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Generate Knowledge Of Learning Strategies

University: University of Bristol

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1338
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: EDUC3026
  • Downloads: 674
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Set short term and long-term range of the objectives and develop an appropriate plan for study.
  • Generate knowledge of learning strategies and methods to improve memory retention and evaluate how people learn.
  • Generate different learning strategies which allows individual to learn best.
Answer :


Study skills are the set of capabilities of individuals which are used by them while adopting the knowledge shared by their teachers. These are effective reading, note tacking, concentration, listing all the queries etc. With the help of all of them students in their learning time can adapt all the information provided by educators (Al-Azawei, Serenelli and Lundqvist, 2016). If individuals are not able to learn properly then it may affect their career. This report is based upon learning styles that covers strategies that allow students to learn in best possible manner. Along with this, a study plan that includes short as well as long term goals that can help students to achieve professional and academic success is also discussed in this project.

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Discussion of different learning strategies that allow individuals to learn best

Learning is a process of adapting the knowledge which is shared by educators with the students taught by them. They are required to use specific strategies for this purpose so that they can learn in best manner (Different learning strategies, 2019). There are various types of them which are as follows:

Demonstration learning strategy: It is a visual approach which is used for the purpose of examining the processes, ideas and informations by educators while sharing knowledge with students in order to enhance their skills and abilities. It can help students to learn in best manner because it allows them to see their teacher who is actively engaged in the learning process as a learner rather then a person who is guiding them to learn (Kurilovas, Zilinskiene and Dagiene, 2015).

Discussion learning strategy: It is type of strategy which is used by teacher to enhance knowledge of all the students by conducting collaborative exchanges of ideas among them. With the help of it all the students can share information with others and learn in the best way because it will result in enhanced knowledge of them. If individuals are having doubts then all of them could also be resolved in this learning strategy by discussing them (Cela, Sicilia and Sánchez Alonso, 2016).

Cooperative learning strategy: It can be defined as an instructional strategy in which teachers segregates all the students in small groups and provide them specific tasks. All of them are required to be performed together and the tasks could be easy as resolving a maths problems of difficult as determining design for a modern school. It enhances the ability of critical thinking that helps students to learn best (Islam, Beer and Slack, 2015).

Simulation learning strategy: While using this learning strategy educators try to develop different skills of students which includes technical, behavioural and cognitive by providing them critical problems and allowing to make mistakes. It helps to learn in best manner because all the individuals can learn better by analysing all the faults which are made by them while performing same tasks (Hughes, 2016).

Drill and practice learning strategy: It is one of the common learning strategies because it is a method which comprises instructions which are characterised by systematic repetition of practice problems, examples and concepts. While using it teachers repeat the unit which is being taught by them in the school until they become perfect in their work. With the help of it skills of them are enhanced and they are motivated to learn in best manner (Hills, 2017).

Games learning strategy: Under this strategy of learning motivate students to learn through games. Different types of academic games are conducted by educators in school which helps students to take interest in the study and use their abilities to adapt the knowledge. It allow individuals to learn best because it enhances their interest in studies (Kurilovas and Juskeviciene, 2015).

All the above described learning strategies could be used by educators for the purpose of making the individuals to learn in best manner.

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Development of study plan which covers short and long term goals to attain academic and professional success

Study plan is a written document which is used by educators for the purpose of developing all the skills of students (McCarthy, 2016). A detailed plan for the students to achieve professional and academic success is as follows:






Time limit

Development in the skills of solving maths problems easily

In order to develop the academic skills this quality is required.

For the purpose of measuring this skill tests of mathematical problems are required to be taken on regular basis

This skill could be achieved by practising the maths problems on regular basis (Rassin, Kurzweil and Maoz, 2015).

This skills is relevant to the ability of development in academic skills.

In order to develop this skill the time limit will be 5 to 6 months.

Enhancement in the skills of deep learning to attain career goals

In order to reach the professional success this skill is required to be developed (Smith and Dodds, 2017).

This skill could be measured by checking the learning on regular basis.

For the purpose of attaining it regular studies with proper analysis of content is required.

This skill is related to professional success of individuals because it can help them to achieve all the career goals.

This skill requires the time limit of 1 to 1.5 years.

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From the above project report it has been concluded that study skills are the abilities of students that are beneficial for them to attain all the career goals. There are various learning strategies which could be used by individuals to learn in best manner. These are simulation, discussion, drill and practice, cooperative, game and demonstration learning strategies. With the help of all of them students can learn in appropriately. In order to reach long as well as short term goals and attaining professional and academic success it is very important for individuals to develop study plan. It can guide them to reach all the goals which are formed by them for future.

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