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Key Concepts in Leadership Management

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 5 / Words 1329
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: OM6005
  • Downloads: 559
Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Explain the challenges in management and leadership in the organization.
  • What are the key concepts in leadership management?
  • Provide a reflection on how leadership help in better management in the organization.


Answer :


Part A

The PowerPoint is been made to highlight the importance of leaders and managers in an organization. The role played by leaders and managers in different situations. The points whose main focus is made in presentations are the cultural differences faced by them in organizations. As it is very obvious that there are different types of people in an organization who all have different cultures, and how that impact the role of leaders and managers is highlighted in the PowerPoint. The study concludes that the role of leader is a process through which they influence the employees in business and motivate them to work hard so that the goals of the organization can be achieved. The role of a manager is to control and administer the business environment, irrespective of its nature, type, size, and structure (Amanchukwu, Stanley, and Ololube, 2015).

The presentation highlighted the difference between leaders and managers. The roles and characteristics of them and how they make effort in making the organization successful. Further, the study shows the leadership traits which defines that the leader is effective or not. This traits shows few things such as, It shows that the leader is intelligent or not. It shows that leader is enough capable to take best decisions for the organisation. But this trait it is shown that the leaders has self confidence or not as if there is lack of self confidence effective decisions can not taken by the leader. The leader mus be determinant towards work so that all the work are performed in an desired time leading an organisation to success. As organisation can not be succeed when the leader himself is not dedicated towards the work (Renz and Herman, 2016).

It is the duty of the leader to motivate the employees to achieve the goals as when leaders himself is not determinant they can not motivate the employees. Further it concludes that the leader must be honest towards the job role. As when they are honest all employees will trust them and it becomes easier for an organisation to achieve its goals. Leaders must be social so that they can get better ideas or making business successful. They must have good nature so that all people likes to work with them and thus, it assist the organisation in achieving its productivity.

The report highlight about big five personality traits which reflects the personality of leaders. AS in this trait first step is that leaders must have open nature as they should have an open mind and listen to the sayings of people (Willis, Clarke and O'Connor, 2017) . Through this skills they can have better and innovative ideas for making business successful. The second step says that the administrator must be organised, systematic and punctual, as when leader is punctual all the activities carried out by them will be completed on time. Being organised assist the organisation in performing day to day role in an effective manner. This step says that leaders must be outgoing and talkative, social. As through this they can very well communicate with other persons, assist them in gathering new ideas for improving their leadership style. Fourth step says that leaders must be tolerable, sensitive and trusting, as through this they can very well perform their job roles (Renz and Herman, 2016). As some times situation arises and becomes very difficult to tolerate so through this skill they can very well control themselves. Last personality trait according to this approach is Neuroticism, this shows that leaders are irritable or moody. This traits must not be present in leaders as through this employee w ill not feel happy, thus impact the performance of organisation in negative way.

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Part B

In Making the presentation there are lot of activities which are done by us. As for gathering data about making presentation we face lot of difficulties as we take help from different types of books, we take help of internet and then collect the data from different sources. First step done by the group is data collection and then after the members of group analyse the data collected, as data collected is relevant to the subject or not. A lot of time is spend on this activity. We choose single topic and match the data with that ie, the data collected is matching or not. The members of group then learn about how to make power point presentation, as we were not having enough knowledge of power point, so for this we take help from our friends and after that we learns the skill of making power point.

The challenges faced by us is that is were not having enough knowledge about the topic so it becomes difficult to acquire knowledge and made the presentation in our words. We learn many things as we were unaware about the topics so we gain lot of knowledge as we get to know about what the role and duties of leaders and managers. Importance of leaders and managers and how they are very helpful in achieving the objectives of the business. We learned that leaders have different types of skills through which they manages the activities in organisation. There are different types of leadership style which are followed by leaders, as situational leadership is the best style which assist organisation in achieving its objectives, in this style leaders change their leadership style according to the situation.

There are also other challenges which are faced by us while making the presentation as we were not having good internet connection, so we take an good internet connections so that the searching process can be done in smooth way. We spend lot of time on making this presentation. As there are various roles which are preformed by leaders. There are different types of leadership theories, we tries to learns that include in the report. Thus by making this presentation we gain lot of knowledge about the topic. There are various types of skills which are required to be improve so that in future we can make an better presentation. The skills we need to improve is the learning skills, As we have take a lot of time on learning the information. We should make emphasis on improving our learning skills so that we can learn more better and faster, thus assisting in time saving.

We need to improve our problem solving skills so as it making presentation we face lot of problems so when this skills is present we can solve any types of problem on our own, without taking help from others. The another skills which are required to be improve is that the decision making skill, as when this skill is present in ourself we might have made the presentation in more desired manner. It was an good experience in making the presentation, It gives me opportunity to learn new things and also assist me in increasing my knowledge. All the things are done very smoothly but there are some promovent which we will improve so that more effective presentation can be made by ourself. As by learning innovative skills presentation can be made in an more creative way.

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