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Role Of Building Comprehension & Quality Of Learning

University: University of Suffolk

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1657
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: 3409BC
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Generate a study plan that includes short term and long-term goals that can help students to attain both academic and professional success.
  • Evaluate the role of building comprehension and retention in improving quality of learning and increase academic achievement of the learner.
  • Present the knowledge of the learning techniques which improves memory retention and generate how people used to learn.
Answer :


Study skills is considered as an array of gaining or attaining new skills that contributes in the process of dealing with assessments along with the retention of important information. The number of advantages which are associated with same includes effective reading, high concentration and efficient note taking. Currently, the presence of skills in respect to the study and learning is minimal in students (Asonitou, 2015). This will have direct impact over their academic career which restricts them in performance of functions. The main aim of this report is about ascertainment of the role of building reading comprehension and retention in improvement of the learning and academic achievement of the students.

This report covers the role of building comprehension and retention in improvement of the quality of learning and increment in academic achievement of students and obstacles pertaining to building comprehension and retention.

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Main Body

a. Role of building comprehension and retention in improving quality of learning and academic achievement of the students

Presence of skills in student is important to carry on studies in prominent manner. The different kind of common skills that builds the song base for the students includes learning, reading, retaining and understanding. These all have their different role and contribution in growth of the student. Learning skill help in creation of ability among the students to focus over new concepts every time. This will further contributes in gaining knowledge which is new an different in all sense (Assiter, 2017). Reading skill help in effective presentation of the concept along with the retention of matter for longer period of time. So, attainment of reading skill help to grab the retention skill too. The integrated contribution has huge advantage behind the creation of critical thinker. In last, understanding is the main aspect. This can be done in actual sense in the situation when have good reading and retention skill. This is the reason that it comes at last in place. The effective development of understanding skill aid in transformation of perspectives along with the construction of meanings.

The man two that must have by the students is reading comprehension and retention as this will have most optimum impact over quality of learning and achievements of students. In the current scenario, many college students have marginal skill related to reading comprehension (Wilson, 2018). This resultants into poor retention power of the material and concepts. Remembering (retention) is lower order skill in comparison to understanding which is higher in skills order. The main reason is that understanding involves the two aspects i.e. analysing and evaluating. The determinants which are needed to adhere or adopt for building effective reading skill includes ascertaining background knowledge, questioning, analysis of the text structure and visualization. For ex, questioning includes framing of questions before and after of reading to increase comprehension (Carpenter, Dearlove and Marland, 2015). The three different questions upon which requires to provide focus includes right now, analytical and research. Right now question help to grab the knowledge in respect to essence of material read and the facts which are mentioned. Analytical question help the student to ponder over their learning and focus over understanding that author wants to tell. Research question help the students to get the knowledge beyond to the concept written in text. The overall benefit of its development is ascertained by student in development of learning where easy to find meanings and frame perspectives (The Goal of Reading, 2019). It improves quality of the presentation that enables to grab the opportunities present in public speakings. In terms of increment in academic achievement's help the student to win different competitions related to reading comprehensions, debates, curricular programmes etc.

Low presence of reading skill in college students as determined above, contributes in weaker retention power too. This will hinder the students to remember the concepts. To develop or build this among the students requires to focus over long term deep readings, adherence or fulfilment of reading strategies, avoidance of cramming, structuring & organising, Read out Loud etc. The contribution of this ascertained in the manner that this will aid in building lower order skill that improves quality of learning perspectives along with attainment of academic achievement's. In regards to this, quality is attained in the form of retention of matter and concepts for longer period of time (Cottrell, 2019). As an academic achievement, grab improvement in overall personality that help to be upcoming critical reader and thinker.

Attainment of the both Reading comprehension and retention skill by the student help to achieve the higher order skills too. The last skill which is highest in order is understanding. The contribution of this skill over the quality learning of student is understood from the point that it help in overall analysis and evaluation of the concept along with the creation of attributes of critical reader and thinker. In future, presence of this skill contributes in own research and development of profession too (King and Boyatt, 2015).

b. Obstacles pertaining to building comprehension and retention

Development of the any skill is not easy in nature for the student. They have to go through many hurdles. The two skills which are developed by the students above are reading and retention. In the process of development, many obstacles are faced which are defined below:

Obstacles pertaining to building reading comprehension

Vocabulary: The one obstacle faced by the student is related to power vocabulary. For effective reading student must needed to understand the meaning of word and its relationship with other word (Rayner and Papakonstantinou, 2015). Inability in performance of this function diminishes the ability to develop this skill.

Fluency: This is also one of the determinant that have negative impact over reading skill. Inability of student in reading with fluency disallows the student to retain the information with accuracy, expression and increased speed. This diminishes the ability of the student to understand the actual meaning of sentences.

Active reading: This is also the obstacle that faced by the students in the process of developing effective reading skill. Ineffectiveness in active reading create the problems in front of the students in respect to recalling of what they read, asking questions or evaluating texts. Presence of this hinders the ability of student to gain or attain good reading skills (Shukla and Dungsungnoen, 2016).

Critical thinking: This is the major obstacle that negatively impacts in the development of reading comprehension skills in the students. Due to the lack of the critical thinking skill students are not able to determine the main idea, supporting details, sequence of events and overall structure of the text. So, overall this disallows the student to get the actual meaning of the text and diminishes reading comprehension skill.

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Obstacles pertaining to building retention skill

Lack in setting goal: This the obstacle that negatively impacts the ability of the student in retention of information. Students are not able to stick to the one aspect till it is understood in proper manner and focus over another. This will creates the confusion and diminishes the ability to retain the matter for longer period of time (Thompson, 2017).

Non repetitive behaviour: This is the obstacle which is very common due to which students are not able to retain the things for longer period of time. Without repetition and re learning of the concept not possible to remember for long days. So, presence of this nature become one of the general obstacle that diminishes the ability of student to retain information (Van Hees, Moyson and Roeyers, 2015).

Not ascertain the use of multisensory approach: Generally, students uses single approach to retain the information which is not effective in nature and that results into loose of information after some days. Use of multiple approaches like visual, kinetic, tactile and auditory help to maximise effective in retention of information. So, use of single approach diminishes the ability to retain information for longer period of time.

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It has been concluded from the above report that there is huge contribution of skills study in the development of the learning and academic career of students. Ascertainment of the knowledge in respect to the new skills provides an opportunity to perform work properly in accordance to the demand of lecturers. Building reading comprehension skill not only help in improvement of the presentation but also contributes in log term retention of the matter and concepts. The integrated impact of both is direct over the overall learning and capabilities. Number of obstacles are faced in that process includes lack of information, unsupportive behaviour of peers, shortage of time, complexities etc. Adherence of effective process not only help to overcome from these issues but further contributes in the development of reading comprehension skill along with the retention power.


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