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Employability Skills Of Audi


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Employability skills are those proficiencies which are very important for being and getting successful at the workplace. These are non-technical skills which are very important for employees to perform effectively. These skills help employees to work with their full efficiency. It includes proficiencies like planning, communication, problem-solving, decision making, self-management and organizing (Hilderbrand, 2011). The present report is about car manufacturing company, Audi in the UK. The report focuses on determining the responsibilities and performance of the firm. Along with that, it determines the solutions to work based problems as well as identifies the effectiveness of time management. Further, it also covers alternative ways for completing a task and develops strategies for resolving particular problems.


1.1 Responsibilities of Human Resource Coordinator

Being the Human Resource Coordinator, my role is to support the basic operations of HR. HR department deals with the management, training of employees and administration. Moreover, I am involved in developing a relationship with employees and in taking disciplinary actions. Further, the following are the responsibilities of the Human Resource Coordinator:

Recruitment Process: This is one of the processes in which Human Resource Coordinator hires employees. Whenever there is a job vacancy, it is my responsibility to fill up the post with a suitable candidate. I should be able to select a candidate who would be able to work in a team, possess good communication skills, capable to manage stress, time, etc.

Providing Proper Training: I should provide proper training programs for employees so that they can work effectually in the firm. Training is essential for employees to improve their effectiveness towards the job. I should provide frequent training so that workers can increase their knowledge towards the work that they perform.

Developing Relationship: My responsibility is to develop a strong relationship with the employees so that they may feel free to discuss any problems with me. Further, I should be able to solve the problems which occur among workers and must be able to take effective decisions so that the problems can be solved effectively.

Retaining Employees: It is always better to retain employees than hiring the new one. Hiring new one increases the cost for the firm. I should always look for retaining the employees by understanding their problems and by solving them effectually.

1.2 Own effectiveness Against Defined Job

I have analyzed my own effectiveness against the defined job, which is as follows:

Recruiting Employees: It is one of the important roles which I have to perform while making the selection of a suitable candidate for my firm. In this context, I found myself very effective. The candidates which I select are highly qualified and possess skills like effective communication, planning, organizing, efficient in working in a team and the most important is that they all are keen interested in learning new things.

Maintaining a Strong Relationship: It is important for me to develop a strong relationship with the employees and maintaining it. But in this case, I have not fully known with all the employees. I have to develop a strong relationship with them and have to understand their problems in order to solve them.

Training Program: Timely training is very important for employees to improve their skills. I have always found a problem in selecting the right method of training for employees. There are many employees to whom on the job training will be effective while for some, off the job training method is appropriate.

Unable to Retain Employees: Retaining employees is most cost-effective than hiring the new ones. I am not able to retain working people of the firm for the long run as I am generally unable to understand the problems which they are facing. Retaining will be possible only when I will be able to understand their issues and make them satisfied with solving them.

1.3 Recommendation for improvements

Following are the steps which I can follow in order to remove my weaknesses:

Developing Relationship: For developing a relationship, one should need to talk with the other person and should make him realize that he will always help him in understanding all his problems. I have to talk with all the employees and need to create the same feeling in them that in all kinds of problems, I will help them. Motivating employees is very important for creating a strong relationship. Among all this, I should monitor, teach and coach them in their job.

Training Programs: For solving my confusion, I should be able to identify the employee's behavior. All workers possess a different understanding of situations and have a different way of learning things. I have to identify the employees who can be trained through On-the-job training methods and few who can be trained through Off-the-job training. This would help me in providing suitable training to them.

Solving Problems and Decision Making: HR should have the quality of solving problems and decision making and I lack in both. For improving my decision-making skills, I should always take help from experts. This will help me in understating the point which these experts keep in mind while taking any decision. One more thing which I can do is listing out the number of solutions which can be applied in a particular situation. I will analyze the alternatives and select the best solution. In solving problems, I should always be neutral, should have an open mind and must focus on the situation.

1.4 Use of motivational techniques in improving the quality of performance

Motivation is the level of employee’s desire in performing job. Employees who are motivated will be more engaged, more productive and devote more time for work (Hind and Moss, 2005). In addition to this, motivated employees will improve their quality of work that is performed by them. Following are the techniques through which employees can be motivated in improving the quality of performance:

Salary: By providing employees with proper salary, one can improve his quality of performance. Money is essential in fulfilling the requirements (Messum, Wilkes and Jackson, 2011). If the desires and requirements would be fulfilled through providing them with proper salary then they will perform effectively.

Incentives: Providing incentives to workers will be very helpful in motivating them and in improving their performance as well. Individual incentives should be developed for each worker. Incentives should include gift cards, cash prizes, etc. This will help employees in improving the effectiveness towards their work.

Setting Goals: This is the best way through which employees will get self motivated (Jackson, 2014). Setting them the goal which they have to achieve will help them in improving their performance. When employees know where they have to reach then it makes the path easy to achieve.

Listen: Head should always be open to their employees. They may be having issues regarding understanding the job or any other issues (Anderson, 2012). Workers should always be heard and their issues should be solved quickly. This will help them in improving their job performance.


2.1 Solutions to work based problems

Following are the solutions to certain problems which an HR faces:

Productivity: It is the responsibility of the HR to look after productivity of the firm. Productivity becomes a problem when business is not operating effectively. Audi should maintain the production level so that they could deliver products on time to their distributors. HR is required to understand that whether this problem is due to lack of resources or poor working practices (Kazilan, Hamzah and Bakar, 2009). HR should also identify the cause of this problem and then proper training should be given to the employees so that they can work effectively. If this problem is caused due to lack of resources then, HR should take proper measures so that resource could be made available in the organization. As an alternative, new technologies should be adopted that would use less resources but produces more.

Safety and Health: Employees should be provided with proper health and safety facilities. Proper records should be prepared for health and safety information. This will help in keeping the employees safe and it will also help the firm to meet its legal obligations.

2.2 Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels

There are different ways through which message is communicated in different levels of the organization. Following are the ways through which communication is done in different levels:

Top Level: For communicating with the top level, presentations are used to communicate the message to them. Frequent presentations are taken regarding the problems which occur in the firm or in adopting different strategies (Wickramasinghe and Perera, 2010). Interactions and opinions take place in these presentations.

Another way of communications in top level management is through board meetings. In this, they take important decisions which may be regarding the problems which the organization may be facing. In board meetings, new strategies are discussed which helps in enhancing the growth and in addition to this, in these meeting discussions are held regarding the solution for problems which they will be currently facing.

Middle Level: For providing information to the middle level, emails are commonly used. Any important changes or decisions which are taken by the top level management and conveyed to middle level management through emails. In addition to this, secular are sent to different groups in middle level regarding the decisions and the changes which top level has decided.

Lower Level: For communicating with the lower level, seminars can be conducted. Seminars consist of speakers who would be discussing with the lower level management regarding different topics which would help them in understanding the problems which the firm would be going through (Stoner and Milner, 2010). These speakers will provide the steps or precautions which this level has to follow for overcoming the

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