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Skills Required by HR Professionals- Whirlpool

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 10
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 17 / Words 4354
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HRMT20024
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Question :

This assessment will cover:

  1. Elaborate on the effective nature and working of the developing individuals.
  2. What are the functions and the ways through which the growth and management are managed?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


It is essential to provide broad knowledge and developing skills of individual and provide proper guidance and delegate proper authority to each person working in a team in order to increase the efficiency team. high performing team leads to effectively and efficiently achieving the organizational goals and objectives. the present study is based on a whirlpool company that provides major home appliances and small home appliances. the study will explain professional knowledge and skills i.e. contract law, training and development techniques, communication skills, and problem-solving skills required by Human Resource professionals. furthermore, it will describe the knowledge, skills and behavior, and professional development plan of the HR professional. In addition, the report will explain factors to be considered for evaluating learning and professional development to create a sustainable organizational performance. the report will explain the ways to support high-performance through effective communication and collaborative working. the assignment will also explain the barrier to continuous learning and professional development of employees.

LO 1

P1 Skills, knowledge and behaviour of HR professionals

In whirlpool company HR professionals have certain responsibilities and duties in order to perform those duties they require some set of knowledge, skills and behaviour for successful achievement of organisational goal.

Professional knowledge

  • Contract law:the government law and legal policies and principal in relation to business conduct always changes that may be related related to cultural shift. such as law relating employment, insurance of employees , intellectual geographical area. So HR should be aware of those changes. By adopting the unilateral commitment to ethics assist firm attracting top talent and provide safeguard to business and develop culture of loyalty and trust in fir Kyndt and, 2016).
  • Training and development techniques: training and development is the main function of HR. they must have knowledge of providing technical training that includes developing skills and knowledge of individuals and change in attitude that assist in improving the behaviour of employees. HR must have ability to analyse needs and competencies of individuals for providing effective training to them .they must have ability to make plan, administer and produce staff and management training programmes. HR should have knowledge regarding the resources required for conducting training sessions(Megginson and Whitaker, 2017).

Professional skills

  • Communication skills: the primary function of HR is to have discussion with employees and employer in company. The company will not be able to achieve goals and objective successfully by having ineffective communication among the staff members. HR must have both the skills i.e. oral and written communication skills for effectively utilization of information. HR can resolve various conflicting situation by having effective communication with his staff members. effective communication skills of HR assist whirlpool in taking decision in various diplomatic decisions and in assessment of several problem(Akey and, 2017).
  • Problem solving skills: HR need problem solving skills for effectively performing the job roles. such as critical thinking skills, it is most essential problem solving skills that an HR can adopt in them. this skills helps professionals in identifying details of various problem without being emotional and covert that problem into opportunity to make improvement, opportunity learn new things. they must have skills of understanding people for become a better problem solver(Falola., Osibanjo and Ojo, 2014). The HR professional of Whirlpool need to ability to think from each person point of view not just take one sided decisions. They need to be decisive in order to find and analyse effective solution for various problem. they must be able to select one solution without changing their decision gain and again. HR must have ability to find quick solution to problem and also implement possible solutions timely in order to solve further problems on time.

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Behavioural traits of HR

  • Ethics: In the highly competitive environment of working the pressure of becoming successful has become very important in both the sense professionally or personally. HR of whirlpool company must apply all the codes and conduct of ethical behaviour of HR professionals consistently. values of employees working in firm can be enhanced by using HR code of ethical behaviour in organisation. They can also lead the process of equitable treatment of all members by adopting various code of ethical behaviour that also assist in advancement of over all enterprises.
  • Confidentiality: the HR professionals of whirlpool company needs to maintain all the information and data relating to sensitive employees in order to manage various issues of employees. They need to understand the importance of managing employee information confidentiality includes- reference check, social security number, workplace injury number, information relating to health of individuals(Bakhtina and, 2015). Because it is the responsibility of HR to investigate staff complaints and solving various issues such as employee discrimination. they should develop their own process of hiring new HR team members to maintain all the confidential information
  • P2 SWOT analysis to identify skills, behaviour and knowledge of HR

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As an HR of whirlpool company i may have following strength, weakness, opportunities and threats that are described as below:

  • Strength: the main strength of of business is the strategies developed by HR and functions performed by them. such as increasing competencies of workforce. As an HR of whirlpool company I have various responsibility such as conducting various programs for employees to provide tem various health benefit. As an HR of business I can lead people to support and promote different strategies and development. I have skills to manage performance of my employees. I always involve my personnel's in decision making process and try to improve their work effectiveness and efficiency towards achieving the objective of firm.
  • Weakness: As an HR of whirlpool company I have to face various challenges for achieving the success in the organisation. Such as I have to deal with budget constraints. In company HR department is not a revenue generation department I need to take sound decisions inj order to invest in various HR activities. I can go through various challenges like low employee morale and high employee turnover rate. So that I need to take reactive measures to convert the dissatisfaction of manpower into highly satisfied workforce.
  • Opportunities: As an HR I have various opportunities like opportunity of workforce growth because of highly increased demand for whirlpool product and services. Due to high demand for goods I will enhance in wages of existing employees and will hire new talented workers for further achieving the growth for the company. Whirlpool organisations activities like development plan also assist in enhancing the reputation of firm.
  • Threats: As an HR of whirlpool company I may face challenges of various external factors like high market share of competitors in the market environment that impact negatively the profitability of company. The threat of competitors that belongs to different industry that is offering better quality of product and services and better working conditions and have quality of work force that may affect the sustainability of business

Professional Development Plan



Constraints in achieving goals

Ways to monitor progress

Time bound

Planning and organising skills

I will accurately determine time and put effort to accomplish task on time. I will arrange task in a logical order and establish priorities systematically.

The main problem that may arise in planning task and organising things is the policies and environmental changes.

I will monitor the results achieved after accomplishment of plans and organising things. i will continuously review the performance of organisation to check the effectiveness of plan.

It will take 5- 6 days in order to review the success of accomplished plans.

Time management

I will effectively manage the time by proper allocation of authorities and responsibilities to each and every individual. and by prioritizing necessary things.

I may face challenges of failure in monitoring the internal working system and due to improper arrangement and availability of resources

I will identify the time involved in accomplishing each task and efficiency of work. 

It will take half month to proper management of time.

Team working

I will develop team by open , honest and respectful communication among people or members working in team. and by organising various group activities.

I may face challenges of poor communication among group members, and ability to solve conflict

I will measure the team progress by analysing the performance of every individual and time in achievement of goals.

It will take 1 month to increase the development of team performance by implementing several programmes.

LO 2

P3 Organisation and individual learning, training and development

Organisational learning is process of sharing, develop utilization of knowledge within an organisation. while team learning is the process of developing skills and capabilities of individual working in team. organisational training and development is very essential for whirlpool company. It saves cost and expenditure of enterprises by enhancing the skills and efficiencies of employees working in firm. company can increase the performance and morale of employees by creating a supportive workplace for their workers. The company can retain its employee by providing high employment opportunities to them.


Organisation skills

Individual learning

Identifying new opportunities

The whirlpool identify and explores new possibilities and remove the existing uncertainties in learning of entity. it is done through risk taking, investigation,bringing new innovation. that assist in enhancing balance between exploitative and exploration that is required for learning firm. example whirlpool can identify new trends in market by analysing strategies of competitors in market

By exploring the new possibilities and communicating those innovation and improvement to various individual in training program helps in increasing the knowledge of every employees in organisation. example whirlpool can

Development of various suitable action plans

Whirlpool organisation develop various action plans in order to enhance the skills and capabilities employees for exceeding the over all performance of firm. they focus mainly on process of learning with an intention to increase the intelligence of staff members and lead to achieve over success for firm.

The company organise training and development session for developing skills and knowledge of each individual that assist whirlpool in developing the core competencies of its employees that will ultimately help in increasing competitive advantages for business.

Enhance knowledge and awareness among people

 Whirlpool company members can generate new knowledge by various process of learning that is essential for them for competing wit its competitor in the marketplace. example competitor marketing strategies by analysing their strategies . So they always seek to create and develop new knowledge that will based on the learning of organisation.

In whirlpool business, an individual is involved in increasing the functional efficiency by improving their awareness and knowledge. This is the basic essence of individual learning. The company create multiple learning styles for individuals such as e-learning course designs and training and development sessions.

P4 Need continuous learning and professional development for sustainable business

Continuous learning is essential for increasing the learning ability by continuous developing the skills and knowledge of employees in the organisation. That assist in successfully achieving the goals and objectives of organisation .on the other hand professional development is through organising various conferences and informal learning opportunities(Continuous learning,2017).

Professional development means developing the skills of individuals by making them aware of new technology, upcoming trends in market environment. Whirlpool is making its employee aware of latest and upcoming technologies and methods of working that is improving not only the personal growth of individual but also the whole performance and productivity of business. The high performance and productivity assisting the developing firm sustainability in marketplace(10 ways to improve professional development,2017). Company improves their offerings by improving and providing superior quality goods to consumers its product and services, providing better working places to employees working in organisation. whirlpool improve the experience of personnel by encouraging their participation in the various activities of business, through providing several training and development session to individuals , continuous monitoring their performance, by consistence increment of employee education. Enterprises can create various mentorship program in order to increase the interaction among lower level employees and senior level employees .that will improve the relationship among the individual and improved relations will encourage healthy working culture in firm(Akey and, 2017). Professional development provide an opportunity to personnel for advancement in their career by moving from one position to another position. Professional development open up various new possibilities and opportnunities for staff by gaining new knowledge and skills in particular areas. The

Whirlpool require well developed skill set for expanding its business operations and to meet the increasing demand for company product and services, marketing sales. The company needs to train its existing employees and develop continuous learning culture in order to satisfy their capabilities demand that is arising all over the firm. According to Kolb's learning cycle theory, employees learn from their own experiences on a regular basis(Falola., Osibanjo and Ojo, 2014). These theory explain the process of learning cycle such as experience , reflect, conceptualise, plan. In company employees learn various capabilities and gain several working experiences. so when firm provides training and continuous learning culture to individual it helps in developing the experiences of each person that thinking will reflect in the performance of each personnel in firm .by enhancing the quality of experience of persons company can increase the competitiveness and growth of individual and individuals growth and development ultimately helps in achieving success of over all organisation. Lastly company should test the result of providing such experiences to people through organising various training sessions that can measure trough the level of performance of individual.

The main barrier that can comes in learning process of whirlpool organisation is the employee resistance to change some times they refuse to adopt new technology and learn new style working. That impact the over all performance employees. Whirlpool should adopt good leadership skills in order continuously improve the performance of personnel's. it can be done through providing proper guidance and support to individual(Sessa and London., 2015). Sometimes the employees are unable to concentrate properly because of some family issues and personal issues that is be the biggest hurdle in learning process of personnel's. New learning process change means changes changes in working environment and in case the environment is not according to expectations of individual that create dissatisfaction among employees and the employees need to learn new culture with in a very short period that also hamper the learning process. that may also lead to increase the turnover rate of firm. and high turnover rate affect the profitability of organisation.

Development of individual helps in improving the productivity, competency and satisfaction level of employees. But some of the barriers in professional development is impacting the performance of employees. such as people resistance, employee resist to attend live training. They think that online training courses are more cost beneficial for them. They can learn and develop new skills without spending any amount of money(Noe and ., 2014). Employee resistance is the biggest hurdle facing by the whirlpool company that is creating negative impact on the business growth and development. Employees also resist, because they want to separate work from their personal life. the new technological advancement is allowing employees to get in touch with their families and interact with their family members in their working time. This is creating misbalancing between employees personal lives and professional life. That is impacting not only the individual performance but also the overall growth of the organisation.


P5. Demonstrate understanding of how HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage within a specific organisational situation.

  • High performing result: High performance working is the most central theory or concept for discussion to boosting the UK economic competitive and growth level. High performance work system can be defined as a specific, combination of HR practices. This would help to given long term great efforts in the development and long term growth and long term growth and leading source full matter of fact. Overall, it helps to develop the long term growth and best target market opportunities(Boe and, 2017). High performance work system are composed of many interrelated parts that complement one another to attain the goals of an organisation. HPW increase the employee relation
  • Employee engagement: Employee engagement is the another most necessary for Whirlpool to get the participation of all employees. Employee engagement is the concept in the effort to understand and describe, both qualitatively and quantitative nature of the relationship between an organisations and its employees. Engaged employee always been creative towards their work. It describes the dedication level in business interest. Due to inappropriate level of working environment in Whirlpool lead low performing task. So that, High performance working will help to sustain the environment results more quickly and work forming results. 
  • Competitive advantage : it is the favourable position of every organisation to seek in order to be more profitable than its rivals. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage which is must be able to demonstrate a greater comparative of differential value than its competitors and convey that information to its desired target market(Noe and ., 2014).

Overall, it makes the good impact on the nature of best performing results and best target forming goals.

Overall, it brings the new major goal objective results and also helps to discover the new forming results and long term growth.

HPW beneficial to employees

Employees are get highly benefited from high performance working in a number of ways. Moreover, employees are getting greater opportunity by applying the biggest form of results and best forming results and best productive goals and most wanting results. It helps to enhance the high performing goals and give their hundred percent results. HPW also benefited to employees in Employee satisfaction as well(DiPaola and Wagner, 2018).

HPW beneficial to employers

High performance working also beneficial for the employers. It also discovers the new high forming results and better goal performing channels. Overall, increased productivity and higher morale and long lasting results. Moreover, Employer enhanced the higher morale and better forming growth. Employer gets high productive result outcomes from employees. Employer also needs to take care of the results and goals in order to meet the needs of organisation results(Kyndt and, 2016). Employer can take better decision making approach in order to introduce new services and goals. Employer can also reduce the level of employees turnover and helps in managing stress level.

Flexible work opportunity options are Eco- friendly which brings new better services growth. More apart, it helps to develop the long lasting developing nature of task.


P6 Evaluating various approaches to performance management, collaborative working and effective communication can support high performance culture.

The high performance work team refers to a group of goal focused individual with specialized expertise and complementary skills who clollaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results. The group provides the good performance excellence through shared goals leadership collaboration and communication.

Collaboration working

By having a collaborative working in an organization it provide a high performance of working to the employees. The collaboration is very important for the organization. Sometimes in big organization perhaps distributed teams, getting everyone to work together can more of a challenge. Working in teams lesser the burden of the employees and provide them to work effectively in an organization. In Many cases, people understand teamwork is necessary for accomplishing organizational goals. The bigger challenge is developing effective collaboration in a high performance organization.

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High performances management

The program of performance management program is important and it improves employee effectiveness and allows them for high performing. It includes the ongoing process in which managers and staff work together to plan, monitor and review goals and individual contributions to strategy. A proper implementation of performance management programs improves the working of a individuals, team and the agency(Sessa and London, 2015). Manager's sets goals with employees, monitor their performance, renders the feedback and conduct the reviews.

Effective communication

Effective communication increases the high performance working by increasing their engagement. Having good communication between the hierchy provides a transparency in the working of the organization. It provides the tool to better understand the needs and goals of the employees(Boer and, 2017). Effective communication in the results more productivity and talented workforce. As in the productivity of the workforce employee engagement is the significant factor. Ways of developing high performance is discussed under-

  • Understanding team talents and skills - in an organization culture focuses on the connecting with other managers better understand the talents and skills of their workforce.
  • Innovative and creative thoughts- the effective communication brings the innovative and creative thoughts which employees contribute to the management to achieve desired goals and objective. The communication between entire hierarchy not only give the transparency but also provide strength to the employees to share their ideas which helps them in high performance working(Bakhtina and, 2015).
  • More strategic team building - effective communication between all the employed in a team makes the team strong which while working simultaneously enhance the high performance. Effective communication not only increases the working of the organization but also enhance the individual's performance as well.

However, in an organization it is very important to have the effective communication between the employees as it also mitigates the conflict and provide opportunity to work efficiently. With communication tools such as identifying communication patterns and making small communication adjustments, new information can be dispensed in a way that is easy and clear to understand and the listener can better communicate their understanding. Therefore, these are some ways by which support the high [performance working and culture


From the above study it can be concluded that whirlpool company that provides major home appliances and small home appliances. HR professionals of whirlpool have certain responsibilities and duties in order to perform those duties they require some set of knowledge, skills and behaviour for successful achievement of organisational goal. They must have knowledge of various contact law like law relating employment, insurance of employees, intellectual geographical area. HR need problem solving skills for effectively performing the job roles. such as critical thinking skills. whirlpool identify and explores new possibilities and opportunities  to remove the existing uncertainties in learning of entity. it is done through risk taking, investigation,  bringing new innovation. that assist in enhancing balance between exploitative and exploration that is required for learning firm. it has been identified in report, there are barrier of professional development of individuals like  Employee resistance is the biggest hurdle facing by the whirlpool company that is creating negative impact on the business growth and development. The company organise training and development session for developing skills and knowledge  of each individual that assist whirlpool in developing the core competencies of its employees. it help in increasing competitive advantages for business.


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