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Current And Future Challenges For Leadership

University: Lancaster University

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: Post Graduate/University
  • Pages: 8 / Words 1925
  • Paper Type: Essay
  • Course Code: AMLE513
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Table of Content

Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  • How leadership skill boosts the career of the individual.
  • What are the Current and future challenges and opportunities for leadership in the cultural and creative industries and reflecting on the implications of Graphic Design.
Answer :


1. Organisational, people and process challenges

I have prepared a list of challenges which are being faced by cultural and creative industry, these are given below:

Lost vision

As a graphic designer I have seen when there is a division of labour, the vision of the product get lost. This creates problem when my company tries to achieve the goal of the whole organisation as every domain focuses to specialise in their area and forgets to work for the organisation.

Language barrier

I have also observed that the other designer are facing issue related towards use of different languages which are barriers. The communication process is slower as the languages are changed there is a gap in understanding the things which are barriers to the designers. Ideas which needs to be changed are not communicated properly which is affecting the business (Chalmers,2015).

Creative burnout

I have observed that with the lack of technological updates there are burnouts which are observed within the designers. There is a lack of opportunity which can be used to evaluate the challenges which can be overcome with the reflection of the work carried out. As I have observed there are many cases where there are repetition of the work carried out. There is no new creativity shown by many of the designers which results in lesser growth in career opportunities.

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2. Current and Future Challenges and opportunities:

There are many of the challenges which are observed in the opportunities for current and future some of which are evaluated are:

Development and adaptive mindset:

Major current challenges which are the lack of work and growth opportunities for many of the designers there are very few growth opportunities for the workers if not performed extraordinary. There is a barrier of the growth of the individual as there are few of the fields where the designers are used or the areas are not aware of the digitization which can affect the carrier growth. There are many cases reflected by me where the seriousness is not seen and repetitive work is done. Which creates a bad impression on the designers. For the future development an adaptive mindset must be created a flow of the work must be developed which can bring a change for future(Eugenio, 2016).

A vision must be developed which can be a opportunity for the future the work done must be displayed which can help in the generation of the work which can be evaluated out by creating the new opportunities there are many ways which can improve the quality of work. Appreciations can lead you to the better working capabilities and light up the future opportunities.

For human engagement various cultural engagement process which are carried out with the evaluation of work which needs to be generate various leadership and development of the technological qualities which are threat to the firm.

Self awareness needs to be done to improve which creates the better growth opportunities which can help in the growth and development. I have seen there is a lack of general awareness which can be evaluated to generate the growth opportunities.

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3. Drivers to practice and career values:

There are many drivers of reflective and career values which reflects the change in the working culture of the individual for the practice and future value added skills must be learned to build the future career opportunities as I have reflected there are many designers which lack with the innovation and the opportunities which can shape a bright future for the development of the individual. For the development many of the designers motivate the employees which can help in the increased career opportunities which can help in the career growth. Building the knowledge and increase the growth opportunities which can help in the generation of the knowledge. Knowledge can help in the development of the various growth opportunities which can help in shaping a better future. Understanding the research which can help in the better opportunities research and the learning approaches must be continue which can shape a better future. There must an analysis carried out which can help in shaping the better future which can help in the generation of facilities and ideas. I have analyzed that there are many of the designers which has helped the market growth but are not evolving as the individuals which can help in the development of the firm(Ma,2017).

4. Opportunities of leadership

As a reflection I have studied that there is a wider scope in the field of the designing in the future with the increased technology there are many career opportunities which can help in shaping a better future with the digitization. Leadership which can be used to increase the future of the firm. There are many opportunities as a leader. Leadership can be sharing of ideas which can help in the betterment of workers as a leader I can help the workers of the firm to include the various changes in the techniques methods of participation can be learned which can improve the growth opportunities to build the future and help in the development of the work. As a leader I can empower and motivate the workers which can help in increasing the efficiency of the firm. As observed with the better learning capability there are many workers which work enthusiastically and adds improved potentials which help the firm to grow with the enthusiast workers. Various opportunities as a leader can be improved which can help the workers to grow and develop as an individual and manage the work which can help in growth of the firm. With the firm with the hierarchical leadership there occurs a manner where the workers are more reliable and improved which can help in the development of the firm(Moore, 2019). 

5. Evaluation of a leadership capacity and areas of development in future

Various leadership capacity which can be improved with the working environment generation are the motivation capacity which can be used to evaluate the skills of the workers. As a manager I will impose the better working skills capabilities which can help in the firm to grow. With the motivation and guidance(training) are provided to the workers which can help in the generation of awareness of the workers. As a leader there are many opportunities which can be evaluated and the efficiency of the workers are improved. With the development of the workers there are many things which can be increased ion the techniques used. I will work on the management skills which can shape a better future of the firm. There are many areas of improvement with the workers and as in management there are various sectors which can improve the cultural industry. With the improvement of the workers in the field of culture various techniques can be improved.

6. How can I lead and how does it connect

As a graphic designer I have analysed that there are various issues that has been faced by industry. I need to lead them so that these issues can which is being face by company can be overcome. In this I can take help from various leadership styles. Like for example I can involve in making use of situational leadership. In this as a leader I will involve in acting as per situation demands. This will help me in adjusting to changing environment. It will also help me in growing and achieving and also I will be able to reach to my target.

As a leader I will be engage in making use of path goal theory. In this I will make clear to employees about the objectives so that no chaos can exist in cultural and creative industry. Also I will be involved In analysing the problems that are being faced by people in company. This will help me in making better relationship with employees. This will also help me in setting out the clear goals and objectives of company. It can help firm in growing and reaching out the success point. Also as a leader I will be involve in taking major decisions(Zhao, 2016).

7. What are the relevant experience's context of sector, leadership theories and issues.

I had a good deal of experience in the leadership context. While playing the role of leadership I had many experiences among the job role. I could have much experience while playing my role in the team. Leadership plays a major role in the cultural and creative industry. It must be requires as the leader always guide and motivate the employees for keeping the good work and working ahead with positive attitude. The individual can not easily perform the creative task without the help of leadership. The leadership theories are vital to be involved in the organization while performing the operations and management functions in the organization. There are many issues which can be faced during the role of leadership and this can be solved by the various strategies and measures. The all measures and strategies can be effectively used by the organization in developing the leadership styles. The organization can be done effectively the leadership function and role and thus it can be fruitful for the company in gaining and achieving their goals and the organization can be compete with the rivals effectively(Zeng, Hu and Su, 2016). And thus it can be helpful for the organization in working as team and developing the leadership styles in the company's overall growth and this will be further helpful in the high revenue achieving.

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8. Arguments

There must be a change in the work culture as a cultural industry there must be a change in the future aspect of the work which can help in the growth of the sector. There are many ways of improvements in the cultural sector which can help in the development of the workforce. The cultural shift must be adjoined with the improvement in the industry. There must be a chance given to emerging leader which can help in the development of the firm(Keltie, 2017).

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