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Identification & Evaluation of HR Software Programme - Alf Mizzi & Sons

University: University of Manchester

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 17 / Words 4170
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BM6301
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Question :

Description of Assessment Necessitate:

As a Human Resource Management Consultant, choose a company to advise them on the expectation of taking the practices of HR to the next level to compete effectively within marketplace. In specific the Board of Directors want you to address the following:

Task 1

Present HRM models, examine the formulation of the firm to the management of its human resources. (900 words/20 marks)

Task 2

Cover the HR functions of organisation’s (such as recruitment & selection, HRD, motivation, performance) in context to strategic human resource initiatives. Form applicable recommendations on how it could be improved. (1800 words/40 marks)

Task 3

Measure a number of HRM software programs that are accessible off the shelf and assess which one of these software programmes can be beneficial to the administration. (650 words/15 marks)

Task 4

Discuss the characteristics of effectual leaders considering all the issues known in the previous tasks. Present relevant models to justify analysis. (650 words/15 marks)

Task 5

Presentation, citations and referencing

General guidelines:

  • Analysis must be in proper academic literature and provide clear evidence of critical evaluation.
  • It is an individual written project and worth 100%
  • Submit work either report or essay format.
  • All research must be referenced and a reference list attached.
  • Application of theory to practice will be taken into the consideration.
  • Maximum Words (4000)

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Quality to determine strategic HR issues applicable to the whole performance of the organisation (10%)
  • Coherence and depth of investigation of issues identified (20%)
  • Quality to measure issues facing by chosen company in context to applicable theoretical models. (20%)
  • Utilise applicable evidence based on personal research (20%)
  • Knowledge to accomplish a personal synthesis through relevant conclusions or making recommendations and assessment of facts (20%)
  • Display referencing methodology, length, quality and quantity of references used. (10%)

Further Guidelines:

The submission should be arranged and clearly structured in a report or essay format


Maximum word length allowed is 4000 words.


This project is worth 100% of the final assessment of the module.


Student is required to submit a type-written document in Microsoft Word format with Times New Roman font type, size 12 and line spacing 1.5.


 Harvard Referencing System.


Plagiarism should be avoided. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously.

Report Structure (if used)

Table of Contents



Discussion/Literature Review




Answer :
Organization Selected : Alf Mizzi & sons


Human resource and leader is very essential part of company. They both contributes in success of firm.

Alf Mizzi & sons was setup in 2003. The company had its headquarter in Malta. It was founded by Alf Mizzi who is the founder and CEO of company. The above report includes related HR models that is helpful for company to manage its human resource and its functioning. The report further carried forward with critical discussion on the function's of HR. Identification and critical evaluation of various HR software program which are available off shelf and further evaluating the one best out of theses which will be beneficial for company to manage the HR functioning of company. Report ends with the discussion on characteristics of effective leadership which can be used by leader for gaining the organizational success with the help of relevant model.

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HRM models

Models of HRM provides the framework which are analytical so that they can study the management of human resources. There are four models of HRM

Model of Fombrum

Model of Harvard

Guest Model

Warwick Model

In this report guest model will be briefly discussed.

Guest Model-

This model was developed by David Guest in 1997 and claims to be specific and productive as compared to other models. Managers need to make strategies that requires some practice if they are executed in the company and this will give the company the results and outcomes which they are expecting. The results in this aspect includes factors such as relation with performance, rewards on financial basis and emphasis on behavioral performance of the company (Sparrow, 2016). This state of model emphasize on management with an strategic approach as compared to other models of HRM which focus more on areas of development and management. This model is concerned with taking the needs of individual prior than only putting focus on performance. On the basis of model given by guest. HRM of Alf Mizzi & Sons is linked to the strategic management which will improve the structure and management of the company. This model helps to find out the goals of the organization and achieve them as it seeks commitment to goals. Of the company. The focus of this model is to look after the needs of an individual than to look after the whole team of the company. It helps companies such as Alf Mizzi & Sons to grow and establish their structure in market.

Hard and Soft HRM-

Both these approaches has some impact on the operations of Alf Mizzi & Sons in positive and negative manner. Manager who implies the strategy of hard HRM is strict, works on a rigid thought process which states that they work with employees in order to extract high amount of profits.

Advantages of Hard HRM-

High amount of centralization, control over efficiency on a high level, more process of standardization, high amount of equality between employees, diversity in culture etc (Young and Jones, 2018).

Disadvantages of HRM-

Less efficiency in production, most of the people suffer from the issue of fatigue.

Soft HRM-

This approach helps the company to motivate the commitment of Alf Mizzi & Sons by focusing on areas which concerns the workers of the company. Manager who implies this type of HRM trusts their employees, more compassionate in nature, collects and listens to the opinions of their team. They believe that employees of the company must come to work in order to impress and make progress in their culture.

Advantages of Soft HRM-

High level of participation of employees, high amount of motivation to the members of the team and high efficiency in the aspect of production etc.

Disadvantages of Soft HRM-

It takes out a huge amount of cost in the progress of skills, increase in pay scale, development in training program etc.

Analysis Dimensions-

Model of Guest includes six dimensions of analysis which is implemented by Alf Mizzi & Sons.

  • Practices of Human Resource Management (Manuti and De Palma, 2016).
  • Outcomes of management of Human resources.
  • Strategies which are used for human development in firm
  • Impact of department on performance of employees.
  • Outcomes in the financial area (Jain, Gera and Ilavarasan, 2016).
  • Impact on the behavior of employees.
  • Strategies if HRM which makes the company more productive.
  • Practices of HRM- Appraisals, Training, Hiring compensation and relations in the industries.
  • Outcomes of HR- quality, commitment and flexibility in the operations of the company.
  • Outcomes on the basis of behavior- cooperation, motivation and organizational citizenship.
  • Outcomes on the basis of performance- positive environment of work, increase in productivity, innovation and changes in turnover.
  • Financial outcome- Return on investment and profit.

Impact on behavior of people-

The implementation of this model has helped Alf Mizzi & Sons to be more committed towards their goals. The culture of the company has been driven by guest. They have been successful in sharing the values, attitudes and beliefs of people (Ravazzani, 2016).


The approach used by Alf Mizzi & Sons is system approach which is implemented across different departments of company as all of them are trying to achieve same goals. Company works for a similar motive to reach the objectives, but they have many other ways to reach the goals. Department of HR has many ways to keep them motivated enough with the help of techniques such as offering them incentives for an extra effort, rewards or appraisals and all other factors which can push the employees of the company. Company tries to extract most from their employees as possible, and they even realize that they won't be in the position if they don't start here. HR department is the one who recruits the right and suitable talent for the company. Above that they train them make them practice so that they can work according to the standard of the company (Bowden, 2018).

If the training provided to employees is not proper then they won't be able to look out for the factors and work upon the standards which are set by the company (Huemann, 2016).

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Discussing organization's HR function which are related to strategic human resource initiative-

Human resource department of company handle a wide range of various functions. Department is responsible for firing and hiring employee, training worker, maintaining relationship with employees and interpreting law for employees. This department work behind company so that it ensure company could work efficiently or smoothly. Managers have to plan things and have to organize in proper manner in order to meet the goal (Ganesh, 2018). It is essential part of the management that is concerned with people at work and along with their relationships across firm. The various functions of HR has been described below-

Recruitment and Selection:

It is the primary and major function of Human Resource department, hiring manager and HR manager must ensure that equal employment opportunity. Recruitment is process in which candidates are invited by issuing notification on television media, newspaper, social media networking for particular post. The recruitment of employee is to be administered by the two major source through external and internal source (Wehrmeyer, 2017). In which internal recruitment is done by recruiting employees from the existing one through promotion. Whereas the external recruitment includes the recruitment through inviting talents to work with company and further the best suitable candidate must be selected. External recruitment is very helpful or company to recruit talented, new and fresh employees from pool of vast talent. After the process of recruitment employee's selection process should begin for identifying appropriate candidate through written test on the relevant subject, group discussion, oral test, gamification, final interview and at last document and background verification for checking credential and genuinity of candidate who had applied for the vacant post in organization (Zandi and, 2019). No biasseness must be done by the HR department and suitable and appropriate candidate must be selected for company so that individual could be beneficial for company. The Alf Mizzi & Sons must recruit and hire talented employees for their company so that they can gain huge competitive advantage for them and compete with their rivals effectively if they had talented employees with them. The skilled and talented employees are valuable resource for company which is helpful for them in raise for their revenue and profit (Kessler, Heron and Spilsbury, 2017).

Training and Development-

It is core function, they must trained their employees with knowledge and skills for performing job effectively. The companies sometime provide training to their new employees also so that they could perform their task well and could be productive for company. Sometime big and large company also have development program that is helpful for employee to gain higher level of responsibility within company. Training and development program ensures company to that they are capable for performing the jobs. It is very useful for company that employee can learn new skills with the help of it (Gauche, de Beer and Brink, 2017). So the Alf Mizzi & Son ‘ employees must get training on time so that they could be helpful for company to gain their competitive advantage. The company could gain huge revenue and profits of they had talent and skilled employee with them. Thus, if employees are trained with time to time training and development program then they could learn new skills and will be motivated so that they could retain with company for long term. And could work further for achieving goal and objective of company.

Performance Appraisal-

Performance appraisal is very essential for company to monitor the employees performance and ensuring that its acceptable at all levels. The HR manage of company is responsible for administering and developing performance appraisal system so that they can monitor actual performance of their employees. It is very helpful for the development of employees as is very essential for motivating and guiding employees for their performance improvement. The HR manager of the Alf Mizzi & Sons should set the standard for performance so that they can measure their employee performance on that basis and gap between employees performance could be optimized and then further steps must be taken by them to fill that gap. Modern appraisal method should be used by company so that they could estimate their performance on quarterly basis (Sparrow, 2016). The modern method that could be used by company are management by objective, 360 degree appraisals, cost accounting method and through rating scale etc., Through the performance appraisal employee's performance monitoring could be done by manager so that they could monitor and see where there employees are lacking. And could appreciate & motivate employee who had good and significant employees. So that they would feel motivated for their good work and boost up to work with company for long term. The organizational goal and objective could be achieved effectively. company has to provide performance appraisal for their employees so that their performance must be measured and good performer could be motivated and encouraged for their good work and other could be provided with training and development program so that they could improve & enhance their performance further (Jain, Gera and Ilavarasan, 2016).

Motivating employees-

If employees will not be motivated by their leaders and managers then they could be a resource for company and thus organizational goal and objective could not be achieved by company. So Alf Mizzi & Sons could give pay and benefits to their employees so that they keep on working with company for its growth and development. Employee had right to receive a justified payment for the work which is done by them and thus giving appropriate wage and salary to employees is fundamental duty of employees (Ravazzani, 2016). It is helpful fort motivating employees. Along with that employee benefits must also be given to them. It can be categorized as statutory and voluntary benefits which are social security benefit which are compulsory rendered to employees. Some of them could be free food, paid vacation, dependent benefit, maternity benefit, medical benefit, payment of the bonus, provident fund, paternity fund and gratuity payment. The good working condition to the employee also motivate them to work with company. Company must follow the labour laws in their company so that their employees could feel encouraged and valued by their employers. Good working condition for company includes rendering flexible working hours, giving them correct work load so that their employees could not feel stressed and thus they could maintain healthy work environment. So the HG manager of company must ensure that their employees could balance the professional and personal life. Having all these benefits in company will definitely motivate employee for working ahead for achieving organizational goal and objectives. Companies policies should also have a balance among labor law and principle of the natural justice. So that their employee feel comfortable and valued by company and couldn't feel undiscriminated (Wehrmeyer, 2017). If Alf Mizzi & Sons will have good company policy then they could encourage employee so that goals and objective of company will be achieved effectively.

Welfare, healthy and safety measure-

The company must maintain welfare, healthy and safety measure for their employees. It is compulsorily followed by company and must be maintained and managed by the HR department. In the employee welfare they must include goof canteen facility to their workers, medical and first aid facility so that employee could be treated if got hit while working in the office premises, restroom if any employee feel weak or sick, lunchroom's where employees could have their lunch and tea breaks could spend their break time there and childcare facility for the female employee who couldn't put their child at home as no one is there at home who can take care of their child's (Zandi and, 2019). The company must take healthy measures for employees for which they must maintain cleanliness at the workplace so that their employees could get a healthy working environment and could get fresh air which is helpful for them to keep healthy. Disposing of waste and its management must be done by company sop that their it could be a step by them towards sustainability. Along with that they must render them with washing & cleaning facility with the freshwater and thus overall this all will be helpful for Alf Mizzi & Sons to provide their employee a healthy work environment. Employee's safety must provided by company as they must avoid injuries at workplace and accident to the employees, if it happens then the employer will be responsible for that, and they must provide proper treatment to that employee if all that happened during employment (Kessler, Heron and Spilsbury, 2017). The company must gave their employee overall security so that they feel safe to work with company and must work with positive attitude for achieving the goal and objective of company. Alf Mizzi & Sons could maintain a better relationship with employee if they motivate them and encourage them for working further.

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HRM software

HR uses many software in the company to work in an efficient manner as it is necessary for the department. Software for the companies are built on a better platform so that they can manage the department of work and get the eligible employees for work. Sometimes there are some issues in the software such as wrong entries so that employees can get more money out of the system (Young and Jones, 2018). The role of HR is to be fair with everyone and not be biased with anyone and treat everyone the same way. The different programs for designing of this aspect are-

  • Human resource information system
  • Human resource management system
  • Human capital management
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Software for Payroll. 

HRIS is very popular software which plays significant role in HR operational activities. This software keeps records of all employees and related activities. This has facility of automation hence recurring task can be managed effectively. HR function is very difficult task because human resource team has to handle large number of employees. This software help in analyzing requirement of workers and reaching to the suitable person effectively because performance of each staff member is recorded which help in finding the most deserving candidate and giving the opportunity to work on top level to the right candidate. This software keeps record of each activity such as salaries, task allotted, resource required in computer hence this helps in minimizing wastage of paper ad related materials. Even all these records can be kept save for longer duration which helps in evaluating overall performance of particular department in the organization. HRIS software helps in integrating with LMS by this way managers can raise capabilities of training so that workers can work even better in workplace. Payroll system is managed effective hence issues related to salaries can be minimized to great extent. HRIS system keep track of all the workers in the firm, their arrival and departure time are recorded hence attendance tracking is done closely which helps in making salaries of employees accordingly. This will improve the level of productivity and make it faster. Role of HR is to know about the personal as well as professional belonging of their employees such as their personal details which are meant to be hidden. Software helps the company to track their employees. Currently the HR department of Alf Mizzi & Sons is learning about some program so that they can introduce the approach in the company. To keep the track of employees company is using the payroll software and HRIS so that they can evaluate their efforts and hard work invested in the company but the company is not paying them on the basis of that which is a demerit. (Ravazzani, 2016). Employees of the company will leave if the department of HR is not able to manage the operations of the company.

Human capital management software is based on a set of skills which the employees possess, their qualifications and the productivity of individuals which is recorded by the HR of the company. They will assign the work to employee according to the area of his expertise. Company can also track the performance of employees with the help of software which will make it easier for the department of HR to work. They will offer them rewards, incentives or bonuses on the basis of that. It will help the employees to motivate as they will be getting paid according performance and hard work which will also help the company to make progress in the market (Ganesh, 2018). HCM software gives positive outcome to the organization because it helps in empowering employees and giving strength to their voice. This software makes the recruitment process little easy hence right person is recruited on the right job. This is effective software in order to make succession planning because it makes it automatic. This software gives positive results in leveraging talent management. It keeps record of organized training in company so that continuous development of employees can be done.

Alf Mizzi & Sons must implement HRIS software, as it gives better result than other software. It has all the features, by using this software HR of company can make record keeping task more accurate because this minimizes mistakes in record keeping. Training and recruitment becomes more systematic so that skilled workers can be managed in business effectively. This software is helpful in generating salaries automatically which makes its easy and minimize mistakes.

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Characteristics of effective leaders

Good leadership is essential, manager of human resource as they have to maintain the level of standard of work of the company. Department of HT has to ensure that the company is achieving success, and they will be able to meet their goals and objectives. HR department of the company has to create atmosphere where all workers follow the guidelines of leaders. Department of HR needs to make sure that every employee in the company must maintain the code of conduct and the level of professionalism which will not disrupt the discipline of the company (Kessler, Heron and Spilsbury, 2017). Employees of the company have to listen to the instructions and orders made by the department as they believe that if there are no instructions or orders then employees of the company won't be able to develop personally as well as professionally which will also affect the growth of the company, characteristics of leadership which are required-

Department of HR needs to be honest with the management as well as the employees because until they know the reality of the prospect they won't be able to function in an efficient manner. It is advised that employees of the company who are facing problem in any area can consult it with the HR of the company (Gauche, de Beer and Brink, 2017).

Employees face a lot of pressure and suffer from lot of stress because of work assigned to them. So it is necessary to keep them motivated by keeping them confident by listening to their opinions and training them under them. Employees of the company must have confidence to engage in a conversation with the HR of the company and address the issues which they are facing. Confidence will develop them in other concerned areas as well.

Communication is considered as a skill which is an important aspect and it is very important to work in the department of HR. It is the main area where HR manager must excel and have the adequate skills so that they can reach onto gaining the benefit from that field.

When the attitude of the manager is positive then the environment of the company will remain positive on its own. It is a requirement in the characteristic trait of HR as it helps to spread positivity among the employees which helps them to work with less amount of stress. Leaders have to reach by looking at necessity of situation. above that they will be able to provide them with necessary skills and training as they have to deal with new joiners. Training can help in understanding task well and performing well in business, and they can work effectively and efficiently on their own with less guidance (Sparrow, 2016).


Study summarizes as managing human capital is essential for company so that they could work further for company's overall functioning. If company have an effective leader then they could lead and manage their employee and company's operation further and thus it will be helpful for company for creating a competitive advantage foe its rivals in market place. Company must have appropriate human capital also so that all activities could be effectively managed and co-ordinate by them for further company's functioning. The better leader is always fruitful for company to gain their goal effectively. The leaders always guide and motivate employees for the work they are doing for the company and keeping it further. Company could achieve huge success if it had a better leader. Leader always ready to take risk for company and helps them to compete with its rivals and stand out from other ones in marketplace.


  • Arena, M.J. and Uhl-Bien, M., 2016. Complexity leadership theory: Shifting from human capital to social capital. People and Strategy.39(2). p.22.
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  • Di Fabio, A. and Peiró, J., 2018. Human Capital Sustainability Leadership to promote sustainable development and healthy organizations: A new scale. Sustainability.10(7). p.2413.
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