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Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Assignment Level 4

Table of Content

  1. Introduction


Change is an essential part for a person who is working in an organization, changes according to the needs of the objective can be stated as a development that can increase the efficiency of the person. Self-analysis can help the employee who is working in a company and wants to develop according to the professional standards. The personal SWOT analysis can help them to analyze their working efficiency to increase their working effectiveness and as well as to be effective to produce their work in the organization. Skills that are essential for an employee who is working in an organization have to develop all the basic and essential skills in them to be more productive in the organization.

The personal development plan has its impact to improve the skills in a particular time duration so each and every employee have to make this plan to increase their personal skills which can help them to meet organizational standards. The present report is based on the personal development of the employee which is working as an assistant but wants to improve their position through the internal recruitment process. So it is essential for him to make a self-analysis and improve their skills as per the needs of the organization and target position. This report is having content on the development need and a plan of activities to improve skills.

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Task 1

1.1 Evaluation of approaches to self-managed learning

Some of the approaches are here which can be used by the employees who want to improve their position in their working place, these are:

  • Learning through research: Employee who wants to increase their performance via increasing their skills has to make their personal research on those points which can increase their professionalism.
  • Mentoring: A guide who is authorized by the management to improve working efficiency and skills to perform better and as well as who guide them on those topics which are making them ineffective.
  • Seminars: It is related to the organization in which an employee participates and their superiors provide them information and as well as motivates them for their work.
  • Conferences: Conference in between the seniors and juniors can increase the work efficiency providing a guideline to perform better.
  • Interviews: It is related to the interviews of the famous personalities it can spread a motivation in them.

Evaluation of the self-managed learning approaches:

  • Mentoring: Most of the organizations are using this approach, they provide a mentor to each and every new joiner which guides them and as well as which helps them into their work. But it is essential in this that a mentor has to be fully skilled and experienced cause learning of the new joiner depends on their skills.
  • Seminars: It is related to the superiors and higher authorities who are having a target to describe and spoke on a particular topic in a seminar. So now it depends on the learners how much effect he listens to them and observes the positive points in him. So it is totally based on the learners so the spoke person can do anything in this approach.
  • Conferences: Communication between the management and employees, the conference on a particular topic can also increase the skills but in this also learners have to make their focus on the positive topics and things which can increase and improve their skills.

So the above-mentioned approaches can be used by a learner while working in the organization but it depends on the learner how effectively they use it and adopt it.

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1.2 Propose ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional context could encourage

Some of the approaches are here which can be used by the employee to learn new and positive habits and skills, some of the skills are here to learn:

  • Communication skills: It can help the employee to increase the liaison with the customers.
  • Negotiation: It is an essential element for the employees to win in the sales process. Encouraging self-direct 
  • Learning: Most of the employees are having a positive attitude to learn by activities that are performing by the employees in the working environment. It can increase the working capabilities of the employee and as well as can increase the team bonding of the employees who are working in a team.
  • Continuing professional development: It is related to the employees who are continuing their development process after joining, it provides an opportunity for them to apply their theoretical knowledge in the actuality which helps them to know how to utilize these techniques.
  • Linking higher education: Most of the employees are having their focus on promotions and to get a better opportunity so they are using their education in their professional activities which is increasing their effectiveness in the organization.
  • Transfer schemes: Most of the big-sized organizations are using this to increase and develop the skills in their employees so the management makes a change in their working place notion the working position. So it provides them an opportunity to perform their business activities with in the new team members. 
  • Further education: Most employees are having a dream and object regarding the career and improve their working position which can be possible by higher education. So it is essential to factor the management to provide a proper working place where they can perform their business activities and can study in the free time.

1.3 Evaluation of the benefits of self-managed learning to the individuals and organization

Most of the organizations and their managers are using personal and professional development programs. They are providing learning sources to the employees to increase and develop their skills and potentials to perform in the organization. Self-managed learning is also related to the employee's attitudes to learning and his positivity to learn. It is an essential element to the employee to increase their skills and as well as their performance to provide business activities in the account of the employer. As well as it can be supportive of the employee who is working in an organization and wants to be promoted to better opportunities. Some of the benefits of self-managed learning are here:

  • According to the learner: Self-managed learning is related to the employee so it can be beneficial to understand that which are their loopholes, which has a need for improvement. An employee can better understand this and as well as it can improve learning. But lack of experience can make an impact on the decision to use a learning style for self-managed learning.
  • Improve skills: Most of the self-managed learning is having it focus on the improvement of the skills, skills which is a need of the employee to improve their position in the organization. But it can divert the concentration of the employee which can hamper the employee's performance in the organization.

Task 2

2.1 Evaluation of the current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives

Evaluation of the skills can provide a detail of the person's effectiveness against the standard and organizational objectives. As I am working as an assistant to the estate company, it is essential for me to make an evaluation of the skills and competencies by which I can deliver my business activities in the organization. Communication is an essential element and factor for me to deliver my performance in the organization. I have a responsibility to make a promotion of the property into the target market. Cause it is my liability to increase the sales of the employer by promotions and convince the customers to buy a property from our state company. Along with this, one more responsibility I have in the organization which is an analysis of the sales in a particular market so it has a huge need for analytical skills which can help to analyze the market. SWOT analysis:



IT skills

Interpersonal skills

Communication skills

Negotiation skills



Better working position in the organization by increasing skills

Weak communication can reduce my impact on the customers which can decrease my performance.

An evaluation is here of my current skills and competencies which I have:

Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my current studies

My ability rating (1-5)

1. IT skills

2. Analytical Skills

3. Listening Skills

4. Problem Solving Skills

5. Writing Skills






This evaluation of skills and competencies shows my effectiveness to perform my business activities as working on a position of the assistant. I have to improve leadership skills to improve my leading power on the team members.

2.2 Identification of development opportunities to meet the current and future needs

According to the above analysis and evaluation I have to make an improvement in some skills and competencies which can increase my working efficiency to deliver my work in the organization. One more thing which is our state company is providing a facility for internal promotions which can improve my position in the organization. So it is essential for me to apply an improvement plan on those factors which is a loose point of mine. I have to be more effective in the organization to make better results and sales working as an assistant. Some of the development opportunities are here:

  • Marketing skills: As I am working as an assistant and I want to improve my working position so I have to increase my marketing skills which can help me to increase the marketing activities of the state agency of the organization. It can improve the promotion of the products in the targeted market of the company.
  • Negotiation skills: It is an essential factor for me as I am working as an assistant, I have to make negotiation with the customers to make a lead on them. It can help to me to make a win of the company in the purchase process with the customers.
  • Team management: As I am targeting promotions and want to be a manager in the organization so I have to improve team management skills which can help me in my future to deliver better performance. As well as it can help me to provide better results to my employer which can improve my image among the employer.
  • Leadership: It is an essential element for me cause it can help in my current and future opportunities, leadership skills can help me to make a proper grip on the employee which are undertaken by me. As well as it can improve my workings in my future to perform as a manager in the company.
  • Analytical skills: It will help me to analyze the needs of the organization to improve their sales of products and as well as it can help me in my future to analyze on those factors which is reducing our company's sales.

Identification and application of strategies to find out appropriate solutions

It is essential for the employees to use appropriate strategies to find out the opportunities, skills, and competencies which can improve the performance them. SWOT analysis is an effective technique and tool for the employee to identify the needs of factors that can increase the performance of them. SWOT analysis is having four factors strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the employee on which can improve the performance of the employee. Many of the organizations are using the SWOT analysis to improve the workings and effectiveness to attain their targets. it can also be used by the managers and leaders to improve their efficiencies.

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Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justification valid conclusion

It is essential for me to be faithful to evaluate my skills, opportunities, and competencies because it is related to my skills which can increase my performance in the organization. One more thing which is related to my personal skills, I have to be faithful to evaluate my skills and competencies which can help me to increase and improve the position in the organization. I have to be more effective to deliver my business activities in the org

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