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Skills For Academic Study


  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Identify various approaches used for the effective learning process that allow learners to learn best.
  • How study plan including short term and long-term goals can contribute in success of the students.
Answer :


Study skills refers collection of skills which manages procedure of organization and gets innovative information, learning information and deals with tasks. These skills include mnemonics, concentration techniques and retention position of information. It is approach which uses for learning. Study skills requires for every type of learner in various areas like school study, academic study, professional study etc. this report will cover various learning strategy.



Learning strategy and techniques to improve retention and memory power

Learning strategy mention a process of organizing and applies particular set of skills for achieving task more effectively and efficiently in school, collage as well as organization. Learning strategy is important for each field of learner to achieve target. There are five strategy such as choice, variation, connection, conservation and resources etc. are used by some media like teacher, professionals and manger team (Cottrell, 2019). These sources support learner to enhances comprehension and retentive power etc. Five strategies are-

Choice: There are various type of learner which contains different skills along with different mind ability. To compile all type of learner on same page needs different type of option which supports every type of learner to comprehension. To enhance comprehension power of learner assigns different type of task with multiple option. Such kind task or project option encourages learner to complete task and enhance their comprehension skills (Fisher and Frey, 2017). Teacher, professor and manger applies different learning style so that learner enables to complete task in minimum time.

Variation: This is second learning strategy which provides different activities classes to learner and offers opportunity to try different learning style. Such kind activities introduce unique talent of learner and enhances retentive power of student (Söffker and, 2018). It also supports individual learner to select their approaching to appointed task. This kind variation compiles every type of learner on same page to enhance their learning skills and gives the best performance in their field.

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Connection: According to this strategy learner's comprehension and retentive power can sharp. If learner gets learning material or task correlated to their real life. Thus, kind learning leads effectiveness in learning. Learner can correlate their task with their personal life and can create innovative ideas. During assigns task to learner if motivator tells the purpose and makes them understand that why it's important for life and how it's relevant. In that state learner can be serious and can use different learning style to achieve task.

Conversation: conversation is effective part of learning strategy and is crucial for learner because it boosts communication, socialization and cooperation (Ardasheva and, 2017). To enhance comprehension power of learner needs freely atmosphere so that learner can direct communicate with their senior or other. It leads well-being of learner at learning place and learning outcome gets in well-formed manner.

Resources: Resources are very important for learner to enhance comprehension and gain accurate and validate information. Teacher, professors and manager team provides tools so that they can enhance their learning power and enable to get goal for their projects.

Tool assists to facilities learning strategies such as good classes along with various activities like personality development classes, debate or group discussion classes. Thus, kind activities leads comprehension in learner and raises retentive power of learner. Besides of this allows leaner to create multimedia presentation. It leads innovative ideas for learner. Provides challenging task to learner so that they enable to enhance comprehension power and complete task in minimum time.

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Learning approaches

To improve power of learning of learner needs approaches which supports to improve memory retention and comprehension how learner pick up. There are give techniques-

Thinking skills: It gives different type of ideas which can lead creativity and innovation. Through this learner can change their learning style and can achieve different task in minimum time.

Communication skills: communication is important approach for learner. Through this learner can communicate to every one regarding their task or another (Oxford and Amerstorfer, 2018). Fir example If learner have good communication skills then learner can communicate to each person.

Social skills: Social skills is important for learner where learner understand about social behaviour of human being. Such kind skills apply in every field such as academic or non-academic. It leads improvement in memory retention.

Self-management skills: Through these approaches' learner have to organize own plans, and have to make effective. These all task run away by learner.

Research skills: In this approach learner concludes information literacy and media literacy etc.


Short term and long term study plan





Consumer behaviour

1 to 3 months (5;45 to 7am). In this time learner studies about consumer behaviour and how it gives impact on organization.

HR Management internship program

8 months (9am to 1 pm). In internship learner learns how to tackle customer and understand their needs so that enables to meet customers objectives.

Project management

6 months (2pm to 3pm). In this time learner studies about project management where learns how to complete task and how to set goals to manage all project.

Strategic management in HR

7 months ( 3: 30pm to 4:30pm). During this internship learner learns strategy to get complete task on minimum time and learns how to applies strategies in critical situation.

HR management

3 months

(9pm to 10pm). Learner studies about HR management where understand what's responsibilities of HR in organization and how manger manages their employees at workplace so that employees comes with profitable outcomes.

Human resource assistance

12 months (5pm to 8 pm). Learner learns that how to give support of employees so that employees well-being is present at workplace. Learner learns to mange employees in company and learns manger have to apply various leadership in critical situation.

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This study plan supports academic and non-academic learner to set goals and enhance their skills. Learner studies about management and practises in internship. It leads comprehension in learner regarding their field.

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This report has been covers study skills which is crucial for every stage learner. In this report also has been covered learning strategy along with learning approaches which supports learner to improve comprehension and retentive power. This report has been covered study plan for academic and non-academic learner.


  • Cottrell, S., 2019. The study skills handbook. Macmillan International Higher Education.
  • Fisher, D. and Frey, N., 2017. Teaching Study Skills. The Reading Teacher. 71(3). pp.373-378.
  • Ardasheva, Y and, 2017. Exploring effectiveness and moderators of language learning strategy instruction on second language and self-regulated learning outcomes. Review of Educational Research. 87(3). pp.544-582.
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