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Increase Your Grades with Harvard Referencing Generator.

About to finish your research article but need assistance with citing references? Are you having end-moment doubts about your inserted citations? Then you can use the free Harvard referencing generator under GlobalAssignmentHelp.com. Without any prior experience, you can use this tool to create and cite Harvard-style citations for any sources (books, academic papers, articles) by searching for them by title, URL, ISBN, or DOI.

Harvard Referencing Generator: Best Tool for Citations.

A Harvard style citation generator is an automatic online tool that provides customised citations in Harvard style. With a few basic details like the author's full name, publication year, and title of the book or paper, it can generate a proper reference for you. The details in the output will be error-free with correct grammar, punctuation, and formatting. You can directly put the formatted citations created from our Harvard referencing tool into your bibliography or reference list. Our tool also has the facility for in-text citations. You can precisely copy and paste the formatted citations into the body of your paper.

Harvard Referencing Tool : Top Reasons for Using It

Our Harvard referencing generator tool was created under the supervision of the best academicians. It has been prepared keeping in mind the top standards of education and the in-depth analysis carried out by educators working in the top fields of the humanities and social sciences. The tool is based on advanced algorithms, making sure that it will deliver you perfect references in Harvard style. Here are a few more advantages:

100% Precision and Consistent

Our tool works on accurate algorithms designed by the best developers. It will provide precise and accurate Harvard style citations only.

On-the Spot Results of Citations

Our Harvard referencing tool will provide you with instant results. You do not have to wait hours to generate the citations.

Plag-Free Citations at Click

All the citations, whether in the text or as part of the bibliography, will be free of plagiarism.

Energy and Time Saver

With the help of this tool, you can skip the laborious hours of creating manual citations. It will provide error-free results

100% Secure and Confidential.

The process of generating the citation is secure and completely confidential. None of the generated references is shared with the third party.

You Mantra For Our Free Tools.

Not sure about the citations you have put in your document?

Use our reference generator tool and get accurate results.

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Harvard Style Referencing: Quick Takeaways for Best Formatting

You can make efficient use of the Harvard Citation Generator and Harvard reference style guide in case you are not sure or clear about the rules of the Harvard Referencing style. To know more in-depth you can refer to the Harvard citation rules mentioned below. Through the examples shared below, you can get an idea about Harvard referencing style for journals, papers, periodicals, and thesis. Below you can find everything you need to know about crediting various sources using the Harvard style to give you general clarity. But, you need to be careful about citing sources as the in-text Harvard style citation differs from citing in the reference list. So read the below information carefully.

How to do Harvard In-Text Citations?

Originated from Harvard University, and developed by a zoology professor, Harvard Citation style is a pseudonym for the Author-Date (parenthetical) referencing and citation style. There are several rules for citing sources in the text and the reference list.

General Rule of In-Text Citation

In Harvard Citation Style, you are required to put the last name of the author and the year of publication within the parenthesis. For instance, it would look like this:

(Thomas & Williams 2016)

You can also include the page number, like so

(Thomas & Williams 2016, p. 38)

Direct Statements/ Quotes

If you have mentioned the exact words of an author in your work in Harvard referencing, you need to place the quote in double inverted commas and mention the page number in your in-text citation. For example, if you need to quote a website, you have to include the paragraph number from the words taken care of (Thomas & Williams 2016, para.3).

If you have mentioned the name of the authors within the text then, you do not include it in the parenthesis. Additionally use "and" instead of the ampersand (&). For example, you may write: In their book, Thomas and William (2016, p. 17) claim that literature is intriguing.

If you have mentioned multiple sources in one set of parentheses, you need to cite them in the same order as they look in your reference list. Make sure to use a semicolon to separate them, like this:

(Thomas 2016; Wiiliam 2017).

Methods to Cite the Book In Harvard Referencing Example

In case you have only taken the main idea of the book, then it would go like this.(Name of the Author, Year)

In case you have summarized, paraphrased, or quoted directly, then mention the name of the author, publishing year, and page number of the book.

Example - Belsey, C. (2006). Poststructuralism, S. Malpas & P. Wake Belsey, C, The Routledge companion to critical theory, 1, Routledge. United Kingdom, 45.

Citations : S. Malpas & P. Wake Belsey, C. (2006)

In Reference List:
Include the following in the reference list -

  • Author's surname and initial(s)
  • Year of publication
  • Title of the publication (in italics and with minimal capitalisation),
  • Edition (if applicable. Abbreviated as 'edn')
  • Publisher
  • Place of publication.


William A, Book A, Oxford University Press, Carlton

In case of any confusion, refer to our Harvard referencing generator

Methods to Cite Dissertation In Harvard Referencing

Example- Changjing Zhou, Alberto L Calvo, Samuel Robertson, MA Gómez., 2020. Long-term influence of technical, physical performance indicators and situational variables on match outcome in male professional Chinese soccer.

Citation: (Changjing Zhou, Alberto L Calvo, Samuel Robertson, MA Gómez., 2020)

In Reference List:

  • The name of the author should be included.
  • You need to mention the year of submission in parentheses
  • Include the title of the dissertation or thesis in italics.
  • Include the rewarding body

Method to Cite a Journal in Harvard Referencing Style

The usual formatting style of citation of a journal in Harvard style is as follows

In Reference List:
(Author name Year, Page No)

Example: Ruxton, C., (2016). Tea: Hydration and other health benefits. Primary Health Care

Citation: (Ruxton, C., 2016)

Creating a Harvard Reference List Becomes Easier

The reference list provides your readers with information about the sources you have used in your paper. You need to mention every one of them for various academic needs. An error-free and explicit reference list aid in the establishment of the authenticity of your work as the author. It validates the originality of the document. You need to make sure that you include only those studies that you have referred to in your research. A Harvard citation style usually contains four elements; author, publication year, title, and source. In addition to these, there are a few specific rules that are followed in Harvard referencing style

Alphabetical Placement of the Authors

The reference list needs to be in alphabetical order as per the surname of the first author of every work. For the mentioned name, only the initials must be used and written. There should be no spaces or full stops between the initials. The last name of the author will always come first.

Bibliography Entry Rules in Harvard Style

Every bibliography entry in Harvard Reference style must begin on a new line. They need to be aligned toward the left. You also need to maintain double-spacing throughout your reference list.

Capitalisation Rules in Harvard Referencing Style

Make sure to capitalise only the first letter of titles of books, articles, and chapters on the web. However, while citing scientific journals or newspapers, capitalising the main words of the title is a must.

In the Harvard Referencing citation style, in the case of several works by the same author, you need to arrange the works according to the publication year. If there are several works by the same author published in the same year, arrange them in the alphabetical order of their titles, and add letters

"a," "b," "c," etc. after the year, like so:

Taylor, A 201a, Book A, Book A Publisher, London, UK.

Taylor, A 2014b, Book B, Book B Publisher, London, UK.

You can directly use Harvard Referencing Generator tool to generate citations. Read the steps mentioned below for best results .

How to Use the Harvard Referencing Generator to Produce Explicit Citations?

The time when Harvard referencing style citations needed a lot of effort, time, and energy has now gone with the wind. Our Harvard reference generators make sure that you always get the best and most accurate Harvard citation format. The steps outlined above will assist you in using our Harvard citation generator tool.

  • Select and make a note of publications that you have used in your study (books, journals, magazines, etc.) and store the data.
  • Store the information along with any other data, like the URL, ISBN, DOI, etc.
  • Fill in all the details in the tool, along with any additional details asked.
  • After all the inputs from your side, await the results.
  • You will receive the properly formatted Harvard-style citation as an output.
  • Copy the text in its exact format and paste it into the bibliography list.

It has never been simpler to reference sources using the Harvard format. You can also use our tool to for APA referencing and generate best citations for your work.

Perfectly Formatted Citation at Your Door!

Whether you are looking forward to citing a reference in an essay or a journal or an e-book or case study or an academic paper, our Harvard style generator will provide you best results. It will give you the exact Harvard style format citations. You can also use our reference generator tool for other styling formats like APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, and many others. We understand that it is hard to memorise all of it on your own. This is the reason we are here to support you for the best reference. When you use our citation generator tool, you also get the benefits of additional features like confidentiality, plagiarism-free references, and more. The best part of using our generator tool is that it is free. So make use of our tool right away. Globalassignment.com can assist you with it easily.


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  • What Is the Common Format of Citation in Harvard Style Format for Online and Offline Articles of The Journal?
    Last name of the author, initial ( Year of Publishing) 'Title of the Article', Name of the Journal, Volume (Issue), pp.Page range. Thomas, P. (1991) 'Literature and character analysis in Victorian novels', American Journal of English Literature, 20(2), pp. 262-270
  • When Do I Need to Use a Harvard In-Text Citation?
    When in your study, you have summarized the work of someone else, you need to cite it in Harvard referencing style. The reference should mandatorily include the author's name and publishing year.
  • Is the Harvard Citation Style the Same as APA?
    APA and Harvard are both completely different modes of reference. The former was founded by the American Psychological Association and the Latter was introduced by a Zoology professor at Harvard University.
  • Which Subjects use Harvard Style Formatting the Most?
    Harvard Referencing style is used in almost all disciplines. Majorly it is used in all the domains of humanities. It is heavily used in areas like economics and social sciences.
  • Why Harvard Citation Style Is Important?
    Universities make their students learn about Harvard's style of referencing to avoid plagiarism, acknowledge the works of other authors in a correct manner and justification of the claims they are making in the study.
  • Does MS Word Allow You Harvard Citation Style
    Yes, Microsoft Word allows you to generate the in-text and reference list citation according to Harvard style. But the procedure is lengthy and manual. Instead, you can directly use the reference generator tool to get the citations auto-generated from the tool.
  • What Makes Harvard Referencing Different?
    Harvard citation style exclusively uses the author-date model. Unlike other styles, the Harvard style of referencing has different in-text citation rules for everything. It is different for the website, case studies, papers and journals.
  • What Spacing Does Harvard Use?
    Harvard citation style uses double line spacing in all academic documents. Whether it is in text, extracts or footnotes. Only one space is used after a period.
  • Why Should I Use a Harvard Referencing Generator?
    To organise all the information sources, time and energy you should use a Harvard referencing generator . It will aid in automatic generation of Harvard style citation.
  • What Are the Suggested Formats for Harvard Style Formatting?
    Harvard reference format in Times New RomanArial 12 pt or Times New Roman with double spacing are suggested fonts. The title is located above the text in the page's middle. Text that is oriented to the left and has a 0.5-inch indent at the start of each paragraph. The header's top-right corner displays the last name, then the page number.
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