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Discuss An Understanding of Leadership Theories, Methods & Concepts

University: University of Bristol

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 14 / Words 3528
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: MGT601
  • Downloads: 627
Question :

Topic- leadership development Plan


Produce a report on your leadership reflections in this subject, including a self-analysis and a leadership development plan.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discuss an understanding of leadership theories, methods and concepts including both traditional and contemporary form of leadership.
  2. Critically analyse modes of leadership with consideration of ethical and socially responsible practice.
  3. Provide and communicate leadership principles through various mediums to address diverse stakeholders.
  4. Produce a critically reflective leadership model for your own development.


The main purpose of this assessment is to conduct an analysis of learning in the subject in the construction of leadership development Plan. It consists of two parts where Part A provide you an outline and demonstrate self-awareness insight about yourself as a leader that you have gained during this period. In part B, present your self-analysis that assist and guide you for self-development.

Part A Self Analysis (It includes maximum 1,500 words, includes 300 words for an introduction and 200 words for a conclusion)

Conduct an analysis of your leadership style, traits, skills and behaviours and produce a critique of what type of leader you believe you are and how this relates to contemporary approaches to leadership. Also, analyse the leadership strengths and weaknesses. Also provide the specific life and workplace events and example to make easy understanding of the leadership style.

Part B. Leadership Development Plan (Maximum 1,500 words, includes 300 words for an introduction and 200 words for a conclusion)

Present your insights about your leadership strengths and weaknesses examined in Part A, you are required to produce a leadership plan that considers your career development, including your future leadership visions and aspirations. The Leadership Development Plan should be an action plan that depicts the reality of your work and social life, as well as, personal predispositions and leadership style.

Your Leadership Development Plan should include:

  • Your ultimate Vision and approach for your own personal leadership style;
  • Short-term and Long-term leadership objectives;
  • A plan that details the strategies (what you intend to do) to highlight development goal.
  • Examine personal and environmental obstacles and an action plan of how to deal with them;
  • Explanation of how you will measure your development and success as a leader. Also, provide the specific actions or outcome you will use to determine this.


  • Cover Page
  • No Table of Contents
  • No Executive Summary
  • On a separate page: Part A: Self- Analysis (Maximum 1,500 words including 300 words for an introduction and 200 words for a conclusion). Headings are acceptable.
  • On a separate page. Part B - Leadership Development Plan (Maximum 1,500 words including 300 words for an introduction and 200 words for a conclusion). Headings are acceptable.
  • On a separate page: Reference List (a minimum of six (6) references).
Answer :



Leadership is very essential for any organization as iota helps to increase the efficiency of the business and provide better opportunities in becoming successful in the market effectively. It is the art of influencing people to achieve the common goal effectively. Leader is very potential and helps top provide guidance and knowledge to employees which improve the efficiency of the workplace effectively. It is very essential for leaders to attain different leadership styles which help to motivate to others and increase the efficiency to achieve its objectives, leaders have the personality and the traits which helps them to possess effective techniques and approaches to increase their influencing power and increase the willingness of people to increase their performance effectively. As leaders and managers both have the same goal to achieve the objectives but leaders have different traits and skills and knowledge which help them to increase the potential far better than managers and achieve their objectives effectively. They also provide better efficiency in leading the employees in the business organization. Change in business environment factors and market trends to adopt effective change management model and improve the efficiency of the business organization to compete in the new market and achieve core competency effectively. Understanding leadership styles is one of the very essential task and by self learning and involving in many activities it can be achieved. Situational leadership, democratic leadership, autocratic leadership, laissez-Faire leadership are the styles which help the leadership increase the potential and increase the ability to influence others according the situation. Leaders have to self analyse their skills and knowledge which is the best suitable for any leadership style to gain better output in the organization. The implementation of leadership approaches will be done in the reflective journal in the journal and increase the efficiency of an individual.

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I learned that trait approach leadership theory helps to identify the traits which are suitable for becoming effective leaders and helps to develop these traits and skills effectively. I have learned that trait approach of leadership that the leaders are born with the leadership qualities. A leader is the combination so different traits and skills ait is possible that some leaders are having different qualities and successful in their fields (Cuilla and, 2018). I also am very confident and determined to find what are my traits and skills which can be better suitable for certain leadership styles and approaches. I have learned that there-are different leadership theories to develop my knowledge and provide effective output. As according to different aspects of studies leaders are divided into several theories. Behavioural theory provided different perspective in analysing leaders in the organization as behaviour of any individual also helps to determine the quality of skills and knowledge he is carrying. It is the philosophical approach which judges person on the mental thoughts. Contingency theory help to contradict all the other theories this helps me tom understand that there is not a single trait which helps to lead a people as there should be different style which should be adopted in different situation to make effective leaders. From the transactional leadership I understood that it is very essential for Leander to motivate employees by financial rewards on every transaction to make their efficiency constant and achieve the organizational objectives effectively. Transformational leadership also help me to understand that it is very essential for me to analyse all the market trends to become updated and more aware to lead effectively according to the latest trends. It is also very essential for me to understand that traditional and modern leadership theories to become effective in adopting the styles which according to my situations (Moye, MuellerHanson and Langfred, 2017).

I have also learned that to become effective leader I also have to understand ethical and social responsibilities impressively. Ethical behaviour is the key to formulate leadership strategies and make more effective approaches to become social responsibilities. I have to develop proper corporate governance to maintain corporate social responsibility and provide logical leadership in the organization. I also have to coordinate management to gain better information about all the policies and planning. Learning Ethical and social responsibilities also make me understand that it can help me to improve stakeholders engagement as it helps me to increase the customer value for my company and also increase the dales and probability effectively (Bubb and Earley, 2018). Outside corporate world I need be ethically and socially active to increase engagement as it is the key to inspire and influence other and motivate other to achieve objectives. With ethical and social responsibility knowledge I can manage and avoid risks by handling it very effectively. Ethical and social responsibility knowledge will also help ma as leader to manage diverse stakeholders this also helps me to gain better information to gain better understanding of all the behaviours of the people to develop an effective leadership styles of my own. I have assessed myself of all the traits and skills to understand the good and bad qualities of myself to become an effective leader (Rothausen, 2017).

I have analysed that it is very essential for me to focus on my skills and behaviour to become success and effective leaders which helps to gain proficiency in the organization and influence pope effectively. I have self analysed my own skills and knowledge which can be useful for leadership traits and styles. I have also provided the questionnaire to my friends to attend the questions about me. This had given me better understanding about myself that what are my strengths and weakness which can help to chose my effective leadership styles and approaches to become successful leaders and motivate other effectively. In the trait questionnaire I my communication skills and sensitive skills are lower and I need to understand the procedures which will help me to become effective in these areas of traits. As traits are the basic reflex which define a human being and effective person to gain better information and understand everyone (Waddock, 2019). In the leadership trait questionnaire all my friends have marked my perceptive trait as high which means I am able to think and have effective vision about what I am going to do in the future. This trait is very essential for me to become successful leader and understand and socialize more with people. According to make and my friends and I also have excellent trait of being trustworthy, emphatic to others. As my friends strongly agree that I should become more hard-working in doing my work and become more confident all the work effectively. I have also analysed that I am not determined of achieving any task. I need to be more focused and learn to be become persistent in continuing my work until I achieve it. This will improve my traits of becoming better leader. 

In my leadership style questionnaire I analysed that I have the least points in encouraging group members to do high quality work and maintain them as better leader effectively. I also analysed that I am not able to understand the other people role and can delegate work according to their skills and knowledge which make my team ineffective. I am moderately sufficient to provide proper information and solve the problems of my team members to increase their performance effectively. I have analysed from my questionnaire that it is very essential foe me make to develop effective action plan before starting any task to understand all the resources and model and methods of leadership. I also need to make proper understanding of all my skill to develop my own leadership styles from the questionnaires I have attended and motivate other effectively. I am very efficient making my team member comfortable and concerned about their well-being. I have the weak point that I am not enjoying making all people work together in a team as a challenge (Hunzicker, 2018).


After analysing all the factors it can be concluded that for being a leader it is very important to learn leadership styles and skills if the person is determined to become an effective leader. Leadership theories and model helped to explain the important skills and techniques which could be implemented to become effective leaders and increase the efficiency. Leadership traits also helped to increase the social and ethical responsibility skills to improve engagement of diverse stakeholders. Ethical leadership qualities also helped to improve empathy skills of a person and develop healthy work environment effectively. As leadership style and traits of a person help in contributing and achieving objectives effectively. Results of questionnaires provide brief information about all the strengths and weakness to become effective leaders and choose appropriate leadership styles in context to current situation. Scores helped in developing effective strategic planning in achieving the style and maintaining the skills and traits which were already effective. As a leader it helped to improve knowledge of all the skills and leadership theories which could be used according to situation and degree of task to achieve its objectives.

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Personal leadership development plan is an effective tool which help to define own self to improve the opportunities of future and direct it to future effectively. This plan also helps to reduce challenges by understanding own limitation and potential by various methods and techniques. Personal leadership plan is very essential aspect which can help to improve skills and motivate other in developing their personality to achieve their objectives effectively. Leadership develop also helps person to become more alert and implement their knowledge in becoming more effective and successful in career to archives their goals. Leadership is also about influencing and leading people in organization and other areas. This personal analysis helped to understand the impact of leadership style and traits to plan effective leadership qualities according to strengths and weaknesses. It will provide better information that how to improve potential to lead people and improve my skills to motivate them in doing the entire task effectively. Personal analysis helps to become more aware of all the skills and traits which an effective leader has to carry in order to make successful decisions and improve the quality of work. It provides information about all the strategies and models which can be used in career to become more successful. Leadership plan provide leverage to vision of a person in become what they want and understanding their insights. Traits and skills of leaders are the key factors in understanding all the needs and wants which a leader can be effectively. This development plan also provide business organisation a better understanding to develop effective job description to hire employees and also implement effective training of their employees in order to increase productivity of business and achieve their objectives effectively. This also helps business leaders to formulate effective strategies to fulfil future needs and improve potential of workforce to achieve competitive advantage and profitability.

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Personal Leadership Development Plan

Why: My Vision

My vision is to become a successful leader and influence, guide people to achieve objectives and increase productivity of organization in which I will be working in future. As I am more effective in understanding people and caring as a team leader in my college I have potential traits and leadership styles to become effective leader.

What: My Personal Leadership Development Goal

I can be more effective and supportive to my employees and also participate in task to guide them properly this helps me to become more informative in achieving my team's goals and improving performance of my organisation. My goal is to understand all the employees of my organisation and develop healthy working environment which will my employees to integrate with organization vision and achieve it effectively.

How: Actions I Will Take to Accomplish My Personal Leadership Development Goal

  1. 1. Plan Actions

Desired/Required Behavior


  • Encouraging others to do high quality of work.
  • I will have to participate in the activities of the team more. By motivating team members with help of understanding their personal needs and fulfilling them i can encourage them to increase their quality of work.Developing effective action plan for team members.
  • I will provide every member a self assessment task and also ensure to observe their behaviour to identify interpersonal skills. This will help me to be more accurate to develop plan according to potential of each team member to achieve objectives.
  1. 2. Anticipate Obstacles/Barriers



  • Unable to coordinate with team members due to lack of effective communication.
  • With help of effective communication training and activities can increase the efficiency of my team to coordinate and improve transparency to achieve objectives easily.
  • I am not able to make everyone understand about the task.
  • Effective training and development of skills and knowledge of my team members this will also help my team to become more understanding to all the information and improves performance to archive task effectively.
  1. 3. Leverage Strengths


How Will This Strength Help Me Accomplish My Goal?

  • I am more dependable and have potential to gain trust of other faster.
  • This strength will provide me support of other to become effective leaders and motivate other effectively. This trait or behaviour which I have is also my strength to achieve my goals effectively.
  • I am more diligent.
  •  I have the ability to be more hardworking than any other person, i am also very determined to accomplish my goals. This strength will provide me leverage to achieve my goals of becoming effective leader by helping me to improve my knowledge and again better experience to make effective decisions in future.

Who: Resources and Support for Achieving My Personal Leadership Development Goal

How will I draw on peers and others to track progress, gather feedback, and support my learning?

  • I will take help of all the friends to learn all their skills and knowledge, as I will learn accounts and finance from one of my friend. This will provide me understand financial data of my organization and better perspective to formulate effective plan.
  • I will work on different career goals to understand my capabilities and also ask for help from staff to lead me to become leader.
  • I will ask for help from my teacher which is very good in providing information about how to reduce tension and improve performance in a team. This will helps to develop effective team as a leader.
  • I will take coaching to understand about funds and what are investments which will helps me to invest in some good companies.
  • I will talk to my log time mentor who knows all my past skills and understand me better. This helps to understand my progress and my mentor also guide me to do exactly what is required by me to become effective leader.
  • I will take advice prom my parents about all the behaviors which can help to suppress my anger and become more patient.

Who will I ask to support me? Who do I know who already possesses the competencies I want to build?

  • All the person who are close to me and know me from long time which can provide me better information and guidance to achieve my goals.
  •  I will also for helps from my parents, teachers and close friends which have knowledge about effective skills.

With whom should I share my personal leadership development plan?

  • I will share my personal leadership plan with my long time mentor who have knowledge about all the health practices which can be achieved to improve my ability to achieve my goals effectively.
  1. 4. Accountability

When will I take actions to meet my goal?

  • I will start my plan after completion of my education which will give me enough time to understand and process all my thoughts properly.
  • I will also first develop a plan after gathering l the information which is needed for me to take my first step to achieve my goals.

When do I expect to see significant progress?

  • I will start to see changes when I will implement my skill to my team and also involve with people to understand their behavior.
  • I will also see a significance progress after 5 to 6 months.

How will I evaluate my progress?

  • I will use balanced score card method and benchmarking technique to record my process.
  • Also take feedback and reviews from my mentor and teachers to understand where I am wrong.

When and how will I update my personal leadership development plan?

  • I will create another development plan after collecting information and feedback from all my sources to understand my efficiency to achieve my goals and become successful leader.

How will I leverage what I learn?

  • I will implement all the information at my workplace to guide my team members and provide them effective knowledge and skills which will help them to increase their potential and achieve my team objectives effectively.
  1. 5. Acknowledgement

How will you measure your success?

  • I will measure my success with success of my organization. To increase its profitability and achieve core competency in market because of my leadership skills.

What might be the personal impact of meeting my goal?

  • I will be able to share my leanings and knowledge to other by contributing in making other successful.
  • This will also impact my personal growth as a parent in future.

How might my organization benefit from the changes and improvements that I identified?

  • My management and leadership skills and knowledge will be more effective which will helps me to lead my subordinates more better and improve communication within the organization and improve organization culture to increase productivity of my organization effectively.

How will I celebrate when I accomplish my goal?

  • When I achieve my goals I will celebrate my success by giving a big party to all my supporters and teacher who guided me to become efficient in learning effective skills.

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Personal leadership development plan provided a better understanding to improve and increase the potential of own self. From this leadership plan any person who has effective traits and style could archive their gaols and improve their future. Determination and hard work with potential are the key to succeed in achieving leadership qualities. Leadership is all about inspiring people with the abilities and work which also influence them to achieve the same level of intellectual. I t was very effective to understand that every person in life is a teacher and which can provide effective knowledge and skills to archive objectives and develop personality. Leaders have respecting natures which help them to improve their potential effectively. It is very essential for any person to understand and observe person's behaviour as it helps to improve the interpersonal skills and provide information formulate plan to develop. Assessment of leadership help business organisation to attain better perspective as leaders are also responsible to change the organisation according to market trends and improve productivity of company to achieve core competency in market.


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