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Self Reflection Essay-Intellectual Development

University: University of Sydney

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
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Question :

Personal and professional development can be referred to as the process by which the individual and companies engage in process of learning so that desired goals and challenges can be achieved. Intellectual development is a part of personal and professional development which involves organising ideas, mind and thoughts of an individual so that it can make sense in the world. It is very important for the overall development of the person so that more career opportunities can be grabbed and success can be ensured.

  • What is intellectual development? State its importance.
  • How this skill can be developed?
  • How intellectual development can be developed?
Answer :

Concept of intellectual development

Intellectual development refers to capacity of the person for reasoning, thinking. Judging, relating and conceptualising which results on growth and experience of the person through the change. It is about how the people organise their mind, thoughts and idea in order to make sense of world they live in. the main purpose behind the intellectual development is that it helps the people to pay attention to the factors like using the language, ability to problem solve or reasoning and organising ideas. It relates to the physical growth of brain.

How intellectual development helps in professional development?

It helps in the professional development of an individual as it focuses on the improvement of the intellectual of person by continuous learning. People can learn through different areas of development like physical, emotional or social. This helps the individual to improve its knowledge about the key subject which will also help in performing the job role effectively.

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Consequences of not developing intellectual

It is important to have intellectual development but if it is not developed then the person may face consequences of not applying the intelligence into the job role or it may face problem in application of knowledge as it requires intellect to place right knowledge at right5 place to bring the effective result.

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How to develop it ?

Intellectual development is all about the learning. It focuses on how a person organise its ideas, thoughts and mind so that it can make sense in the world. As it is important to to develop intellect so its learning differs from age to age. Like for instance, if the intellectual development is for the children of the age group 5-6, then it can be developed by increasing their vocabulary by continuous visit to library or by making them do their assignment independently. It can be improved by introducing the children to exhibitions or museums so that they can take interest to learn about other activities as well.

For developing this skill in adolescence, it can be developed by making them pay attention or by taking responsibility to take independent decisions. It can also be developed by making them read a book independently or by participating in extra curriculum activities.

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In order to evolve the intellectual development in late adolescence, it can be developed by allowing them to take personal decisions or increasing their thoughts on global concepts like politics or history. Moreover by making them focused towards making career decisions.

Challenges in developing intellectual development

For children, it is the first exposure to develop the intellect as there are many children who are slow learners. The increased academic main-streaming have elevated the awareness where the disabled or slow learning children are perceived differently which reduces their opportunities to develop confidence in increasing their knowledge.

Now looking from the perspective of adolescent, there are many challenges faced by them as well while developing the intellectual development which includes cyber bullying if the individual takes help of internet to learn new things many other.

Self reflection on intellectual development

As I am planning to work for the position of Human resource manager, it is important to have intellectual development. In order to over look my skills and knowledge, a personal SWOT analysis is done below. It is an analysis of the strength and weakness of the person so that further developments can be made of the weakness and strength can be utilised to further develop the key areas of weakness.



I have a strength of communication skill which helps me in delivering my opinion and information to all with confidence.

My another strength is time management skill where I manage my work according to time and routine.

Intellectual development is my weakness as I am unable to apply my intellect at the right place.

Another weakness is problem solving skill as I am unable to focus on problem and find solution to it. It is linked to intellectual development as I am unable to apply my intellect on the problem in order to find solution to it.

How to develop intellectual development

In order to develop intellectual development, I can develop this by using the personal development plan. It is a process which creates an action plan based on the values, awareness, goal setting and planning.


Current proficiency

Target proficiency

Development opportunities

Judging criteria

Time required

Intellectual development

It is Low.

It is High.

I can develop this by reading books of expert authors so that I can gain knowledge of subjects which are weak for me.

Further I can develop this by increasing my vocabulary and knowledge by taking diploma courses on the subjects like information technology in order to keep updated with latest technological advancement which will help me performing my job role effectively.

This development shall be judged by the result of my diploma course which will show my progress. Further it will be judged by my application of intellect on the situation needed which will come in near future relating to handling staff or their dispute.

6 months

The development of intellect is important as it will help me to to perform my responsibilities effectively and manage the staff efficiently. This skill will further help me in motivating the workforce in a better manner.

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