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Human Resource Management - Rolls Royce

University: Regent College of London

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Table of Content

Question :

For each and every organisation, it is required to implement HR practices that can assist in managing business operations appropriately. The purpose of this report is to analyze roles and responsibilities of human resources management within an organisation by taking help of required sources.
•    Analyze scope as well as purpose of HRM in enrich an organisation by skilled and talented workforce.
•    Determine appropriateness of Human resource management’s strategic elements.
•    Critically analyze influence of inside and outside forces upon an organisation, its decision making and business legislations.
•    Provide a clear understanding upon HRM practices within an organisation.

Answer :
Organization Selected : Rolls Royce


Human resources is seen as the most indispensable aspect for company success and development because all the business activities are handled by them only. Thus, the management of workers needs to be effective for the corporate world to attain its organizational goals in a defined time frame. Along with this, they are liable for establishing a company image in the marketplace by creating a healthy connection with domestic as well as foreign clients (Bratton and Gold, 2012). Rolls Royce is a leading enterprise that is engaged in designing airline engines and providing services to numerous defense associations. Therefore, the assignment is going to highlight the major purpose and functions of the personnel department while making company plans. Various types of recruitment and selection methods are also discussed in this project for hiring the best candidates for the selected firms. Furthermore, several HRM practices are also identified in this assignment and their impact on the decision-making process. Later on, some necessary employee legislation which is introduced by legitimate bodies for employees’ development is framed in this project.


P1 Purpose and functions of HRM in planning and resourcing of an organization

Rolls-Royce plc is a British leading public limited organization which was established in around 1904 for manufacturing and distributing power systems to the airline industry as well as several other industries. It has been observed that Rolls-Royce is considered as world's second-largest designer of aircraft engines by having its maximum businesses in the marine propulsion and energy industry. Thus, the company is very conscious of its goodwill due to its involvement in numerous business activities. Hence, an enterprise needs to make a proper and impressive strategy with the consultation of the HR department as well as responsible for improving the knowledge of staff members (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). Along with this, the personnel team of the company is focussing on various functions and is liable for completing distinct job roles to attain set objectives or goals in a given time frame. Some of the main purpose of the HR team is discussed as follows:-

  • Proper use of resources: The initial objective is to handle or manage all the resources suitably so that they cannot be misused. For example; the usage of employees needs to be done more effectively without exploiting them as well as ensure that they can't enforced for doing any work.
  • Develop resources: - Focussing on polishing staff members to encourage them to perform complex work. It means the HR team must learn the technique of promoting employee retention by using appropriate strategies.
  • Promote organizational culture: - It means, the personnel team is liable for improving the environment of an enterprise because Rolls-Royce is a multinational enterprise as they are engaged in several distinct business activities. For example; requisite to conduct numerous programs or events to make the employees happy and offer some attractive packages.
  • Benefits management: - According to this element HR department of the selected firm is involved in providing equal opportunities to gain benefits to each or every staff without any discrimination (Daley, 201). It means chances of acquiring remuneration or development is offered by an enterprise to the After understanding the main purpose of HRM its time to analyze the major functions that are performed by the manager at the time of the planning process. A few of them are described further:-
  • Recruitment and selection:- Rolls-Royce is a large organization by has outlets in numerous nations due to which the personnel team of an enterprise considers several factors while hiring employees. They need to appoint skilled or talented staff to fulfill the vacant position of an association.
  • Orientation: - As per this element newly hired employees must go through this process to become aware of the new environment so that they can perform their job role in a healthy mind. Thus, this process is also accomplished by the HR team to acquire the trust of employees.
  • Needs to maintain a positive working environment: - Every individual wants to work in a safe surrounding to reduce stress and tension in the workplace. As a result, the company succeeded in promoting employee retention by controlling the additional charges of hiring (Fee, 2014).

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P2 Strengths and weaknesses of various approaches to recruitment and selection

To select different employees there is a range of options which are available with the management of the refereed enterprise and according to the nature and demand of the job, the best option can be selected. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore the selection panel of the firm has to be careful for deciding on a particular method of fulfilling the vacancy in business. However, Rolls-Royce has positive goodwill in the marketplace due to which they need to consider necessary facts or figures for hiring skilled or talented employees. Three methods are identified that might used by selected firms for appointing the best candidate at the workplace. Thus, suitable tools for recruiting employees are further explained with their advantages and disadvantages:-

  • Internal approach:- As per this element company is hiring their employees within an enterprise without taking help from the outside world. For example; the promotion of existing staff or the transfer of any other individual are considered internal methods of selecting employees (Guest, 2011). This method is highly appropriate due to several advantages as it is accomplished within the company without involving any external factors. Hence, some of the major advantages and disadvantages of the internal method are discussed as follows:-
  • External approach:- It means the company is going to hire employees from the outside world with the use of modern technologies such as; advertisements in newspapers, magazines, TV, and so on (Harzing and Pinnington, 2010). Basically, with the usage of this tool managers of the HR team need to focus on each or every aspect to regulate the possibility of mistakes. Along with this, the company is following beneficial sources for hiring the best candidate to fill the vacant position of an enterprise. Some of the major strengths and weaknesses are further explained:-
  • Third-party approach: - This means the company needs to acquire help from any consultant team to select the best or most eligible candidate for some particular position. For example; Rolls-Royce is requiring a marketing manager for their sales department. Thus, they consult any consultant firm or experienced person to select best suitable person for managing promotional activities (Hendry, 2012). The major benefits and drawback of this strategy is described as follows:-

P3 Benefits of different HRM practices for employer and employees

British multinational corporation is engaging in several business activities due to which the HR department of an organization needs to make necessary changes at the workplace for developing staff members. They need to conduct several beneficial programs or sessions to offer the best success opportunities to each or every individual working at the workplace. However, the personnel team is engaged in designing best practices and handling them effectively to facilitate other members with maximum advantages (Huselid and Becker, 2011). Thus, some of the major HRM practices which is beneficial for employees and employer are discussed below:-

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