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Various HRM Models & Software Programmes - Euroclub Hotel

University: University of Bristol

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 16 / Words 4071
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: HRM325
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Question :


As a Human Resource Management Consultant, select an organization to advise them on the expectation of taking the HR practices to the next level to compete effectively within marketplace. In specific the Board of Directors want you to address the following:

Task 1

Present HRM models, analyse the conceptualization of the firm to the management of its human resources. (900 words/20 marks)

Task 2

Cover the HR functions of organisation’s (such as recruitment & selection, HRD, motivation, performance) in context to strategic human resource initiatives. Form applicable recommendations on how it could be improved. (1800 words/40 marks)

Task 3

Measure HRM software programs that are approachable off the shelf and measure which one of these programmes of software can be advantageous to the administration. (650 words/15 marks)

Task 4

Cover the characteristics of effectual leaders considering all the issues known in the previous tasks. Present applicable models to justify analysis. (650 words/15 marks)

Task 5

Presentation, citations and referencing

General guidelines:

  • Investigating must be in proper academic literature and provide clear evidence of critical evaluation.
  • It is an individual written project and worth 100%
  • Submit work either report or essay format.
  • All research must be referenced and a reference list attached.
  • Application of theory to practice will be taken into the consideration.
  • Maximum Words (4000)

Assessment Criteria

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Quality to determine strategic HR issues applicable to the whole performance of the organisation (10%)
  • Coherence and depth of investigation of issues identified (20%)
  • Quality to measure issues facing by chosen company in context to applicable theoretical models. (20%)
  • Utilise applicable evidence based on personal research (20%)
  • Knowledge to accomplish a personal synthesis through relevant conclusions or making recommendations and assessment of facts (20%)
  • Display referencing methodology, length, quality and quantity of references used. (10%)

Further Guidelines:

The submission should be arranged and clearly structured in a report or essay format


Maximum word length allowed is 4000 words.


This project is worth 100% of the final assessment of the module.


Student is required to submit a type-written document in Microsoft Word format with Times New Roman font type, size 12 and line spacing 1.5.


 Harvard Referencing System.


Plagiarism should be avoided. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously.

Report Structure (if used)

Table of Contents



Discussion/Literature Review




Answer :
Organization Selected : Euroclub Hotel


Human capital management plays significance role in helping companies HR department maximize entire productivity & happiness of workers. In order to manage human capital, Human Resource Management develop or design different techniques and systems. Leadership is term that are used interchangeably to depict someone who are able to manage group of people, with the help of choosing effective leadership style or management, human resource department can perform their day to day job in systematic way.

The present report is based on Euroclub hotel established in Malta, it is set in heart of Qawar, on island of Malta.

This study explains relevant HRM models and approach of company to management of their workers. It justifies range of Human resource functions in relation to strategic HR initiatives with suitable suggestions as to how it will improve these. Furthermore, this report clarified HRM software programs and characteristics of good leaders taking into consideration all problems determined in below tasks.

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Literature review

Human resource models and approach of Euroclub hotel to management of their HR

Brewster, Mayrhofer and Farndale, eds., (2018) highlight that Fombrun model of HRM emphasizes four functions and their interrelations, four function are appraisal, selection, rewards and development in regard to management of Human resource in Euroclub hotel. These four constituent elements of HRM and expected to contribute to organizational effectiveness. This model is incomplete as it only centring on four function of human resource management and avoid all contingency and environment factors that affect HR activities. Fombrun model is one of the best HRM models which is easy to use and serve heuristic framework for explaining significance and nature of HR functions.

HRM of company apply this model in order to manage existing workforce and new applicants at workplace that is beneficial and helpful for business as they can sustain for longer period in retail sector.

Selection -  It is the first function of Fombrun model, according to this, Human resource team will select the best candidates. In opinion of Mejia and Torres, (2018) employee selection refers to the procedure of evaluating and interviewing people for specific job & selecting person for employment based on some criteria such as experience, abilities, skills and most important is qualifications. The purpose of selection function is to picking or choosing individuals who have applicable qualifications to fill vacancy in company. The most common purpose is to select person who can successfully do their job, from pool of skilled and qualified applicants. Situational tests, integrity tests, ability, data revealing and personality describing tests are the best methods of employee selection that can use by HRM.

Marchington and, (2016) stated that selection methods work effectively to manage human resource, but it takes long time instead of other methods to achieve goal. Appraisal is the much better than other functions available in Fombrun model. Workers performance appraisal is process often combining oral and written elements, whereby HRM examine and give feedback on staff job performance, including stage to redirect or improve activities as required. Management by objective is one of the performance appraisal methods, that mostly used by Human resource management because it is less time-consuming and cost effective. It includes setting up of goals and objectives for staff either by manager or employer, or both. This performance appraisal approach helps people to do better because they are well alert of their goals and already knows quantity that needs to be delivered.

Development -  It is second last function of Fombrun model interrelated with all the above activities. Employee training, career planning, performance appraisal and employee rewards programs are the different types of methods of HRD, used by human resource department to manage their people and retain them as possible as they can.

 Rewards -  It is the last and most effective function of HRM, according to Fombrun model. It effectively helps in retaining people and managing performance of workforce. Effective management of HR is aim of Euroclub hotel in which human resource management play their role in systematic manner. They can use different types of approaches-

In view point of Berriet-Solliec and, (2018) system approach is quite beneficial regarding above statement. It is set of interrelated but separate components working together for same goal. For example, HRM is system have parts such as training, procurement etc. one part influence and affected by other. It is a good concept which views firm as an interconnected purposive programs that consists of different business sections. An company is system whereas human resource management is sub system. Training and other methods are interrelated with each other included in system approach used by HRM to manage people effectively and retain them. This method is used to manage current work force that support long term business goals and results with strategic framework.

David and David, (2016) contradict that strategic approaches in regard to management of existing employees is much better than other approaches adopt by firm. Worker is the strategic asset of company, they have competencies and basis of competitive edge. HR is combination of skills, talent, some of them are other ability and inborn, they have obtained through education as well as learning. Strategic human resource management method focuses on employee management system and longer solutions, & stress organizational development interventions. It also includes achieving worker organizational fit and other features that assure people add value to firm. By developing systems to gain better organizational and workers performance, strategic HRM promotes following benefits, such as lower high employee turnover, increased interest of people and maximize staff commitment. It helps to create good future, identify strategic directions, increase market share and profit margin, avoid competitive convergence and take better business decisions.

Human resource approach of organization to management of their staff is relevant in context of business. According to this method, individual are human beings with a lot of intellectuals and potentials abilities, it is very essential to treat worker with dignity and respect, that enhance people motivational level and set good image of management in mind. When junior and seniors at workplace treat people with respect, they can increase work efficiency of workers, assure them that they are working at good and effective environment. Managers will encourage their employees to take participation in decision-making process, it helps to motivate other person, make business more creative and boosts productivity rather than past few years.

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Human resource functions in relation to strategic HR initiatives

According to Papa and, (2018) human resource management is strategic method to effective administration of worker in firm such that they help its business to gain competitive benefits and raise their position within retail sector. It is designed or planned to increase staff abilities or work in service of an employer strategic goals. HR department with skilled team members handles many essential function of Euroclub hotel. It is helpful in offering labour law compliance, record keeping, compensation, training and help with managing specific performance problems.

The key functions of HR include recruitment or hiring, human resource betterment, performance management, motivation & other.

In view point of DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhulst, (2016) workforce planning and employment (selection and recruitment) is the main function of human resource management in Euroclub hotel, it includes orientation, selection, recruitment and exist procedure. Department managers or leaders effectively work with human resources to identify staffing needs and to complete vacancies in effective manner whenever need arise. Human resource selection group strategically selects as well as recruits the best applicants for organization and assures existing workforce efficiency thereafter in attempt to help their firm accomplish its objectives and goals. Recruitment & selection is the primary accountabilities of HR team, they are responsible to hire skilled people in order to gain competitive advantages, due to globalization the level of competition within market is increased, that affect Euroclub hotel business as they have to beat their competitors through hard work and effective performance, which is totally depended on strong team who are able to work for firm in order to contribute in achieving common goals.

This part of job entails interviewing, advertising open positions, setting aside hours devoted to hire new people and select candidates. In simple words, workforce planning and employment is most essential operation in human resource department, it designed to enhance staff strength to meet specific goals. Success of employment and recruiters specialist is measured by number of vacancies they fill and time it takes to fill those positions at work place. Screening of new applicants will be properly managed by HR which allow them to hire skilled workers for company. They source right peoples for right job, advertise job postings, coordinate hiring attempts and conduct preliminary interviews with managers accountable for taking final selection of job seekers.

As per view of Basak and Khanna, (2017) human resource department will use external recruitment method, in order to hire people from talent pool.

HR development ( Training & development) - It is the second function and main function of HR department. It is integrated use of company, training and career development efforts to enhance group, individual & organizational effectiveness. It develops competencies that allow workers in Euroclub hotel to perform recent and future jobs through planned learning activities. Human resource is accountable while doing job in company for assuring that workers receive proper training whether off site or in house, to adequately do their jobs. The manager of this department encourage all the workers to take benefits of tuition reimbursement advantage that give individuals an incentive to further education & use their acquired knowledge and skills for betterment of business in general. In relation to strategic human resource, training and development help workers to strengthen their ability of work, it helps to increase efficiency and make them able to perform & complete given task on time in systematic manner. Development and training increased morale and job satisfaction among staff members.

Total rewards (Compensation & benefits) - HR benefits group in Euroclub hotel is responsible for acquiring attractive benefits as well as compensation package for new applicants and existing. It is one of the most amazing and highly effective function of HR, might include, medical & dental insurance, competitive salary range, choice of life insurance, flexible spending account, tuition reimbursement and many more. Human resource recruiter in company offer and promote the best or most enchanting rewards package to those applicants who meet selection criteria at some stage during interview procedure. Along with this, compensation reward package is prepared on the bases of workers performance, considered by HR manager. It helps to retain employees once hired and also gain attention of top talent people. Payroll specialist and human resource compensation analyst oversee salary administration of new candidates, staff benefits, process payroll and maintain workers files. Dispensation of payroll covers under accountabilities of HRM. Both elements are essential aspect of human resource management as it support to keep workers motivated. Furthermore, benefits and compensation contribute to provide benefits to staff members based on their performance and hard work brings best out workers at workplace. Overall accountability of both component's manager it to organize company rewards and compensation programs without discrimination and make differences based on age, gender and skin colour.

Motivation - It is the heart of human resource management, motivation is defined as procedure which directs, energizes and sustain human nature. In HRM term refers to individual desire to do the great possible job to utilize maximal efforts to work assigned tasks. It is considered as procedure of encouraging, stimulating and inspiring workers for their maximum effort to obtain improved performance. It is common understanding that motivated peoples subordinate their objectives to gain company specific aims. Changes in organizational structure bring difficulties for workers to perform in new environment, some employees cannot be able to work effectively in new workplace after changes, as it affect working abilities and demotivate existing staff which is not good for business. At that movement Human resource department, plays vital role, they can adopt and apply different types of methods in order to motivate their staff and boost up their morale as well.

Performance management - It refers to the continuing procedure of communication between workers and managers, with mutual goal of achieving strategic goals and objective of organization. Human resource department play essential role in implementing and designing performance appraisals. Infect, they play role as mediator between functional heads and workers, to assure smooth implementation of appraisals procedure in context of workers is the responsibility of HR team. In include different important function of HR like rewards, feedback, performance review and goal setting. Effective performance management system designed by HRM established clear work expectations through which people can effectively understand what is expected of their duty. With the help of performance management procedure team of this department assure that outputs and set of activities will meets organizational objectives in efficient and systematic manner. It only focuses on performance of company, departments and staff in place to manager specific tasks. It is considered as process through which firm aligns their mission, objectives and goals with existing workforce, available raw materials and systems. Worker performance management is necessary and essential HRM tools that affect people & organizational growth as well as development significantly.

Performance appraisal - It is day-to-day review of labour performance and all the attempt to firm, it is also known as annual review and performance evaluation method. It helps to examine individuals skills, growth & achievements. Human resource manager and its team members is highly responsible to ensure effective implementation of appraisal procedure. The three basic components of this function is to give adequate feedback to each person on their performance, to serve as common for changing or modifying behaviour toward additional good working habits and to cater data to managers with which they can judge further job assignments. They have to make sure activity is easy and does not take too much time, team members of this section know accountabilities assigned to all people for them to design or create system where their overall achievement will be rated with respect to their responsibility areas. Along with this, HR team used different types of methods while designing performance appraisal system, such as self evaluation, management by objectives, rating scale, and 360 degree feedback.

Risk management - It is considered as HR function, human resource department workers along with administration manager is active in detecting risk causes that pose threat to business for instance dismission of hazardous unnecessary material from work area within company. Human resource risk management group take extra precautions in offering safe work environment for their employees and its consumers. The team of this department issue handbooks to their workers to educate them on risk management problems and also provide safety training in order to develop ability among people to prevent themselves as well as other in any sudden incidents such as fire at workplace. Individual face legal obligation to give hazards free and safe work environment, while doing job in Euroclub hotel. Employer comply with occupational health & safety administration in keeping proper records for all job related injuries. HR of company plays two different roles in risk management function, first, individual are source of risk for example, shortage of workers, staff refusing to take on additional accountability or work, doing sloppy work etc. Second, people are essential in handling risk, i.e., worker use their ingenuity to solve unexpected issues, going excess mile for good of organization, and group redesigning their own job to avoid unessential delays in getting work finished.

Recommendations for improvement

 Human resource management use external recruitment approach in order to recruit new people in Euroclub hotel which is quite beneficial for business, but they can get the best and talented applicants when they use another methods along with the existing one. HR manager of company is recommended to adopt internal recruitment approach. It consists of workers who are already working in organization and on payroll of business. Internal recruitment is beneficial for firm as it helps to save time and money as well in order to fill vacancy.

Idowu, (2017) different types of methods are available which human resource team can use in performance appraisals system. To motivate team and retain workers for longer HRM must use assessment centre method and 720 degree appraisal approach. The aims of 720 degree approach for performance appraisal is mapping, monitoring, giving feedback, evaluating and encouraging people to achieve goals of business.

Range of human resource management software programs available off shelf

According to Tanwar, (2017) HRM software programs help human resource department of company to achieve their objective and goals through streamlining management procedures and leveraging their tasks such as training, maintenance and recruitment of workforce. Usually it helps to improve HR efficiency as well as productivity more than before. Purpose of HRM software greatly differ due to variety of workflows of human resource administration from one organization to next. Based on functionality, there are the most popular examples of software programs.

Bamboo HR - It is one of the most famous and top HRM solutions, it is an online HR information system that priorities' management to focus on workers and not on paperwork. It is easy to use and intuitive cloud based tool that allow human resource team to create users team, fields & tables, customize tabs, track benefits and integrate with third part app for applicant tracking and payroll. It helps to tackle everything from payroll management and benefits administration to daily attendance tracking & performance evaluation. So HRM can be sure that it is equipped to manage their basic responsibilities.

Shikov and, (2020) highlighted that Open elevator is better than Bamboo HR system programs, it is a human resource software that centring on hiring workers that are highly engaged and motivated. Developers of this software strive to secure company from hiring indifferent peoples as it believes that recruiting highly engaged staff translate to higher rate of productivity and good performance for entire group. In order to achieve this, Open Elevator uses matching approaches employed by dating websites to assure characteristic of hired applicants with firm culture and their managers values. It comes with large dashboard that permits for easy criteria based sorting, filtering, rejecting and short-listing of candidates. It is the only platform centring on hiring for engagement, unlike other HRM software programs which manage workers and track people hours.

From above analysis, it has been identified that Open Elevator is one of the best software programs that would be beneficial for Euroclub hotel and its HR department. It helps team transform workers into stakeholder who actually care about business. It is talent selection tools that support company attract the most compatible candidate who will likely progress with firm and become not just resources but stakeholders who add more value to hotel. Open Elevator does this by using compatibility driven selecting algorithm designed to choose correct person among hundreds of qualified and job seeking peoples. Software is not focuses on supporting users hire and attract individual with better qualifications but also helps to consider their people personality, matches it with leaders, managers and firm culture. It helps HRM to find worker who have qualities and personality that is easily aligned with business mission, goals and vision, it is beneficial in context of Euroclub hotel as save time and efforts choosing the best one among number of people available in market seeking for good job.

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Characteristics of effective leaders take into consideration all problems

The way leaders lead the operation of the business used to heavily depends on the demand of situation and characteristics which is possessed by the leader to carry out the different operation of the business. Lee and, (2017) used to explain the same in their published paper, as author highlights that there are many characteristics which need to be showcased by the leader to overcome the different issue, good communicator is one of the same trait. As it very important for the leader to pass on the correct message to the different employee in the organization, so that there is good sort of clarity among the different level of the employee in the organization. This will eventually help the company in building good working environment which will reduce the employee turnover of the rate. Wilson, (2018) highlights that communication characteristic of the leader will also help the leader in improving the morale and motivation of the employee at the workplace. As good communication characteristic will help the leader in understanding the different motivational factor of the employee in the organization. On the basis of the information derive leader in the organization can communicate the best strategy to the employee to improve their motivation in the organization.

Konya, Matić and Pavlović, (2016) supports the above author by highlighting that Decision making capability in the leader also can help the leader in reducing the amount of employee turnover in the organization. As good decision-making capability will help the leader in showcasing the opinion of all the employee in the different decision in the organization. This help the leader in reducing the employee turnover rate in organization. This characteristic is also supported by the Ocean trait model, openness is the trait under which this type of leader used to fall.

In the published paper Garretsen and, (2019) highlights that commitment and positive attitude toward achieving the goal is the another characteristic which will help the organization in improving the motivation of the employee at the time of change management in the organization. As at the time of change in the organization all the employee feel uncertain in terms on finding the direction in which they have to follow different direction. If leader at that time in the organization shows the positive attitude and commitment toward define goal. It passes on the good positive message to the employee, this contributes very positively toward improving motivation of the employee. same trait by quoting the evidence of Ocean trait model, as Conscientiousness aspect is the aspect under which this sort of the leader falls and this used to define the leader must be thoughtfulness and of a goal directed behaviour.

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From above, it has been concluded that by applying Fombrun model, human resource management in Euroclub hotel effectively manage their existing workers and able to retain of all of them. System approach and strategic approaches used by firm, that provide benefits as it help to manage people and motivate them. With the help of effective HR functions, organization is able to retain skilled labour and gain attention of new people in ethical manner. Furthermore, among range of HRM software programs, Open Elevator is the best one for company that they can use in competitive environment for hiring talented persons.


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