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Analysis of Variety of Educational Policies and Developments for Autistic Students

University: Stanford University

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1414
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: edpm01
  • Downloads: 482
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Evaluate historical perspectives of selected educational policies and developments.
  • Explain the background to the introduction of a variety of educational policies and developments.
  • Generate the effectiveness of a variety of educational of policies and developments that have occurred in response to ideology or issues that have arisen.
  • Give your perspectives relating to aspects of educational policy and developments.
Answer :


Education plays an essential role in a person’s life, that helps in mental growth and develops political ideology. Educated person not only lives a successful but also support others in improvement of their vulnerable conditions (Reynolds & et. al. 2019). In this regard, to ensure that proper learning environment is created for a student to grab essential skills and knowledge, it is adhered for institutions to implement educational policies and procedures. It aligns development of physical and mental growth of a child by providing proper learning environment (Sherfinski, 2018). The present assignment is going to reveal the importance of educational policies of UK, in changing learning environment, especially for children suffering from autism. For this purpose, how educational policies establish rules and regulation to ensure that proper learning environment is provided to all students, especially mentally disabled children, issues and effectiveness of policies are highlighted. This report discusses the current assessment with related education policy of UK in context with inclusion of learners on the autistic spectrum within mainstream schools. For this assistance, research and reports of various practice are also examined in light of positive changing assessment environment.

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Historical perspective of Autism

There is a tremendous progress which has made in field of autism that is over last six decades (Contreras and Hippenmeyer, 2018). While once this disease has been considered as a syndrome that was very rarely discussed within a public, certain information and data has been collected regarding the ASD which is autism spectrum disorder from all of the methods such as one radio and television, internet searches, online websites, the announcements in public service and there are also some celebrities who has shared their views and stories upon this disease (Historical Perspective, 2019). Moreover, the political leaders have also discussed about the significant of this autism diagnosis and its cure as well as causes which helped in earmarking the federal dollars for treatment and research initiatives which will be instrumental to further in upcoming years.

Before the discussion regarding the current autism stage, its history should be reviewed in brief regarding this disorder which has been collected over the years. In the year 1943, there was a doctor named Leo Kanner has been began to observe that a group of children who previously thought that they have some mental retardation (Mulder and et. al. 2019). He after researching upon this, came to know that these children are having a developed speech and they were not able to interact socially with their peers. It is also noticed that they were engaged in repetitive behaviours towards exclusion of different activities. It is seen that they were having difficulty regarding transitions and they do not like any kind of changes in schedules (Penner and et. al, 2018). Some of them has even experienced regression which means that they were losing their skills over time which were previously possessed by them.

At the time, the treatment of such disease was limited and its treatment is not easily available as people took time in understanding this disease. Most of the children who were suffering from this disease were placed in certain institutions which was far from the eye of public for the purpose of living out their lives (Copenhaver and Tewksbury, 2019). Professionals held view which determines that the refrigerator mothers can be held responsible for such symptoms which were observed in these children. There was a deficit in the functioning of these children which has been assumed to linked it towards poor attachment and absentee its parenting. As the parents were blamed often for the disorders of their children, many of them had experienced a great shame for having a child that has ASD. In these last six decades, there are a lot of things which has been changed (Warner, Parr and Cusack, 2019). Now, people are aware of the causes of this disease that is caused by environmental and genetic combination factors. Although, the parents are no longer blamed and its treatment is also available now which has resolved certain misunderstanding that was there about this disorder.

During the same Dr. Kannar was finding out indication of syndrome, paediatrician Hans Asperger was examining another team of children. These children were also having some issues in interpersonal interactions with their peers (Okuno and Uehara, 2018). Such as their similitude, they exposed behavioural issues normally seen in girls and boys with autism. Moreover, this bunch of girls and boys did not have shortage in speaking and communication expression. In addition to it, these children rarely spoke advance and frequently. They also did not demonstration inadequacy in reconciling utility (Barton and et. al, 2018). Apart from it, these girls and boys could nutrient and dress themselves, take part in their personalized care and running severally in the society. Kanner ascertained that most of the children did not have raised psychological feature and cognition. They were rarely lambent and had particular domain of curiosity in which they could accumulate wide range of data and info. It is unfortunate that the research has not been discovered yet and even three decades later (Parsons, 2018). Asperger has made a lot of difference in this manner in which this disorder has been understood.

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Educational policy for development of educational environment for autistic pupils

For developing equal learning environment for normal children and those having autism issue, a number of policies have been established. As it is difficult for autistic learners to learn a thing through normal teaching methods (Hafid and Touhamiahami, 2018). Therefore, Autism and educational assessment as an educational policy and practice has been established in UK, with aim to maintain an individualised and effective education plan for each child with ASD. This policy focus on providing training to school staff for development of their skills to understand behaviour and needs of pupils having different learning requirement. Along with this, adjustment in school practices to embedded autism in the teaching style and education system, so that requirements of pupils with learning disability can be met (Burke and et. al, 2019) .

It has been analysed that teachers plays an important role to make children learn various aspects of education. It is necessary for every school in country and carry out more effective ass well as efficient training sessions to make then capable for providing education to kids with autistic. However, it is observed that normal teaching tools and methods are not much sufficient to teach autistic students because they face difficulty to understand the various concepts. In addition to this, it has been evaluated that children with autism already face son many problems in their daily life then it is very important to help them regarding their learning. Moreover, government can take actions towards schools and other education institutions to apply effective use of methods including technology which increase effectiveness of teaching towards them (Miniscalco and et. al, 2018). Besides of training, it is significant of every teacher to become friendly and make them comfortable to learn at school premises. It is very important to maintain healthy and comfortable atmosphere in education institutions for kids with autism where any kind of negative gossips or taunting should be absent completely.


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