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Evaluating HR Skills and Behaviour in Whirlpool

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MGT5DPP
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Question :

Some of the main questions in the assessments are like:

  1. Evaluate the employee skills, knowledge, and behavior that is needed in HR professionals.
  2. What are the evaluating factors that consider the learning and development through all the growth and sustainable performance?
  3. Give the effective methods with which the high-performance working is managed
  4. What is collaborative working and also provide the ways through which the performance management and high culture performance is evaluated?


Answer :
Organization Selected : Whirlpool


High-performance workplaces or organizations emphasize highly engaged and empowered workforces. It has been determined that these are those types of organizations that heading towards a less hierarchical structure, where employees work in teams with higher self-sufficiency. To achieve success, employees should have better skills, motivation, and more chances to excel, when these high-performance HR management practices are aligned.

The report is about a scenario in Whirlpool HPW Case, it is an American multinational company that deals in home appliances, and as an HR consultant for the company, the report will cover the annual Confederation of British Industry workshop highlighting ways in which performance management, collaborative working, and effective communication can support high-performance culture and commitment. Apart from this, it will demonstrate skills required by HR professionals. Further, it will analyze the difference between organizational & individual learning. Lastly, it will evaluate ways in which collaborative working can support high-performance culture.

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P1 Professional knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are required by HR professionals.

In HR, as in many different areas of work there are both practical and technical skills. For example, a senior HR might be asked to be able to develop HR policies & strategies in a number of areas. However, there are many skills that are important determinants of performance. Further, these skills include the ability to manage yourself, teams and stress (Zhong, Wayne and Liden, 2016).

Skills required by HR professionals are:


HR has to be able to explain things verbally regarding all policies of the Whirlpool company.

Conflict management

He must have this skill to patiently listen to both sides & resolve issues among employees in a proper manner.

Decision making

As HR makes number of decisions for a company, therefore, it is essential for him to be critical thinker in order to make decisions.


He handles lots of private information of an organization; hence, he needs to be discrete.

Knowledge required by HR:

Personal & human resource

He must have knowledge of principles for personnel recruitment, selection and training.

Customer and personal service

Understanding of customer & personal service to fulfill customer needs (Obeidat, Mitchell and Bray, 2016).

Law and government

Knowing of legal codes, agency rules, government legislation, etc.

Public safety and security

Understanding of relevant equipments, policies, etc. for the prevention of customers, property & organization.

Behavior required by HR based on CIPD model:

Changes that occur in business result in need for HR to respond adequately and quickly to unable the company to cope. Hence, having a curious mindset allows him to take the business towards success.
Decisive thinker
HR is considered the driver of difficult people decisions. He needs to be decisive thinker so that he can weigh out information.
Skilled influencer
Express the ability to influence to attain the necessary commitment.
Personally credible
He need to be a person that builds & delivers professionalism through joining commercial & HR expertise in order to bring value to organization.
Need to work effectively with number of people, both inside and outside the organization.
Role model
This behavior is about an image of HR that is displayed, and that constantly leads by an example.

P2. Analyze a completed personal skills audit to identify appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviors

Skills audit refers to a process that can be utilized for identifying the gaps in skills & then identifying trainings to fill those gaps. Basically it is a procedure by which HR can record his skills. Further, through skills audit HR tends to advance his skills towards the company’s goals. The audit reflects the present skills & abilities to attain future requirement. Below are my Strengths and weaknesses & opportunities and threats:-

Strengths Weaknesses

I have time management skills which are required to complete a task in given time.

Leadership skills

Communication skills, that are essential to have interaction within the team (Epstein, M. J., 2018).

Risk analyzing skills

Listening skills, as these are required to lead a team effectively.

Improved technical skills

According to me I can manage my work with proper management of time.

Presentation based skills

I have an ability to organize different works with proper management strategies.

Problem solving skills in difficult situations

Opportunities available to me


Proper availability of probation period.

Financial problem can act as a barrier in joining proper training.

Expertise guidance within the company.

Changes that occur in current market position can affect over my present skills.

Joining various courses will be helpful in enhancing technological skills.

Moreover, changes in the organizational culture can also affect my abilities.

Other courses from institutions or educational centres can help me in boosting current skills.

Other barriers on training and development can be lack of listening skills.

Attending seminars will be helpful to attain presentation skills.


The development plan is considered necessary for improving professional & personal skills. It is made by taking into consideration the skills required by the organization from HR.

Personal professional development plan:

Action to achieve
Target date
To enhance technological skills.
Acquiring knowledge regarding current trends in technologies & also gain the capabilities to implement them.
Obtain training on technical courses, continuous improvement through practice
Course modules, online based knowledge
Within 4 months
Risk analyzing ability
Attaining the ability to measure the risk
I will participate in various difficult situations
Handle different problematic situations
2 months
Presentation skills
To be presentable in seminars & conferences
Need to build my confidence level
Attend meeting & conferences
3 months
Problem solver
Able to handle every problem among team members
Control different conflicts among team
Feedback through seniors
2 months

P3 Analyze the differences between organizational and individual learning, training and development

Organizational learning is considered as a process of developing, keeping and transferring knowledge within an organization. It is determined that, an organization improves with time, as it acquires experience & by this it is able to develop knowledge. It was described by Brown and Duguid that an organizational learning is the span between innovation and working. Learning curve is considered as the most common way to evaluate organizational learning. Curves are a graphical representation demonstrating how a company produces more of a product or service. Learning is a critical resource shaped, developed & maintained by the staff in a company, therefore, this proves that, people are the most precious asset of an organization. It has been further determined that, organizations are distinctive creators, with exclusive qualities, one of which is that they can root cause for knowledge creation and learning (Dixon, 2017).

Individual learning refers to self-governing, process based on work that results in increased continuous professional development. Working & learning are interrelated, monitoring employees at work, getting mixed up in daily activities, client interactions, functioning under experienced staff, these all are important sources of learning at work. It is achieved through activities & communication employees produce knowledge & learn.

Difference between training and development :-

  • Group v/s individual:- training refers to an initiative designed by an organisation and taught by an expert. It has been determined that, the company organises the courses by paying expenses and further decides what type of tools workers should use. It also place procedure to be followed in all activities during training. However, the importance is put on individual, with development. Employee is ultimately responsible for development programs that are frequently tailored for him. In this case, it has been noticed that the most central focus is not on lessons given by an expert, but relatively on the self-learning process and growth that must be taken on by the professional.
  • Specific objective v/s open objective:- objectives are specific and clearly defined in training such as; how to utilize a program, acquiring personal skills, etc. However, in development objectives are much wider at all times & can cover all types of skills and knowledge.
  • Number of people involves:- it has been determined that there are range of people are involved in training and that is significantly different from development, as in a development program it involves individuals. Organisational training aims to make sure that, workers in a company are set with skills & knowledge. Whereas in development, individuals are filled with skills in order to develop a abstract framework.

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P4 Analyze the need for continuous learning and professional development.

Every successful company is aware about its one of the biggest asset is its employees. It has been determined that continuous learning is an important ability that professionals need to develop for their organization to achieve success. Having the habit of continuously learning can be a better approach, as it enables workers to shape their skills. Therefore, if HR in Whirlpool Company will work effectively then the organization will be known by talented individuals.

Need for continuous professional learning and professional development:-

  • It enhances the ability of an organization, so that it can compete in this complex marketplace. It has been determined that, as employees obtain new knowledge on their own, instead of guidance then changes of identifying new ways are higher.
  • Employees feel confident and happier at their jobs when seniors care regarding their success beyond the organization.
  • Further, assisting workers for betterment is much easier than replacing them. Moreover, it also enhances job retention, as through continuous development works becomes easier and flexible. It also shows that company is keen to promote its employee’s professional & personal growth. Also, it is ready to give the tools to make that happen.
  • Operations a workplace are enhanced through this, because workers become keen to try new methodologies, rather than creating a conservative culture.
  • Further, CPD makes sure that HR maintains & improve the skills and knowledge that he requires for clients, team, and organization.
  • For employees, it assist them to keep their knowledge and skills updated. CPD helps to build their confidence level and also enables them to demonstrate their achievements.
  • Continuous professional development can be integrated into performance of organization management and other processes of human resource.
  • Professional development & learning programs are considered to be key tools for training potential leaders Whirlpool, instead of recruiting outside the business. It can also decrease the knowledge gaps that are expected with income. By choosing professional development, will assist employees to master skills they need to develop.

The continuous professional development enables workers to conduct personal skills audit i.e. tracking own skills. It has been determined that, CPD add values to the workplace through the ability of confidence.

P5. Demonstrate understanding of how HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage

High Performance work practice refers to those practices that enhance organisation’s abilities to attract effectively and select, hire, develop and retain high performance employees. Moreover, High-performing teams are individual groups that work toward the attainment of a common goal in short & long term. They frequently demonstrate dedication towards work and each other. Also, it has been determined that, they do better and effective work when their roles are clear. HPWS is considered as a set of management practices that effort to make an environment within an organization, where the worker has greater participation and responsibility.

Employee engagement refers to a sense of commitment that they feel towards their organization. Further, Hewitt Association explains employees engagement as three key behaviors; Say, Stay & strive. In this Stay is expressed when employee constantly says positive about company to peers, co-workers and customers. Secondly, Stay is demonstrated when employee desires to remain a member of an organization, regardless of opportunities work somewhere else. Strive is an point to which they apply extra hard work that contributes to business success.

A lot of research was conducted for HPW’s in recent years where performance of organization is considered an important factor. Further, attention should be paid on High performance work practice into action, as if it is not done correctly then organization’s reputation can be damaged. Therefore, HPW are considered as employee management strategies that boost the productivity & profit of organisation. Following are some examples of HPW’s :

  • Making use of psychometric & validated employee assortment tool.
  • Leadership development tactic & consistent supervising.
  • Performance appraisal on regular basis.
  • Employee suggestion or innovation programs.
  • Payment based on performance.
  • Employee Rewards & Award Programs (Mone and London, 2018).

It has been noticed that, barrier for Whirlpool is to have high quality products. For this, organisation must have well performing and enthusiastic workforce which is motivated by Human resource department that has High performance work practice in place. The above mentioned HPW examples will help Whirlpool to increase their profit more rapidly depending on their working context. Moreover, it has been discovered that HPW practice model for this company will be a great impact as it targets with High commitment approach. Therefore, this allows them to work more effectively to acquire more money. The reason for promoting a high-performance approach is to provide the employees with incentives during the job, further, tools and freedom is also given to make better decisions without help.

P6 Evaluate different approaches to performance management

Performance management is consists of activities which makes sure that goals are constantly being met in an efficient and effective manner. Performance of an organization, department and employees is focused through performance management. Further, it has been determined that managing the performance of employees and also aligning their objectives enables the effective delivery of strategic goals. Its process is a shared understanding regarding how employees contribute to a company’s goal.

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Benefits of PM for high performance:-

Performance based conversation:-

The performance management approach forces organizational managers to discuss performance matters with employees, as they get busy in day to day working. It is a continuous process that affects behavior and employees development (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015).

  • Employees get motivated:- this approach is essential for promoting and motivating employees high performance. Moreover, a well applied PM boost the working of individuals, teams and organization.
  • Understanding of job responsibility:- If an employee gets continuous and high-quality response, the will acquire more self-awareness of their behaviors and move towards more growth and development. Such approach, give power to HR team members to be an asset for workers & managers in goal setting and advancement tracking.

Collaborative working at workplace refers to, when two or more employees work together by sharing ideas to accomplish a common goal. Further, collaboration has become a more productive way of doing work, as many changes in technologies such as web based programs, high speed internet, video conferencing have occurred. Therefore, this kind of culture in an organisation promotes innovation & creativity. Apart from this, to build a high performance culture in an organisation is by developing positive work environment. Below are its benefits:

  • Develop employees skills:- Because of the collaboration, the organisation and employees get benefited due to the sharing of ideas & working together. This provides employees a better perceptive of how the business operates at a higher point rather than just at their individual department. Further, the skills and knowledge can be used by employees that they have acquired from others to make betterment or enhancements (Duggan, 2018).
  • Solve problem and innovate faster: - admittance to numerous employees with unique knowledge and viewpoints will most likely let organization to come up with thoughts and solutions at a faster pace.

Unit employees with companies value :- business values are significant to any performance management method. They eventually affect each single feature of the business, as well as whom they employ and keep in the team. It has been determined that, a company with a well-built grip of its own values will in due course create a team of effective people who feel integrated by a sense of harmony and community. Therefore, this makes group effort much easier (Shirokova, Bogatyreva and Puffer, 2016).

There are many organizations, which have faced worst consequences of not having good communication at workplace. It has been discovered that, if information is not spread in correct and effective way and at the right time, then it can affect business productivity. Following are ways by which effective communication can increase overall organisation’s productivity:

  • Less misunderstanding:- effective communication among staff members, leads to less confusion. It is vital to have a high-quality communication system, so that everybody understands the goals and can make effort towards success together. For example, if Whirlpool create a new Facebook endorsement strategy for their company, they must clearly communicate new responsibilities and goals with thier workers.
  • Healthy culture: - it has been determined that, effective communication results in healthy and productive cultures within organizations (Ahmed, Bezemer and Shang, 2016).

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From the overall report it has been concluded that, to stay competitive, Whirlpool Company needs to set in a capacity to constantly improve workplace performance. Apart from this it also concluded that, organization with high performance, maintains trust relations with people at all levels of an organization by valuing employees’ loyalty, viewing them respect, developing & maintaining individual relationships with workers, promoting faith and trust in others, and treating people fairly. Further, it concluded that, professional knowledge, skills and behaviors that are required by HR professionals. Also, it demonstrated that supervision the performance of employees in Whirlpool and also aligning their objectives has allowed them for effective delivery of strategic goals.

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