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  • R/508/0522 Explain Theories in Macroeconomics
    Downloads: 81 Pages: 5 Words: 1250

    INTRODUCTION Macroeconomic is an essential branch of economics that deals with performance, behavior and decision-making of a nation as a whole. It focuses on aggregate modification in an economic such as unemployment, growth rate and gross domestic products. As per the mentioned case study which...

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  • Portfolio of Economic Crisis
    Downloads: 236 Pages: 4 Words: 1000

    Introduction Global financial crises having a great impact on the developed and developing countries and its economic growth. It can create a serious situation such as uncertainty in inflation, interest rate, increase in unemployment, decrease in the demand and slowdown the GDP of the nations. All...

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  • Business Strategy of Sony Corporation
    Downloads: 2610 Pages: 1 Words: 1808

    Introduction Sony Corporation which is commonly known as Sony is a multinational company popularly known for its cell phones, electronics, gaming, and entertainment services. The company has been doing business for a long time and its growth has also been commendable. The future of the company is...

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  • International Business on Multinationals
    Downloads: 2598 Pages: 1 Words: 899

    Introducation International business means when company carries out its activities outside the boundary of home/ parent country (Dunning, 2012). This project will explain Hofstede model, types of economic systems and its effect on society and social inequalities, and what implication does social...

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  • Marketing Principles of Danone Ltd
    Downloads: 3048 Pages: 1 Words: 1959

    Introduction Marketing is a process of transferring the goods and services from producers or manufacturers to the consumers. It includes advertising, shipping and selling the products or services so as to satisfy consumer needs. By making effective and strategic marketing plan the organization...

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  • Principles Of Economics
    Downloads: 4311 Pages: 1 Words: 2118

    Introduction Economics can be described as field of science that provide description of factors which affects production, consumption and distribution of goods and services. The present study is based on the evaluation of basic principles of economics (Bold and Vega, 2003.). In this report,...

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