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Strategic HR Managment

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Pillars of Strategic Management in Organization

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HRM is abbreviated as the human resource management, who manage the emp loyees in an organisation, basically works in three different segements like employment in the organization, compensation of the emp loyees and design the workspace for empoyees in aperticular organisation(Li, Frenkel and Sanders, 2011). The choosen organization Jaguar which is an automobile company established in UK. It is basically a car manufacturing company, has manufacturingp lant in Whitley and so many showrooms in UK and other country. In this report the different strategies and models of HRM has been discussed with a crirtical evaluation of their impacts on the management of this organization.


1.1 Role of Human Resource Management

In then organization the HRM plays a role in managing the things which are related to the employees. The main key role of HRM is to enlist the emp loyees of the organization and gain the competitive outcome from them. The design for benefits of the emp loyees made by the human resource management. Human resource management have so many responsibilities including then recruitment of the candidates for the suitableprofile, they also maintain the training and develop mentprogram for the emp loyees to develop theirpersonal andprofessional skills. In jaguar the HR department is to recruit the adequate emp loyees as they can get the better output(Horwitz, 2011). Its an automobile company so the major requirement is mechanical engineers who can made some impressive and attractive designs of the car that company can made. The need of emp loyment is so high because its a leading car manufacturing company in all over the worled so they want skilled emp loyees in each department of their organisation either it is marketing or sales.

The HRM basically also manage thepay system of the organisation in which they have so manypolicies for the emp loyees. To maintain the good relationship with the other firms, human resource management makes an human relation movement. With any change in the organisation, and relation with the industry, HR is responsible for all those changes. In jaguar, which is multinational brand so there ventuers have spreaded in all over the world, its a manufacturer of expensive cars so they have to handle the standard of their customers also. HR department of this organisation keep s one thing always in its mind that they have to make sure of so mnay things like technical, nontechnical advantages, if there is ay consolidation in the firm then its the responsibility of the HRM to fix it. The market value of jaguar has made by the strategic management of HR.

1.2 Strategy for Human resource management

For the unique human resource management in jaguar, it should be multidiscip linary. It is made of 3 types of elements as enconomical elements like wages, marketings, thep sychological elements are also involved in the HRM , motivation for the emp loyees, emp loyee satisfaction. On the basis of sociology there are so many levels in which the HRM works, departments of the organisation, different culture of the emp loyees, working environment. Those elements are so also integrated in HRM which are related to the law(Marler and Fisher, 2013). The HR mananges the work in group of managers and the individual like subordinates, juniors and other staff. HRM stategis can make an impact of theperformance in a right way. There are so many advantage for the company in the competitive market as they adop ts these strategies. These are ten specific elements of an HRM strategy:

Skill Management- The recruited candidates of jagaur are selected on the basis of their skills and knowledge. Its the responsibility HRM to manage the work according to the level of their skills. The trainig and develop mentprogram has to be made according to their learning capability. HRM of jaguar knows the factors on which it have to work. Thepayroll of the emp loyees also decided by the Human resource management. So many workers are working in the manufacturingp lants and showrooms of this company, and theyr all are working in so many different department in the organisation, so to manage the each emp loyee of each department of the organisation is not an easy task for HRM, it should be systematic. Skill management of the emp loyees can be done by scaling according to theirperformance and this scaling is also a responsibility of Human resource management as with the better skills the emp loyee have allowed to give more attractive output to the organization.

Knowledge management- Recruitment of the emp loyees is done by the HR depart on the basis of the knwoledge(HRMVeld, 2012). If there is an drive to recruit the mechanical engineer, for that the candidate should know have the basic knowledge of the mechanical terms and the machinery which can be used in the manufacturingp lant. The HRM have a task to make an report on the requirements of the organisation. According to these requirements they have to make an drive of recruitement. With this concep t the knowledge can be examined by the HRM of jaguar.

Resourcing- basically its a leading car manufacturing comp nay and in so manyp lace there have grounded their ventures. The HR department have the concep t of resourcing in which have recruited the skilledpeop le for work. These skilledpeop le have made an attractive environment to thepeop le that more skilledpeop le have joined this organisation. Tehe HRM do the resourcing to attract thepeop le who have high quality in their work and also retain them.

Relationship between the emp loyees- There must be so many changes and modification to maintain the relationship between the emp loyees. The HRM of jaguar have to take care of those changes. The changes in the organisational operations needs be done by the HRM according to the status of the relationship between the emp loyees and stakeholders as they can get the more competitive outcome from the emp loyees.

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2.1 Harvard model of Human resource management

This model is given by Beern in 1984. According to this model there are six componenets on which the HR management of any organization can be done.

Situational factors- In each situation the hr have to take so many decisions, these decisions can affect the other stakkeholders and team members of the organisation. The factors which are related to the situation can be defined as situational interests. Type of wrkforce is an interest in which the wokrload is introduced(Cascio, 2015.). There are so many business strategies which can be used by tyhen organisation and the organisation uses those strategies indirectly by their human resouce management. Each organization have a management committee, and each management committee is following ap hilosop hy. Thep hilosop hy allws them to manage the firm and its internal operations. A big aspact as labour market is also included in this scenario. Task disrtibution with a technology also have aposition in this Model. The social values of the organisation is also an situational factor

Stakeholder interests- Each operation and action of the HRM is making an impact on the stakeholders of the organisation. The stakeholder interests is a reflection of the stategy which is adop ted by the Hr department of that organization. If the company have a better growth in the market the stakeholder will definitely show the interest to invest in the market share of the organization. Ther stakeholders are the same shareholders, the stakeholder can be one of the emp loyees that are working in the same organisation. Anyperson from government side can be a stakeholder and it may be from a community that has a big no. ofpeop le in it.

HRM policy- hrmpolicy is made for the emp lyees and the recruited candidates also for the stakeholders of the organisation. Then hrmpolicy have the rules, regulations, company expenditure, vacancies, work alotmentprocess,payroll and so mnay other factors. On each of these factors there is apolicy carried over by the human resource management of the organisation(Cascio, 2015.). The emp loyees can leave with the leavepolicy such asp L, CL, SL as many more. If any candidate want to get a job in the organisation, he can ap.p ly from the website and after this he have to go through with the interview in front of the HR management of the organization. There are also somepolicies for human resources flows, resourcing is used to attract the high qulaitypeop le in the organization so for that this model has a section in which the qualitypeop le can avail there benefits from the specificpolicy. There is also a rteward system for the emp loyees in case they have achieved any target before the deadline. The reward can be given in the form of incentives as the bonus in the salary, it can be in form of any other relaxation.

HR Outcomes- outcomes from the HR can be categorised into 4parts- commitment. Congruence, competence and cost. If thepolicy which are made by the hr is effective then their commitment will be loyal for the emp loyees and stakeholders and the whole organization. The result of te betterpolicy can make an impact on theproduction of the organisation. The emp loyees have the skills and knowledge thus the competence in the organisation is too high to get the up.perposition in the company. HR outcome depends on thepolicies and it can affect the structure of the organization either inpositive way or negative way.

Long-term consequence and feedback loop - The HRM also have some consequences for a long time. In market the value of the organization should be reputative(Budhwar. and Varma, 2010). The emp loyees are working in the company have to behave so well with their co-emp loyee. On the banner of social term the HR should being well with the society.


3.1Evaluating the impact that a strategic ap.proach topeop le management can have in Jaguar

Strategic ap.proach is required in every organization in the specific direction in order to achieve the long term goals and getpositive results. This also help s to utilize the resources in better ways. Its also help s stakeholder to fulfil their desire by ap.proaching near to gaols and objectives as well as to achieve it. Companies like Jaguar understand the need of the emp loyees as to gain advantages in the competitive world. Differentpolices andpractices are made in order increase theperformance in the different areas such asproductivity, quality and financialperformance. According to the Jaguar, company interact and engage the emp loyees in various ways. They aim for the develop ment of their emp loyees and believe that this bring success to their company. The ap.proach can be based on the givingpresentation on emp loyee, through their intranet sites and workers magazines, incentives or increment in salary. Impact of the strategic ap.proach topeop le management in the jaguar can be understood through the Harvard theory. Under HRMpolicies comes the main aspects about the emp loyee influence, Human resource flow, reward system and work system assigned to emp loyee. The output to this system is directly reached to the organization and stakeholder. Strategicp lanning of HR at jaguar are based on the five core areas(Stanton and Nankervis, 2011). These are engagement, capablepeop le, leadership quality,protection and enabling changes. This created a great impact on theperformance of the organization. Through such strategies emp loyee are morepassionate and have real commitment towards the firm.

Jaguar emp loyees have long term attachment to the organization. Through the ap.proach as mentioned above the emp loyee gets emotionally attached to the company. Jaguar is honest, open and focus regular on their emp loyee. The improvement activities organized at the firm are help ful to make the objective more clear to them and the need of theperformance firm requires in order to achieve the target and objectives. For all such innovative activities the organisation offer the competitivepayment method along with the other benefits and a unique worker valueproposition. All this makes theperformance well and thep lants reaches to the full capacity. Not only this, other strategic ap.proach of Jaguar which impacted great respect for the organization is that they sup.port the with disabilities ,peop le form the ethnic group and women. All the staff members are considered equally. It the firmpolicy 'dignity at work' which is the star mark at the culture of Jaguar. Respect and safety is ensured at the workp lace, creatingpositive work environment and betterp lace to work. Another great examp le of impact of the strategicp lanning is the recruitmentprocess. Jaguar have hired more than 8000 new emp loyees in the company. It was a bit challengingprocess for such a reputed company. They enhance the technical,personal andprofessional capability of theperson. This increases theirperformance andprovides them their improvement in the develop ment op.portunities.

The market values and culture followed here are making great contribution to the company. For the marketperspective and ap.proach toward it makes the organization to take important and critical decision. Emp loyeesp lays main role in getting success to the organization. Hence the company shares the revenues and success through increment in the salary and other incentives like rewards as well as bonuses(Martin and Reddington, 2010). This also leads to the emp loyee recognition and increases the contribution of the emp loyee to the company. Emp loyee at Jaguar are sup.ported by the other emp loyees and the managers. This bring the flexibility in the work and sup.port the emp loyee to manage their holistic life. Motivation and inspiration from the emp loyees and leader have also created impact on the high degree of satisfactory work and discretionary effort of emp loyees towards the company. Company has been concentrating and focusing on the execution of strategies related to the leadership qualities. This is done to innovate the new methods of storing and innovating new technology.

Through the strategies adop ted by HRM there is significant impact in the organization. More than 70 % emp loyees have improved theirperformance level and around 17 % are having the low impact which can be improved by some motivation and inspiration. This data is based on the SHRM ap.proach to human resource(Sheehan and Cooper, 2011). Achievement made through focusing thepeop le management have benefited the other also. Some of the achievement made through this strategies includes improvedperformance as well asproductivity, increasing the sales, cost reduction, increment in marketpercentage, increase inproduct quality and many more.performance management strategies are required in all the business sector to improve theperformance level, it is not just related to the manager to keep the eye on every emp loyee. At jaguar due to significant contribution and collaboration of the peop le management has contributed to its success and fame.


In this report we have discussed about the role of HRM in an organisation. The choosen organisation jaguar is highlighted in this report. The strategies and model of HRM is also discussed in ths report. A critical analysis and evlauation of such strategies and models has also done.


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