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Models of Health Promotion

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Question :

Health promotion is defined as combination of political, education, environmental and that helps individuals in maintain good health. The report reflects the different types of health promotion related models used in contemporary practices. The section of assignment report discusses the following:

  • Explain the two different models of Health Promotion applied under contemporary practices.
  • Select two government health strategies to educate about health at regional level and interlink between government strategies and one of the models described above.
  • Describe the importance of health professionals in promoting health along with the importance of routines in maintain good health.
  • Examine the concept of health belief along with three health beliefs existing in contemporary UK society.
Answer :
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Health promotion refers to the planned combination of political, educational, environmental and regulatory mechanisms that support actions and conditions of living conducive to the health of individuals, groups and communities (Betsch and, 2016). In this context, the focus of present report will be on explaining different model of health promotion used in the contemporary practice. The two government health strategies for health education at the regional level will be analysed and link between the government strategies will be made. The role of health professionals in health promotion will be assessed and eventually the different political beliefs which can influence health promotion strategies will be made.

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1. Two different models of Health Promotion

Health promotion models have been developed by healthcare professionals which helps them in enhancing the health promotion (Cross-Bardell and, 2015). Health promotion is directed at enhancing the level of well being in patient. In this context, the two health promotion model used in contemporary practice is described below:

Health Promotion Models

The focus of health promotion model is on analysing health risk or illness in individuals, groups, communities and populations. In order to cope up with the risk, strategies are formulated accordingly which are change in lifestyle or behaviour, preventive medical and public health. Lifestyle or behavioural approaches targets on individuals or groups whose behavioural or social situation place them at greater risk of developing unhealthy lifestyle (Hughes and Edmondson, 2016). Individuals needs to change their lifestyle into healthy lifestyle in order to enhance their well being. Another approach according to this model is transforming environment or environmental adaptation. This approach promotes health by addressing the social determinants of health which are food, housing, employment, transport and education. Health care professionals changes the environment in which the individuals live so that their the issue can be minimise. Preventive medical approach is another approach which helps in promoting health. These approaches aimed at improving the physiological risk factors which are related to the way living things functions.

Health Belief Model

Health Belief Model is one of the most effective health promotion model that focused on anticipating individual changes in their health behaviour which can impact on their well-being. Beliefs of individual are varied with each other (Walters and, 2017). This model predicts how the changes in the beliefs and lifestyle would impact on their health and thus recommends possible interventions which helps in enhancing their well being.

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2. Government strategies for health education

Government plays prominent role in providing education through commercials, providing time to time information about the benefits of using healthy living practices etc. The government of United Kingdom is determined to enhance the well-being of patients and population by providing them adequate education about the health lifestyle (Phull, Wills and Dickinson, 2015). In this context, the two government strategies are described below:

Health Education England (HEE)

The purpose of Health Education England (HEE) is to support delivery of efficient quality of health and to improve the healthcare system so that patients healthcare experience can be enhanced (Marston and Lewis, 2014). Health promotion involves healthcare interventions at various levels from changing policies to provide education to individuals to address important health related areas and social determinants of health. In this context, Health Education England operates across the nation in order to provide high quality education and training for better health and healthcare workforce.

Public health England Strategic plan

Local government in collaboration with NHS, prepared a 4 year action plan in which the government will aim to reduce the disparity in health by providing healthcare education in rural areas of England (Hunter, Stevenson and Kee, 2014).

There is direct link between health promotion model and health education England strategy of government as both focuses on eliminating risk and health issue by improving individual's lifestyle.

3. (a) Role of health professionals in promoting health

Healthcare professionals plays significant role in providing precise and adequate information regarding healthy practices and lifestyle which must be followed by individuals and patients to eliminate health risk.

  • Doctors: Doctors have more knowledge about the disease and its treatment. They share their experience and knowledge with patients and individuals either face to face or through workshops in order to spread knowledge and awareness and to promote health practices.
  • Nurses: Nurses are responsible for caring of patient, prepare care plan, providing medicines, receiving patient, etc (Moksnes, 2015). They get experience and knowledge from pragmatic approach. They spread knowledge through communicating with patient in order to enhance their well-being.
  • Social Workers: Health and social workers as part of their work process shares vital and crucial information and provide education about the health care practices which must be followed by individuals in order to enhance their healthy practices.
  • Therapists: The role of therapists is to guide patients and individuals to follow the healthy life practices so that well-being can be enhanced (Izaki and Swaine, 2017).

3. (b) The significance of routines in maintaining good health

Maintaining good health have loads of benefits. Firstly it helps in preventing illness and improve the well-being of individuals. In this context, the important of maintaining good health routine is described below:

  1. Increase Efficiency: Healthy living habits ultimately increases the efficiency of individuals. They can work more better and efficiently if they maintain good hygiene and health.
  2. Builds Momentum: Good health routine build momentum in an individuals. They can work for long without having feeling of distress and tiredness (Baum, 2016).
  3. Reduce stress: Healthy routines reduces the stress in individual. In present era, more than half of population of country suffered from stress. Thus, healthy living practices eventually lowers the stress level of individual.
  4. Better Sleep: If the stress is lower, one can sleep peacefully and calmly. In order to do that, individual needs to maintain good hygiene and health routines.

4. (a) Concept of health belief and 3 health belief concept in present UK society

Health Belief: Health belief refers to an individual culture, ethnicity and other affiliation that affects health belief and practice.

Three health belief concept in present UK society

  • While having sexual intercourse, condoms must be use in order to percent negative and critical health disease like HIV or AIDS (Cross-Bardell and, 2015).
  • He or she is positive that if they take precautions first, negative health condition can be eliminated.
  • Partners take advise from healthcare professionals with the use of condoms of they are comfortable with it.

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4. (b) Interrelationship between Transtheoretical Model and Health Belief Theory

According to Transtheoretical Model, individuals goes through six stages of behaviour transformation. These are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance and termination. Different health intervention strategies devised in order to move individuals towards next stage. The model is related with the Belief Model as it also based on the basis of behaviour change in an individual (Betsch and, 2016). It also has six stages, which are perceived severity, perceived benefits, self efficacy, cues to action, perceived barriers and perceived susceptibility. This can be explain with the help of example. For instance a smoker tends to quit smoking all by own his own if he identified the disadvantages of smoking on health.

  • Perceived Susceptibility: It is the belief that a person has regarding gettting ill due to excessive smoking.
  • Perceived Severity: It is the subjective belief of individual that if he tends to smokes a lot, he might get sick and unhealthy.
  • Perceived Benefits: It is the belief of person that the methods recommended to him will provide benefits and he will become healthy soon.
  • Perceived Barriers: Belief of individual regarding the barrier or cost of changing the behaviour of no smoking.
  • Cues to action:: The forces that helps individual to take action for change.
  • Self Efficacy: The confidence gained by individual for change.

4. (c) Influence of political belief on health promotion strategies

Political power greatly influence on the health promotion strategies. They set the fund for health promotion and utilise it appropriately so that adequate information can be reached to every individual living in the nation. World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health promotion as the strategy to enhance the well-being of individual (Hughes and Edmondson, 2016). It is the procedure which enables individuals to live a healthy and hygienic life. Health promotion theory concepts are related with the political influence. As there are few communities which is posses more resources in sense of health care than that of other having it which is regarded to as neo liberal economic system.


From the above report, it can be concluded that in order to enhance the well-being of individual, health promotion play vital role. This report discuss about the concept of health promotion with reference to relevant theories. The role of different healthcare professionals has been assessed in this report. The political influence of health promotion strategies has been discussed briefly in this report.

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