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Unit 14 - Human Resource Management Functions - London School of Science and Technology


An organization is a group of many people who are working to attain a common business objective. These persons are generally called human resource who contributes their efforts to attain the goals of a company in a limited period of time (Bondarouk and Ruël, 2013). Therefore, the department of an industry which manages the entire work of employees and provides them various benefits is referred to as human resource management. HR managers perform various functions in order to introduce a high qualitative workforce in a company as well as provide them various benefits like training and development, reward and compensation, etc.

It will help in managing the workforce and retaining them for a longer period in an enterprise as well (Ehrnrooth and Björkman, 2012). This present report focuses on the importance of HRM in a firm like Morrisons which is a trading company in UK. It has more than 500 stores across the country as well as 132,000 over there. Its human resource management along with various departments helps this firm in achieving the fourth largest retailer company. Procedures and functions of management are some main highlighted point of this assignment.

Task 1

P1. Importance of HRM in workforce planning along with its purpose and functions in an organization

Workforce planning refers to introduce the best-talented people in an enterprise who possess required skills and knowledge according to the company’s business operations. Therefore, human resource management in a firm performs various functions in order to recruit employees according to business needs. Along with recruitment and selection, HR managers in a company like Morrisons take many responsibilities like staffing, planning, organizing and more (Chang, Chiang, and Han, 2012). The main function is to manage people in a proper way as well as to get their work appropriately.

Functions of HRM:

Recruitment and Selection: This is the main function of managers for which they used various activities to hire eligible employees in workforce. In Morrisons, HR managers use various approaches for recruiting the best candidates

Training and Development: After hiring new candidates, managers provide essential training programs to them in order to make them able to work in a required manner. Along with this, according to change in technologies they provide training to previous employees also so that they can learn how to work on.

Compensation & Benefits: In order to encourage workers, superiors of Morrisons give compensation and benefits to employees including flexible working hours, insurance policy and more. This process would help in gaining retention of workers for longer period of time.

Healthy working environment: Every organization should provide a healthy and safe working environment to its workers (Costea, Amiridis and Crump, 2012). So, managers of Morrisons also perform various activities in order to maintain the safety of people.

Performance Appraisal: Managers also measure the performance of every individual as well as appreciate them on a regular basis by giving a bonus, flexible working hours and incentives. This process of performance appraisals helps in encouraging and motivating the employees to work hard for the achievement of a company’s success in a limited period of time.

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P2. Strengths and weaknesses of approaches for recruitment and selection process

Since technology has developed so far, therefore, it gives various methods to companies to search and hire eligible employees in a proper way (Durão and et. al., 2012.). These methods include the external and internal sources to hire candidates and recruit them according to job roles in a company. Both these sources has own benefits and limitations which can be explained as:-

External source: This source use to search candidates by online procedures, campus placements, employment exchanges and more.

Internal source: These sources use to employ persons from within the workforce. It includes various methods like transferring job of employees, giving promotion or demotion to them and more.

Sources of Selection method in Morrisons Company: HR Managers of this firm uses both internal and external sources of recruitment to hire candidates on specific positions. Among various procedures, they prefer the online methods for searching applicants from an external environment. For this process, they prepare a necessary documents like the job description, personal specification, curriculum vitae and more.

Job analysis: It is the initial step of documentation in which managers used to gather information about available job vacancies (Gheiratmand and et. al., 2015). They conclude requirements need to fulfil specific positions and make decisions accordingly.

Job Description: It is the second phase in which managers used to provide details about job vacancy as well as mention essential information including salary, experience, roles and responsibilities, eligibility criteria etc.

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Task 2

P3 Benefits of HRM for employer and employee in Morrisons

UK Government has given opportunities to new firms to open their business at marketplace on low cost. This would cause increase in completion at higher rates which forces established companies to bring changes in organisational behaviour in required manner. Along with this, in order to implement changes at workplace they need to implement HRM practices.

Employer’s Benefits:

Focus on tasks or assignments: Through HRM policies, employers of Morrisons can distribute difficult tasks among workers by turning into various activities. This would help in getting better outcomes in a short period of interval (Guest, Paauwe and Wright, 2012).

Using work time: Distribution of work within a group, help in accomplishing a task on time. Through which employers can utilise time in a profitable way.

Reduce absenteeism: HRM practices include various training and learning programs for workers which helps in making employees more qualitative. This process assists workers to retain in a firm for a longer-term.

P4 Evaluation on effectiveness of different HRM practices

HRM practices in an organization prove effective when a company achieves its set target and goals on time as well as in a proper and legal manner (Keegan, Huemann and Turner, 2012.). It involves various training and development programs, reward and performance appraisal systems, staffing and organizing, etc. In addition to this, formulating new strategies and policies according to change in the marketplace helps in gaining competitive advantages at the marketplace and move one step forward from rivals (Kaufman and Miller, 2011.).

Setting directions and implementation: It refers to the major advantage of HRM practices, which forced managers to set clear directions to the employees as well as provide the proper guidelines.

Update skills and maintain productivity at the workplace: Managers used to measure the performance of all individuals on a regular basis in order to evaluate their weaknesses and strengths.

Drive performances of employees: HRM practices also assist companies to provide rewards and appraisals to employees for an appreciation of their contribution in business success.

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Task 3

P5 Importance of workers relations to influence HRM decision-making

Employee relations play an important role in growth and success of a company. Relation of workers shows bonding of them in a positive way. Staff members can share views, opinions and knowledge to each other if they have good relations with each other (Heikkilä and Smale, 2011). Therefore, it is a responsibility of managers of a firm to use various HRM practices which helps in developing the relations of workers properly.

Sharing work: By healthy and positive relations with other people, employees can share their problems easily with each other in a part of the task as well as get help accordingly. Therefore, managers should formulate new policies and techniques to build strong relations among workers at the workplace.

Resolve conflicts: Good relations also necessary in reducing chance of conflicts in a large way. This would help employers to get better work of employees as well as increasing productivity easily.

P6 Key element of employee's legislation and its impact on the decision making process of HRM

For working in a better manner the Government of the United Kingdom has formulated various laws and legislation so that no single person can be entertained. Therefore, it includes norms that are related to the company regarding their structure and nature of business.

Analyse position: It is considered as an important factor as this gives an overview about the position for which the recruitment process is taking place.

Equal wages act: It is important that a company treats every individual equally so that a healthy environment is maintained in a required way (Nijssen and Paauwe, 2012).

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Task 4

P7 Application of HRM practices

HRM practices involve various activities like recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisals and more. In Morrisons, major benefit of such practices is staffing procedure (Lamba and Choudhary, 2013). For this assistance, its managers used to analyse job requirements first after then prepare necessary documents which includes job description, specification, curriculum vitae, offer letter etc.

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