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Human Resource Management Practices - Waitrose

University: Icon College of Management and Technology

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  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Table of Content

  2. TASK
Question :

The scenario of this report determines strategic human resources practices that an organisation can implement in order to effectively manage organizational working practices. The discussion of this report is based on:

  • Determine an understanding over strategic approaches to human resource management.
  • Discuss academic theory and provide its application to Waitrose ltd.
  • Identify the positive and negative impact of Human Resource Management practices over Waitrose Ltd.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Waitrose


Strategic Human resource management can be defined as practise under which different tools and techniques has been used in order to attracting, retaining, rewarding and retaining the workforce that provide better output and productivity to business. Further under this HR manager formulate various types of strategies, policies and tactics for recruitment, selection, training development of employees that leads to smooth working environment (Armstrong ,2011). Under this assignment the company which is taken I.e. Waitrose Private Limited which is UK based grocery store deals in clothing and retail store. Further the report give the description about HR practices and policies as well as strategic tactics that used in order to take managerial decision making which lead to accomplishment of objectives.


1. Analysis of Human Resource practices and policies within-firm against the theoretical concept

Their are different human resource policies and practices has been made by HR manager that act as guidelines for whole management in managing its personnel and at the time of formulating policies, procedure it also help the firm in demonstrating both the internal external needs of business which include various factors like training development, recruitment, corporate culture and legal regulation are maintain among various internal workforce. Different HR practices has been utilised in order to managing the people along with their current needs and requirements. Further Waitrose limited engaged in retail business has to formulated various policies and strategies that help in improving the overall working performance of employees that leads to accomplishment of goals and objectives. Apart from it, maintaining good corporate culture will also emphasis to better growth and productivity. Various advantages that Waitrose apply on their HRM policies and practices are described below:-

  1. It assist in developing ethical culture in different department of organisation.
  2. Different types of policies and procedures has been establish that act as guiding tool for manager in order to managing overall operations of business.
  3. It also helpful in effective communication among internal employees that what organisation is expecting from.
  4. Different policies and procedures has been formulated in order to beat all the challenges of external rivalry who come with innovative and digitalise ideas.
  5. Adherence of legal laws and obligation that applied on organisation in respect of protection regarding employee rights (Boxall and Purcell ,2011).
  6. It also highlighted the class and brand image company maintain in present scenario.

HRM Policies include various point stated below:-

  • Regulation of various policies and procedures in order to carry out operation in effective manner.
  • Maintenance of flexible timing for working hours according to the suitability of employees.
  • Paid time and leave policies
  • Compliances of various legal laws and legislation that ensure ethical practices in business environment.

Human resource practices include follow points:-

  • Recruitment and selection procedures
  • Organising training development programmes for creating professionalism among employees.
  • Conducting new hire orientations.
  • Compensation and reward policies for employees who are performing well.

Suggested Samples:

Various human resource policies and practices adopted by Waitrose are :-

High commitment HRM:- under this various HRM practices has been used by organisation through which they manage overall performance of employees and the main objective behind this is to reduce all the chances of employee turnover, enhance positivity which help in improving the quality standard of employees. If employees are motivated then under such case they are highly committed towards their goals which help in increasing productivity and overall performance of business. According to Pfeffer J., best practices which are undertaken:-

  • Systematic format for hiring and recruitment of employees.
  • Training, development and learning procedures
  • Team work and commitment towards job performance.
  • Laws in relation to employee safety and security covered under labour laws.
  • Work life balance

This model has been introduced by Waitrose Limited that help in providing better training development programmes among different workforce. Further, they developed such type of culture practices by extending logo and symbol which help to show their commitment towards manpower and target customers.

Different application has been used under this practices that leads to active participation of employees in various complex situations that leads to rational decision making and higher productivity for business. Further training and learning programmes has been organised by HR manager under which guidance given to employees on the basis of which innovative techniques has been used in respect of goods and services. Apart from it if employee is rewarding for higher performance then in such case this will help in establishing better commitment and loyalty towards organization (Bratton and Gold ,2017).

Benefits of HRM:-

Their are different types of benefits that can be evaluated from HRM approach under which on the basis organisation policies and strategies various functions and programmes has been conducted that help in achieving all the corporate objective of business. Employees are highly well trained towards various business practices and easily adopt all the changes coming in organisation structure which help in betting all the challenges of employees. It is essential for HR manager to ensure that human resources strategies must be appropriate and adequate in different market situation on the basis of which overall operations of business has been carried out effectively and efficiently and better corporate culture has been maintained only when organisation has been adhere with all legal practices that ensure better goodwill and brand equity of business (Brewster ,2017).

2. Analysis of external forces and its effect on human resource strategic decisions

Business runs in society and changes are taking place in business very frequently. There is requirement of adopting market strategies which help to achieve targets. Waitrose is the organisation which accept changes to make good and effective image in market.

Unionised and Non-unionised

In unionised there is group of employees which is headed by union head. It is important to solving any problem. While working in organisation, there are many problems which might be faced by employees, but as Waitrose is big organisation, so it is not possible for manager to deal with every employee. So this concept is came into existence in which one person represents problems of employees in front of manager and information provided from top level management is transferred to employees by team leader.

Non unionised are employees which are not governed by any mentor. They have to go with their problems to mangers. There are possibilities that due to alteration in policies, it may get miscommunicated because of gossips (Storey, 2014). There are chances that due to alteration in policies they have to work according to requirement of association. Sometimes in non-unionised problems does not get solved and this affects morale of workers.

Highly skilled and low skilled workforce

There are various departments in Waitrose which work to earn profits and make good image in market. Different designation need variety of experience and knowledge. Some post need good and theoretical knowledge while at some place there is need of less knowledge and hard work. In Waitrose, there are various mangers which deals in decision and strategy making. If there is absence of managerial personnel in association, then it is not possible to fill that designation. While if delivery personnel gets out of designation, then that place can be filled frequently.

So as per requirement, manager has to analyse various resources and then select best candidate. There is requirement of time as well as cost hence manager of Waitrose has to select method which is most efficient for growth of association. For highly skilled workers compensation is more as compared to unskilled personnel. Highly skilled workers are efficient to know what can be done to achieve targets. They give directions to employees and take eyes on their business operations.

Employment Market

Employment market is the platform where candidate and company interact with each other. Waitrose has various types of demand related to workers. These days there are various sources through which company can select best candidate (Van Buren III, Greenwood and Sheehan, 2011). External sources requires more money and time. It is not sure to have best selection from various sources. When there is need off trainees they can find it from employment market. Many external and online sources are used to satisfy demand of workers. It is not essential that all the time quality and qualification related to designation remains same, so all rounder personality is required which can be get from achieving target in analysing market in proper way.

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