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Goals and Objectives of Human Resource Management


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Human resource management is considered as the process that helps in managing and controlling workforce within organization. Also, HR management of firm needs to identify the shortages and surpluses of manpower in firm. Thus, after identifying the same it is essential for them to carry out effective recruitment and selection process so that skilled workers could be selected within business (rewster, Mayrhofer and Morley, 2016). There are different HR function adopted by businesses such as hiring, promotion, safety, employee relations, training and development etc. Present report focuses upon Palermo Safe Storage firm which is facing serious issues regarding employee dissatisfaction and leaving the job. Company is not making proper personal and development policies and also not providing proper wages and salaries to employees as per minimum wage act. Thus, the report aims to prepare proper HR function and planning in regard to improve the current situation within cited firm.

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Human resource management is developed in terms of managing employees' performance and thus maximize the output so that desired goals and objectives could be attained. Following are the importance of human resource management functions such as-

Recruitment and training- It is one of the main responsibility of HR team and thus they need to make proper plan and strategies in regard to select right employees at right job. HR manager of Palermo Safe Storage needs to select proper recruitment and training and thus provide opportunity to raise the motivation level of workers within firm (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016).

Maintaining work atmosphere- HR team of cited firm needs to maintain their work atmosphere so that employees could feel motivated. However, providing good working environment helps in benefiting workers and thus attain desired satisfaction (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013).

Handling disputes- HR team of Palermo Safe Storage requires to effectively handle disputes so that employees could carry out better work. In such scenario, human resource department acts as a mediator and thus helps in overcoming disputes or issues faced by workers.

Developing public relations- It is another crucial function of HRM and thus establishes effective public relations through inviting them in meetings and seminars conducted by firm. Through such way cited firm aims to manage effective brand image in market and plays a active role in preparing the business and marketing plans so that better results could be attained (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014).

Performance appraisals- Palermo Safe Storage encourages its workers in regard to improve their potential and provide them suggestions so that  they can improve their performance. Thus, according to their performance, firm needs to provide appraisals to them and thus enables them to anticipate goals within firm in regard to motivate workers.

Health and safety- Workplace safety is one of the effective HR function and thus Palermo Safe Storage firm needs to focus upon maintaining health and safety environment in workplace. Through maintaining safe working environment it enables them to maintain good relations with workers (Brewster, Mayrhofer and Morley, 2016).

However, through carrying out effective HR strategies and practices it would result beneficial for business to attain its desired objectives. It helps them to improve its business performance and attain employee satisfaction. 


TASK 2 Hr planning

Human resource planning is a continuous process which assist to achieve optimum use of human resources. In this aspect, every company demonstrate training and development programs  that are helpful to achieve common goals and objectives. It determines experience of manpower shortage or surplus (Knowles, Holton  and Swanson, 2014). This is assist to fill vacant job within the company so that organization can attain profitability at workplace. It also enhances capabilities and performances of each employee through they can give effective participation for achieve goals objectives. With the help of skills and capabilities, the chosen business can achieve targets (Jiang, Lepak, and Baer, 2012.). There are various sources which beneficial for ascertain profitability and smooth functioning. Competencies of the company can also establish at workplace that can be manage for right skills and competencies (Buller, and McEvoy, 2012).  Additional human resources planning are categories in different categories that can be assist to make position of the business in effective manner. In addition to this, differentiation strategy can also use for additional requirement of the company operations.

It is important for following elements:

To foresee the employee turnover: HR planning involves is also involves different types of strategics which assist to them for reducing its employees turnover rate and maintain long term relations with its workers.

To maintain relations with different people: The HR planning is also helps to them for marinating long term relations with its workers  and allow to its stakeholders on decisions making process.

To minimize imbalance which can cause of negative results and performances: HR planning helps to entity and workers for identifying their weak area so they can provide training and developments to its workers. 

To make the best use of resources: The HR planning is to make organization reach the desired manpower positions from the current manpower positions. HR planning is to helps to entity for forecasting the demand and supply of resource in near future (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014).  With the help of the HR planning entity can achieve its objectives.      


TASK 3 Training and development

With the help of Training and development programs Palermo Safe Storage improve their performance. Training and development is a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge and skills of workers. If workers of the organization are well trained then it also helps to company for improving their performances (Hülsheger, and, 2013.).  Well trained workers assist to Palermo Safe Storage for achieving their business objective and maximizing their profits. Following is evaluation of training and development on organization's performance.

 Training and development programs allows to individual to improve their skills and knowledge (Järveläinen, 2013). This programs helps to workers for identify their weak areas and provide chance to improve their performances.  With the help of training and development individual's of Palermo Safe Storage maintain the growth and gained advanced knowledge (Sun, Aryee, and Law 2007). If employees of the company receive  required training then they can assist to entity for improving their performances.

Palermo Safe Storage invest a lot of money in-training programs. This creates satisfaction among workers and they present their better work (Hülsheger, and, 2013.). Employees feel appreciated and challenged trough training which leads to job satisfaction among them. Satisfied workers maintain long term relationships with entity and firm need not be hire new employees. This process save costs of recruitment in Palermo Safe Storage.

Training and development programs significantly helps to provide an opportunity for development human capital in respect to technical and behavioral skills which ultimately results in optimum resource utilization and improve the financial structures of the entity.

Most of the errors occurs because of many workers lack of required skills for performing their jobs (Karlan, and Valdivia, 2011).  With the help of this program Palermo Safe Storage ensures that workers gets the right skills at the right time. The more trained employees is, less the chances of committing errors in job which also helps to firm for providing quality services to their customers.

Training and development directly improves efficiency and productivity of employees.  Training makes aware to workers with regard to new technology (Alleyne,  Doherty, and Greenidge, 2006).  More trained worker show both quantity and quality of performance. So the organization can save their wastage of time, money and resources.


TASK 4 Change management

Change management process is the sequences of steps or activities that a change management team or project management to change management to a change in order to driven  individual transitions and ensure that project meets it intended outcomes (Budhwar,. and Debrah, 2013). During the organizational change's entity need to pay attention its internal and external.  Palermo Safe Storage is need to manage change within entity and its external environment. For explaining HR process of managing change Lewin's throey can be used. This model helps to entity for taking effective decisions, implementing changes.  It s also assist to company for managing its changes  and assessinging information regrading to people who are effecting to  those changes.

This model is consists in three phases. With the help of this model they can manage to every one who is likely to be effected by changes (Harrison, 2011). This model is three steps models i.e.  Unfreezing, Moving and refreezing.

Unfreezing model: In the unfreezing step, employees break away from the way things have been done. For managing the changes within entity and external environment, management of the entity need to encouraged its employees to come out from their comfort zones they were and adopt new changes (Kolb, 2014).

Moving: In step two, Moving, for making effective change management process, it is important to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are given opportunity to be engaged in decision making process  and problems solving in collaborative manner (Karlan, and Valdivia, 2011). Palermo Safe Storage for implementing its change effectively they have to involve its stakeholders so they can make changes effectively.

Refreezing: In third step,.i.e. Refreezing.  In this process employer need to be successful, employees must be acknowledged as reward is an important consideration (Melby-Lervåg, and Hulme, 2013).  Employees should receive appropriate recognition for changes in behavior if they embrace or accept the change. Th reward systems make helps to Palermo Safe Storag of implementing is desired changes in entity.

Lewin's model focused on interdependence an ordering factors within a relationship. This model helps to management of the company for making and implementing there desired changes.  


TASK 5 Employment Legislation

There are various types of employment legislation which need to follow by every organization. These laws help to workers for receiving fair treatments and also regulates relations in between employers and trade unions (Sun, Aryee, and Law 2007).  It is responsibility of human resource management of entity to maintain and follow all laws so the entity run its operations smoothly. Following are employment legislation which need to be taken into account within HR practices.

Minimum wages Act, 1998: As per this act, every organization need to pay minimum wages to its workers. Currently £7.20 per hour is minimum wage rate (Wickens, and, 2015). This act is provide helps to workers for receiving significant amount of money. The HR of Palermo Safe Storage need to take into practices to such law so their workers receive fair wage and they can maintain avoid all any problem which arises due to this law.         

Working Time regulations Act, 1998: The working time regulation Act, 1998 which apply to every organization in UK. This regulation govern the time that people in UK may work (Oleinik, 2013). This law includes minimum rest breaks, daily rest, weekly rest and the maximum average working week. As per this act, no worker is work more that 48 hours in a week and for every entity it is compulsory to pay at least 28 days minimum holidays (Järveläinen, 2013). It also includes a minimum rest of 20 minutes in may shift lasting over 6 hours. For HR of the Palermo Safe Storage need to take account this law so they can run their operations easily.

Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974: This act is defined the duties of employers, employees, contractors, suppliers of good and substances for use at work (Hatten, 2015). This act is also defies the general principles for the management of health and safety at work. These laws securing health, safety and welfare of individuals at work. It also provides guideline to organization for controlling the keeping and use of explosive products at workplace (Hülsheger, and, 2013.). It also defined the duties of employers regrading to safety of employees at workplace. Human resource management need to take account this law so they can provide safety to their staff members at workforce.


TASK 6 Globalization         

Globalization is the process where the process where economies of various countries in world become more and more connected to one another (Cerasoli,  and, 2014). There are many advantages of globalization such as integrate to the world economy, increased access to technology and enhance of free trade (Ebert,  and, 2014).  Palermo Safe Storage got benefited from the use of Globalization. Following are advantages of Globalization.

International development: Globalization provides an international market to company. With the help of globalization entity can sells it products and services to outside of the national boundaries (Kehoe, and Wright, 2013.).  The company can diverse into new market and attracts to more customers for its business.  With the expanding its business they can also get access many new techniques and technology which helps them for brings more innovation in their work (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014). Palermo Safe Storage maximize its profits  and ensure long term growth.

Cheaper resources: Another benefit of Globalization is that entity receives low cost raw material and cheaper labor. With the introduction of globalization many entities are able to produces low cost  products and services to its customers. For example- China offers low cost labor in the world. Due to the cheaper labor company are able to produce low costs product or services to its customers (Buller, and McEvoy, 2012). It also helps to Palermo Safe Storage for hiring experts or professional in their business around the world which helps to them for providing quality in services to their consumers.

 Expand market: From the business prospective globalization helps to them for selling its products outside of the domestic market and entity can sells it products to other countries as well. Before the globalization, there was no free trade policy in many countries (Jiang, Lepak, and Baer, 2012.). Organization performances is also increasing by offering its services to international customers. It is also helps to Palermo Safe Storage for increased their profits and ensures long term growth.

Apart from the above benefits there arr also some other benefits of globalization such as flow of fund (Knowles, Holton  and Swanson, 2014).  With introduce of globalization free trade is also helps to organization for receiving Foreign fund generated to free capital from other countries.

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Employees are the face of organization as they have direct interaction with customers. They are the one who present the products and services to customers. It is important for the firm to makes sure that they understand the needs and requirements of employees. Accordingly, services should be delivered. Further, it is important to monitor the performance of each of the worker and the areas in which they lack should identified. This way, management can provide them with training with the help of which skills and capabilities can be improved. Further, there are different reasons that re identified due to which performance get affected. Among all these lack of motivation is an aspect that negatively affects the performance. There are certain motivational factors that boost up the moral of employees. When these factors are satisfied, then employees get satisfied and they put on their full efforts to achieve the goals and objectives of the firm.



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