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Role of Manager and Employablity Skills

Table of Content



Sets and mechanisms utilised in converting the abilities that is required by the candidate to done their job in an effective manner at the workplace (Wye and Lim, 2009). The means of the employability skills can be term as the capability of an employees for achieving the employment and also make identifiable decisions and grow in their career. The recruiters measure an individual skills and knowledge at the time of selecting a potential candidate that is identifiable at the workplace environment. There is several types of responsibility and roles in an organisation that are demand in several kinds of employability skills. The present report is analysed on Next PLC which is a British multinational brand image in the world of clothing, footwear and home products (Robles, 2012). The further study is carried out on development of duty and public presentation of an single in the social group and also the use of psychological feature or motivation theories to make better in choice or quality of performance is analysed.

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According to the assignment, in the Next PLC I am working as a manger. There are many role and responsibilities that are performed by me in an organisation. Therefore, it is my duty or responsibility is that to keep useful information must be secured that is given by the user of service. The crucial task is of my is that to ensure that there is a proper or effective flow of communication at the workplace is a major task for me. Afterwards, another responsibility is that to arrange a training programs and sessions and that is carried out in an effective manner and the last and foremost responsibility is that to achieve an organisation goals and


  • I am responsible for the enabling the all employees in the attaining and maintaining a high standard of performance.
  • Another is that to given them the special training so they can easily identify the skills and their capability that are necessary for done the tasks effectively as they can focus on attain goals and objectives (Stoner and Milner, 2010).
  • I am responsible for the leadership in which I have to lead and gives the proper direction to the staff workers in the Next PLC towards its mission.
  • The responsibility of my towards the organisation is that I have to oversee and vary day-to-day requirements of each department to make sure that for should be completed on time.
  • Performance objectives
  • The major performance objectives towards the Next PLC is that I have to encourage the staff member and monitor their performance against the firm's goal.
  • An another performance objectives for the company is that to analyse the worker's performance by adopting performance appraisal methods. It will helps to know the staff workers done their job in effective manner or not.


Responsibility of manager

There is a mention the evaluation of their own effectiveness against the objectives:

Quality and acceptance of Safety and security

I will done my responsibility that the employees are treated safely and they are not feel uncomfortable at the workplace. I will also taking or accepting all the happening place in an organisation. I will try to minimize risk so, the employer and the user of service feel free from risk. I will also be preparing and using techniques of management of quality measurements as per the success of the jobs.

Managing self job

I also manage work properly by listing out my work . I will provide service in an effective manner without overlapping or any mismanagement of work. I also make relationship with the other members and colleagues so, they feel comfortable in sharing their views and opinions at the right time when required (Martin, West and Bill, 2008).

Boosting skills and potential

According to the objectives there is need to boost and empower the skills of employees to enhance skills and capability. For this reason, training programs is conducted and also provide various incentive plans and implement them to develop the effective results. It was observed that there is a confidence and activeness in all the employers towards completion of task.
The effectiveness of my own can be analysed against the objectives by adopting SWOT Model in which I have to measure the performance of each individual and also supervise, guide and monitor them to attain the objectives. Therefore, the major strength is that I have the analytical skills through which I able to determine each individuals work performance. Thus, it helps me to give them a proper direction and guidance so, they can attain the goals as well as objectives in an effective and efficient manner. On the other hand, the major weakness against objectives is that I have a lack of leadership skills for which I cannot influence the worker to done job in a team.


The company Next PLC I will make sure or try that the workers done their work more skill manner and there is no need of advancement of technologies. For this reason, there is improvement in a quality of services and clients does not feel secure while sharing their personal information leads to decreasing in customer base (Cox and King, 2006).There are some suggestions and recommendation are implemented by the company Next PLC that are discussed below:-

  • Company should conduct survey on the customers to know the important points that are needed for the improvements in the structure of an organisation and there is internal audit research is required to know the suggestion of members.
  • In order to provide better services to the clients according to the change in the demand are kept into consideration.
  • Decisions of management should be based on the gathering and knowing facts.
  • Management should rank the opportunities that are identified to make improvements and set a system for those problem that is identified that are important to be self-addressed primary (Wingate, 2006).

The Next PLC face the function based problems that can be solve by adopting various techniques and strategies that are as follows-

  • Identify the problem- Next PLC can deal with the problem only when they can finding out the main issue of the problems. They should finding out the major implication and description of problem.
  • Define and Analyse the problem- In this step company have to find out all the different perspective of the problem and evaluate the various ways of the issue that harm the firm.
  • Generate the potential solution- The firm have to categorise the large problem into pieces and develop the various solution by considering the business functional problem.
  • Decision making- The problem solver has to evaluate the various pros and cons of solution to know the feasibility. Thus, all the process should be done to know the best possible solution that can be implement in the workplace so, the function can be done smoothly.
  • Implement and evaluate the success- The best solution implement to solve the Next PLC problem and they also review to check that that the solution are effective or not. If not the firm have to develop and implement the strategy till the problem cannot solve effectively.


There are various types of motivational techniques that can be used to improve the performance of Next PLC. There is mainly two types of motivational theories that can be used to0 motivate the employees and improve the quality of performance of workers. This theory is are Maslow's theory of needs and Herzberg's theory that is applied by the firm to the service supplier. When the workers are fully motivated so, they done their work and the quality of work is also enhance. In the Maslow's needs, the employees get motivated by satisfying all the needs of employees from lower level to higher level of needs such as food, shelter, self -esteem needs etc. Further, with use of these motivational theories workers needs can be satisfied in different levels and on the other side other needs is satisfied by reward system such and promotion to the employees in which the self esteem and self- actualisation needs can be satisfied. Reward system can be based upon the performance of workers, if those person performance is better. In the lower level staff can be motivate by the benefits of monetary rewards (Rosenberg, Heimler and Morote, 2012). Moreover, another way to satisfy the employees by providing job security so, they can done their work comfortably without feel the risk of jobs. According to the performance the incentives can be provided to the workers in an organisation.



There are various work based problems are arisen at the work place under which manager takes the responsibility for solving the issues. It helps to reduce the conflicts of the employee and maintain the work environment. The issues and problems include the miscommunication, flexibility working hours and equality. Management not able to treat the employees are equally which creates the various issues at the work place. In this situation, manager responsible for solving the issues under which they need to follow the equality act. It helps to treat the employees are equally under which they provide the equally opportunity to their employees. As per this, workers increase the motivation level towards the work and they are able to deliver the best services to their customers. On the other hand, the another issue like miscommunication which creates the conflicts between management and employees. In this situation, manager conduct the meeting with the all employees which help to identify the reason behind the conflicts and employees gives the suggestion (Rae, 2007). It helps manager to takes the effective decision and maintain the relation with the employees. Apart from this, management of the Next PLC provide the flexible working hours which help employees to easily complete the work on time and gives the good amount of work. It helps manager to maintain the work environment and effectively operate the activities of the firm. As per this, employees focuses on their work and gives the good amount of work.


Communication is the crucial part of the individual life under which there are various style of the communication is used by the Next PLC that can be discussed below-

  • E-mail- The higher level of management in which the manager can communicate with the other team member effectively. In this way, it includes the formal and informal under which higher authority can communicate with the middle level of management through the email. It helps middle level of management to easily understand the topic and manage the work accordingly.
  • Telephone- The manager requires to transfer message with the employees by using the phone. It helps employee to easily under stand the activities and gives the best amount of work (Wickramasinghe and Perera, 2010). As per this, manager maintain the relation with the employees and reduce the conflict in the organization. Apart from this, if the lower level employees communicate with the higher authority under which require to follow the proper structure of communication. In this way, human resource firstly mail to their team leader after that they can communicate with the upper management. Moreover, if the employees communicate with the team members under which they use the phone. It helps to easily communicate with the member and manage the work accordingly. A
  • Social media- As per this, they attain the goals and objective of the organization and increase the efficiency (Cranmer, 2006).. Moreover, the professionals can communicate with the general public under which they us the media. The advancement in the technology the manager adopt internet facility to communicate with all the levels of management in which they the manager can send reports and documentation as well as paper over the internet.


Time management is the important part of the business under which employees requires to manage the work as per the time. Manager of the Next PLC not able to manage the whole work of the organization under which they need to manage the work as per the time. In this context, manager uses the strategy like divide the work among the employees which help to complete the task on time and attain the goals and objectives (Wilton, 2011). Divided the work strategy helps manager to easily complete the work and meet the deadline of the clients. It positively affects the performance of the organization under which clients are satisfied his service is provided by the employees. As per this, company capture the large market share and increase the overall productivity of the firm. Apart from this, human resource and manager requires to identify the important work which help to complete the work on time (Wilton, 2011). With the help of time management strategies, employees meet the demand of the clients and deadlines is provided by the customers. If the human resource meet the demand which generate the satisfaction of the clients and increase the overall productivity of the firm.

The time management strategies can be adopted by the NEXT PLC that can be discussed below-

  • Prioritize- The company should categorise the task into three the most important job, least essential and fewer task. Thus, they have to make priories in which they have to done the most important job first then they done the another job this leads to done the job in most effective by manage the time
  • Work time- Make a plan of time work the firm to schedule the time they have to done the task more effectively. The time span of each and every task help the worker to done the job is most efficient way,
  • Exercise- The worker have to regular exercise this will make its brain as well as body relaxing this will increase the speed and the job can done more fast.



The team role can be describe with the help of Belbin model that are as follows-

  • Shaper: The major role played by this team member is resolving problems in the organization. They are the team members who seek the best solution for prevailing issues and focuses on resolving the same.
  • Implementer: A person who gets things done is called Implementer. Is our organization functional manger are implement things done which is design by a shaper.
  • Completer-Finisher: A team-member who ensures that task is effectively completed and thus attains the results to create a well defined impact on business growth and development (Singh and Singh, 2008).
  • Coordinator: This team role is adopted by the person who focuses on effectively managing all activities of team thus attaining significant and well defined results for the business.
  • Team worker: This team member is the one who effectively acts a team member and follows all the roles and responsibilities of the team thus creating a well-defined output in terms of productivity and growth of the business.
  • Resource Investigator: This team members analyses all the resources of the business thus creating a significant impact on business performance. In addition the outcome of the business is analysed in terms of effective results.
  • Plant: This team role deals with creative profile of the team member. They are the people who effectively generates new and effective ideas for the business and thus attain results based on the same (Cassidy, 2006).
  • Monitor Evaluator: They are the people who evaluate and monitor for all jobs within the organization. In our organizationme and my colleague is responsible for monitoring all the activities.
  • Specialist: These are the technically skilled members in the team who holds the specialised knowledge about the aspects and thus implement the same in the work aspect.


Manager analyses the team dynamic which help to attain the goals and objectives of the firm. In this way, executive manage the work and maintain the relation with the employees. Moreover, they uses Tuckman's model for influencing the team member towards the work. There are various stages of this model which include the forming, storming, norming and performing that are given below:

  • Forming: Manager analyses the behave of the employees towards the work. In this way, employees behave in positive way which help to understand the work is provided by the manager (Stoner, and Milner, 2010). Employees also share the role and responsibility for completing the work on time and attain the goals and objectives.
  • Storming: This plays important role in the team under which manager identify the conflict reason between management and human resource. In this way, manager responsible for maintain the work environment and issues of the employees.
  • Norming: In this stage, manager formulates the rules and regulation for mataining the work environment. It helps employees to gives the beeter work and attain the goals and objectives of the firm. It positive affects the performance of the organization which will increase the overall productivity.
  • Performing: In this stage , manager uses the alternative ways for taking the right decision and effectively manage the work of the organization. (Rosenberg, Heimler and Morote, 2012).


Different measures can be adopted to attain the effective and well defined goals and objectives for the business. This will help the team members in creating significant results and measures for attaining the results. It has been analysed and effective communication and interaction results in attaining significant business results for the company. A team helps the business in attaining goals and results. Specialization can be an alternative method for the business which will help the company in developing effective business outcome. Delegated team roles if effectively managed may help the business in developing results which may create a competitive edge in the market. For the same monitoring the business outcomes is an important requirement (Mason, Williams and Cranmer, 2009). Next PLC have to develop the strategies for complete the task so that they can have to collect the information and have to complete the task in the time so that company can increase the performance and have the potentiality to attain the success and the growth. The significant fault in communication process results the business in restricting the outcome of the business creating an indefinite impact on overall growth and development of the companies. Next Plc. ensures to share the business information and knowledge to attain appropriate outcome for the business On the other hand, employees share the roles and responsibility for completing the work on time and attain the goals and objective of the organization. Moreover, the strategy for solving the issue at the work place which help human resource to focuses on their work and gives the best services to their customers.



There are some of the techniques and methods that are used for evaluating various issues relating to work-based problems that are effected by Next PLC in its culture at the workplace:-

  • Mathematics- This methods is mostly used by a firm to solve problems that are based on algorithm. With the help of this method, the company Next PLC can solve the various issues by finding out the alternative solution and get the effective results in an appropriate manner (Andrews and Higson, 2008). This methods work best but it consumes more time and if it is not provide better results according to the situations then this methods is wastage of time and energy for the organisation.
  • Heuristics- The techniques Heuristics is work effective on those problems that are based on situation and it can be solved by experience and discovering. This techniques is based on psychological so, this cannot be solved in every situation so, the problem solving is a continuous process by use of different components. Along with this, it cannot solve overall direct difficult conditions.
  • Trial and error- This method that are used by an organisation to solve various problems in that condition where there is a difference in the number. This method are choose by a firm in that conditions when all the other solution is not work effectively to resolve issue in an appropriate manner (Bridgstock, 2009).
  • The Next PLC problem facing the higher turnover rate of employees that can be solved with the help of various solutions that are as follows-
  • Motivation- The Company should restructure the compensation plan in which there is a benefits give to the staff worker so, they can highly motivate and satisfaction level will also improve. The benefits that enhance level are the incentive plans, increment in salary, bonus plans, retirement's benefits and also pension schemes.
  • Take feedbacks- The problems can be solved if the company take regular feedback for each and every employees so, they can easily share their views and opinions that leads to the satisfaction level of the individuals can be enhance that reduce the high employee turnover rate.


The appropriate strategies are mainly categorized into four steps that are mentioned below-

Understand the problem

The company has to identifying the main problem of employees that are needs to resolve on time before the company suffer loss. Understand the types of resources from various source that is gather from the employees and customer so the firm achieve its objectives and goals.

Set plan

After identification of problem then there is need to prepare or set plan in that there is planning is to be design in order to solve various types of problems. In this stage a proper tools and techniques adopted by an organisation so, the problem can be resolved efficiently by knowing what is to be done or not (Yorke and Knight, 2006).


In that stage a firm has to implement the set up plan at the workplace to resolve issues. In this plan there is a various alternative solution is set so, the firm can choose better option from available alternative solution as per the nature of situation.


In the step of evaluation a firm has to analyse and review that the strategy and method that is implement at the workplace can be provide effective outcomes or not. If it does not provide an effective results that means firm has to change or choose another solution to resolve issues in an organisation (Yorke, 2006).


Evaluation is that process in which a firm can check and analyse that the implement strategies is effective or not by comparing the effects at all the level of an organisation. Analysis and reviewing is done in the whole process to know that the strategy has been applied are effect the business as per the expectation of a firm or not. Then after getting a results or outcomes that is get from the members of a team it is appropriate or not. Then after there is any problem arise in the outcomes that means that the strategy was implemented is not correct according to the firm so, a company should make another strategy by knowing the reasons behind this defect problem and firm can not impact the another implement strategy (Lowden and, 2011).


Summing up the whole project on it has been concluded that the Next PLC choose different motivational methods to enhance and improve the performance of a company. Afterwards,the identification of a work based problem is done and also solutions for the same are developed and also effective management strategies are made in use by the organization for improvement the organizational culture.


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