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Written Exam: Diversity, Performance Management and HRM

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 3
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1441
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/507/2536
  • Downloads: 847

Table of Content

  1. Diversity
Question :

It is a written exam that involves answers to the below-mentioned areas along with identifying theory, problems through specific examples.

  • Performance Related Pay
  • International HRM
  • Human Resources strategy and its implementation barriers
  • Approaches to Training and Development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Diversity
  • Performance Management
Answer :
Organization Selected : Hyatt Hotels and Resorts


There is the model which is being mainly related to the developing up of present knowledge which is highly essential for diversity dimension which is globally operating companies (Sneck, and et. al., 2016). Diversity and equality are two main concept which is being utilised within United Kingdom for defining and champion equality, diversity and human rights for defining the value for society. This will mainly promote the equal opportunities for every kind of individual which can give chance for attaining the potential, free from prejudice and discrimination. This kind of concept is majorly seen in multinational companies who has the thousands of workers working and they mainly came from different mind set and cultures. Companies like Microsoft, Unilever are the multi national companies who has to mainly deal with terms like equality and diversity as there are million of employees who are working. There are various kind of situations which are being faced by these companies like inferior feeling situations and rising up of situations.

Diversity aims to determine and respect differences of individuals to realise their potential by promote an inclusive culture for all employees. Both equality and diversity are the two most important components for a firm that operate on international level. In order to promote diversity and equality at workplace following are the main things can be done by managers:

  • Create and provide a positive work environment to all employees and treat all of them in a fair manner.
  • Ensure that every individual has an equal access to available opportunities as this enhance their morale.
  • Equip all employees in order deal with discrimination and inequality at workplace.
  • Ensure that all policies, procedures and process are not discriminate.
  • With all this, firms that operate on a global level can sustain in market for long run and at the same time can get a competitive position in market.

Development of HRM to line managers:

Organization can organize various training seminars through which they can provide training to all managers. Thus they can easily develop the line managers. Various methods used by the management to develop line managers are:

Personal system operation: In this step management has personal system through which they can manage all activities and operations. Thus they have record of all tasks which are performed by staff members. Hence they can easily deliver training to all staff members.

Leadership skills: In this leader tries to develop leadership skills among all managers. This is crucial so that leader can handle all activities and they can support all staff members so that they can perform well. Hence it results in improving the performance of workers and the organization.

Teamwork process: In this manage creates effective and efficient team so that all staff members can perform better and can give good results. This also helps in increasing the zeal and enthusiasm of all workers. This helps in growth and success of all workers.

Problem solving techniques: In this manager trios to solve all issues and problems of managers so that staff members do not face any problem. Thus it results in reducing the conflicts in the company. Hence staff members can perform in an effective manner.

Change management: Management of company can also use the change management techniques through which they can bring various changes in firm. They have given option to all line managers so that they can choose the timings of their job according to the choice and convenience. This results in increasing the motivation level of all staff members and thus they can give good results (Feinberg, Raymond and Haist, 2015).

Communication techniques: In this many presentations and online techniques are used by manager so that they can easily evaluate the interactive skills of managers. Thus as a result they can give corrective methods and process so that staff membranes can easily enhanced.

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Benefits to management:

There are various benefits to management through the absence management system. They are described below:

  • There are no shortage of staff members. Thus they can set minimum staff level in each department. This do not hamper their work and it results in increasing productivity of company. Thus they can easily perform tasks in better manner.
  • There is a live calender through which management can easily evaluate that how many staff members are absent on a given day. Thus they can easily manage all their activities and operations accordingly (Bostani, and et. al., 2015).
  • It also helps in reducing the all activities and operation of manager (Daniels and Gierl, 2017). Thus it reduces the pressure and tension of managers to handle all activities and operations in the management. Thus it increase the efficiency and effectiveness level of the firm. It results in long term growth and success of firm.

HR Strategy

Success of the company mainly depends upon the effective utilisation of human resources. In moderns scenario, HR is being mainly treated as strategic assets which needs to be attained as the competitive advantage. Theory which is being related to this kind of factor is success of company for barriers implementation (Strong, 2018). There are various kind of issues which lag the company to enjoy the benefits of the technology. There are various companies in Bangladesh who are dealing with this kind of hurdles. Research mainly observed that the reluctant management, employee privacy issues, internal organisational resistance along with the conversion cost which has high potential to enhance the implementation of barriers by help of certain technology.

HR strategy refers to that action plan which is formulated and implemented by manager in order to direct employees and measure their performance. This is also known as long term plan use by organisation to attain objective in field of human resource management. One of the main advantage of this is that it helps in increase employee’s contribution in success of company. One of the main reason why it is important for manager to formulate HR strategy is that it help in utilise skills and knowledge of employees in a way that provide competitive benefit to company and at the same time help in generate more number of profits. This strategy helps in direct the behaviour of employees as per the needs of enterprise.

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It helps in a meaningful planning of all available skills and knowledge. It defines process, requirements and responsibilities on selection and recruitment of staff members. Further, this make the manager aware about training and development needs of employees so they can perform their job roles in effective manner. In addition to this, it defines the way of management of employee’s performance, motivate, reward individuals so firm can generate more number of profits. Major barriers included in implementation of HR strategy is fail to understand the strategic requirements of business, fail to properly examine the environmental elements that impact decision of company and many more.

Ethical issues faced by HRM:

There are various ethical issues and problems faced by HR managers. They are described below:

Employment issues: In this HR faces many issues and problems regarding the selection and recruitment of all staff members. They have stress and pressure that they have to select their friends and other employees. They also have to evaluate the faked CVs which are submitted by many candidates.

Cash and incentive plans: In this step, Human resource manager have to give extra incentives and bonus to all staff members. This is done so that talented and highly qualified staff members do not leave the job. Thus they have to give extra salary and incentives to staff members. This is also done so that company can easily beta the competitors. Thus they have to incur huge costs in the company.

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