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Save Your Time with Our Harvard Reference Generator

Are you about to complete your academic papers but don't know how to cite the source? If yes, then no worries. Now, you can use Global Assignment Help's Harvard referencing generator to create a perfect citation for your paper. From books to articles, you can generate citations for any kind of document by searching them by their title, ISBN, URL, or DOI. 

Citation is essential to any write-up, as it helps prevent a document from being plagiarised. Scholars, especially in UK universities, need to pay attention to the proper referencing styles to get good scores.

Top 6 Reasons to Use Harvard Referencing Tool

No one likes to have their marks deducted due to minor mistakes like referencing. So, Global Assignment Help's free Harvard referencing generator needs your attention. Just to clear your doubts, the algorithm is set by our verified writers, which results in accurate citations.

Correct Fonts

You can choose the fonts you want from our free referencing generator.

Export to Bib(La)Tex

You can export your reference to BibTex format and work through your LaTex editor.

Saved Backup

Your work is automatically saved in our free Harvard referencing generator. 

Save Lists

You can easily save a list of different academic papers with the Harvard referencing generator free.


You can search for your source by its URL, DOI, ISBN or title on our free reference generator. 

Free of Cost

If you are looking for a Harvard referencing generator free, then use our tool. You do not have to pay for using it. 

These points give you ample reasons to use our Harvard referencing tool. Our team of writers can assist you with a range of tasks. From different tools to assignment help, our website offers all the services you need.

How to Reference in Harvard Style?

Referencing is one of the most vital factors in academic writing. That is why many students use our free reference generator. Referencing helps you inform your readers about all the sources you use. In all these, Harvard is the most used referencing style in the UK universities. In Harvard style, the author's name and the year of publication are cited in-text. For full details, you can use a reference list. Following a correct citation format is essential while doing it.

General Rules You Must Follow for In-Text Citation

In this way, you can use Harvard style references for a book through in-text citations.

Bradley, 2024

You can also include the page number

Bradley 2024, p. 27

You must use all the authors' first names when there is more than one writer. If there are more than four writers, then you have to mention the last writer's name with Et al, for example;

  • Author (Matrix, 2021)
  • Author (Matrix and Richard, 2021)
  • Author (Matrix, Richard and Drax, 2021)
  • Author (Matrix et al., 2021)

For Direct Quotation

While mentioning the the exact words of any writer in Harvard referencing, you have to place the quotes in double inverted commas along with the writer's name, year of publication and page number. For example;

“It is essential to face your problems, no matter what” (Thomas & Richard, 2022, p. 33)

Methods to Cite Book in Harvard Referencing

Format: Writer's last name, Initial. (Year) Book title. City: Publisher

Example: Paul, D (2022) The Haunting House. London: Alfred A. Knopf.

Methods to Cite Journals in Harvard Referencing

Format: Author last name, Initial. (Year) ‘Article title’, Journal Name, Volume(Issue), Page range. Available at: DOI. or URL (Accessed: Day Month Year).

Example: Taylor & Fransis ‘(2019) CyTA - Journal of Food’, Ciencia y Tecnologia Alimentaria. Available at:

These are a few simple ways to use Harvard referencing styles with different papers. If you are still facing further issues, our tool is available. From Harvard to MLA reference generator, you can find all at Global Assignment Help. Also, our referencing experts are here to guide you with each of your queries.

Our Reference Tool is One Stop Solution

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reference-book Use Reference Generator

Reference List

A Harvard reference list is included at the end of the document. It has a complete list of sources used in alphabetical order. Harvard referencing style has different versions, but we follow the essential referencing guide (12 edition), whose authors are Richard Pears and Graham Shields. The main purpose of doing this is to inform the reader about it so they can refer to it in case of any confusion. In this, you must start with the writer's last name, followed by initials and title with the capitalised first word. Doing these things might be challenging for you like any other student, but you can refer to our Harvard generator. Apart from this, you can also use our other tools, like the APA reference generator.

What to Do with Missing Information?

Well, the information you read above is not always available. So, what to do next? Want to know? If yes, then get the answer through the below table.

Missing Data

Things to Do


No Writer

Mention the organization's name in place of the writer's name

When the organization name is missing, then use the title. 

Organization name (2024) Title, Available at: URL

Title (2024) Available at: URL

No Date

When the date is missing, mention “no date” at the place of it. If the source is online, the write access date

Organization name (no date) Title, Available at: URL

No Title

Add the URL at the place of the title.

Organization name (2024) URL

No Page Number

In this case, use another option, such as a paragraph number.

Organization name (2024), para. 3

In-text citations can be mentioned in a parenthetical manner (author and date in parentheses) or narrative (author name in sentence and date in parentheses). So, you can either write this yourself or use our free Harvard referencing generator. It only uses updated features like 12th ed. while generating the reference.

Capitalisation Rule in Harvard Referencing Style

One must always capitalise the prime word in the title and other proper nouns. In lowercase words, capitalise the first word. Never capitalise the word coming after hyphenation. All places, departments, universities, and government names must be capitalised. Apart from this, you can get help from our free Harvard referencing generator. Also, when there are various works of the same writer, arrange them according to the year of publication.

General Tips for Harvard Referencing Style

Some common tips you must keep in mind while referencing in Harvard style are:

  • Mention the author's last name followed by their initials.
  • When referencing for journals articles. use title in italics.
  • If the source you are using is online then use its URL, or DOI in the end.
  • Do not forget to format the entire reference list.
  • When directly quoting, always add page number after year with colon.

A Perfect Harvard Referencing Style Done in No Time!

By reading the above paragraphs, you will learn how to reference in Harvard style and why to use the Harvard referencing generator. So, if you do not want to waste your time, this guide will help you a lot. You can also find other reference style guides. From Oxford, MLA, and APA citation guides, read all about them in one place. You can enjoy using our different reference tools for free. So, without any delay, grab this opportunity now.


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  • What Are the Benefits of Using Harvard Referencing Generator?
    The tool can quickly generate and format your citation using the Harvard referencing style. You only need to fill in the requirements, like from which source you need to cite, and the results are ready.
  • What Is the Best Harvard Referencing Generator?
    Global Assignment Help's free Harvard reference generator can easily create accurate citations in Harvard style. So, use it if you are getting stuck doing referencing.
  • Are Harvard Referencing Generator Accurate?
    Yes, the Harvard referencing tool can generate accurate citations because it has different citation software and works on different algorithms that can easily provide the correct citation list and Harvard reference style.
  • How Much Do I Need to Pay for Harvard Referencing Generator?
    You can use our Harvard referencing generator tool for free. We do not charge a single penny, and use it without paying us. So, if you want to use it, try it today.
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