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Leadership for a Digital Age and Innovative Technologies

University: Northumbria university

  • Unit No: 9
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 17 / Words 4231
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: LD7090
  • Downloads: 726
Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • Determine critical awareness of the relationship between technical leadership and business performance.
  • Generate an ability to convey and translate technological concepts and data into formats and business cases that are of value to strategic decision-makers.
  • Ability to recognise ethical, social and legal concerns and incorporate good practice into technical leadership practice in diverse environments and/or teams.
Answer :


Digital leadership is the innovative way to empower as well as lead the viewer by focusing on the self organised team which effectively work in order to optimise the regular operations. This generate the participation and contribution of both leader and team member by dealing firmly with the unpredictable and challenging situation. With an organisation leader play the prominent role that help to bring transition by avoid the circumstances which are associated with chaos and unambiguity. So with the increase in size and to maintain flexibility various tool of digital media such as video conferencing is used to connect the various team member with their leaders. This bring revolution by understanding the dynamic and adopting changes effectively which finally leads to synergy and achieving the set the milestone within stipulated duration  (Beaudoin, 2015). The significance of these technology help to overcome the distance barrier and carry out the business performance by maintaining the interpersonal relationship to generate awareness and for the continuous professionals growth and development. Due to which leader need to make staff understand about the effectiveness to use the advance technology to perform the work in prominent manner. For the distinct job roles the comprehensive performance of each and every member are being evaluated by the leader so that they can direct them and carry out the functioning in more efficient and effective manner. To understand the concept of leadership in detail hospitality industry is taken in order to understand the significance of digital technology. Along with that self understanding is demonstrated on the basis of the relationship established between  different digital technology as well as performance carried out for better functioning. Application of the leadership capabilities and most significant behaviour are studied for the different team member based on which the business transform and carry out its performance effectively.

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Self Analysis

In this current era of marketplace, the term digitalisation has been very familiar in majority of the organisation. This is because, there is an intense level of competition and challenging that directly impact establishment decision making process. Hence, the term    Digitalization is refer to those procedure in which most of the business activities are taking place with the help of computer and technology. The primal benefit which digitalisation process impose over organisation is that it empower them to cope up with all sort of current or emerging market trend in an effective way without any hindrances. Along with this, it enable leader to save time, cost and energy as it maximum managerial and operational function are carry out by utilising various digital resources like computers, internet and cloud technologies. Moreover, it also assist them to monitor and supervise the employees performance as well as motive them to take corrective course of action in an improved way  (Boss and Krauss, 2014). However, for analysing or understanding the relationship between digital technology and leadership tool, the implication of various models or concepts aid company to enlarge its overall performance in a amended mode.

As per the recent study of George (2013), it has been identified that in order to gain competitive advantage within current  digital marketplace a leader should be highly capable and skilled for remain competitive in  tough competition. Moreover, it empower leadership to make use of advance technologies with an  intent of enhancing the manpower performance and also to boost their  morale in a better way. Along with this, some  other scholars signifies that the leader who make use of innovative technologies are able to reach current industry benchmark and also capable to place their brand in an aggressive or competitive position. In addition to this, the capability or potentiality of a leader are examined and evaluated by their performance as well as initiation for carrying out day to day business function. Hence, the adoption of digital tool help leader to completely transform the traditional practice to modernisation in an innovative style. The aspect of digital technology is not only limit to one form of organisation but it also applies to all sort if companies like hospitality, IT, manufacturing and many more. In addition to this, it also aid them to utilise available resources at optimal level that empower organisation to obtain high level of profit maximisation within prescribed time duration. Along with this, it also drive leader to produce best product and services as per consumer need or wants that help them to acquire aggressive or competent position among competitors in an innovative or creative style without any obstacles  (Cabellon and Junco, 2015).      

According to , With the application of digitalisation into business function,  the major benefit that an organisation acquire is that it aid them to store the employees  data or information safe as well as keeping it from getting copied or leak. Due to such effort, it empower an establishment to strengthen the manpower morale and also to retain the existing staff for longer time duration with less possibility of arising conflicts, miscommunication, ambiguities and all.

However, there are various type of leadership theory and each of them varies from each other in terms of roles, responsibilities, function. Some of them are as follows:  

Trait theory of leadership        

This concept of leadership signifies that each and every leader are unique from each other in aspect of traits that lead them to inspire, motivate, encourage its followers in order to achieve pre determined objective in a better manner. Along with this, this model also reflects the idea that an effective leader is fully potential to understand and analyse the situation in an improved manner. Moreover, such leadership are also capable to take corrective course of action that benefits them to create a friendly and healthy working culture.  

Value based leadership

Under this kind of leadership style, it is wholly emphasise that an trenchant and impressive leader practices the managerial function on the basis of ethics  and integrity  (Davies, Mullan and Feldman, 2017). The main advantage of this leadership style is that it empower leader to take decision by keeping in mind all ethical values that aid them to generate  positive response among personnel towards an organisation.    

Authentic leadership

This sort of leader are regarded as those leadership style who believes in open communication and  better relationship with manpower. IN order to attain the same, such type of leaders take initiative in enormous opportunities to its followers that drive them to acquire increased level of employee engagement and also motivate the to retain within establishment for long term basis. Hence, this type of leadership style has been regarded as suitable for current age of leadership because such leader make an effort to acquire novel ideas or views that aid organisation to gain competitive advantage.

Six characteristics of digitalization

Transparency and complexity: With the help of adopting digital technology, it lead organisation to reach wider range of population in an efficient way. Furthermore, it also aid them to offer high quality of product or services that aid them to increase customer base in an creative or productive style.

Minimising the personal barriers: The major function of digital tool is that it reduces the personal interaction rather it aid personnel to build a better relationship who are at far places. Hence, it enrich overall performance and proficiency ratio of company in an amended mode.

Self analysis

On the basis of the outcome derived out from various tools such as Numeric test result, Personality Insight Test result and motivation at work test result the areas of the strength and improvement are identified. This gave me the better insights in terms to focus on the digital area or field where I can highlight various sections and come up with the better result by seeking the opportunity more prominently  (Goldkind, 2015). Explanation of the strength and weakness on the basis of diagnosed tool are explained below:

Strength: According to the test result on various filed I was able to accommodate the expected result which boost up my confidence in terms of meeting the set performance. It has significantly improved my performance and helped me to generate the intrinsic motivation that leads to consistency and working on the weakness in order to get competitive advantage. As per Numeric test ability I answered whole twenty questions within stipulated time period and amongst them I was able to perform fifteen questions correctly. Here I secured the desirable marks but still need to undergo more practice in  the subject to gain favourably result and enhance the performance significantly.  Further, after gaining the personality insight my strength lies on being Extraversion and Agreeableness which signifies I prepare being with the people and understand their opinion based on which we together agrees upon the specific point which is beneficial  to carry out the systematic functioning. Further, after anticipating the data from motivation at work test result I was high at different types of skill such as personal development, meeting the purpose and objective of hospitality industry. Along with that I remain motivated to gain various monetary and non monetary incentives like reward, status and recognition that helps in personal growth and development. I am prone to carry out productive interaction that as significantly promotes the stability.

Weakness: Weakness simply represent the areas on which one need to work with the perspective to gain the sole objective  (Hargreaves and Ainscow, 2015). Resorts generated from Personality insights explained that I lack in areas like emotional stability, conscientiousness which mean diligently performing the specific task and openness. Moreover, as per motivation at work test I have scored low scores in the control, failure aversion and achievement of certain goal within stipulate duration. Thus, I make the optimum use of the resources and carry out effective tool and technique in order to convert these weakness into the strength.

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Leadership capabilities and behaviour

Hospitality industry is one of the most evolving sector that has the huge size and carter the diverse need of both national and international team effectively. Most of the large company that   has extended its operations in the diverse areas usually involve the geographically dispersed team that function in the scattered area. Additionally, all of the function together with the objective to attain the particular goal as well as objective effectively  (Hocking and Melissen, 2015). The manager or leader of the organisation in order to avoid the situation of poor management uses various medium such as email marketing and video conferences to carry out communication and maintain clarity.  Leader with the help of digital technology can effectively inculcate the capabilities and maintain positive behaviours of scattered employees. There are certain ways by which prominent capabilities as well as behaviour of digital leader can be applied in future within hospitality industry. Explanation of different role and characteristics to enhance digital leadership are defined below:

Interpersonal skill – It is vital for the organisation to manage out the diverse team because there is scope of misunderstand. For example travel and tourism industry comprises of various roles such as travel agent, customer executive, receptionist as well as housekeeping staff. So everyone need to be well versed about the policies and structure of company other this may leads to confusion. In order to eradicate this situation the leader need to maintain the interpersonal skill so that they remain updated the plans that constantly changes and coordinate with one other through digital technology  (Isman and Canan Gungoren, 2014). For this most of the company has the portal for employees where they remain connected with one other. This further leads to the situation  and help to overcome the chances of customer dissonance by enhancing the capabilities and existing behaviour of overall employee.  It possibly determine the essential role of leader that create the synergy and encourage the diverse team member through virtual platform to attain the overall objective of an organisation successfully.

Desirable communication: Communication is the source where all the relevant information are shared amongst the different party and further maintain transparency. Due to the advancement of digital media and globalisation has widen the scope of an organisation by eradicating the control problem amongst diverse team members (Khan, 2016). As the internal member remain connected and can effectively participate in two way communication which involve the use of application like Skype.  Such adequate flow of information boost up the behaviours and capability of an employee by focusing on the precise message that clearly defines the  whole message. Further, it helps to attain the future objective by resolving the issue of high deviation between actual and standard performance.

Training  and development approach: It is significant for an organisation to update the capabilities, knowledge and skill of the personnel in order to establish the positive behaviour. This leads to the growth and development of an employee and is the useful way to perform work professionally (Kreutzer, Neugebauer and Pattloch, 2017). Further, it leads to the flexible behaviour where the challenging team adopts changes and learn to use the latest technology in order to attain the predetermined objective successfully.

Thus, while carrying out the work within hospitality industry and becoming the part of biogeographically diverse team. I will carry out my routine task diligently by receiving all the instruction from the supervisor. Also my responsibility is to maintain coordination with the other team member as it leads to the strategic direction that need to be processes in  order to attain the particular and confined objective. Being the part of distinct location I will overview and implement the organisational policies and make other other remain well versed with the guidelines. This terminate the situation of  any type of chaos or internal conflict that can even enhances the chances of turnover and absenteeism rate. With the flexible approach I will participate to adopt the changes and learn to function on the latests technology in order to gain the significant result within best possible time.


Business transformation

The organisation carry out operations in the external environment which is dynamic and keep on changing due to which there are various issues or problem that need to be effectively tackled in order to maintain the best possible decision for systematic functioning of firm. It comprises of the contemporary issue that arises due to the intensive competition exist because  of globalisation, effective decision making as well as  dynamic environment that somewhere restrict the functioning of hospitality company. So to overcome such situation effective decision making and evaluation of best strategy are identified  (Le, 2015). The most powerful tool is the advancement of technology that led the organisation to carry out the work in more effective manner. So to remain competitive the company which are the part of hospitality needs to evaluate the use of best possible innovation to attain the better and significant result. In addition to it the particular industry deals with customer on the basis of desirable services that need to be structured properly otherwise any unfavourable experiences leads to the switch of employees. Most of the internal manager of company focuses to enhance the capabilities of their workforce so that they can effectively deal with the customer by using the latest tool and technique effectively. The organisation that consist of the comprehend team are more prone to take the challenges and expand their size systematic which is favourable for both employees as well as company. This further leads to the transformation of business by adopting the modern tool and technique like digital media  (Owen, 2015). This finally empower the role and enhances the capability and performance of overall organisation by overcoming the particular issue to enhance the performance and gain best possible result. Thus, the explantation of diverse  measures that promote the effective transformation is significantly demonstrated below:

Encourage changes: One of the basic way to overcome the contemporary issue and maintain the significant position is by making the valuable effort to understand the requirement of dynamic pattern of the external customer and bring favourable changes. Although  the workforce in most of the cases resist to change their existing working regime because it leads to the immense pressure in come out of their comfort zone and abide by new practices. So here arises the responsibility of leaders to communicative the diverse team through digital technique and make them understand regarding the new market opportunity. Along with that they can more use the facts and figure for validation and to promote the changes. Therefore, this process finally overcome the issue by participating the changes in order to being transformation within the operations  of company.

Promote employee to participate in decision making: Employees are the essential part  of an organisation that help to carry out all the functioning of firm and attain the predetermined objective of firm. So the manager need to formulated effective relation with the diverse employees by involving them in the decision making process  (Porter-O'Grady and Malloch, 2014). It further leads to the comprehensive thinking where everyone put their viewpoint forward and leads to the indulgence of innovative idea and plan. This basically involve the brainstorming and group decision making process where everyone function and widen the arena to think and serve the customer effectively. Hence, it is the innovative practice by which organisation can transform the business and carry out the smooth operation for sustainable performance.

Market research: It is the favourable way by which an organisation evaluate the external situation and based on which bring the significant changes in order to carry out the systematic functioning of firm  (Rodriguez and Rodriguez, 2015). In terms of the service market the role of market research and development plays the essential role because it consist of the data that be be anticipate by the hospitality industry in order to bring transition and overcome the chances of turbulence arises due to the dynamic condition.

Facilitating training session: To practice the changes and bring transformation in terms of existing performance and capability training programme plays the essential role. So the manager of hospitality organisation can organise the online session for the scattered employees that leads to the clarity and rather of resistance they understand the significance of changes. Leader promote the employee to use the digital medium in order to carry out their performance because it is favourable tool to store the relevant data and transmit all the necessary component to carry out the particular work more smartly (Rogers, 2016). This leads to the personal growth and development of each and every employee due to which they undergo the chances and work for the betterment of an organisation.

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Personal development plan is a procedure to create action plan that is based on reflection, awareness, goal setting, values along with planning personal development in context to career and self improvement. In other words, it is a statement that comprises competencies, analysis of opportunities, lifestyle priorities, aspirations, alternative aspects and the ways the plan will be realized. According to my test results, it was analysed some of my skills addition to personality in context to personal insights and motivation at work are up to the mark while some are not. The skills and personality that are up to the mark are extraversion, agreeableness, development, stability and interaction (Sheninger, 2019). At same time, some the my skills as well as personality that are not up to the required mark are emotional stability, openness, conscientiousness, failure aversion,  control and achievements. To develop the skills and personality to high level, my personal development plan is as follows:

Required skills


Ways to improve skills and personality



Emotional stability skills

I want to improve my emotional stability skill so to achieve the objective of establishing constructive relationship with others, solving conflicts effectively and overcoming stressful situations in proper manner.

I will improve emotional stability skill through adopting assertive communication style, responding to conflicts, practising self awareness and becoming sociable as well as approachable.

By improving my emotional stability skill, I will gain benefits of continuously reaching to goals, embracing changes, using challenges or hurdles as opportunities for further growth.

Emotional stability skill will be improved till January 05, 2020.

Openness personality

The objective for improving openness personality are to improving imaginations, creativity, knowledge, becoming open minded and trying to perform new things in the dynamic environment.

I will improve openness personality through taking part in various programmes such as boost mental training cognition and reasoning training group.

By improving openness personality, I will achieve benefits of  performing new things,  gaining knowledge and new experiences and enhancing willingness for executing new practices at workplace.  

Openness personality will be improved by February 20, 2020.

Controlling skills

The objective for improving controlling skill is to ensuring that all the activities and practices are performed as per predetermined benchmarks so to achieve desired results.

To improve controlling skills, I will focus on the ways I communicate with others, relinquishing control about outcomes of practices or activities, managing stress in healthy aspects and becoming open to new changes addition to experiences.

Benefits that I will avail through improvement in  controlling skills are accomplishment of goals, judging standard accuracy, improving self motivation, ensuring discipline and facilitating coordination within various actions

Controlling skills will be improves till February 01, 2020.

Failure aversion personality

The objective for improving failure aversion skill are to avoiding situation of losses so to acquire equivalent gains and managing relationships with others and becoming comfortable in  dynamic situations.   

For improving failure aviation skill, I will focus more on communication,  participating in training sessions to reduce losses and taking guidances from the superiors to manage dynamic situations.

Improvement in failure aviation skill will benefit me to eliminate circumstances that may lead to losses,  acquiring equivalent gains, improving communication with other and working in comfortable manner in all types of situations.

Improvements in failure aviation skills will be done till February 20, 2020.  

Achievement skills

The objective to improve achievement skill are to evaluating progress, taking responsibilities to learn new things, clarifying, organising addition to priorities learning activities and to achieving objectives in standardised ways.

Achievement skills will be improved through taking part in climate of mutual trust and respect, setting high as well as clear expectations in context to work quality, working in culture of justification addition to evidence and working with new concept as well as skill.

Improvements in achievement skills benefits in achieving results with higher standards, emphasising more on tasks, overcoming obstacles in the way to succeed, using learned skills and continuously improving them for working in best manner.

Achievement skill will be improved till February 09, 2020.

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It has been summarised that the application of digital and innovative technologies enable organisation as well as leaders to acquire best position within competitive marketplace in a stipulated time duration. Moreover, it also help them to implement best strategic decision in regard of current or upcoming market trend that enhance the company's market share or size among rivalries. In addition to this, implication of suitable leadership models or style assist an organisation to accomplish its overall vision in right time and also aid them to handle complex business issues in a smooth manner. Moreover, it also empower them to overcome the issue of conflicts, disputes, confusion and ambiguities and enrich the working culture of firm in an ethical mode.  

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Books and Journals:

  • Aksal, F. A., 2015. Are headmasters digital leaders in school culture?. Education & Science/Egitim ve Bilim. 40(182).
  • Beaudoin, M. F., 2015. Distance education leadership in the context of digital change. Quarterly Review of Distance Education. 16(2). p.33.



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