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English Teaching Skills

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 6 / Words 1383
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: R/508/0531
  • Downloads: 813
Question :

The objective of this report is to evaluate teaching practices in the specific domain as English. In this regard it is require for a teacher to analyze specific requirement of language, schedule and so on.

  • Discuss the role of EFL/ESL teacher as well as work preparation scheme appropriate to specified domain.
  • Construct a lesson plan for teachers based on specific situation.
Answer :
Organization Selected : CEMEX


Learning skills specially in different languages are necessary. Present study will be based on English teaching skills. It will be explaining the role of teacher and children in different context.


1. Examine the role of EFL/ESL in a specific teaching situation.

The role of EFL/ESL teacher publication is to published amidst a decade long to increase the English language and teaching material (Bear, Invernizzi and Johnston, 2016). Th teaching portfolio has to be includes two portfolio sections to be important in teaching practices that emphasis the role of teacher. First section includes teaching philosophy that defines the beliefs of what constitute good teaching. The role of EFL/ESL teacher is more critical, positive or in open manner on the context of discussing any topic under which teacher are well educated and performing well.

In present context English is the only window of the world to success. In Nepal English taught as a foreign language or use in second language. The role of a teacher expand the theory or values of the teaching study material in the context of students. In all foreign countries English languages taught as their first language. In the context of role of teacher in the classroom is the architect or facilitator (Role of the Teacher in the EFL/ESL Classroom, 2018). Besides, the role of teacher is play a very essential part for student. That helps to solve any query and uncertain situation.

Teacher also play a important role in terms of making good task oriented work and target market opportunity. Teacher is the role model for the student that helps to control the overall process of making task (Braine, ed., 2014). This makes the process easier and task oriented. English language has become authenticate language for the countries. That should be compulsory either in fist language or secondary. Apart from studies teacher are also very necessary in understanding in social concepts and making needs very clear and productive in nature. Ironically ESL/EFL classroom practices never start with that the learner brings classroom facilities for student growth.

2. Prepare a scheme of work for about 90 hours of teaching, which may be spread in one of the following ways:

According to guide student that English is the most effective and necessary language to describe the best possible action plan. Prepare scheme will help students to understand the process into effective manner. Apart from that, it will take better opportunity for teacher to introduce new activity and target market goals. This scheme will stretch into many big manner. Apart from that, it helps to make the better opportunity and growth in order to perform the most powerful and productive task making performance (Carter and McCarthy, 2014). For example 10 minutes a week to pronunciation practice, 3 terms of 12 weeks. Three hours of English per day. Three weeks intensive English, consistency of 5 days of 6 hours each. Scheme of work is the overall plan for instructor to outline what they will teach during an academic term or period. In order to prepare scheme of work teacher will make sure that workplace has a standard template. If they also need to work in proper effective manner. Apart from that, there are different techniques through work get done in proper effective manner. They also teach better productive goals and task making performance. Scheme of work available on teaching resources websites for purchase and download. Apart from that, it also makes clear that. This has to be in effective and productive manner of fact (Cook, 2016). That describes the better performance level.

Scheme of work



Content of topic

Subject objectives

Learning activities



1st week

Chapter I: English language

Explain the concept of sentences of English.

The teacher should give some examples of sentences.

English Curriculum for English combination

2nd week

Chapter 2. The concept of Pronunciation

Define Pronunciation

  • Sample
  • Examples

Online, Books, Articles


3rd week

Chapter 3:

Writing skills,

Reading skills

  • Books Samples

Online, Books

3.Prepare a diagnostic test fora class.

Diagnostic test is the examination form to take the feedback from the students. It helps to bring. New changes and effective process of work. That makes the better learning and growth for new better learning. Apart from that, it gives better opportunity and growth for taking its responsibility further. It is the responsibility of teacher to take the regular feedback from the students for better producing level (Cox, 2014). Apart from that, it provides better learning process or task making performance. It helps to measure the efficiency of student. This makes clear the concept level and diagnose the issues with students. In this test options are available in front of the students to measure the better efficiency level of work.

Diagnostic Test

1. Circle the letter that corresponds to the correct preposition for sentence given below

Example :n I am surprised you!

a) at

b) with

c) for a b c

2. Choose a suitable answer for each of the questions

1. Are my fiend and I early? Yes

a) we are

b) they must

c) we must

3. Choose verb or a verb phrase to complete the following sentence.

1. The books .......... on the library table all day before anyone put them away.

a. lay b. laid

On the basis of above diagnostic test, teacher can easily evaluate the children performance and get help to take further action plan in order to meet the performance into the best possible manner. It gives better opportunity and growth in order to meet the needs of the organization goals. It gives better opportunity and growth in order to hold the better performance level of growth (Echevarria, Vogt and Short, 2016).


4. Lesson plan

Topic Outline

Time Estimate

Suggested teaching and Homework activities

Suggested Resources

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