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Training and Development Strategies in Virgin Atlantic

University: Buckinghamshire New University

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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Question :

this assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explore the links between performance management and learning and development initiatives.
  • Use of a performance management system, its purpose and procedures; and how this will support employee performance in Virgin Atlantic Airways.
  • Evaluate possible training and learning & development strategies to enhance employee skills.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Virgin Atlantic Airways


Human resource management is the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying as well as managing staff members of a business firm. In addition to this, the HR department of an organization is generally responsible for creating, putting into effect, and overseeing policies governing workers and the relationship of the organization with its employees (Breman, Giacumo, and Griffith-Boyes, 2019). This report is based on Virgin Atlantic Airways which is a British airline whose head office is located in Crawley, England. The respective organization was established in 1984 and it was originally planned by its co-founders i.e., Randolph Fields and Alan Hillary. This report will go to discuss several training and learning methods along with appropriate theories related to the same. In addition to this, learning and development strategies will be identified with the concept of performance management as well as approaches related to the same. In the last section of the report legislation related to employment will explain.


Various training and learning methods and techniques as well as its appropriateness

There are several training and learning methods as well as techniques which will provide advantages to Virgin Atlantic Airways after implementation. Explanation of these methods are as follows :-

  • On the Job training– This is an training and learning method in which employees get training at workplace while doing their actual job. For example, Virgin Atlantic Airways provide training session to their air Hostage while performing daily basis activity. As it is most effective technique because this result in improving productivity of company (de Vries and et. al., 2016). Along with this, it is not expensive way of providing training session to staff members.
  • Coaching– It is off the job training method within that classroom coaching will be provided to staff members. For instance, Virgin Atlantic Airways using coaching as an effective training method for developing skills and knowledge of their Pilot. Because it is not possible to provide them on the job training as it may result in several risk.

Thus, above mention are training and development session which Virgin Atlantic Airways can use for providing training to their staff member and it will help in enhancing their skills as well as knowledge.

Learning styles, approaches and models, level of learning and other appropriate theories

Learning style is related to the range of competing s well as contested theories which aim is to identify differences within learning of individuals. There are numerous learning style some which Virgin Atlantic Airways can use are as follows-

  • Visual- It refers to right brained learner as well as it is also known as spatial learning. In this style several method will utilise such as pictures, images and spatial understanding.
  • Verbal- It is bit distinct from visual learning style because in this information process by using language (Dening and et. al., 2019). There are several method which utilise for providing verbal learning style such as words in both manner speech as well as writing.

Apart from this, there are some learning theory which respective organisation can implement within working along with learning style are as follows :-

Behaviourism learning theory – This theory believes that knowledge exist independently as well as outside of people. Moreover, it has been believe by behaviourists that learning generally occur at the time when new behaviour as well as change within this will acquire by association within stimuli and response. Learning procedure is based on objectively observable modification in behaviour. In simple term, for learning something it is essential for employees of Virgin Atlantic Airways to acquire change in behaviour.

Learning and development strategies

There are several learning as well as development strategy which Virgin Atlantic Airways can implement within their working (Eyres and Lima, 2018). it is Comprehension monitoring strategy within this learning and development strategy will implement within working of Virgin Atlantic Airways in that self questioning will conduct. Through this several skills and knowledge will develop as well as work like effective strategy of learning new things and developing.

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Concept and purpose of performance management

Performance management is simply an tool of corporate management which provide assistance to managers for evaluating as well as monitoring work. In simple term it can be said that, goal of performance management is to develop such environment within that individual can give best of their abilities to produce highest quality work in most efficient and effective manner. In addition to this, formal performance management program assist personnel and managers see about goals, expectations, career progress, goals as well as career progress involving how individual will work aligns with overall vision of business firm. In general terms, performance management views particular person within context of broader workplace system.

By performance management traditional tool will utilise such as creating and measuring goals, objectives as well as milestones. Aim of this is to define what effectual performance looks like as well as develop procedure for performance measurement. Along with this, managers can use tool i.e., performance management for adjusting workflow, recommending new course of action as well as to take decisions which will assist personnel in accomplishing their objectives. In relation of organisation, PDP will provide assistance to business firm in reaching their goals as well as perform optimally (Holloway, Arcus and Orsborn, 2018). There are several purpose of performance management explanation of these are as follows :-

  • Alignment- Performance management is just annual reviews which provide assistance to managers in managing performance of employees. In addition to this, it is an procedure which provide assistance to personnel in better understanding of overall business goals (6 Purposes of Performance Management in HRM, 2019).
  • Guidance and support– Staff members need guidance for completing their business activities in effective manner. Through performance management program manager of company will guide their employee's in relation to the area which they have to develop for accomplishing personal as well as organisational goals in effective manner.
  • Pre-emptive problem solving– Staff members require to know the expectations as well as consistent performance management conversations for providing assistance to set those expectations. That also means when an personnel is lacking the mark within that manager can help in identifying it and also potentially assist in correction of problems or issues.
  • Improves productivity– In an organisation, personnel who understand their place will have clear expectations related to their role and they will also more productive as well as get engaged within operation of company.
  • Identifying talent gaps – When HR team get engage with personnel and managers related to process and performance of staff members. Along with this, need for additional and new hire also identified through performance management.
  • Documentation– Formal performance management provide opportunity to organisation in documenting everything from complaints as well as issue to praise and promotions. Every business require to document of communication which take place within personnel and HR for ensuring proper paperwork available within case and it will help in any legal issue or dispute.

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Performance management approaches and practices

Performance management is an ongoing procedure of communication with supervisor as well as staff member which occur throughout the year, for accomplishing the strategic objectives of business firm. In addition to this, communication procedure involves clarifying expectations, identifying goals, setting objectives, reviewing results, providing feedbacks and many more. For Virgin Atlantic Airways is is important to manage performance of their employees because it will help in accomplishing predetermined goals and objectives of business (Hopkins, 2016). There are several performance management approaches explanation of these are as follows :-

  • 360 degree feedback approach – It is an approach which provide opportunity to every staff member to receive performance feedback from their superiors or manager. 360 degree feedback allow each personnel of Virgin Atlantic Airways to understand how employee and coworker is viewed by others. It is most effectual procedure because it provide feedbacks which are based on behaviour that other staff members can see. Through this, area will be find which need to be improve as well as performance of employees will manage in effective manner which give positive impact on working of Virgin Atlantic Airways.
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) – This frameworks also help staff member of Virgin Atlantic Airways is developing their performance. Within procedure of personal development plan employee also set goals related to personal development which will enhance their ability for contributing within success of business. By making PDP plan and reviewing it on timely basis by superiors or manager individual can manage their performance in effective manner as well as result in accomplishing goals and objective of Virgin Atlantic Airways.

With the implementation of above mention performance management approaches Virgin Atlantic Airways HR manager can manage their staff members performance and result in accomplishing goals as well as objectives of business in effective manner (Hudson and et. al., 2018). In addition to this, it is essential to maintain performance of personnel because they are important assets of organisation and play important role within their growth and success.

Legislations related to employment

Legislations is the procedure by that statutes are enacted by a legislative body which is established as well as empowered to do so. In simple term, it can be said that legislation is a particular bill or other piece of legislation. There are several legislation related to employment which Virgin Atlantic Airways have to implement within their working. Because it will provide job satisfaction to staff members as well as they will feel like important part of company. Explanation of these legislations are as follows :-

  • Data protection – Data Protection Act 2018 is UK Act of Parliament that has been updates data protection laws in the United Kingdom. Moreover, respective is national law that complements the European Union's General data protection regulation and also updates data protection act 1998. With implementation of this act Virgin Atlantic Airways can protect personal information of their staff members (Kabanovaa nd Kogan, 2017). Because Data Protection Act 2018 control individual personal information which utilise by business firm. In addition to this, respective act is the United Kingdom's implementation of general data protection regulation (GDPR). It is responsibility of Virgin Atlantic Airways HR manager that while using personal data several strict rules has to follows which are known as data protection principles.
  • Equality and diversity Act – This act gives duty to take several duties which account such as eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimization, advance equality of opportunity and many more. Moreover, within this act several areas are covered such as equal pay, sex discrimination, race relations, disability discrimination and so on (Rossett and Loudon, 2017). By implementation of equality and diversity act, Virgin Atlantic Airways staff members will gain several advantages as their will be no discrimination within employees on any basis as well as equal opportunities will be provided to everyone.

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After going through the above discussion it has been summarised that, human resource management is important part of an organisation as it help in managing staff members within effective manner. In addition to this, there are several training and learning methods which HR manager have to implement within their operations for enhancing skills as well as knowledge of personnel. Apart from this, there is requirement to implement performance management approaches and practices for managing performance of staff members in effective manner. Furthermore, there are some legislation related to employment that have to be ensure by HR manager to implement in work such as data protection, equality and diversity etc..


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