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Structure of Education in Schools

University: University of Chester

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

The purpose of this report is to evaluate importance and effectiveness of schools in the life of an individual. In this regard, it is required to consider some specific area with the help of:

  • Discuss the structure of education from early years to post-compulsory education.
  • Evaluate how schools are organized in the context of role and responsibilities.
  • Identify the mission, aims, values and ethos of school.
  • Determine the role of legislations as well as its impact over schools.
  • Analyze the purpose of school policies as well as procedures.
  • State the wider context in which schools are operate.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Sainsbury


Schools are one of major organisations that are needed to be taken in consideration for better development and well-being of society. The schools are major institutions that help in developing future of a nation. They provide basic and elementary education and lay down foundation of a well behaved and educated individual. This report will lay emphasis on various entitlement and provisions for early year of education. The characteristics of various schools and post 16 options for young audience are also discussed. Strategic purpose of various officials and professionals working with schools is been analysed. Various ethos, aim and objectives are reflected and communicated to develop a better understanding in this report. Various laws and code of conducts are practised and roles of different regulatory bodies are discussed as well. Importance of policies and procedures are focused upon and Their relations with various operations are stated here. Roles and responsibilities of local and national authorities as well as policies related to children and elders are studied along with explaining role of or organisation on young students.


1.1 Summarising entitlement and provision for early years education (0-5 years) in UK

The provision of education at early year's foundation stage (EYFS) is highly prominent in UK. The government as well as authorities will see through effective handling of operations that will help in better management of business activities that are been followed by organisation. It provided 15 hours of free childcare to every child.

A vivid range of services are followed in firm that helps in better improvement of wide range of operations and actions. Some major services that are provided by enterprise is successful delivery of 15 hours of childcare services, funding education at EYFS to support better physical and mental development of child (Muijs, 2015).

The department of education funds 15 hours of free child care for children's of age group 3 and 4 years old and for 2 years from disadvantaged family. Besides this, department also see through funding of childminders and nursery schools in UK.

The early year's education policies and EYFS criteria was first implemented in year 2008 and was further mandated in year 2017 which derive structural framework of learning at initial stage of children.

1.2 Characteristics of different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance

Various schools are taken in consideration by authority and department to ensure better imparting of educational services to a wide number of audience. Some major schools in governance system are:


They are been set by sponsors and businesses and are independently managed schools that help in better development of educational services. They are kept under governance by local educational authority.

Independent school:

They have their own curriculum and admission policies which are decided by head masters and governors. This schools are funded by parents as well as from investments and charities. They are required to be registered by department of education.

Specialist schools:

Also, known as special education needs (SEN) schools, they ensure better support of actives groups and they provide primary as well as secondary education to their students (Hodges, 2014).

Community schools:

They are owned and run by a group of people or local authority and supported by various groups. They have their own admission policy and primly used by local people.

Voluntary schools:

They are voluntary aided or wilfully controlled organisations that are looked after by local authority or a religious and peoples group. y have their own staff that are basically funded by charity. For instance: convent or missionary schools.

State schools:

It is owned by government. The education is free but they charge fees for boarding services. They provide educational services to students as per their requirements and suitability for boarding. For example: government schools.

1.3 Post-16 options for young people and adults

In UK, re are vivid sources of provisions for people from age group 16 and above i.e. puberty and early adulthood.

The beginning of schools took place with the idea and belief of people in childhood as learning stage for children. For instance, with the belief of development of childhood as learning phase for children, schools were established as platforms for providing education to children in order to facilitate them with knowledge and information. Moreover, University of Bologna has been holding the title of First University that has been established in the world. In addition to that, Adults and elderly people use to train young children in order to contribute values towards society. This initiative facilitated in transfer of skills and knowledge from one generation to another with the determined and established platforms of education. Ever since then, there has been development in education sector with implementation of appropriate techniques and measures.

Reading is considered as one of the most significant practices in academic learning of a student. For instance, it facilitates people by providing them with efficient understanding of overall written content or information. Teachers or mentors are determined at regulating the practice of reading in educational institutes in order to ensure effective learning of students. In addition to that, reading and writing practice in academics allows students to read provided information or knowledge and writing it down in their own words facilitate in effective learning of subject matter or information. Furthermore, reading the determined content aloud allows a learner to imagine or think about the same in an effective manner which further contribute values towards remembering the information effectively and efficiently.

The primary and foremost significance of education for economy lies in increasing knowledge and productivity of people in society. For instance, providing people with sufficient amount of knowledge further facilitates in promoting entrepreneurship as well as advancement of technology in order to ensure economic development. Students or learners are provided information and knowledge of culture as well as cultural differences in order to make them comfortable and confident towards these cultural differences. Education system in a specific geographical location is directly influenced with culture of that particular geographical location. Furthermore, in order to ensure effective teaching practices, there is a necessity to ensure flow of teaching from those in power towards people with scope of improvement. Therefore, It contribute values towards overall development of people in society with transfer of information and knowledge.

Online learning has been taken into consideration in order to regulate learning practices of students in the pandemic phase of COVID-19. For instance, major cause of online learning has been considered as major cause for initiation of online learning with video conferencing platforms. Online learning practices facilitated in saving cost for both students as well as teachers by avoiding travelling to reach established institutes as well as essential equipment’s and facilities provided to students in those institutes. The first day of high school for a student is full of excitement as the student is about to enter a new learning institute full of new people to interact with. Improper use of gadgets effect students learning by distracting them from their interest in learning. Furthermore, buses are considered as most considered conveyance by students engaged in school, which creates a necessity for students to ensure safety of students as well as preventing incidents or crashes.

In order to ensure maximum participation of students, teachers and mentors are determined at implementation of new and additional ways of learning. For instance, it includes methods and techniques for learning, subject material, personalised courses, etc. which attracts maximum amount of students towards learning practices. In addition to that, teachers and mentors providing education to students are aimed at regulating fun learning activities for students which allows them to enjoy the learning process. Furthermore, it further facilitates students in retaining knowledge or information in an efficient manner as the overall procedure is fun and enjoyable. Therefore, Enjoyable and fun learning activities in education plays a crucial role in regulating effective learning practices.

Viewpoint in technical writing facilitates readers in understanding mindset of the character engaged in describing a story. For instance, viewpoint allows a reader to understand and analyse the overall content, story, information with context of feelings and actions of characters. The primary and major benefits of vocabulary lies in getting facilitated with command over a specific language. In addition to that, vocabulary is determined as body of words used in a language which further facilitates in selection and application of suitable and appropriate words. Photography in academic terms, is described as practice of attempt for sharing a message or story in a photograph in order to convey a meaningful message to viewers.

Reflective writing is defined as practice of writing down a specific experience, imaginary scene, memory, event, etc. in own words of writer. For instance, representatives engaged in reflective writing initially starts with an attractive and brief introduction, and a great hook. The primary and major purpose of consideration of reflective writing is to learn form that specific past experience by exploring them in a systematic manner. Moreover, it results in determination of factors or aspects as strengths and weaknesses of that particular individual with context of that past event or experience. Critical reading is defined as practice with context of reflective writing which facilitates an individual in note taking in his own words by reading out that overall information or content in an efficient manner. Therefore, reflective writing and critical reading practices plays a crucial role in academic learning of a student.

Subjects are one of the most important elements in academic learning process of a student. For instance, subjects are determined as subdivision of information or knowledge classified under a specific topic or heading in order to provide students interested in the same. There are various introduced creative subjects which facilitates in attracting interested students towards the same. Exams never determine self-worth of a student or child, it just describes the excellence of a student in that particular subject. Moreover, teachers are determined at eliminating the unethical practice of judging a student on the basis of academic exams. Absence of student in educational institute is a major concern for teachers and mentors as they need to keep a check on the same. Furthermore, teachers need to organise additional classes or lectures for these students. Language and identity are related in context of defining a brief background of an individual including nationality, social status, race, etc.

The primary significance of college education plays a major role in ensuring personal growth in future career. For instance, education in colleges are determined at further exploration and evaluation of fields or courses opted by an individual. In addition to that, it further facilitates in development of essential interpersonal skills including global-mindedness, problem solving, critical thinking, etc. Learning is determined as most significant practice in life of an individual in order to contribute values towards personal growth and development. Individuals engaged in army in order to serve nation are determined at lifelong learning procedures as it facilitates in ensuring personal development of soldiers and armed forces with learning of additional skills and abilities. Furthermore, soldiers with scope of improvement in any of the determined field or sector are facilitated with additional training and development programs in order to meet their desired personal as well as professional goals and objectives.

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