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Hiring and Induction Process of The Firm: TESCO

University: London Metropolitan University

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 4 / Words 1101
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: BSBHRM506
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Question :

To manage people in an organisation requires proper skills and training. The management is either done by leaders or managers to make the work done effectively by the employees. To understand this in a better way, answer the following questions:

  • What management training programs help organisations in getting great outputs.
  • What are the different management and leadership styles?
  • What is the influence of culture upon the organisational structure within an organisation?
Answer :
Organization Selected : TESCO


A company belonging to any sector, any size or nature is formed by the association of many people who provides leadership, formulate strategies and provide innovative and creative ideas that assists firm to transform from mediocrity to great successful venture. Thus, for a firm in today's economy and global competitive environment it is of utmost importance to rethink ways to manage its workforce and paying sufficient attention to their needs and aspirations as well. Managing people involves a wide range of activities comprising recruitment, selection, training and developing them, termination and many more. The assignment is based on TESCO which is a British based multinational food retail brand. Following report will discuss about hiring and induction process of the firm along with comparing and contrasting various leadership styles that it uses. Further is will also analyse relationship between firm's structure and culture it follows.

P1. Induction and Training program leads to greater performance and output

Training and induction forms an essential part for new employees as it assists them to know about big picture of company's issues like its vision, culture, values, mission, structures, policies, ethics and there role and responsibilities in it.

TESCO is one of the largest retail supermarket chain in UK that deals in a wide range of products constituting groceries, general merchandise, household items etc. TESCO has more than 2200 stores in UK itself which is managed by a proficient team of around 280000 employees. Thus, to handle such a huge workforce and to retain and motivate them TESCO pays special emphasis in developing its employees by providing proper training and induction programs for them.

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Induction Program: It can be described as process and support that is been provided by a firm to its new joiners to make them familiar with company and its members along with expectations and tasks of the job. The main objective of induction program is to integrate new employees into organization and to make them understand its culture, system, process. It helps them to get comfortable with new working environment and give them a sense of belonging.

Training: It can be described as the process of enhancing the core competencies of new as well as existing employees. It involves developing their skills, knowledge and actions so that they are able to successfully fulfil their present as well as future task oriented professional requirements.

Both induction and training program assists TESCO to stimulate a better performance from its employees and thus contributes in its final output. It is because

  • TESCO during its employee’s induction communicate about their roles, job responsibilities and level of performance expected from them. This helps new joiners to be focused and attentive towards their assigned tasks from beginning itself and to easily adapt to their job goals and start delivering quick and good results.
  • Also, TESCO ensures that all the expectation of new joiners with the company are been addressed properly. For this managers of TESCO ensures that all questions, queries and confusion related to roles and goals of new employees are properly answered and solved so that there is no state of confusion or frustration in them. This further helps in staff retention and reducing their turnovers.

Training and development on other hand too greatly contributes in enhancing employee performance of TESCO. Its is as firm follows a flexible and structured approach in its training and development program. Managers through Personal Development plan identifying professional needs of its new employees as well as performance gaps of its existing staff and then designs proper training sessions to induce them with necessary KSA. It contributes in its enhancement of overall performance of employees as :

  • This helps in building and maintaining a proficient team that is competitive enough to deal with complex dynamic market changes.
  • It helps in motivating employees and enhancing their confidence as by acquiring necessary competencies increases their market value which further helps in their career growth and development.
  • Also, proper training increases workforce efficiency and understanding to complete an assigned task by following proper process. It also make employees intellectual and rational to take best course of actions to complete them within specific time frame generating maximum outcomes.

Thus, TESCO in order to become better, being more productive and flexible to meet its internal people requirements, plays crucial attention in their induction and training programs. However, with such diverse workforce there are certain problems that are been faced by TESCO while organizing such events. Mentioned below are certain challenges that are been encountered by firm and their suggestive measures:

  • Dispersed Workforce: TESCO being a global brand has an international presence and thus its workforce is pretty diversified in more than 15 nations across the world. Thus, to provide training to such geographically disperses staff with multi culture origin, it becomes difficult to maintain consistency in training standards in all its business units.
  • Measures to overcome the problem: E-learning can be most suitable and viable solution to overcome this challenge. It forms one the most innovative, attractive and understandable way to train geographically dispersed staff by TESCO by making use of online forums, video conferences etc.. As it can be served centrally thus it is easy for TESCO to globally implement any updates or translation could be made at central location that further could be accesses around globe.
  • Lack of engagement: TESCO being UK's largest retail company have around 295000 employees that forms one of the biggest challenges for TESCO during its training process. It is because in case employees resist training and take it as irrelevant activity it makes it very difficult for firm to successfully engage its entire workforce in training program.
  • Measures to overcome problem: The best solution to this problem is that managers of TESCO should properly communicate the importance and associated benefits that a particular training program will provide to employees. And how it further helps in their career growth and development.

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