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Role of Building Comprehension and Retention for Quality Learning

University: Regent college

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1738
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: ENGT5214
  • Downloads: 450
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Assess the role of building comprehension and retention for improving the quality of learning and enhancing academic achievements of students.
  • Analyse the challenges drive due to building comprehension and retention in the academic learning.
  • How short term and long-term goal that help students to achieve both academic and professional success.
Answer :


Study skills refers skills which tackle the procedure of creating and takes in new information, retails information and deals along with assessment. Study skills include mnemonics for retaining list of data such as impressive information, learning techniques and effective notes for memorizing information(Cottrell, 2019). Study skills comes from two factors comprehension and retention where comprehension refers capacity of understanding something like subject matter, skills etc. while retention refers learning something which comes from understanding. Thus, retention is basically dependent on comprehension. Both comprehension and retention are crucial for academic and non-academic learner. This report will cover role of building comprehension and retention which improves quality of learning and enhances academic achievement of students.

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Main body

(A) Role of building comprehension and retention

Comprehension refers capability of person to understand something which can be relevant to academic field or non-academic field. Comprehension requires effective reading which leads understanding in learner. Reading comprehension refers capacity of learner to read, understand, procedure and remember what has read out. It is important because it raises the pleasure and potency of reading and it is not only support for academic learner but also non- academic and in common person's life (Assiter, 2017). Reading comprehension supports learner to focus on word identification in debate or interview which leads effectiveness in learner to gain more knowledge. Besides of reading and comprehend information learner gets benefits in professional fields like to enhance communication skills, attention derail and critical thinking etc. while retention skills is also important for learner because without memorizing a learner cant get achievement in any field even academic or non-academic. Retention skills supports student to represent themself in well-formed manner. Besides of this retention skills leads improvement in learning in context of subject (Yeari, 2017). Main purpose of retention is to development student's success and raises scholar retention rates so that they enable to get higher economical profits. Excess retention rate of learner leads merit for achievement and it introduces student in higher level of success for over time. Thus, comprehension and retention both are crucial part of student life which supports student to improve quality of learning.

Comprehension plays vital role in retention of student. Reading comprehension supports student to improve writing skills and makes expert to send emails and blogs. Theses all are activities makes student active and leads enjoyment for student therefore student pays attention effectively during reading. It enhances student searching skills relevant to topic and supports student to manage time during reading (Zheng, Niiya and Warschauer, 2015). Comprehension reading introduces student in different platform where student reads relevant to subject and encourage excitement by asking teachers reading their queries. For example if reading is effective as result question arises in reader during studying or writing. Through this activity student becomes quarrier to know about answer. Effective reading comprehension also gives goal to student where learner understand their interest. Effective comprehension skills supports student to confusion free where they enable to take decision in well-formed manner rather to confusion. It supports learner to complete assessment on time. Effective comprehension supports student to represent himself in well-formed manner in class program such as academic debate competition, academic speech, poster presentation or power presentation in seminars etc. thus comprehension encourage student to achieve their academic success. Comprehension makes student critical thinker and it leads retention power in student regarding subject context. Effective reading supports academic student to formulate question own and excite student to know about answer (Eftekhari and Sotoudehnama, 2018). While teacher supports student to set goals of life so that student follows their goal by Improving comprehension and retention skills. Student enhances their comprehension power through dies cussing relevant to their subject topic. Such kind discussion increase communication skills of student and better retention power of student.

To enhance comprehension powers student usage slides or digital mode like images or flow chart. It supports student to understand things better form along with retention during learning. Comprehension helps learner to makes mnemonics for them and uses it to retain things prolong time in minimum time. Writing or reading both leads retention in students which can come from comprehension. Comprehension helps student to fixture out that what is important during reading for them and makes mnemonic for retaining rather to making while lesson notes. To understand there is an example a student gets lesson to learning, in that state student reads lesson effectively then check question paper relevant to lesson (Simpson, 2018). Through question paper student figures out that what is important for him in this lesson. On the basis reading prepares notes so that it can retain for long time. Student analyses notes and makes mnemonic like flow chart or images etc. mnemonics helps student to learn lesson effectively in minimum time. Thus, comprehension and retention supports student to improve learning quality and helps to achieve academic success of

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