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Issues in Ineffective Leadership

University: London School of Business and management

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LSBM003
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
  3. TASK 2
Question :

In the given case study, some conflicting situations is provided and a new manager has to resolve the problems that are present in sales team.

  • Describe role of employees at workplace.
  • What are different sources and solutions of the disputes that happens at workplace.
  • Explain the methods of dealing with conflicting situations by considering negotiation skills and conflict management.
  • Apply servant leadership in provided case study.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Unilever


Leaders and manager in an organisation has significant role to place in driving a company towards achievement of success and growth. There are several types of leadership styles which are adopted by the leaders for directing , controlling , guiding people at workplace. Leadership style utilised by leaders has great as well as significant influence the behaviour as well as performance of followers. It is very much important for leaders to select the leadership styles on considering the need of situation and demand of subordinates. As this factors can have great impact on the relationship between leaders and employees. Sometimes rude behaviour or attitude of leaders leads to the conflict which has negative effect on the business performance.

The present report includes the case analysis of firm an operating in tourism industry and facing the several issues due to ineffective leadership.


1. Problems in the case study

There are various problems has been faced by company operating in tourism industry. Some instances of issues faced by an organisation include the decision taken by the top level management in regards to changing the incentive schemes. Thishas led to some animosity between the team as others feel these three have an unfair advantage because of their holiday destination (Doh and Quigley, 2014). Amendments in the incentive policies has lead to the high level of dissatisfaction in employees working in sales department. As the standards for gaining the standards were too high which was impossible for workers to achieve. Many of the staff members in an organisation has complaint about the working environment in an enterprise , as this factor has significant impact on their performance at workplace (Lopez and Ensari,2014)

2. Causes of the conflict

The main cause of the conflict is the changes in incentives system by top level management. Another cause of the conflict is ineffective leadership. In addition to this improper, unsafe working environment and power culture within an organisation .Among several causes of the issues , power culture and ineffective leadership is considered to be the significant cause of the conflict which has negative effect on the relationship between management and employees. Due to ineffective policies, many of the workers in an enterprise feels that these three have an unfair advantage. Unclear policies is another important reason for conflict at workplace (Carmeli, Gelbard and Reiter-Palmon, 2013).

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3. Strategies for avoiding such types of conflict

It is required by human resource manager in an organisation to formulate clearly defined policies. Manager or leaders in an organisation should communicate effectively with the workers. As this strategy will assist leaders in demonstrating the concern about the several issues faced by the workers. It is required by manager or leaders in an enterprise to provide healthy , safe , and effective environment (Iqbal, 2013). As this tactic will help employees in improving their performance at workplace. It will also enable workers to get high level of satisfaction from their job. Manager or leaders should follows the policies considering the interest of all employees. As this strategy will help leader in inspiring the workers to improve their performance

4. The ways or techniques for dealing with situation

There are mainly three techniques which can be utilised by manager or leaders in a firm for dealing with such type of situation. These are :

Conflict management - There are primarily five conflict management strategies which can be adopted by leaders for dealing with the such types of situation at workplace these are :

Accommodating- This strategy includes the fulfilling the demand of workers (Kaur,2015). These are the strategies which are utilised by manager or leader in an enterprise for eliminating the issues which might arise due to conflicts.

Avoiding- Objective of implementing this type of strategy is to put off conflict emphatically. In this strategy manager of leaders in an organisation ignores the conflictual issues. Manager or leader with this type of strategy hopes that the problem resolves itself without a dissension.

Collaborating- manager or leader with this type of strategy have focus on analysing the appropriate solution to the problem.

Compromising -It is considered to be as suitable strategies which can be implemented in contradictory situation where -parties hold approximately equivalent power. Leaders or manager make compromise during contract negotiations with employees.

Competing - This strategy is considered to be less effective as compared to the other. Competing strategy can be applied to only few conflicting matters. Manager or leader gain benefit from holding the competitive strategy in reserve for crisis situations and decisions.

Motivation - It is required by manager or leaders in an organisation to set realistic target, as unrealistic goals cal lead to the motivation in employees (AlMazrouei and Zacca, 2015). Human resource manager in an enterprise should formulate or introduce attractive incentives' system , as this will assist leaders in inspiring people to increase their participation in several business activities and make their contribution in bringing successful change at workplace.

Negotiation - This technique includes facilitating the discussion related to the issue in order to find suitable solution to the problem. It can be considered to be as an effective technique in terms of reducing the differences (Wasike,2017)


A) Servant leadership

Servant leadership is recognised as philosophy which defines the set of practices which enrich the lives of person. This leadership approach helps in building better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. It also provides leader a chance to develop good and strong relationship with subordinates (Barrick and, 2013). Leaders with this type of leadership approach are more considered about the problems faced by other people with an organisation and providing them with suitable solution. Leaders with this form of leadership approach does not have interest in using their power. These types of people believe in sharing power. Leaders with Servant leadership approach gives priority to the neds of their subordinate and assist workers in improving their performance at workplace (Collinson and Cook, 2013) These types of people are generally supportive in nature. A motive of leader to adopt this leader ship approach is to support as well as motivate, workers and enable subordinates to show their full potential and abilities. This type of leadership approach have positive impact on the behaviour and performance of employees within an organisation. Servant leaders have focus on achieving various activities such as collaboration, trust, empathy, and the ethical use of power (Salter and Coleman, 2015)

B) Principles of servant leadership

The principles of servant leadership is based on the traditional concepts. Important principles of servant leadership are :

Empathy- Servant believes in sharing their ideas , values or believes with their subordinates. This type of people are more concerned about clearing the doubts of people.

Awareness- It is the quality servant leader that they have self awarenesses. They believe in keeping update themselves with the latest business trends .

Persuasion- Leader relies on persuasion rather than only providing direction to subordinate.

Conceptuality- Several leaders follows the principal of concentrating on achieving long term target. Leaders with the servant leadership approach have focus on preparing the subordinates and providing training to employees, so they can gain workers can gain potential to deal with complex situations (Daft, 2014) It is the quality of servant leader has deep understaffing about the different business concepts which assist them in managing people as well as operations in effective manner.

Growth- Leaders with servant leadership approach are more concerned about their personal as well as professional growth. These people are creative in nature and they always contribute to the creation of effecting working environment or culture within an enterprise (Fishman and et. al., 2013)

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