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Career Development Plan

University: Arden University

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 7 / Words 1644
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: CNA346
  • Downloads: 835
Question :

It is important for career development to have a personalised strategy so that a roadmap can be built for career development. This project is based on reflection and includes the following-

  • Evaluation of the concept relating to career development strategies.
  • Assessment of the development of a lifelong learning approach
  • Evaluation and application of strategies relating to high performance.
  • Application of strategy to work in a team.
  • Reflection in learning and self-improvement.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Virgin

Career Development Plan

A personalized strategy in the form of a career development plan provides a road map for building a career. This action plan will allow me to observe and implement a continuous skill development process in alignment with my role as human resource development (HRD) manager and my responsibilities towards the organisation. The career development plan overlaps my transferable skills with the requirements of the organisation. In the role of HRD manager, it becomes my responsibility to identify the present and possible future requirements of the organisation so that skills can be developed accordingly and I can assure that only the best human resources are part of the organisation.

For skill developments activities like training and development sessions, mentoring and job rotations are essential(Gould,2017). I must be able to serve different roles so that organisational goals can be achieved. As HRM manager I should have knowledge of identifying strength and weakness of human resources so that roles can be assigned as per skills. For ensuring continuous development individuals development plan must be used as effective tool and I must ensure that all resources must be available which enhances the efficiency of the employees.

Self Assessment:

For accomplishing my duties in the role of HRD manager I must have effective communication and analysing skills. It will help me to figure out the best possible human resources for the organisation. My primary interest is in the field of human resource management. The toughest part of this role is to ensure that organisational success is not compromised due to human resources. It is a challenging task to ensure that appreciation and reward systems are effective enough to represent organisation as an attractive structure for human resources(Hanson and Casey, 2017). My strategies and planning not only meets expectations of organisation but also protects valuable resource from competitive aspects. Regular skill development sessions will not only beneficial for organisation but will also provide me opportunity to explore my talent.

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Career goals:

As HRD manager, my strengths can be used to achieve the long term goals of organisation. My career goal is to become chief human resource officer. Communications and analytical skills will be crucial for achieving my goal. The competitive atmosphere within organisation will provide me chance to work on my weak points. For instance I can greatly improve my communication skills within organisation. The technical details necessary for growth of organisation are also necessary to be understand by me. I must have detailed knowledge of expected turn over, requirements, planning and principles of the organisation. With regular skill development I must have clear point of view that at which position I visualise myself after few years. It will help me to develop skills accordingly and to manage the growth hierarchy efficiently. The discussion with superior authorities will give me guidelines for planning strategies for these goals.

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Road map for achieving goals and performance evaluation:

  • Factors such as money, resources, training and development sessions, timing and professional relations will greatly influence my performance and growth. I must work on feedbacks and suggestions that which tasks are not accomplished by me as requirement or within given time frame.
  • If its possible cause is related to my efficiency skills then I must work on them so that in future those limitations does not influence my growth. Self evaluation of my performance will also help me to analyse my weakness which are responsible for failure in goal achieving.
  • Activities such as seminars, customer relations, acceptance to innovations and challenging tasks can contribute me in achieving long term goals.

Career development action plan

Transferable Skills

Long term goal

Short term goal



Communication skills

To establish transparency so that employees can discuss their issues easily with me

To maintain personal and employee relation so that emotional connectivity can be created which is essential for communication

Long term goals: 3 years

Short term goals: 1 year

Regular interaction at all levels of organisation

Brand management

To recruit the individuals who will make the brand name remarkable with their performance

To develop an understanding about impact of behaviour and performance on brand management via training sessions

Long term goals: 5 years

Short term goals: 2 years

Training and development sessions, Regular performance evaluation and monitoring

Analytical skills

To wisely implement the analysed information into profitable outputs

Identifying resources such as customer relation management, enterprise management systems which will lead me to analyse information

Long term goals: 6 years

Short term goals: 3 years

Ensuring the availability of required tools

Specific business and technical knowledge

I must have details of organisational policies so that I can perform my duties accordingly and can implement advancements

It is my duty to ensure that human resources of organisation are trained as per the technical and business requirement of the organisation

Long term goals: 6 years

Short term goals: 2 years

I will require keeping myself update from every decision and advancements in market place as well as in organisation

Ability to influence

I must be able to influence the decision making so that accurate decision making can be accomplished

For influencing decisions proper understanding of policies and procedures is mandatory

Long term goals: 5 years

Short term goals: 2 years

Personality and skill development, skills like alertness, knowledge gain need to be developed


  • I must analyse my skills regularly that which new skills I have developed for improving my efficiency. The evaluation by seniors and supervisors can help me to analyse more deeply about my strength and weakness.
  • When goals are achieved new goals must be developed which involves better results and more challenges as compare to the previous one(Cook, 2017). The regular interaction opportunities and management of resources for executing organisational activities gives advantage to increase my management skills and thus adding a step for my long term goal.
  • There are tasks such as manual data handling, irrelevant records preparations seems to be irrelevant for my long term objectives. I must be adaptable to new technologies and innovations because an efficient chief human resource officer must be able to manage changes in profitable manner.

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