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Leadership and Management Behavior in Tesco

University: University of wales

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  • Level: Post Graduate/University
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MGMT2007
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Evaluate the essential nature of managerial work, communicate the role of leadership and explain the variables that determine effective management and leadership.
  • Explain the behavioural approach to management by understanding of the factors that affect differences in individual behaviour.
  • Provide understanding of leadership and management processes and practices that may be deployed to positively influence individual behaviour.
Answer :
Organization Selected : TESCO


Managers who are making positive contributions towards the organisation performance are sharing common leadership behaviour. Characteristics do not changes with change in type and size of company. Not all the managers are good leaders, managers are only people to whom reporting have to be done where leaders are individuals follow even they don not have any authority. If managers develop good leadership skills they can take the company to new heights by effectively managing the behaviours of people working within the organisation. Present report  will provide about the management and leadership skills and their role in influencing positive individual behaviour.

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Essential nature of managerial work

Management refers to common process to all the functions of organisation. For managers its is essential to have effective leadership skills. Managers are required to look after all the processes and operation that are going on within an organisation. Managers spend considerable time with themselves to analyse the problems and their possible consequences. They have to bring best possible solutions for the company. Mangers are generally required to perform works at unrelenting pace (Samantara and Sharma, 2015). Managerial wok includes undertaking activities that are marked with brevity, variety and fragmentation. Mangers have to identify the issues that are to be given preference an are current, non routine and specific. Managers are required to perform multiple roles that are essential for the organisations like interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles. Managerial work includes resolving the issues arising within the organisation that is influencing the individual behaviours. It has to ensure that coordination and cooperation is there between the members of the team.

Role of leadership skills

Leadership  skills are every important in the organisation as employees will always follow their seniors and superiors therefore it is necessary for leaders of Tesco to have effective leadership that motivates employees of the company. Leadership is very important fore influencing the behaviours of the team and organisations. They help in driving Tesco towards that is best for it. Leaders of the organisation should be clear about the mission, vision and objectives of the organisation. Leaders help in increasing the productivity of the Tesco by encouraging the employees to keep positive attitude towards the work. Leadership skill helps managers to achieve the targeted objectives with the team. It helps in establishing coordination between the team members (Mortimer, 2017). A leader has several skills like communication skills, emotional intelligence and empathy, tea, building skills, decision taking skills and many more that help companies to achieves their goals and objectives. Leaders of Tesco are very efficiently managing the individual and team behaviours that are leading the company towards success. Tesco conduct various training and development programmes to enhance the leadership skills of the managers.

Variables determining effective and management

There are different variables that are essential for determining effective management and leadership. Some of the variables that will help Tesco in influencing the individual and team behaviours

Having clear vision and well planned strategies for achieving them.

It is essential for the managers and leaders to have clear mission and vision in mind. Managers and leaders are required to appropriately communicate them with employees and team. There should be clear communication between the managers and teams so that they can identify where company is lacking (Johnson and et.al., 2018).

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Recognition and appreciating people

Leaders and managers are aware the contribution and efforts of every member of the team. They are required to give time, attention and the genuine appreciation to the team members who are putting their efforts in achieving the objectives and targets. Appreciation and recognition positively influence the behaviour of individuals and teams to perform more effectively.

Involving team in decision making

Tesco has the tendency of working together with whole team. Leaders and managers involve the team members in taking decision related to given project. They welcome the views and ideas of members that develops feeling of involvement and many times give companies with very new and unique ideas that helps them to achieve their targets.


Leaders and managers of Tesco takes whole team together enhancing each others weak points. They do not leave the low performing members behind but identifies their strong points and assigns them tasks accordingly.

Behavioural Approach

Behavioural approaches evolved as the traditional approaches were not Tesco to achieve efficiency and harmony  and workplace. Behavioural  approaches are making considerable contribution in progress of management. There are two approaches that are human relation and behavioural science approach.

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Human Relations

In this approach managers of Tesco deals with the individuals and team of the company. Managers have to face difficulties as individuals and teams do not have any predetermined and behavioural pattern (Fernie and Sparks, 2018). Therefore managers interact with the employees so that they can identify the problems faced by them and what are their needs and requirement from the job. It is essential for having positively motivated workforce that helps company to achieve it desired objectives. It is important to have healthy relations between management and employees.

Behavioural Science Approach

A step further in human relations, that focus on identifying the reason behind particular behaviour, attitude and performance of individuals and groups of organisation. Leader are required to have proper communication channels where the members could share the issues and what is affecting their productivity (Tourish, 2018). This helps the management in getting the ideas behind particular behaviours of team members or individuals. Leaders and managers have to understand the minds of individuals and team members for achieving targets collectively.

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Managers and Leaders in Tesco play a significant role in driving the company towards success by influencing the behaviours of individuals and teams. They should have all the skills that are required for working collectively for the common objectives of the organisation. There are various factors influencing the behaviours of the staff but leaders have to understand the needs of individuals and teams for increasing their productivity. Motivation through appreciation and recognition is the most effective tool that helps in encouraging the positive behaviour towards work.


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