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Summative Assessment


Motivation is the key factor to improve performance of employees and their work quality as well. Managers and leaders are responsible to motivate their subordinates in order to boost up their confidence and enhance their skills. They have to provide bonus, rewards and some attractive benefits to them for motivates them towards work. The present report is based on Disneyland which is incorporated by Walt and Mike. Its like a park in which most of the families spend wonderful time and get some special experience from them. In which families got discounted tickets and spend time with toys for children(Schein2010).

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1. How Disney motivates their employees.Assignment

Disney use attractive ideas to motivates their employees and get their presence as well. Disneyland is an largest park which consists various of games and toys for children. In which large number of families are spend time and through company earn better profit margin from them. In this organization seven members are working who are employees. Walt use various types of special techniques in order to motivate those seven people and improve their as well.

Walt is the person who incorporate Disneyland. At Christmas he deliver best present to each seven people and try to boost up their confidence towards company. He deliver Mickey mouse standing with an envelope inside in were 100 shares of Disney stock and a hand written note. In that note Walt written some inspirational lines to them. Further, they use unique style to motivate their subordinates and try to improve their performance as well. Walt and Mike also take decision after discuss matter with other members. They provides an opportunities to them to increase communication skills and receive some creatives ideas from them. With the attractive gift all seven members are get motivated and use their collective efforts to attain corporate task in a timely and efficient manner. Disney is an international organization which provide various types of games and toys for children.

This company is most attract large number of families and children in order to earn more profits and improve their revenues as well (Northouse2012).

Also few days later Walt offer attractive benefits to each seven members in order to motivate them. This company motivate their employees when they perform best and use collective strengths for attain long term as well short term goals. Doorbells rand at the homes of each seven members and again these is an Mickey mouse with an envelope in hand and key of Ferrari car in order to motivates them (Selznick, 2011). They offer brand new Ferrari to their employees and try to improve their work quality. Walt use various types of strategies and plans in order to motivate their employees are as follows:

Offer special benefits to them:- Higher authorities are use appropriate skills and provide best attractive benefits to them. Like Walt offer 100 shares of Disney's stock and also provide brand new red Ferrari to all seven members. Workers try to use their collective efforts and try to attain corporate goals and objectives. Motivated employees are helpful for companies to meet their set of target in timely and effective manner. Walt motivates their team members not only the way of deliver benefits to them but also encourage them by words and verbally try to encourage them in order to improve their performance and work quality as well.

Provide opportunities to take a part in decision making:- Disney company provide an opportunity to their employees to participate in the decision making programme of company through communicate with other members. Employees are able to share their views and ideas with other Walt and other members and try to increase interaction with them. Through this step they get motivated and complete their task effectively (Raelin, 2011).

Proper working environment:- Disney offer proper working environment to their employees in which they can easily spend time and manage their work as well. In this effective working environment workers can bale to improve their performance and work quality as well. In this situation people can attain their target and try put company in the profitable position.

2. Disney CEO leadership style.

In organisations, the role of leaders are very big because leaders help, lead and advice their team members and also motivate them. Different leadership styles require in different situations. In Disney, company's CEO Mike and Walt motivate their employees by giving them gifts and they work in a team and they talk with the team members and they involves them in decision making process. From this, the morale of the team members increases and the productivity of this organisation also increases and achieves the specified goals easily.

There are many leadership styles:-

Autocratic leadership:- In this organisation, there are the leaders who take decisions without consulting their team members and even if the input the team members are useful. There is negativity arise in team members mind and they do not perform well and from it the productivity of the organisation does not increase. It is a classical approach. In this approach, the punishments and rewards are set. This leadership can be appropriate when there is a need to take quickly decisions and when there is no necessity of team input and when the agreement of team is not necessary for outcome. This style can also affect of staff absenteeism and turnover. It increases absenteeism and there is no job satisfaction. Sometimes, employees leaves the organisation (Zhang and Bartol, 2010).

Laissez-faire leadership:- In this organisation, there are the leaders who give the freedom to their team members how they complete their works and how they set a deadline to their work. These leaders involved only when to provided support and to give any advice if needed. This can generate high job satisfaction but if the team members do not managing the time and do not have the skills, self motivation and knowledge it may cause damages.

This style is effective when:-

  • The employees are skilled , have the knowledge and educated.
  • If they are trustworthy
  • If they worked well in their own way.

This leadership styles should not used when the leaders will not provide any feedback to their team members.

Participative leadership:- In this organisation, there are the leaders who boosts their team members morale because team members like peers, shareholders, subordinates contribute in decision making process. If the company wants to make any change in organisation, then these leaders help the team members to accept these changes. Sometimes, this leadership style challenges if there is any need to take decision in short time period. Sometimes, it can be a slower form of decision making, but it has some advantages to take the right leadership methods. The leaders offer to their team members to increment in their salary if their performance is good. When the employee know that they can directly affected by the workplace policies then the employees will take some actions regarding improving the working conditions.

Transformational leadership:- In this organisation,there are leaders who have high emotional intelligence and strong morale. Their communication is good with their team members and motivate people with future vision. They are very humble, gentle, self-aware and have an ability to understand and share the feelings to others. They inspire team members and expect from them to best from anyone. They are very clear about their goals and have the ability and skills to reduce the conflict in the organisation. It leads to higher productivity. They delegate their small tasks to their team and they accountable themselves. In this, the absenteeism and conflict is reduced. By implementing the new ideas they want to change organisational culture (Walumbwa et. al., 2010).

Democratic leadership:- In this organisation, there are the leaders who includes their team members in decision making process and after that they make the final decision. In this the leaders and their team members both are work together. This style is very effective then the autocratic style. They encourage them to be creative and to engaged themselves in any projects of the organisation. Leaders motivate them and from it, the productivity increases and high job satisfaction to their team members. It helps in reduces the absenteeism and employees will not leave the organisation, they will retain. If leaders need to take decisions quickly then it is not effective. This style will works well if team members are skilled and eager to share their thoughts and knowledge (Holmberg and Tyrstrup, 2010).

Cross cultural leadership:- In this organisation, there are many working people and every person belongs to different culture and they interact with each other. This leadership style is developed because to understand and adjust the leaders in different business environment and work with the people of different culture easily.

Transactional leadership:- In this organisation, leaders and team members set goals and both are work together. They are responsive. This leadership style focuses on supervision and performance. The team members are agree to follow the rules and procedures and leaders help them to accomplish these goals. If there is any problem to the team members than the leaders helps them and correct them if they fails. When the team members achieve their goals then the leaders appreciate them and giving them rewards, gifts,bonuses. In this ,there is less stress and it helps in improving the performance level. If the team members fails to achieve their goals then they will punished. This style does not want to looking any change to future, they only want to keep things same (Avolio and Yammarino, 2013). 

These leadership styles, increases the morale of the employees and also increases the productivity of the organisation. In this organisation, the company's CEO Mike, deals with the democratic leadership. Company's CEO, Mike pulled a team together of seven members and includes them in a decision making process. The Mike and his team members work together. From this , the morale of the team members increased and the communication gap between both of them will reduced and also increases the productivity. And the employees gets high job satisfaction, reduction in absenteeism and conflicts. The employees will loyal for this organisation and they will not leave the organisation, they will retain(Gutiérrez,Hilborn and Defeo, 2011).

3. Disney organizational structure.

An organisation structure define how define activities such as task allocation, operation, control, coordination and supervision are directed toward the achievements of the organisations goals. It can also be considers and help as the viewing glass or perspective through which individuals see their organization and its environment. Organizational structure affect the organization functions in two ways; First it provide the foundation of which standard operating procedures system and routine rest. And second it determine which individual get to participation in which decision making processes, and thus to what extent their views shape the organization’s actions. 

Walt Disney organisational structure looks most like a horizontal structure. This type of structure is based on departmentalisation or subdividing the company structure. The Disney company has five business segment such as interactive media, studio entrainment, parks or resorts, consumer products and media network. These department are grouped by product which is great example is divisional approach. Interactive media segment is an segment on which the company was built. Stage plays, moves and music are part of this segments are buy the customers. The consumer products segment re toys and clothing with the fine art and books to the public.

The media network is made up of many types of cable, publishing and radio business over to division. With the division approach each company function would have there own marketing division. If the functional and divisional forms overloaded they would have a matrix organisation. Staff would have two bosses to report to, functional and divisional managers. The up site to a matrix organisation is the company would be more flexible and able to adapt to change quicker. The downside would be the difficult interpersonal situation and potential confusion that having two bosses could causes.

Organisational function:- Organisation are the result of the departmentalisation of an organisation. Department are grouped according to the function of business, and the set of skills of individual. One function that can influence the all structure of Walt Disney company is related to human resources. Human resources is a critical function that is needed to any company. Without the ability to hire the proper employees according to the culture of company and its capabilities. At Disney there are many jobs classification, but there is only one common objective of customer satisfy with their needs and wants. Disney was believe their human resources culture is major part of their long term success. The human resources is responsible for finding the best talent to fit with the corporation culture to define the people management process. They know that a good aptitude will not work without the right attitude of Disney employers with their customers. If the human resources department cannot find right and enough candidates with the best talent to fill critical position in the company. Instead of using the divisional approach the restructuring in cause of Disney use more of a function in these area (Dumdum, Lowe and Avolio, 2013).

Organisation Design:- This design function understand tom determine the Walt Disney company structure. Geography is a factors because of all Disney business segment cover the all all world. They have amusement parks in many countries, its movies are translated into many language in the world wide and its products has thousands, if not more, types of merchandises that is shipped anywhere. Design of media networks, whether cable, radio, and television are broadcast to every country. Departmentalization is what there structure is based on more than anything else. Creating the five separates business segments make it easier to manage the company. Even though there are separates divisions they all work towards Walt Disney vision which is simply to make people happy.

This vision complements their mission statement which says. The mission of the Walt Disney is to be one of the worlds leading producers and providers of entertainment or information. This company using its portfolio brands to differentiates our products and services, develop the more creative and profitable entertainment. Disney uses the division to labour to assign different tasks to different people or groups. At Disney differentiation is not very high. They have some, but they only have five segments all with stable environment its organisation structure. This company seems to have the right balance as they are one of the most successful company in the world. the organisation structure of this company to flow the all decisions, informations in a horizontal ways.


Motivation of the employees are the key to success of any venture or company. Disney land which is world's prominent company's gave Ferrari to its team of 7 people as a incentive and on the other hand they uses a democratic style of leadership in which everyone views and opinions are considered. These motivation techniques helps them to boost the moral of the employees.


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