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Obstacles Pertaining to Build Comprehension and Retention

University: LSC London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1559
  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Present knowledge of the learning techniques which enhances memory retention and generate how people used to learn.
  • Provide short term and long-term goals for the study plan.
  • Evaluate the role of building comprehension and retention in improving quality of learning and increase academic achievement of the learner.
Answer :


Reading is a complex process for which sociologist pay little attention but apart for this it is a fact that it is important to pay great attention in order to develop this skill. It is an ability or skill which is used in order to process the text, helps in understanding the meaning and combine the concept. In reading and comprehension, fundamental skills are also required in order to know the meaning of words, context and identify the antecedents (Assiter, 2017). There are many reading strategies which helps in improving the reading comprehension and includes improvement of vocabulary, critical text analysis and practising deep reading. Therefore, deep reading is a way which is used in order to long term learning as it is useful for students in the long term retention of knowledge. The understanding from the reading and comprehension comes from the interaction between the words that are written and it includes two levels, Shallow (low-level) and deep (high-level) processing. This report is going to cover the role of building comprehension and retention in order to improve the quality of learning and increase the academic achievement and it also evaluate the obstacles pertaining to build comprehension and retention.


Role of building comprehension and retention in order to improve the quality of learning and also helps in increasing academic achievement

Reading skills are useful in order to remember and understand the various concept and skills which is useful in order to develop analysis and evaluation of the comprehension of students. Comprehension is useful because it develops the knowledge and understanding among students which is used to improve the quality of their learning and enhances their academic achievement. It is developed in order to increase the academic qualifications which is important for students as it helps in their career development. Various roles are discussed as under:

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  • Understanding the perspective of others: Reading and comprehension skill is useful in order to develop learning as it helps in overall development of an individual and also helps in guiding the career path (Cottrell, 2019).It develops the learning which is useful in order to understand the perspective and view point of others. It develops the observing and analytical skills which is useful in order to read the mind of others and also helps in developing the better relation with others.
  • Overall growth: These skills are used for the overall development of an individual and also helps in transforming the personality which is used in the developing the overall skills and knowledge. Reading and comprehension contribute its huge part in the development and quality of learning as it is helpful for students in providing the academic achievements in developing and transforming the knowledge (Murray and Nallaya, 2016). As it develops and achieve growth through collecting the new information about the learning experience and also develop expectations about the need for change which is important in developing and transforming the personality.
  • Helps in creating the visuals: Reading remains incomplete without comprehension or understanding its concept. As understanding helps in developing the imagination and visions which is used in creating the visuals as it helps in better understanding of things and clear the various concepts which is used in developing and improving the quality of understanding. For instance, students gain more knowledge and understanding through visual classes, videos and online learning.
  • Helps in fixing confusion: Comprehension and understanding helps in fixing confusion and useful in sharpening the imagination power and visuals which is useful in order to avoid confusion from the mind of employees (Shukla and Dungsungnoen, 2016). It helps in improving the quality of learning and increasing the achievement in academics. Also helps in transforming the personality of students as because of this it becomes easy to take the level of understanding at the next level which is useful in order to avoid the confusion about the concept and topic.

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Evaluate the obstacles pertaining to build comprehension and retention

Obstacles and barriers are the main reason which arose problem in the understanding and create confusion which become barrier in the transformation of personality. As the density and understanding of information depends on the textbooks which can become expensive in order to increase the reading and comprehension skills (Hagedorn and Kuznetsova, 2016). Another reason for the shortage of understanding which is the high level in terms of increasing the vocabulary which increases because of the textbooks. Therefore, in terms of increasing the reading and comprehension, textbook plays an important role in its structuring, defining and charts which can increase its complexity. Various obstacles are mentioned as under:

  • Predicting the meaning: It describes that the understanding of the concept and analysing that what is gained from it in order to make predictions about their understanding and reading. As it depends on the mental activities which include mental exercise and comprehension. Somehow it become barrier in the understanding of individual learning and in order to overcome from it student need to develop and enhance its learning which is used in predicting the meaning of understanding.
  • Analysing the purpose: Determining the purpose of the learning and understanding is important because it helps in summarising the overall understanding and for this, it include linkage and connection between the mind and using it properly (McNally and et. al., 2017). It become barrier in order to develop the understanding of learning and for this students need proper analysis and can relate the meaning and concept to overall learning. Connecting and converting the theoretical knowledge into practical is quite tough and it can become obstacle in order the pathway of the career of students.
  • Summarising it in order to create new meaning: After analysis summarising it is also the biggest barrier and obstacle in the understanding and learning of students. Summarising includes the overall understanding of the knowledge which students gain from reading and for this, textbooks plays an important role (Mason, 2019). As summarising the knowledge is important because it is useful in order to create new meaning and concept which helps in developing the understanding about the reading. Making the new concept is quite tough for students because some of them cannot link the overall chapter in order to create a new understanding. Summarising is done after determining and analysing the comprehension which is developed from reading.
  • Achieving the reading goals: In order to improve the reading skills and understanding it is important to set the goals for reading in order to develop the understanding which is used in order to achieve the goals. Setting goals is the first step in order to achieve the reading goals as reading itself is the biggest barrier in modern world (Shukla and Dungsungnoen, 2016). Most of the students does not like to read and to overcome this developing the reading skills is the prime objective which is used in order summarising the concept of learning and it important in order to improve the quality of learning and achieving the academics knowledge.
  • Testing and assessment: It is a barrier and it diagnosis at the time of reading test as this step is used to identify and determine the specific type of problem which affects the learner's reading skills (Cottrell, 2019). It is analysed because of the observations, analysis of the student work and assessment of the language and these measures are taken by the educator in order to develop the reading and comprehension skills.

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From the above discussion it is concluded that reading and comprehension skills are important for students as it plays an important role in order to increase the quality of learning and also useful in developing the academic achievements which is useful in career development of students and provide them a pathway to achieve success. Therefore, it is important to become a critical thinker as it helps in analysing the skills and knowledge and show the results and progress about research. Moreover, the obstacles are also evaluated in order to overcome them and provide suggestions to build the comprehension and retention as these obstacles can stop students in their pathway or to achieve success in their career.

A Reflective Report on Academic Skills of Individual

Theories of Learning and Teaching


Books and Journals

  • Assiter, A., 2017. Transferable skills in higher education. Routledge.
  • Cottrell, S., 2019. The study skills handbook. Macmillan International Higher Education.
  • Hagedorn, L.S. and Kuznetsova, I., 2016. Developmental, remedial, and basic skills: Diverse programs and approaches at community colleges. 
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