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Importance of Reading and Study Skills for Higher Education Students

University: California Institute of Technology

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: comm1085
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • How reading skill are important for analysing and evaluating the comprehensive learning and retention.
  • Identify the significance of leaning skill in achieving the success at academic level.
  • Determine the strategies and approaches used by the student in the effective academic learning.


Answer :


It is very important to understand the factors why reading can make a person more knowledgeable and will help them to grow in the future. It is very important to read because not all the online statistics are trust worthy and understanding this factor is very important because this can get a lot of factors of life wrong. Reading develops a persons mind and that is a very important factor. Reading can also help the people to develop their language skills which is very important because communication in today's world is necessary.

The report will be a discussion about why reading is important and why the people should prefer reading and what are the measures one can take so that the people change there opinion about reading.


A) Role Of Comprehension

In concern with (Stahl, Flanigan and McKenna, 2019) reading comprehension is very important in everyone's life because they must understand the factors they are reading, they should be able to not just understand the comprehension but also be able to question the writers and answer the questions which are related to the writing. Though the importance of this reading has lot it's importance in today's world because people do not prefer reading.

In accordance with (Assiter, 2017) Reading strategies for making reading effective are activating, inferring, monitoring clarifying, questioning, searching selecting, summarizing and visualizing organizing. The further report will discuss these factors in detail.


The reading are asked to speak something from there experience and long-term memory about a topic or something relevant to that topic. So that the reads will remember the text they are reading for the long-term memory.


There is a discussion on the text that what is written in the text and what is not written in the text which would bring more beauty to the text or the writer has not been able to speak through the text (Meyer and Ray, 2017).


There is a sense of self questioning about the text, question answer about the text and there are questions which can be generated by the readers themselves.


The readers are supposed to write the text in their own words, and they are not supposed to use the original text. This is done for the readers better understanding.

Visualizing Organizing

There are relevant images which are shown to the readers so that they remember the text for a long term memory.

As per the view of (Nisbet and Shucksmith, 2017) the readers have to read the text properly so that the text can be a comprehension and there is a sense of enjoyment in the readers for the text they are reading. Deep reading can be called slow reading as well because it is very important for the readers to understand each line they are reading for the further references. The role of deeper reading thinking skills is that the readers will have an ability to question things better and there cognitive ability will also improve. The reading the readers are doing has to be understood by them so that they can improve on their cognitive thinking and the that knowledge can help the readers to solve their future problems with this experience. Students who will read more will have better academics in the school or college and that will help the student to get higher job opportunities which is a very good thing (Jablonski, 2018). That is exactly why there are achievement awards academically so that the students do well in studies for that and that will make the students read and study more so that they can do good for personal growth.

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B) Obstacles Pertaining To Building Comprehension And Retention

In accordance with (Sclater, Peasgood and Mullan, 2016) the obstacles which can be seen in building up a comprehension are phrasing, inactive reading, lack of smooth reading, limitation on vocabulary and attempts to read texts which are too hard. There is a high need for the readers to refer to the library for further reading and that is a very important factor. People should start going to the library because the books have the exact answer to the questions the readers have with them concerning any text. There are a lot of troubles which an individual faces because of there limitation in knowledge, and they are not even willing to read more to improve that factor for themselves (Klingner, Vaughn and Boardman, 2015). The students are not very focused, and they are not reading the texts with full concentration therefore this learning or reading will not stay in the student's memory for a long time. The students do not use that text in real life experiences because they can not remember them, so they are not being able to use them in the real life which is making a barrier in the student's life's. Reading is less in the students therefore there reading is slow and the students are not having correct grammar when they are writing themselves.

As per the view of (Al-Emran, Elsherif and Shaalan, 2016) it is very important that the students start reading more because there is a lot of knowledge which the students can get from books than online because half of it is distraction and not trust worthy which is making the students even more confused. The confusion can be removed in the students if they start reading more because they will have the skills to question the writers which means they will be able to become independent faster and make a living for themselves better, and they will have knowledge which will help them when they get jobs (Wilson, 2018). It is very important for the students to grow because there is a lot of competition in the market and if they do not read and gain knowledge in school level then they will not be prepared for the competitive world outside the office which is very important for the students because that is there actual competition in life. It is very difficult to make a living for oneself in the real world and that can only be possible when the students get to know the importance of reading daily so that they can gain more outside.


In view of (McGeown and, 2015) there are a lot of methods through with a person can achieve information retention out of which, few of them are as follows.

Focused Attention

The reader who wants to make the short team memory into long term memory then the readers must read the information properly so that they can remember it (Hayikaleng, Nair and Krishnasamy, 2016). It is very important to read the text with full attention and with focus, so they not just understand the text they are reading, but they can remember it long terms.

Structure and Organize

It is very important for any reader to be organized so that they can make the learning better and this way they will be able to manage there studying time. There are a lot of materials in the world to read therefore managing the time and being organized with this process is very important so that the change can be visible (Afflerbach, 2016).

Elaborate and Rehearse

This is a long term memory process because there is a detail understanding of the text which will help the reader to remember it later (Nakanishi, 2015). There has to be a repeat understanding of the text because after doing so after a couple of times the person will be able to remember it after sometimes.

Visualize Concepts

The students must visualize the texts and can be compared to the real life so that the students can remember it for a longer time duration (Sutton, 2019). The students can remember the visualized image of the texts for a longer time and this can be proved by so many researches which have taken place in the world.

Relating new information with personal old Information

It is very important for the students to use the texts in the real life as well because only then the texts will be helpful for them (Schumm, 2017). The new information they are learning can be compared to the old information they already know so that it will be easier for them to remember them so that the students can use there cognitive thinking and be more practical in life.

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It is very important for the students in the world to become more practical and that is possible when the students start reading texts which are practical and are knowledgeable for the students. Reading is very minimum in students but that can increase by making the students gain interest in this type. It is very easy to influence the students and if they are influenced then the reading will become common in the students, and they will get to know a lot of things in the world. Knowledge is everything in today's world. The teachers play a very important role in making the students to read and make a change in the students life and if the teachers take the right step for the betterment of the students then the students can get influenced and make the students get a better life for themselves. It is the life of the students but guiding the students in the right direction is the work of the teacher and parents of the students. The parents must also motivate the students for reading so that the students get the habit of reading. There is new knowledge from every text a person reads and there are so many changes which are taking place in the world that students will gain a lot if they read texts daily.

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There is a great importance of the students to read and that is very important because that will help the students in the future. The students will get to learn a lot of thinking when they get in the habit of reading new things in life. There are a lot of changes which are taking place in the world and if the students start reading these texts then they will get the awareness in the world and the students will be able to be ready for the real competition outside the school barriers. It is very important to prepare the students for the real world outside where they have to make a living for themselves which is done by the teachers and parents of the students. Questioning and reasoning for things will come when the students will read more therefore reading is very important for all individuals and not just for students but everyone in the world.


Books and Journals

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