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Managing Human Resource - London Nursing Home

University: St Patrick's College London

  • Unit No: 5
  • Level: Diploma
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: Y/508/0487
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Question :

This report enables to develop an understanding of various HR practices for health and social care with the help of which the human resource of the organisation can be managed well. The task to be considered within this includes:

  • To understand the processes for recruiting individuals in health and social care
  • To develop various strategies for building effective teams
  • To understand the systems for monitoring and promoting the development of Individuals
  • To identify approaches for managing people
Answer :
Organization Selected : London Nursing Home


Staff members are necessary part of company and also manage the human resource in an organisation and helpful to achieving aims with in a given period of time. Human resource management plays a necessary role in increasing productivity as well as development of an organisation in an effective manner. HRM is helpful in strategic manner to assure the continuous process of an organisation (Bratton and Gold, 2017). This present business report is based on London Nursing home, which has been experiencing various problem such high rate of employee turnover caused by long hours, low pay, poor working conditions, not enough benefits, inadequate salaries, fixed/inflexible contracts, recruitment based on favoritism, etc. Besides, complaints from families and residents regarding the quality of care and staff errors due to lack of guidelines, insufficient of knowledge. Inadequate supervision which comprises the efficiency of care and safety and unsatisfactory application of clinical care standards and protocols.

Under this given report mention about policy and legislation framework of home country which impact on recruitment, employment and selection of individuals. Various approaches which are used to assure selection of bet persons for work in the social and health care will also be discuss. In this given report, mention about various strategies for promoting continuous development of people in health and social care. It is a responsibility of human resource manager to deal with employees in better manner and apply all human resource practices at workplace in an effective way.


1.1 Factors to be considered when planning the recruitment of individuals

Recruitment is a process of searching candidates for vacant job positions. In context to health and social care, recruitment is a procedure of determining as well as engaging appropriate persons which can assess a company to meet with the social and health care requirements of quality as well as effectiveness (Chan, 2012). In London Nursing Home, there are many issues which develop effect on the process of recruitment. As per the case study of London Nursing Home, there are many issues facing this firm which are poor working conditions, employee turnover, more benefits, inadequate salaries etc. Under this, it is necessary for manager to recruit skilled people so that they can perform their business activities and provide effective quality of services to patients. Some of the factors given below which are needing to consider at the time of recruitment planning:

Demand forecasting- It is predicting the future demand for goods. It is use of data to predict as very preciously the demand of consumers for period. Effective demand forecasting is necessary to fulfil needs of consumers, reduce stock costs and optimize the cash flow. Under this, manager of this organisation develop plan regarding needs of staff members. It is necessary for human resource manager to recruit new staff members for vacant job positions. Sometime, for vacant job position, firm recruit the existing employee for that position though promotion (Boxall and Purcell, 2011). It will increase their motivation level and they will perform in a better manner. If demand and supply will be equal that it will be helpful in achieving aims of firm in an effective manner.

Supply forecasting- Forecasting is a procedure of developing effective statements regarding events which give the actual results. Under this, it is an estimation of the supply of HR which taking in to a consideration an analysis of the existing human resource. As a human resource manager, the supply forecasting assists me to know the type of staff required in terms of their experiences, qualifications, competency and their skill sets to enable London Nursing Home to achieve their goals which are solving those problems facing them. While planning for recruitment, I will also consider whether to recruit internally which will save cost or externally which may bring more competent and experienced staff to the nursing home.

Forecasting through turnover: This will assist me to analyse the number of individuals leaving the nursing home, providing me with the information needed for supply forecasting, which in turn will assist me to calculate the number of people lost or need to be replaced.

1.2 Legislative and policy frameworks of home country influence selection, recruitment and employment

In different countries, there are various legislations as well as policy frameworks which influence recruitment, employment and selection of people. So, in addition to this there is a requirement to London Nursing Home to follow all legislations in an effective manner. In United Kingdom, governing legislations give opportunities as well as right for all gender, community, race and language religion (Cabello-Medina, López-Cabrales and Valle-Cabrera, 2011). There are different legislations given below which influence recruitment, section and employment:

Equality Act 2010- This legislation was formed in context to protect people at workplace legally from any kind of discrimination. Under this single legislation, all anti- discrimination legislation passed before is replaced. In process of recruitment and selection in London nursing home, I will apply this law to protect people from any kind of discrimination. In addition to this, to enable me as a human resource officer to treat every staff member or person in equal manner and fairly as this will provide advantage.

Employment Right Act 1996- It is broad area which encompassing all areas of employee and employer relationship except process of negotiation which covered through collective bargaining as well as labour law. This law reformed several problems from the random components of labour law of United Kingdom. It covers the strengths execution of minimum wages, dispute resolution, employment agencies and update legislations of trade union. London Nursing Home incline hire diverse workforce which represents whole society. To achieve this, it is necessary for London care homes that it should support as well as promote applications which are re- presented at workplace. Therefore, as a new human resource manager, I will comply with this legislation to rectify the problem facing low pay, poor working condition, inadequate benefit, fixed/inflexible contracts, which will increase staff morale, living standard of the employee and minimises inequality which in turn will increase the retention rate in London nursing home.

Children and Families Act 2014: Under this Act, employees that have been working with their employer for 26 weeks and in the past have not requested flexible working are entitled to flexible working (The HR Director, 2014). As a new human resource manager in London Nursing Home, I will comply with this law and grant flexible working to support employee meet their family and personal circumstances. By doing so, it will improve employee morale and satisfaction and increase employee retention rate thereby reducing recruitment expenses (The HR Director, 2014).

1.3 Various approaches that may be used to ensure selection

Selection is a procedure of selecting most suitable person for vacant job position in a business firm. In this, human resource manager selects capable and knowledgeable person which can carried out all necessary activities in better manner. There are three different approaches which are used to assure selection given below as above:

Interview- In interview, interviewer asks some questions to interviewee to know about opinions, perceptions of that employee. Interview are of diverse types such as telephonic, structured, panel, face to face, unstructured interview etc. It can be panel or an individual and includes top management. Interviewer asked some questions from candidate regarding their job, interests, experience of past job and background of family. Person describe its expectations from job. In this, human resource team determine strengths and weaknesses of person and then take final decisions (Wylie, 2012). However, organizations rely on interviewer’s skills though some individuals are not good at interviewing and some candidates are not good at interviews also.

Besides, interviews do not necessarily assess competence in meeting the demands of the job.

Psychometric Test- This kind of test is conducted individually and helpful for searching skills and well as quality of an individual. In this test include intelligence tests, personality test, aptitude and synthetic test. The main purpose of designing this test is to measure suitability for role based on necessary personality aptitude and characteristics. The advantages are that it reduces bias and personal perspective, fairness and Equality for all the candidate (tests are standardised so that everyone receives equal treatment), it increases the possibility of being able to forecast future job performance meaning they have a high level of ‘predictive validity and it helps to identify training needs. However, most psychometric tests rely on a fixed number of answers, meaning that at times test takers are obliged to choose a certain answer though not a single of the answers apply to their personality.

Another disadvantage facing psychometric tests is that non- English speakers at times have trouble understanding these questions. These people might misapprehend what some questions are asking and respond wrongly.

In the London Nursing home, these approaches are not followed in better manner, so as a new HR officer I will use interview in doing recruitment or selection process since it determines strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, which in turn will determine the training needs of such individuals.


2.1 Theories of individuals interact in groups in relation to types of team

In a team, there are many persons working together in order to meet common objectives where the success of person is based on others. In London Nursing Home, there are many employees working and they all work in a team (Chidi and Shadare, 2011). Tuckman theory is being used by this company in order to motivate employees right on time so that to make them effective at workplace. The manager of this firm increase their motivation level. There are some steps of team formation given below:

Stage 1: Forming- It is a first stage of team development and in this team is introduced and each person is pleasant and also polite nature. In this main focus of individual in explaining as well as assigning tasks through organizing team, establish schedule etc.

Stage 2: Storming stage- It is second stage and under this, there is a requirement of clarity regarding achieving goals and aims with in given time period. Under this, employees work collectively as well as independently. At this stage, employees start to share their opinion or thought with each other.

Stage 3: Norming stage- IN this, team members has clarified their strategy and purpose in order to accomplish their objective (Huselid and Becker, 2011). At this stage, people begin to notice as well as appreciate the strengths of team members.

Stage 4: Performing stage- Under this, staff members are motivated, confident and also familiar with project and their team in which they operate without any kind of supervision.

Tuckman theory: According to Bruce Tuckman, the stages given as above are mandatory in order to develop a team in all type of organisation. These stages help team members to face challenging roles, solve any type of programs, in making an action plan and more. In evolution of a team, this theory also aid in resolving problems occur in stage.

Woodcock theory: This theory was proposed by Belbin & Woodcock, according to them, functions of team has divided into two parts as task and maintenance. In this segment, task functions include achievement of goals, activities, problem solving, sharing of ideas and more. While building of relationship among members, motivating them, provide facilities and fulfil their needs etc. comes in maintenance function. This theory suggests that team can be developed if it has a sharp coordinator, a manager who formulates innovative techniques, leader who acts as evaluator and effective team members.

Students may also like to read: hrs roles in development of teams and organisations

2.2 Approaches used to develop effective team working in health and social care

In a team, all members have different skills and abilities which they are used to do a common task. In health and social care, there are two types of teams that are formal and informal ones (Turner, Swart and Maylor, 2013). All teams have their leader and each individual has their own roles and responsibilities. For example- A theatre team comes under former structure in members like surgeon, anaesthetist and other staff help surgeon in operations. While informal teams has no specific structure as well as all members have equal responsibilities. For instance- In case of child related problems in HSC, such type of patients need extra care. Depends upon psychological wants, informal team includes educational providers, psychiatrist and a counsellor. All members will coordinate each other in improving condition of children with extra care. Therefore some approaches which may help in developing effectiveness of a team work in health and social care are:-

  • The initial factor in effectiveness of a team is diverse skills and effective personalities. Therefore, it is necessary for management to include such members in a team who are high skilled and knowledgeable. In Health and Service Sector, it is mandatory for workers in team to reduce their weak points.
  • Each group person are needed to make collaboration with each other and agreed on decision. They must have faith on capabilities of every individual (Ployhart, and et. al., 2014).
  • Management should ensure that there should be complete transparency as well as every person has to understand their responsibility in team.
  • All individuals are required to develop a trust level with every person by effective communication.
  • Managers and leaders should include every member in decision making process as well as discuss with them about their opinion. Along with this, provide an open environment where each person can speak and express ideas without hesitation.
  • Management of HSC are required to motivate team-members to work well by appraising them on regular basis. This will help in increasing their productivity and gaining high commitment.

To let the members talk about different subjects and allow them arrive at a conclusion. Provide them some opportunities of additional social time with one another in an encouraging and open communication environment (Cardy and Leonard, 2014).

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