently to minimize disputes, a department of assurances was established in 1575.  
  • Registrations were done as an evidence of contract. Terms and conditions were mentioned in it.
  • In 1601, court of arbitration was established for settling down the disputes.
  • During the Initial days, insurers were doing one type of business only. But with the passage of days, the demands increased. After then, the importance of insurance kept increasing gradually.

To clear the concepts, professors keep asking questions related to its history and origination in assignments, but because of lack of in-depth knowledge, scholars fail to write and take assignment help from us. The major reason why they fail because most of the them don’t have basic knowledge of insurance. So, to sort it out, our writing experts have explained it here. Have a look.

Basics of Insurance That Students Must Know

Our academic writers have in-depth knowledge of the different concepts of insurance, that’s why they are able to provide worthy insurance law assignment help. Insurance is simply protecting the clients from financial loss. This loss may be in the form of death of an individual, illness, property or commodity damage. The corporate which provides insurance is known as insurer. There are some basic terms used in insurance, such as:

  • Policy: It is the final contract done between the two parties.
  • Premium: The money paid by the insured for the insurance.
  • Claim: A formal request by the insured for reimbursement in case of losses.

What Are the Basic Principles of Insurance?

The main motive of insurers is cooperation. They transfers the risk of loss from one entity to another, in exchange of premium. And, for that, there are mainly seven principles of insurance. Our experts who provide insurance law assignment help have explained each of them in the succeeding section. Go through it.

Nature of Contract

It is the fundamental principle of insurance. The nature of contract should be simple and the person who agrees to it should agree with his free consent. Well, according to our insurance law assignment help experts, a contract comes into existence when a party makes a proposal and the other party accepts it.

Principle of Faith

Our insurance law assignment help providers state that under this principle, there should be faith among both parties. It is the duty of the insurer to disclose all the policies, terms, and condition to the company. Any fraud activity can lead to the cancellation of the contract.

Principle of Insurable Interest

In this principle, the insured person must have interest in the policies of the contract. Lack of interest can cancel the contract and make it void. So insurable interest must exist at the time of purchase of insurance.

Principle of Indemnity

Indemnity means compensation against loss or damage. Principle of indemnity explains that the insured person may not be compensated if the amount exceeds the actual loss price. In such case, the insured person would be compensated with the amount equivalent to actual loss.

Principle of Subrogation

This principle allows the insured person to claim the amount from any third party. Moreover, it also allows the insurer to sue the person because of whom the damage happened. For example, if you get injured in an accident because of someone’s else fault, then you will get the loss amount and the insurer will sue that person who is responsible for the accident.

Double Insurance

This type of insurance is taken where there is a doubt over the financial position of the insurer. Basically this kind of insurance denotes that insured can take insurance from two distinct insurance companies on same subject matter or two different policies from the same company.

Principle of Proximate Cause

Proximate cause means direct cause. This principle is applicable where the loss is caused by two or more reasons.

So, these are the seven basic principles of insurance. All of them are applied in each type of insurance. The writers who offer insurance law assignment help service have mentioned here all the major types of insurance.

Types of Insurance

Both from a business and a consumer perspective, there are different types of insurance that a company offers. For the convenience of students, we provide insurance law assignment help on all of them, such as:Types of Insurance

Life Insurance

In this kind of insurance, company provides beneficiaries to your family or the nominee after your death. There are mainly two types of life insurance. They are: term insurance and whole-life insurance.

According to our insurance law assignment help experts, term insurance provides the beneficiary amount only during the term policy and pays off after the death of the insured person. On the other hand, whole-life insurance let the insured person collect the savings as insurance amount before death.

Health Insurance

According to our insurance law assignment help experts, under health insurance, insurers cover the total hospitalization cost of the insured person. It depends upon the policy that what percentage of amount will be provided. Sometimes it can be complete 100%, while in some case it can be 80%. If your professors ask you to write assignments on it, then you can ask us to provide insurance law assignments written over the particular topic. We will provide it to you in the shortest possible time.

Disability Insurance

Our insurance law assignment help experts state that under disability insurance, one can claim to get a certain amount of money (weekly or monthly), if he is unable to work because of some illness or an accident. There are mainly two types of disability insurance, i.e, short term and long term. In short term, insurer offers the worker a portion of his salary only if they are unable to work for a short period, like three to six months. On the other hand, in long term disability insurance, insurer offers the worker a portion of his salary if they are unable to work for a longer period like over six months.

Homeowner Insurance

Under homeowner insurance, insurers provide clients a certain amount of money for the damage caused to home due to fire, theft, or any other reasons. Every homeowner insurance has a liability limit which decides the amount insurer should provide. Acts of god, such as earthquake, flood, and tsunami are excluded from policies. So, a person residing in such areas need to get special coverage to insure his/her property. During your course, if your professor asks you to provide a brief explanation of this as a topic for your assignment, then you can ask our insurance law assignment help writers to help you out. We will provide you law assignment writing at the most affordable price.

Automobile Insurance

Automobile insurance is the most availed insurance all over the world.  It is the policy purchased by the vehicle owner so that they get can get the insured amount if their vehicle meets with an accident or is lost. Owners pay a fixed amount of premiums to the insurance company. The policies are generally renewed after every 12-24 months. You will be glad to know that our writers are capable enough to provide insurance law assignments in which questions are asked from automobile insurance. So, if you ever want such assistance, then quickly seek insurance law assignment help from us.

Other Liability Insurance

Society is becoming litigious day by day and a person can be sued for anything, such as for speaking harsh word or any dispute happened in the playground. Personal liability insurance covers all such types of risk, and insurers give coverage.

So, these were different types of insurance on which we provide insurance law assignment help service. We provide writing assistance on other types of insurances too. Not only because of this, but there are many reasons for which you should seek insurance law assignment help from us. In the succeeding section we have listed them.

Why Are We Better Than Other Insurance Law Assignment Help Service Providers?

Mistakes are the proof that you are trying to complete any task, but you cannot afford to do it when you are asked to write insurance law assignments from your professors. It will degrade your marks. So, the best way to avoid it is seek insurance law assignment help from us. However, there are several assignment writing service providers in the UK, but it will be a wise decision to opt for us among them. To know why, have a look at the various features of our services:

Highly Qualified Insurance Law Practitioners

We have a team of insurance law practitioners who have pursued their legal studies from the top colleges of the world. Most of them hold the highest degree of qualification in this field. Not only they possess in-depth knowledge of insurance law, but also several years of experience in writing insurance law assignments.

Help on Wide Variety of Topics

Having strong command of their respective subject, our insurance law assignments writers are capable of delivering excellent quality paper, irrespective of complexity of the topics. Students get deep understanding of the subject matter.

Pocket-Friendly Services

Global Assignment Help provides all its all writing services at an affordable pricing structure. We understand that college students always have a low budget and can’t afford expensive writing service. That's why we have made ourselves a pocket-friendly platform so that they can easily seek insurance law assignment help online. Moreover, we never compromise with the quality of assignments.

24*7 Availability

Our customer support executives are available 24*7 to provide assistance in solving the issues of the students. Anyone can easily contact them at any odd hour of the day or night.

100% Authentic Work

Our writers are well aware of the fact that plagiarism is serious academic misconduct and faced by students all over the world. It is adversely affecting their academic career. That's why we always provide authentic documents to students. Moreover, we also have a quality assurance team who checks the document to avoid any traces of plagiarism before delivering it to students. This ensures the quality and makes our service more trustworthy and reliable.

On-Time Delivery

The major reason why most of the students get average marks is because they fail to submit their insurance law assignments on time. Keeping this important factor in mind, the documents are always delivered on time.

How to Place an Order for Your Insurance Law Assignments?

When you start struggling with your insurance law assignments perfectly, then then without wasting a single minute, get the best insurance law assignment help from us.

You can do it by visiting our page or contacting our customer care executives. You’ll have to fill your assignment requirements & personal details in the order form, and leave the rest on us. If you have any specific requirement, never forget to mention it.

So, always remember we are the best platform to get insurance law assignment help from.

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