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Managing Human Resource in HSC


Personal are the most vital asset of a company that allow them to induced the new blood into the organisation. Human resource in the health-social sector play a important role that deliver a high-quality of health care services to the patients. The research project in context to the Royal London Hospital they are now facing an issue of high labour turnover rate and also provide a poor quality of service ( Weber and Fried,2011). There is a mainly discussion on the several factors that are essential at the time of recruitment process. Furthermore, there is an study of relevant legislative and policy frameworks of home country influence the selection, recruitment and employment of individuals to work. There is an also discussion on the ways in which the performance of individuals working.

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Task 1

1.1 Explain the factors that need to be considered when planning the recruitment of individuals to work at “Royal London Hospital”.

The Royal London hospital facing an issue of high employee turnover for this reason they hire a new personnel within the organisation. The cited company have a limited resource regard to financial and facing an issues of high labour turnover rate. For this reason they consider factors while recruiting and selection of an individuals that are as follows-

Recruitment cost and finance- The cited organisation deciding to recruit a high talent and skilled worker in their firm by adopting external recruitment approach. Therefore, the department of HR of Health-social care organisation carried out various activities regard to selecting the potential candidates. Thus, to pool a applicants from various places that are needed to place a job description information in advertisement such as newspaper,magazines, bulletin board and social websites etc. However, all the activities of recruitment can be run smoothly only when the company have a sufficient amount of money (Yoonand Lim,2010) . Furthermore, cited firm have to consider the cost factor regard to recruitment and selection process.

Job description and person specification- Royal London Hospital adopts the internal and external recruitment approach to fill the vacant job position. In the internal source they promote the staff workers at a higher position for this they required training through succession planning. Beside this, they applied the external recruitment approach to pool the fresh talent and bring new ideas within the firm by placing job description in Newspaper. The cited company have to consider job description factor in recruitment and selection process in which they prepared in concise manner. Thus, it involves a person qualification, job roles, location, work experience and terms of contract that will be placing in the healthcare magazines and recruitment agencies etc.

Operational and strategic factors- The most vital factor in recruitment and selection process a cited firm have to consider are operational and strategic factors. Thus, it is essential for company to place the individual according to its qualification and knowledge (Weber and Tarba, 2010). Apart from this, they have to provide a growth opportunities and grow them as a professional within the workplace. Beside this, there is one another strategic factor in which the company match their requirements with the candidates qualification and skills so, they can easily attain the goals and objectives in effective manner.

1.2 Explain how relevant legislative and policy frameworks of home country influence the selection, recruitment and employment of individuals to work in “ “Royal London Hospital”.

Royal London Hospital is a health-social care they hire a potential candidates for which they conduct recruitment and selection process. For this reason, company have to follow rules and regulations regard to recruitment process so, they can ethically follow the various acts in effective manner. Therefore, there are some acts regard to health-social care sector are consider by the organisation that are discuss below-

Equality act, 2010- It is the most important act in the recruitment and selection process that are consider by HR manager of cited company. Thus, in this they have to provide an equal opportunity to the application in terms of skills, qualification and knowledge etc. while taking an interview (Arnold, 2010). The equal act, 2010 influence the manager not to discriminate employee on the grounds because of difference in religion, sex, race and age etc.

Equal pay act, 1970- It is also a another act of employment legislation that are concerned by the cited company while conducting recruitment and selection process. It influence the HR manager to structure a compensation plan in that manner so each and every individuals receive a equal salary. It is based upon their performance of an employees so, the company can easily reduce the high employment turnover rate. Therefore, the HR manager offer salary to the candidates as per their qualification and knowledge etc. the ways in which the performance of individuals working

Data protection act, 1998- Most of the Health and social care organisation influenced from data protection act 1998 at the time of conducting recruitment and selection process. It facilitate them to protect confidential information of candidates as per the rules mentioned in this act (Bratton and Gold,2012). Therefore, they protect data by store them into the software so, they cannot received or hack by any other third party.

Sex discrimination act,1975- There are various laws and regulation that are formulated by the UK government regard to employment legislation. There is a sex discrimination act,1975 so, the person no to treat them unfairly on the basis of apposition sex. The Royal London Hospital treat fairly with the applicant whether it is a male or female as per their qualification at the time of interview process.

1.3 Evaluate the different approaches that may be used to ensure the selection the best individuals, and make recommendations for “Royal London Hospital”.

The “Royal London Hospital” conduct a recruitment and selection process so, they can place a capable person at right position. For this, they adopt the different approaches which are as described below-

Interview- The most popular method that are used by the cited HSC company is an interview in which interviewer directly communicate the candidates so, they can place them at right position. Thus, various activities are carried out by the HR manager in that process in which they formulate the question that are asked for the purpose of checking the applicants technical knowledge and ability etc.

Assessment centre- The cited company adopts the assessment centre approach in the recruitment and selection process (Stahl,Björkman and Morris, 2012). Therefore, in this procedure they conduct group discussion process to know the candidates IQ level and it also assist them to understand the behaviour of a person. It include a various techniques that are involved in it are the presentation, group exercises, group exercise and psychometric testing etc.

Advertisement method- The cited company adopt the advertisement method in which they place the job description information on newspaper, magazines, print media and social media etc. It is the most effective method from which they attract a large number the ways in which the performance of individuals working candidates from various place but it consume high expenses and cost (Aladwan, Bhanugopan and Fish, 2014). Apart from this, it take a longer time process choosing a right candidates at right place

The recommendation regard to recruitment and selection process which are given to the Royal London Hospital is that they should applied the short-listing approach. Therefore, in this approach the organisation collecting a several number of curriculum of applicants which meet the firm's objectives. They short-list the potential candidates as per their requirements regard to completion the task and attain goals in a desired manner. It has been recommended that company have to conduct training and development programmes for the purpose of generating the competency level and the needs of future development.

Task 2

2.1 Explanation the theories of how individuals interact in groups in relation to the types of teams that work in the “Royal London Hospital”.

Royal London Hospital adopts the Tuckman model that provides description how individuals interact in the group team work within the workplace. Thus, team building theory are able them to overcome from various issues such as culture, traits and communication. It also assist in applying the leadership theories for the purpose of managing the relationship with the subordinates and peers. Thus, it can be explained in various stages that are further below-

Forming- It is the first stage where some team members are politely as well as calm in nature and other are anxious. They does not understand the work culture in the organisation and other are very excited. Therefore, its does not have a clear understanding about their roles and responsibilities of its job role.

Storming- It is the second stage of model in which the team members are hesitating in putting their opinion in front of others (Cowling, 2013). Most of the people are fail in these stage as there is a conflict start among each other and nobody is raise their view in front of each other. Therefore, senior level managers gives the proper guidance to the team members so, conflict can be resolve in effective manner.

Norming- It is the next stage, in which the team members resolve its difference and the strength of colleagues are appreciated. Apart from this, they also know each other and ask each other for help by developing a stronger commitment.

Performing- The team member work towards the firm's goal and there is an improvement in their performance. Furthermore, the people have a depth knowledge about their work and gain more experience for their job role as well as they take the decision by their own way.

In the Royal London Hospital team are categorised into various forms are the informal, formal groups, project groups, multidisciplinary team and agency team etc. There is a team that are mentioned below in the health-social care sector that are as follows-

Nurse team- The function of these team are those who can able to perform as per the guidelines of doctors.

Doctor team- They are those person in a team who treat the patient in effective manner (Greene and Robertson, Verizon Business Global,2010).

Management team- They are those person who are mainly manage the thing in the organisation in effective manner.

Patient handling team- They are those person who handle the patients and provide services at the time of arrival and discharge to the patient.

2.2 Approaches to developing an effective team work

There are various type of approaches that are used by the Royal London Hospital for the purpose of developing an effective team working in the organisation. Therefore, team work able them to reach the company to attain the objectives in effective manner within the time framework. The main reason behind this is that in the team there are various members have a different way of working that are involve by the company . In regard to cited organisation the developing team can attain the work in effective way (Greene and Robertson, Verizon Business Global,2010). They adopt the leadership style for this they allow the follower to done the job in best manner at a great extent. It guide the personnel to follow all the rules and regulation that are formulated by the organisation due to which they can easily reach the objectives.

Apart from this, the cited company adopts the effective communication process in which they can effectively maintain the team work and build a strong relationship each other. However, in the absence of effective communication the ideas and activities can be run properly as it may result into duplication of work that impact on the growth of a company. Therefore, involved an effective communication they can clearly transfer the message and also increase motivational level.

Task 3

3.1 Explain the ways in which the performance of individuals working in “ Royal London Hospital” can be appraised

The individuals performance can be evaluating by the Royal London Hospital by adopting various methods that are as follows-

Performance appraisal- It is that method in which the company numbering the individuals performance from the highest performer to the lowest performer within the workplace. Furthermore, the manager of HR setting the objectives of staff workers on their job role and performance can be determined at the ending period. Thus, the procedure is end through rating the worker performer. Therefore, those person who perform well are encourage them by delivering the bonus, incentives, pension plans and increment in salary etc. Beside this, provide the training to the lower performer so, there knowledge and skills will be enhanced.

Software system- The cited company is a adopt the software system so, they can capture the staff workers performance at ending period of a month. It can be judge on the basis of their daily routine task that are perform by them in the workplace (Weber and Fried,2011). Therefore, it facilitate the full detail information of employee task performance through software system that can be judge on the increase in the number of incentive points.

Checklist- It is the approach through which individuals performance can be judge by the senior authority team levels. The company set the question in a questionnaire method that are based upon the individuals performance. It is placed at all the levels of management that are answered by the senior level authority people that can be answered in yes or no.

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3.2 Assess of how individual training and development needs can be identifies at ''Royal London Hospital”

The Royal London Hospital the training approached for the purpose of identification of training needs that are described below-

Step 1: Determine desired results: In these first stage there is a clarification of training objectives and understand the business expectation outcomes. Thereafter, these objectives are matched with the company's goals to know the needs of individuals training. It can be explained with the example, HSC goals is that to reduce the waiting time of patients so, they offer the better quality of health care services within the time framework.

Step 2: Link among desired results with the employee behaviour: It is the second stage of training needs in which company identify the employees competencies that include the skills, knowledge that are matched with the desirable results (Yoon and Lim,2010). Apart from this, information are gathered from the different sources to know the workers competency level to achieve the result.

Step 3: Identification of training competencies : It is the stage in which the workers capabilities are matched with the job role to know the gap. It facilitate them to know the current competencies that are needed to perform the job on time. The current competency cab be evaluating through the several tools that includes self-assessment, survey and interviews etc.

Step 4: Requirement of training : In these stage, there is an identification of individuals who are need of training so, they can able to enhance their competencies. Accordingly, company arrange and organised the training that help them to successfully achieved the company's goals.

Step 5: Implement best practice training: It is the most important and last stage of training needs approach in which they company implement the training the practices. The cited health-social care company adopt the on-job-training and off-job-training that involves coaching, e-learning and classroom etc.

3.3 Assess the different strategies for promoting the continuing development of individuals in ''Royal London Hospital” workplace

The ''Royal London Hospital” adopt various strategies that are needed to promote the development of staff workers that are described below-

Compensation benefits- The cited company restructure its compensation plan in that manner so, every one get an equal opportunity of benefits (Armstrong,2011). It is the best motivational factor that boost the confidence and develop the individuals performance in effective manner. They judge the employee performance for which they increment the salary of workers. Along with that, they also provide them monetary rewards, bonus, incentive plans so, as per their performance boost up the energy level of workers.

Training and development- It is the most important factor that is training and development that facilitate company to enhance their skills and knowledge. It will continuously development of individual performance so, they can able to perform the job in a desired manner. The cited company adopt the on-job-training as well as off-job-training to provide the most effective knowledge of workers.

Task 4

4.1 Discussion on various leadership style that are applied in the HSC

The Royal London Hospital apply the leadership style at the various different situations that are describe below-

Autocratic leadership style- It is the most effective leadership style in which the leader cannot involve their team member to participate in the decision making process. Therefore, it the best style when the company have to make a quick decision and it take take less time that attain the firm's goals in desired manner (Lieber,2010).

Democratic leadership style- It is the informal leadership style in which they invite the team member to come up with the new ideas in the decision making process. It is the most suitable that develop a unique solution to resolve the complex problem . It facilitate the worker to freely express their views and transfer their idea in front of other. It is a long process but most effective in complex situation.

4.2Analyse the working relationship manage in the organisation

Each organisation have to managed their team in different manner that allow the workers to put their maximum efforts to attained the firm's objectives. In the cited health and social care sector the team workers put their great efforts to deliver the high-quality of services to the user of services. There are various different ways that are adopted by the Royal London Hospital to maintain the team that are described below-

  • To allow the team members to participate in the process of decision making to share their ideas and opinions in effective way(Bratton and Gold,2012).
  • Adopting the motivational methods it include bonus, rewards and incentive plan etc.
  • Adopt the internal source to promote the existing workers at a higher position.
  • Conduct the open session so, everybody can express their views and adopt the democratic leadership style to manage the working relationship within the organisation.

4.3 Evaluating how your own development has been influenced through management approaches

The cited company provide the employee workers to participate in the decision-making process that help in expressing my views in front of others that boosting my energy level. Therefore, personally I feel that their will be enhancement of my personal as well as professional skills that assist me to done the job in effective manner (Armstrong,2011). It is possible for me to attend the training sessions that enhance my skills as well as knowledge in desired manner.

On contrast to this, I will get the incentives plans and bonus that are given by the company as per my performance that will motivate me towards my work. The training session helps me to create a growth opportunities in the future that assist me to done the various job in appropriate manner.


Summarizing the whole report it has been concluded that Royal London Hospital apply the leadership style at the various different situations that are autocratic and democratic style. Furthermore, they company adopt the compensation benefits are the incentives, salary and bonus to improves the workers performance. Along with that training approach are adopted by the cited company to know the individual needs to perform the job is most effective manner. It will facilitate the organisation to reduce the employee turnover rate.


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