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Operations Management and Continuous Improvement Project Life Cycle - Deloitte

University: Empire College London

  • Unit No: 7
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/616/1805
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Question :

An explanation regarding concepts of operation management within the business.

  • Critical evaluation of the effectiveness of principles of operation management.
  • Application of concepts of continuous improvement.
  • Demonstration of the project life cycle.
  • Critical evaluation of the application of project life cycle.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Deloitte


Operational management includes various elements like planning, organising, directing, motivating so that firm's can enhance both profitability and productivity. Under this, manufacturing process from start to end can get consider in this sort of administrations which needs to be done so that to resolve issues right on time in much effective and appropriate manner (Antonio Martins and Ramos Martins, 2012). Along with this, it is mandatory for firm to look into many aspects like, in order to maintain sustainability it is must for business organisations to keep on making alterations in their products and services as per change in requirements of customers. Company which is being taken under this report that is Deloitte. It is dealing in different sectors and mostly it deals under consultancy department. Report is going to include various things like principles of operations management, continuous improvement plan, project life cycle in order to run business in successful manner and to gain competitive advantages at marketplace of United Kingdom.

P1. Review and critique of the implementation of operations management principles within an organisational context

Operations management is referred to the process in which transformation of various things like raw material, limited resources, capital and labour gets changes into final goods and products so that requirements of consumers can be fulfilled right on time in much effective and appropriate manner. With the help of this, it can be stated as organisation keeps on making high profit and along with revenue as well (Beringer, Jonas and Kock, 2013). Continuous of this process may aid firms in hitting its targets right on time so that to gain competitive advantages at marketplace of United Kingdom. Along with this, it is being located that quality of goods may gets affected if firm do not uses appropriate percentage of raw material. Here, it is being analysed that there are ample number of issues that are inter connected with this. On the other hand, principles of operations management plays an important role in contextual to organisational purpose. Here, it is mandatory for Deloitte to consider all these aspects related to this and these are given beneath:

Total quality management (TQM): This is one of the main principles which is being stated that should be kept in mind of organisation in order to better serve to consumers. Continuous quality improvement may aid firm in hitting its own targets right on time which directly aid in sustaining at marketplace.

Six Sigma: This principle is much related to reducing the wastage of raw material which needs to be considered in an appropriate manner. Along side this, it is must for organisation to keep on reducing waste materials and then to use resources in optimised manner. With the help of this, cost of products can be reduced which may aid them in gaining attention of consumers in ample numbers (Blomquist, T. and et. al., 2010).

Continuous improvement: This sort of principle is much related to product's quality which needs to be considered by Deloitte so that to maintain sustainability at marketplace. Apart from this, it is must for this organisation to improve quality so that to pull eyes of customers from all over world.

Randall Schaeffer who is a professional philosopher and have great experience of both manufacturing and operations management have proposed ten principles under this sector which should kept in mind and these are:

  • Reality: It is much necessary for operational administration to consider all the problems and try to resolve them rather than to locate different tools and techniques as it has been examined that there is no tool which give solutions right on time.
  • Organization: In a business entity, entire process of production stays connected with each other. Apart from this, there are ample number of factors which should be kept in mind which easily can get predict and stays consistent so that to hit common target of organisation.
  • Fundamentals: Under this, if Deloitte is rapidly considering all the risk factors and taking initiatives to resolve them right on time then it may be possible that firm will start hitting its goals high in numbers. Apart from this, it is being seen then only few of goals are only being attained in effective manner through implementing new strategies (Brauers and Zavadskas, 2010).
  • Accountability: Here, it is much required for Deloitte's manager to assign task to every single individual of the company and after that it is his/her responsibility to keep on monitoring every single goal as if they are going to meet the desired aim right on time or not. Continuation of this process may only lead organisation to reach to a whole new level because of the support of its employees.
  • Variance: Creativity can be brought at workplace through this element. Here, it is must for organisation to give opportunities to employees so that they can come up with high profit marginal ideas. With the help of this, Deloitte can grab a good position at both domestic and international marketplace.
  • Causality: Another aspect which should be taken care in an appropriate manner. Here, it is being located that if organisation is not considering them it is may be possible that firm will again and again face the same issues.
  • Managed passion: It is being located that employees interest and abilities plays an important role therefore it is must for Deloitte to keep on managing it as it may aid in attaining goals and objectives in much effective and appropriate manner.
  • Humility: It is much needed for organisation's manager to know about his own limitations and of subordinates as well so that company do not faces losses here they should keep on motivating employees as well right on time (Fernández-Sánchez and Rodríguez-López, 2010).
  • Success: It is being located that firms should rapidly look into areas where they are lacking as it may reduce percentage of getting success at marketplace. Therefore, it is much necessary for Deloitte to keep on making strategical plans so that to achieve goals and objectives right on time.
  • Change: Altering process of organisation may aid firms in hitting their targets which needs to be properly done on a regular basis. Perceptions of consumers in different countries differs therefore, it is must for an organisation to consider this element in much effective manner so that competitive advantages can be gained. With the help of this, organisation will also keep a good reputation in front of its customers and at marketplace.

M1. Review and critique the implementation of operations management in relation to Six Sigma methodology and Lean principles

According to Gunasekaran and Ngai, (2012), in order to improve the quality of operations of an organization management can use the concept of six sigmas’’. It is an effective tool through which overall development of the quality of work is made possible. Author says that through this the problem is defined at the initial stage so that solution to a problem can be identified. It is recognized that what is the problem so that all possible solution to the same issue can be identified. Lenfle, and Loch, (2010), further added that lean principles can also be used to raise the quality of work done in work place. Defining of value is done first followed by map value stream. Thereafter, creation of flow is done which in end help in achieving perfection.

According to Fleming and Koppelman, (2016) principles of operations may aid organizations in hitting their targets right on time and apart from this, it is being stated by some other authors that if implementation of these elements are not being done in an appropriate manner Henceforth, it is must for Deloitte to keep on making alterations in their products and services right on time.

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P2. Continuous improvement plan based on the review and critique of operations management principles within an organisational context

Continuous Improvement And Its Meaning : Continuous improvement plan may aid an organisation in reducing cost of products and it also decreases waste materials so that to attain goals and objectives right on time. The practice was made by the popularity of Lean / Agile / Kaizen in manufacturing and business, and it is now being used by thousands of companies all over the world to identify savings opportunities. Along with this, it is being stated as continuous improvement a process aid in enhancing or providing much satisfaction to consumers. Here, continuously feedbacks are being taken by consumers so that modifications can be made in much effective and appropriate manner. This helps them in giving better planning for increasing profitability for organisation. It is a continual process for better understanding of interfaces between customers and organisation.

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