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Korean Self Learning Portfolio

University: Australian Catholic University

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1287
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: L/508/0461
  • Downloads: 1003
Question :

This unit aim at developing a self-learning portfolio on learning Korean as a foreign language.

  • Give brief introduction of different learning theories.
  • Evaluate the principles related to learning theories
  • Develop brief summary of Teacher characteristic and catering for learning diversity.
Answer :
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The self learning process is helpful in terms to analysing and evaluating their own things effectively. It is the kind personal portfolio in this the self response of person is need to be defined. In this assignment there are various learning theories are defined as are behavioural, cognitive, social and constructive (August & Shanahan, 2017). The main aim of this theory in this relation is to select the instructional tool, strategies and techniques and this will all be helpful to promoting good knowledge about the things. The present assignment will outline the activities as are impact over the learning attitude of personal and the various factors which helps to promote effective learning in the individual.


Approach as Psychological and Psychoanalytical- This kind of approach and literature of children puts their major consideration over inner out of world. This kind of theory is need to be utilised in adults literary criticism and writing the theory for children. Under this, this kind of theory helps the children to put its major focus over issues as are fear, furious, anxiety and ways with help of which children can be managed effectively.

Physical- There can be various negative impact at the time of learning nay new language. I have seen typical staged at the time I was learning Korean language. I have seen that deaf people learn to speak late as their efficiency of knowing something is not that much effective to normal people. The pronunciation is not also that good. The people who used to listen less and they try harder than others. In this way, they choose special school from where they can able to enhance their learning skills. Thus, it can be said that physical barrier affects the learning of person in harsh manner.

It is one kind of barriers. I must said that learning process will be good with good healthy. Health is something which is need to be in good conditions (Pennycook, 2017). In addition to this, it is need to be noted that learning of new language as Korean foreign language is not that easy. There must be keep body in good conditions as share time to get the rest, relaxation, pray and rest. The main aim is to put major focus over the learning of new language so that process of learning can be effective. At the time of learning Korean language I feel that this language is very difficult to understand and speak. I came to Korea and felt that I am surrounded by strange so that I decided to learn this language.

Cognitive- The cognitive factors are relates to intelligence, sense organs. Heredity, maturation etc. In these terms proper development relates to matter of intelligence among child. This kind of development is influenced by matter of intelligence among the person. I was good in capturing the new things. In this way, I start to explore my knowledge in this regard. The good grasping speed helps me a lot throughout the learning of new language. The cognitive learning will be inclusive of various factors as are memorizing the facts and information to the higher level of process as understanding, application, analysis and evaluation. This kind of learning development is related to the abilities of problem solving (Mezirow, 2018). This kind of development is also influenced by the heredity traits which are gets from parents. In this term it can be said that the development in them will be similar as to their parents cognitive development. The mental capabilities of individual plays essential role in relation to having improvement development in learning process of child.

Social- In this there is need to put major focus over the things like importance of observing, attitudes, emotional reactions etc. This aims that leaning new development will relate to observing through modelling (Kegan, 2018). This kind of theory may be called as social learning theory. I have faced various difficulties at the time of learning of Korean language. Thus, the social learning is continuous process in these people used to get learn from other people.

Gender differences- The gender difference also influence the leaning capacity of individual. Thus, it can be said that the gender role are the pattern of the behaviour, attitude various kind of expectation associated with particular kind of sex. In this the psychologist make distinguish between the role of gender at the time of learning new things. The discrimination is to be made on the basis of things as are boys tends to be more active than girls. In this way they are able to learn the new language easily.

Intelligence or learning preferences- The matter of intelligence and preferences plays essential role in order to develop the things effectively. This is helpful in order to analyse the learning of the things effectively. In these activities learning process of individual need to be effective. The learning attitude of person will be helpful to learn the new things (Lavrenko & Croft, 2017).

Socio-cultural diversity- The factor of socio cultural diversity is in relation to the differences in respect to cultures influence the learning process. This is based on the things as are race, religious beliefs, socio-economic status etc. It is related to the acknowledging diversity on the basis of backgrounds (Lavrenko & Croft, 2017). It is very difficult to set in the new culture. The social culture diversity also plays the main role in relation to affects the learning of new things. This kind of study reflects that social economic status plays important role in term to learning of children. The learning of the child may get affect it they belong to low SES background and it compares to high SES background. Thus, learning of the child may get affected due to issues of background.


The learning theories are the organized set of principles and its helps to explain how individual take the initiatives in order to acquire, retain and develop knowledge. Thus, it can be said that the principles of theories relates to various things as are tool, techniques and strategies which helps to promote the learning of individuals.

Cognitive- This term relates to processing and it is based on though process behind the behaviour of person. Thus, it can be said that this kind of theory is based on the ideas and information which will be helpful to develop the learning among the person. I was good in catching the things, so I became able to learn the new things in fast manner. I have taken the various steps to develop my efficient towards learning of Korean language. The stage of learning will be inclusive of various experiences and this all related to the internal as well external circumstances. This approach is helpful in order to put more attention on focussing over mental process rather than observable behaviour. In addition to this, it can be said that this is related to the change in knowledge which works as to stored in behaviours and not in relation to change in behaviour of individual (Ary &, 2018). Thus, there are various kinds of examples and application of learning theory that are- discussion, problem solving, providing pictures, imagery etc. this is the theory which relates to finding of the thing that what is running in the mind of learned. The inner skill of learner will be helpful to enhancing its skills.

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